Stenabolic (SR9009): A Beginner’s Guide

Stenabolic (SR9009): what you should know

Stenabolic (SR9009) is considered as a powerful supplement that gained immense popularity among the bodybuilders. Its potent effects range from improved endurance and weight loss to quicker workout regeneration with improved cholesterol levels. Many users have extremely satisfied with this supplement.

If you are a fitness enthusiast or an athlete, SR9009 will be the ultimate addition to your fitness arsenal. With very few side effects, it is also considered to be safe for use. However, the drug is still in the beginning phase of research, and therefore it should only be taken after consulting with the physician. This review is all about this amazing supplement, and you will be enlightened with the facts that you need to know.


Stenabolic: A brief history

Stenabolic (SR9009) was developed by Professor Thomas Burris from the Scripps Research Institute. SR9009 is related to SARMs, but in fact, it is a Rev-erba agonist supplement. Rev-erba is the protein, which is usually found in the skeletal muscle, adipose tissue, brain, and liver. This protein takes part in the circadian regulation and influences the circadian rhythm.

Studies have indicated that the elements present in Stenabolic greatly affects this protein. And as a result, the animal test subjects have shown a decrease in obesity, and an improvement in endurance. Mice that were injected with this drug, increased their running capacity up to 50% than its usual speed, measured by both distance, and time.

There are reports that state the animals developed muscles in a short span of time. But it is unfortunate that the FDA has not approved the supplement yet. By nature, humans are well known for their likeness of forbidden fruits, and hence fitness enthusiasts acted very quickly to lay their hands on Stenabolic (SR9009).

What exactly is Stenabolic?

Stenabolic (SR9009) has been referred to as “cardio in a shell”. There are few studies, which also include those published journals that the drug can help you in increasing your endurance and stamina while losing fats. The reason is that SR9009 can significantly increase the metabolic activity of your muscles, which mimics the results when you had gone through hours on a treadmill or lifting a few rounds of weights during workouts at the gym.

It creates an impression so that your body can think that the effects are from a real workout you had in a gym. Most surprisingly, the effects last for a few hours, and you enjoy a high metabolism even after you have left the gym a few hours before. As SR9009 increases the metabolic activity, you will burn calories, and enjoy better performance throughout the day


How does SR9009 work?

As stated earlier, Stenabolic (SR9009) activates the rev-erba protein, and it influences the ability of your body to process fats (or lipids) and glucose. In short, that means your body will be able to burn sugar and fat in a better way that will lead you towards more endurance and more weight loss.

As a result, you will feel energized, have the ability to perform more physical activity, won’t get tired, burn more fats, and implement your exercise goals faster. The positive effects of this supplement can be felt by professional athletes, as well. Some studies that were conducted on rats injected with SR9009, shows an increase of about 50% in their running speed.

The main reason behind such improved performance is due to the optimization of your body’s energy consumption. Sugars and fats are basically the energy sources that your body stores. When you are using SR9009, it helps in metabolizing the nutrients, and thus you can attain peak performance levels.

The supplement also helps in improving the resting metabolic rate. In other words, the number of calories burned when you are sedentary. After having a regular meal, your body will tend to burn about 5% rather than converting it into fats. The supplement also aids in minimizing the cholesterol stores in your liver.

Losing the extra stores of fat in the liver is extremely necessary if you are training professionally for obtaining an ideal weight, trying to lose weight, or controlling the sugar and cholesterol levels for other health reasons. Some research also highlights that Stenabolic (SR9009) can lower your triglycerides levels by 12%, fatty acid levels by 23%, cholesterol levels by 47%, glucose by 19%, insulin by 35%, and cytokines by 72%.

Stenabolic can have remarkable health benefits for people suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol, and people who are at a greater risk of having heart attacks or other heart diseases. Because of the ability of SR9009 to improve the performance of your muscles, the supplement is very helpful for trainers and athletes for achieving their desired fitness performance.

How can Stenabolic (SR9009) help you?

After learning many things about this wonderful supplement, let’s shift from the mice’s facts, and put the focus on its application on humans. As stated earlier, there are many reports from people about this supplement and its positive effects of using it. Some of them are discussed below.

Improved endurance – So far, many people must be wondering whether such a substance can be available that can give satisfying results with very low adverse effects. A supplement that has the ability to turn yourself into an athlete in a short period of time is more than a piece of great news. Just imagine the effects, if you are already in good shape.

It is very common that many athletes take stimulants prior to working out. But it is sad to learn that instead of helping you with its benefits, they tend to hurt you the most. The reason behind doing cardio is to maximize your capacity and increase your heart rate. If you are battling with cardio, you might have a fast heart rate while you are sprinting. For instance, try to perform an 800-meter sprint in 5 minutes. As a result, they will be left panting and winded. On the flipside, advanced runners have the ability to go even further without any issues.

When you use the traditional stimulants during pre-workouts, they don’t seem to provide effective results. As a matter of fact, stimulants won’t be able to help you. By using Stenabolic (SR9009), you can reach your heart rate by 90%. That indicates the stimulants are nothing but counter-effective. On the contrary, SR9009 won’t even get you to wind faster. This drug will give you much room to push yourself harder so that you can reach up to a maximum of 75% of your heart rate.

Loss in fats – It won’t matter most about your present body weight, but using SR9009 will help you to cut down on your body fat. Don’t consider the fat burners if you want to lose some weight. That’s because, they will do nothing rather than straining your body, and as a result, it will affect your sleep and increase other heart diseases.

On the other hand, Stenabolic (SR9009) works safely because it is not all harsh, and isn’t considered as a stimulant. Many studies have shown that after using Stenabolic, the fat burning procedure even gets affected while resting. However, during exercises, the fat loss used to speed up pretty quick.

As aforementioned, the protein rev-erba controls the lipid metabolism in your liver. When you use Stenabolic, it enhances the metabolism and results in an increased metabolic rate. This will also result in a significant increase in mitochondria, further forcing your body to burn away the stored fat faster.

Enhanced cholesterol levels – This supplement greatly helps those people who are suffering from obesity. This substance will help you to get rid of unwanted glucose in the muscles, and improve the cholesterol levels. Because of this, your body will have the capability to burn fat more quickly, whether during exercise or after that. When you take this supplement, your workouts or exercising sessions will become more effective.

Stenabolic and its side effects:

As of now, the FDA hasn’t approved Stenabolic (SR9009) yet, but it is considered safe for usage. This supplement is a non-estrogenic, non-androgenic, and non-hormonal in nature. If you follow the recommended doses for this drug, you will have no side effects.

It is also interesting to note that SR9009 does not cause any damage to the liver, which is great news. However, some experts do suggest to use liver supplements while taking SR9009. And, if you notice something unusual after taking the drug, immediately stop using the supplement. It is also suggested to consult your physician soon after that.

Stenabolic and its dosage:

The recommended dosage of using Stenabolic (SR9009), as suggested by a few experts in the fitness world, is about 20 to 30 milligrams per day. However, there are many people who have extended their dosage to 40 milligrams.

Remember that the accurate dosage will depend upon the reactions of your body, and what you want to achieve. It is recommended to use the supplement for a cycle of 8 weeks, and then take a break of 8 weeks. The drug has a half-life of 4 hours, and it should be taken 1 to 2 hours before physical activity.


Stenabolic won’t be effective if you eat foods rich in fats, or engage in unhealthy habits like smoking or drinking. The drug should be treated as a part of a plan, which includes healthy habits and exercise.