Yk11 Review 2020: pro’s & con’s

What is YK11

YK11 is a well-known product among the bodybuilders which is known for its amazing effects in helping them get the best out of their bodybuilding efforts.

It might just look like any other SARM, but it is not any ordinary supplement. Here we will cover all aspects of this wonderful compound, how it works, its dosage along with any risk factors and everything else that you should be knowing about this product.

Let’s start with humble beginnings and knowing what this product is all about.

Short Overview of YK11

YK11 is also called SARM because of all such performance enhancers are called so.

However, it is more of a myostatin inhibitor that works by breaking down genetic muscle walls thereby inducing faster weight gain.

As per some studies, it has been found that the use of this compound helps in the increase of lean muscle by producing a type of a muscle-building protein commonly known as follistatin. Other studies suggest that it helps in stimulating the bone-building protein functions of the body that in turn is good for the overall bone health.

Bodybuilders who have been using it often, have testified that it is good for fat burning as well.

They claim this compound has some great benefits that make this product different from others. However, we do not have enough data from real human studies to verify their claims. Having said that anecdotal evidence is certainly available proving the worth of this compound time and again.

YK11 is a forbidden drug as per FDA and World Ant-Doping Agency and since it is a performance-enhancer it should not be consumed by competing bodybuilders and athletes.

The compound YK11 is a myostatin inhibitor. This kind of element is responsible for breaking down your generic muscle wall and allows you to gain muscle mass than what your body can make on its own. YK11 gets attached to the androgen receptors that are found within your body. The androgen receptors are nothing but hormones that promotes sexual enhancement in men.

When the substance gets attached to the receptors, it sends intimations to the muscles. The signals request that more follistatin should be grown. The protein, follistatin is responsible for increasing the muscle tissues. On the other end, the myostatin levels are significantly reduced.

As a result of this, the muscles tend to grow at an enhanced rate of speed. The substance, YK11 is also treated as a dihydrotestosterone derivative, and it makes the compound the same as a synthetic anabolic steroid. YK11 has a similar structure as all the other kinds of steroids, and they possess the same results as a SARM.

But as a matter of fact, this compound isn’t regarded as steroids, or a SARM either. The compound is known as pro-hormone. When the subject is about muscle growth, this particular product is very famous, and an effective option. YK11 is becoming the fastest way of achieving muscle strength and mass.

The Working Procedure

YK11 is known for its properties to bind seamlessly with androgen receptors.

As per some studies, it works by interfering with a DHT-like function in the body which enables the improvement of overall bone density and growth.

It works by partially activating the androgen receptors which increases the catabolic activity of the body at a rapid pace. It increases the follistatin levels that in turn stops the growth of another hormone known as myostatin. Myostatin inhibits the growth of lean muscle. And YK11 curtails this Myostatin growth. Less Mysostatin in the body means higher chances of gaining lean muscle. That’s how it helps in building up lean muscle.

Now that we know how it works, let’s list some benefits that we are aware of.

The Benefits

YK11 is undoubtedly the supplement of choice for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. Here’s why this compound is preferred so much.

1.Helps in Gaining Lean Muscle

Its ability to initiate and stimulate lean muscle growth is well known and testified by many users. Its effects are considered to be equal to that of S23. The rise in follistatin levels increases your chances of incredible muscle growth.

Compared to all the steroids that have devastating effects on health, YK11 is the safest and the perfect compound for gaining some perfect lean mass.


2. Augments Bone Strength

Since this compound easily binds to the androgen receptors it increases bone strength. It works by increasing the PKB (protein kinase B) levels in the body thereby inducing the growth of bone cells. Strong bones mean, no bone injuries or fractures while working out or bodybuilding.

This compound is, therefore, the best one around when it is about bone health and overall bone density.

3. Induces Weight Loss

When you build so much of lean mass every day, it simply means a lot of calories are burnt. While taking this supplement and working out you gain a fair amount of lean muscle which means your body fat percentage is reducing. Stacked with some other compounds YK11 can act s a great catalyst in burning all the fat you need.

4. Prevents Muscle Loss

This compound not only helps gain muscle it protects loss of already gained mass too. With your daily workouts and diets that you do, you are losing out on some of your lean mass every day. While on a diet your body usually uses up the muscle mass and depletes it gradually and the fat stays as it is.

And that’s where the amazing muscle-building prowess of YK11 comes into the picture. It keeps on renewing and rebuilding muscle tissues thereby promoting the growth of tissues and preserving the already build mass as well.

The Dosage

When consulted with a group of bodybuilders, everyone had their own ideas about the perfect dosage of this compound. As per most of them, 10- 15 mg daily works just fine. Some others recommend an even smaller dose of 5 mg.

However, the ideal range should be anywhere in between and 10 mg split into 2 doses of 5mg in the morning and evening will work perfectly. You can begin with low does and increase as required.

The Cycle usually shall last up to 8 weeks and if you wish to start afresh cycle consider taking a break for a few weeks.

Stack it up with Andarine and RAD140 with YK11 at 5 mg and you will see the results you will be startled to see the amazing results.

With that, we have covered almost everything that we must know about this compound. Let’s see if there are any side effects though.

Side Effects

Unfortunately, we do not have any clinical data or human study that establishes any specific side effects. However, as per users’ claims, high dosages and improper consumption patterns can lead to consequences such as liver toxicity, higher than normal hair growth, loss of hair in some cases, prostate health issues and impairing the functions of many other organs.

It is therefore imperative that you follow the dosage guidelines.

Stacking with other SARMs:

Although YK11 is potent by itself, still you can boost its effectiveness even more. It is seen that many users take a combination of Testolone and YK11. Duly note that proper doses are extremely important for avoiding harmful effects. In general, 5 milligrams of the combination in the first week is an ideal dosage for men. Women might react differently to it, and hence they need to adjust the dose according to their needs.

Final Verdict

In our review we find YK11 to emerge as a clear winner with all its amazing benefits and capabilities. With no major side effects along with all the benefits that we listed this compound simply stands out from the rest.

So Don’t stay confused, if you are looking for a wonder drug to bulk up in no time get YK11 today and watch your transformation.