Testosterone Propionate : Benefits & Side Effects

Testosterone Propionate: the complete guide

The use of testosterone supplements in the bodybuilding field is extensive and some would not mind calling its usage rampant. There are scores of brands and models of testosterone supplements. While they are mostly used by athletes, bodybuilders, and sportspersons, it is now being also used by many ordinary men who want to see an increase in their testosterone levels. This could be because of their desire to burn those excess inches of fat from various parts of the body. However, choosing the right testosterone is not easy with so many brands around. You have to take time to research, gather information and choose the best products that are made from pure ingredients.

testosterone propionate

The companies that make them should also have a reasonably good track record with the best of manufacturing processes and if they have FDA approvals then it speaks more about their quality, ingredients, manufacturing process and purity. Without research, you will end up choosing the wrong product and it could create more problems than solutions. The reputation and goodwill of the manufacturers have to be taken into account.

In this article, we will be talking about a product by the name Testosterone Propionate and will go about talking about the features and composition of this supplement. It will help readers and prospective customers to get a better idea about the product and how it works. We will also talk a bit about the dosage, side effects, and other such interesting matters. Without wasting any more time, let us, straight dive, into the vitals as far as this testosterone supplement is concerned.

A Look at The Brief History of This Product

The product is commonly referred to as Test Prop. Information about this product was first made available way back in 1935. The German firm, Schering AG first marketed this product under the brand name Testoviron. It soon moved to the USA and it was one of the most widely used forms of Testosterone till the 1960s. It was available in sublingual form but was discontinued because it was not very popular. The drug comes today in injectable form. In spite of many alternatives to Test Pro entering the market, this product still continues to be quite popular. The reason for this is quite simple. It offers the most efficient and peak serum levels when compared to all such products in the market.

It Ranks High

Let us first get started by understanding some basics about this product. There is no denying the fact that Testosterone Propionate ranks very high on the list of the most popular steroids in the market today. The bodybuilding industry, in particular, has thousands of men and women making use of this product. This is because it has a very good track record when it comes to the rapid and speedy development of power indicators and also for the purpose of gains in muscle mass. Further, it is also highly active and it does cause a number of positive effects for athletes, bodybuilders, and others. There are a few more reasons for the popularity of this product. First and foremost this drug affects the body much faster when compared to other such drugs in the market. There are a number of other positive effects and we are listing down a few of them:

  • It helps in fat burning
  • It helps in having a clean and lean set of muscles.
  • A quick increase in strength
  • Endurance levels increase significantly
  • Increased sexual desire and much better libido.

Hence, when all the above factors are taken into account, there are reasons to believe that Testosterone Propionate could offer significant results in all-around athletic performance and also in improving strength.


Why Is It Good For Body Building & Fat Loss

Those who have been using this supplement find it extremely effective and result-oriented. It helps to control blood concentrations effectively and once you stop using the product it will not take much time for the blood concentration of this supplement to come back to normal levels. Hence, it is that much better tolerated and sportspersons like it perhaps for a different reason. It does not stay in the blood for a long period of time and therefore detection through tests might become difficult though not impossible. This could be the reason why it also is popular among female athletes and bodybuilders. Many users are also of the opinion that Testosterone Propionate leads to lower side effects and helps you to have a harder look at the body from a positive perspective.

It has a very good and proven track record of providing mass and strength and also helps in promoting a unique hardening effect when it is stacked with other cutting steroids. It is very versatile and it can be stacked with almost all other anabolic steroids. It, therefore, is considered to be one of the most common and popular anabolic steroids that are available in the market for the purpose of fat loss, the building of muscle mass and also increases sex drive, endurance and also as a wonderful enhancing product.

How Does It Work?

It has many positive benefits and it does not need to be injected into the body always. It helps the body to selectively release testosterone in the body. Hence it is also used for treating cystic mastitis, lactation, endometriosis, and also to address menopause symptoms in women. It can help people with low testosterone levels and is known to improve energy levels and this, in turn, can lead to getting that much needed lean muscle mass and also remove excess fat from various parts of the body.

Possible Side Effects

Though the product is notorious for side effects, when we do some research we will find out that the side effects are mostly because of misuse of the steroid. When taken in large doses, it could lead to acne and also excessive hair growth in unusual places. It also could lead to gynecomastia. In adults, a few men also have reported enlarging prostate. When the cycle is poorly designed, it could lead to water retention in the body and this could impact the overall appearance of the body. Excessive intake of Testosterone Propionate could lead to damage of the kidneys and liver. Hence, it should be carefully taken and only on the recommendation of specialists who will take a holistic view of the product before recommending it to you. It should be taken with care by men and women who are on some existing medications or being treated for some pre-existing diseases and medical conditions.


The typical dosages for beginners is 300-500 mg per week and even at a dosage of 300 mg per week, beginners would be able to see some benefits as far as the product is concerned. 500 to 700 mg should see great results. Advanced users are known to up their dosage up to 700 to 1000 mg per week. The individual dosage of Testosterone Propionate depends on various factors and it should be given based on age, overall objective, existing physical conditions, and other such factors. While excessive dosage might give exceptional results, the negative effects could become very costly and could even lead to fatalities and death. Hence, it is very important to adhere to the dosage that has been prescribed by the trainers and doctors and it should never be exceeded though there could be temptations to do so.

Some Reasons As To Why It should be Used?

Here are some obvious and proven reasons for using Testosterone Propionate. It could be helpful in keeping the heart-healthy because it promotes the right movement of healthy blood. It also leads to a reduction in fat and could also lead to leaner and stronger muscles. When stacked with other products it could also be useful in making your bones stronger. Finally, it increases blood flow to the penile area and therefore men who are struggling to perform well in their beds could get a lot of benefits out of this product. It also could help in improving stamina and endurance in many cases. Finally, there are also enough studies to prove that it could also be helpful in enhancing mood and therefore a combination of mind and body could help in more ways than one. Therefore there is no denying the fact that when all the above factors are taken into account the product could be helpful in the overall development of the body and also help them to perform best in their sports activities whether they are men or women.


When we take into account the above, it is quite obvious that there are quite a few positive takeaways when Testosterone Propionate is used the right way. However, it should not be misused or if the dosage is not adhered to. It could lead to many unwanted side effects and some of the side effects could be debilitating and could also lead to fatalities and deaths. But when it is used judiciously and in the right dosage, the benefits are much higher when compared to the side effects.

Hence, on the whole, there is no denying the fact that on the whole, it is a wonderful product with the best of results within a very short period of time. It has to be used with care and caution and those with existing diseases and medical conditions must ensure that they make careful use of it at all points in time.