The 5 Best SARMS For Weight Loss to Use in 2020

A Complete Guide on the 5 Best SARMs for Weight Loss

It is evident from many studies that the supplement market consists of misguided and conflicting information on products that simply don’t work, especially when the product is related to weight loss. However, there is a little relief when it comes to SARMs because they don’t seem to possess such fake information. The benefits of using SARMs have been praised by many fitness experts. In this article, you will know about the 5 best SARMs for weight loss that will serve your desire of having a lean outlook.

best sarms for weight loss

Top 5 weight loss SARMS

In today’s environment, having a thin body is something that relates to a person’s reputation. This is why many people opt for steroids and gyms for attaining a great physique. However, there is always a price to pay for attaining that perfect look. Is it so?

Until now people had to rely only on steroids that have many side effects. With the advent of science in the modern age, it has made easy for everyone to stay away from the harmful effects of steroids while gaining a perfect lean physique. SARMs are the new supplements in the market, and you can definitely choose them for weight loss.

Most of the SARMs are effective in losing fats without reducing the number of muscles you have. There are many instances where users who have taken this supplement has been able to lose weight. If you are looking to reduce chubbiness and achieve a slim figure, here are the 5 best SARMs for weight loss.

Cardarine (GW501516)

This supplement can help you to boost your endurance level, and help you in losing weight. It was developed in the 90s and contributes to your overall health by providing many benefits. One of them is its ability to reduce LDL cholesterol and simultaneously increasing the HDL cholesterol. The supplement is good for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. It can help in reversing the pre-diabetic disorder which is found in men.

Cardarine works by binding with the PPAR receptors, which indicates that it is not actually a SARM. But many people treat it as a SARM because it has similar health benefits associated with them. This supplement has the capability to stimulate glucose uptake and oxidize fatty acids. That’s why it is considered as the best SARMs for weight loss, without decreasing the energy levels.

Initial results derived from the tests on animals suggested that the side effects of using Cardarine will lead to cancer. But in 2004, the cancer research association in America have treated those rumors as false. The supplement doesn’t have any type of impact on cells, and hence it rules out any link with cancer. 

Just like with any other supplement, it is better to take Cardarine at smaller dosages. It is recommended to use about 20 milligrams of the supplement daily for 8 weeks. Split the daily dosage into two parts. Take about 10 milligrams of the supplement in the morning and then wait for 10 hours before taking the remaining dose.


Ligandrol (LGD4033)

Ligandrol is another best supplement for weight loss program. It is a SARM, which works like steroids but doesn’t have the horrible adverse effects like steroids. By using this supplement, you will be freed from the harmful consequences of steroids. There won’t be any bloating or water retention, and you will experience a significant loss in weight without muscle wastage.

Ligandrol casts an anabolic effect on your body, which means that it focuses only on the androgen receptors. The supplement binds with these receptors to protect the bones and muscles from damage. As a result, the overall strength in your body rises with improved muscles. It also enhances muscle density and helps in losing weight.

SARMs are considered to have numerous health benefits. But they do have some negative effects as well, and everyone should be careful about them. The most common side effects associated with Ligandrol include fatigue, headaches and hair growth. Remember, these side effects are not really terrible that it might appear. These are minor issues that will go away after some time.

For obtaining a perfect weight loss, the recommended dose for Ligandrol would be about 3 to 5 milligrams per day, and it should be continued for 8 weeks straight. If you are looking for enhanced results, then you might consider combining Ligandrol with other supplements available. When you combine the supplement with a decent diet and proper workout plan, losing weight won’t be a problem.


Andarine (S4)

Andarine is regarded as one of the best SARM that you can consider using it for weight loss. This supplement is counted among the oldest ones available in the market as of now. The main purpose behind the development of Andarine is treating an enlarged prostate. Hence it might not be considered as one of the portent SARM, but it would be helpful in reducing weight.

One of the primary benefits of using any type of SARMs is the ability of the drug to prevent muscle wasting, and Andarine is no different. This supplement greatly helps in generating lean muscles, promotes weight loss, and increases the strength of a person. They bind with the androgen receptors, boost protein synthesis, and prepares the body for losing excess weight.

Andarine is often treated as a SARM which has got some severe side effects. The primary issue with this supplement is that it might create certain problems with your vision, such as nighttime blindness. However, the adverse effects are only visible whenever there is a high dosage of the supplement. At lower doses, there are the least possibilities of any side effects.

The suggested dosage for using Andarine is about 50 milligrams per day for 4 weeks. For better results, you might combine it with Cardarine, or other SARMs available. But keep in mind to keep the amount of dose the same as recommended. For instance, when you take a combination of Andarine and Cardarine, split them into two parts of 25 milligrams each.


Stenabolic (SR9009)

This SARM works similarly to Cardarine. It helps in losing excess weight without hampering the muscles. The supplement provides a healthy metabolic rate, and work wonders for people looking to lose a few pounds. Stenabolic energizes your body so that you can burn fats at the gym, and become slim.

Stenabolic binds itself to rev-erba, which is a protein. The rev-erba is effective on the glucose levels and paves the way for weight loss. Therefore, when Stenabolic binds with this protein, losing weight won’t be a problem. The supplement prevents the calories from getting converted into fat cells.

So far as the side effects are considered, there isn’t found much. That means it could be a great supplement if you want to lose some extra fats. Because of the short half-life of Stenabolic, you have to use it a few times a day. The recommended dosage for this supplement is 20 milligrams, and you can take it in the morning and evening by splitting the dosage.

Some people use about 30 milligrams by taking it on an interval of 4-hours. You can also stack Stenabolic with other SARMs like Cardarine. This combination has been used by many bodybuilders.

Ostarine (MK2866)

The effectiveness of Ostarine can be derived in the bulking and cutting cycle. It helps in retaining lean body mass and increasing it on the basis of calories taken by the individual. The supplement will stimulate your body to retain more muscles by burning excess fat even when you consume a considerable amount of calories every day.

That means the calories will convert into building muscles to a great extent, instead of accumulating fat when they take calories in huge amounts. This supplement works effectively during the cutting cycles to retain the bulkiness while reducing calories. One of the primary advantages of using Ostarine is its ability to lose fat and gain muscles simultaneously.

Apart from these advantages, it proves beneficial to bodybuilders and athletes by improving bone strength, collagen turnover, ligament health, and tendon ability. This supplement is also useful in repairing tendons and improving bone density. Now that’s wonderful news for the bodybuilders and athletes, who were thinking about improving the recovery times in post-exercise or struggling from nagging injuries.

So far as the dosage of Ostarine is considered, it is recommended to take about 12.5 milligrams per day for men. This supplement should be taken with meals, and 30 to 40 minutes prior workouts. When you start to use this drug, you need to continue it for about 8 to 12 weeks straight without interruption.

For women, the recommended dosage of Ostarine is about 12.5 milligrams per day. The supplement has to be taken with meals, and about 30 to 40 minutes before hitting the gym. For having reduced weight, a cycle of 6 to 8 weeks is a must. When dealing with fat, you need everything at your disposal to make full use of it, and Ostarine will help you in achieving that.


So these are some of the best SARMs that you can use for having a lean physique without losing your newly-gained muscles. But do remember not to take beyond the recommended dosage.