SR9011: The Ultimate guide for Beginners

The history of SR9011

There are plenty of SARMs crawling on the market, and depending upon your specific needs you have to choose the right one. If you are in search of a supplement that will help you in reducing your body fat, and at the same time increase your endurance and muscle mass, then perhaps you might try SR9011.

It is believed that the supplement has the potentiality to help you with the aforementioned objectives, and you don’t have to attend the gym. Sounds amazing, right? This article will review the compound SR9011 and will find out whether it is as good as many consumers claim.

Have you ever heard about exercising in a bottle? Well, the advent of modern-day science and technology has made things that looked impossible once upon a time absolutely possible.

If you are working out and working out hard, it is probably because you are looking to lower your body fat and increase your endurance levels. And to help you in doing so you might have decided to include a supplement in your plan.

However, finding the right product or supplement is like searching a needle from a heap of hay given the endless options that are nowadays available in the market.

But thankfully SR9011 comes to your rescue as the perfect supplement to build you up even if you do not exercise. Sounds impossible right? Well. Maybe it is possible. Let’s find out how.

What is SR9011?

What exactly is SR9011?

You might be surprised to know that SR9011 is not considered as a SARM. It has been also been known as Hyper Lean 2.0, and categorized under a class of drugs, commonly referred to as Rev-Erba agonists. In other words, rev-erba is a kind of protein, which is mainly found on the liver, brain, skeletal muscle, and adipose tissues.

It plays a key role in certain processes, such as modulating glucose and lipid metabolism, maintaining the circadian rhythm, and managing inflammatory responses. The compound was discovered by a team of expert scientists under the guidance of Thomas Burris from the Scripps Research Institute. The compound was discovered when they were working on a drug to be used for adjusting the body clock with the influence of rev-erba protein.

It is for an understanding that any compound which can alter the functions of the rev-erba protein, might have a direct impact on muscle building and improving the endurance and strength, as well. When the studies were conducted on animals by using SR9011, the results were amazing. The animals displayed a significant improvement in endurance while reducing the number of fat levels.

Mice were the animals with whom the tests were being conducted. When they were induced with the doses of the compound, the mice gave a 50% increase in running speed. The percentile was calculated based on both the time used and distance traveled. According to the researchers, the mice had developed muscles, which resembles that of an athlete.

SR9011 is also referred to as Hyper Lean 2.0 and is often misquoted as a SARM. It, however, is a drug belonging to a category called Rev-ErbA.

These are proteins that are found in the skeletal muscle, liver, brain and adipose tissue. It helps regulate the circadian rhythm, controls the glucose function, lipid function and the body’s response to inflammation and fatigue.

As per research and studies, using this compound can lead to an unimaginable increase in the stamina and overall prowess of athletes.


The Working of SR9011

SR9011 works by regulating the various protein functions of the body such as lipids, glucose levels, and cleansing of dead cells from the body.

Its main function is controlling the circadian rhythm of the body which is like controlling the 24-hr clock that produces and stabilizes the chemical production of the body. This paves a way for controlling the overall functions of the body such which are essential for the full development of your body and muscles.

One very important function that it controls is your sleep cycle. This compound also helps you sleep like a baby that is extremely essential for full recovery from any stress thereby helping build lean muscle better. And what’s more, it drastically increases your resting metabolism thereby improves your heart health and help you achieve the results you wish faster.

How does SR9011 work?

SR9011enhances the workings of rev-erba proteins like regulating the lipid metabolism in your liver, maintaining the glucose levels, managing energy expenditure, and diminishing the weak or dead cells in your system. For achieving optimum functionality, a human body goes through a 24-hour cycle, commonly known as the circadian rhythm.

The rhythm is generated and retained by using a loop mechanism, and it can alter the relevant genes whenever required. The protein influence the process by altering the gene BMAL1. It is regarded as one of the main genes that can control the circadian rhythm. When you use the compound, it will enhance these functions.

Some of the results that have been found out during animal tests after using SR9011 includes the following:

  • Decreased fatty liver cells
  • Increased mitochondria count
  • Improved oxygen intake
  • Decreased amount of stored fat in adipose tissues
  • Increased absorption of fatty acids and glucose in the muscles
  • Reduced production of bile acids and cholesterol in the liver

You might be well aware of the fact that other than just lifting weights, there are many things that need to be considered before having a lean physique. With endurance and strength, you can have the ability to go harder in the gym. On the other hand, both strength and endurance are directly related to the quality of sleep you have.

If you are deprived of sound sleep, the growth hormone and the testosterone levels begin to drop. The body needs a considerable amount of time to begin the recovery process, and thus it requires you to sleep. Hence, in the absence of it, you will not get sufficient energy for performance and become prone to injuries.

SR9011 impacts the circadian rhythm by inducing up to 12 hours of uninterrupted energy. It ensures that after the said time, you will have no other way but to sleep because you will be extremely tired by then. In this way, you can have a great sleep after a tiring day at the gym. However, this compound can also help you in burning fat when you are asleep.

The Benefits

Now that we know how this compound works, let us look at some of the benefits of this supplement.

If you are planning to use Hyper Lean 2.0 (SR9011), let’s look at what to expect and how it benefits.

Increases Fat Burn

SR9011 induces fat loss in two ways. One, it increases the body’s resting metabolism and increases energy expenditure. Two, it stops the body from taking up the readily available glucose and the body turns to stored fat cells for energy thereby increases the fat burning activities of the body.

Enhances Endurance

This compound increases your endurance meaning you can do high-intensity workouts without any strain and stress on your heart. This helps in increasing your capacities in terms of heart rate. Which implies you can do your HIIT training with greater efficiency.

Develops Lean Muscle

This compound enhances the rates at which new tissues are produced in place of the old thereby leads in the rapid production of new muscle. It is especially helpful for people suffering from muscle loss due to medical reasons such as Sarcopenia or even patients recovering from cancer.

Reduces the Cholesterol Levels

Apart from its predecessor SR9009, this compound, in fact, is the only one around that helps in the reduction of LDL cholesterol, triglyceride and maintains the level of HDL Cholesterol. Stacked with some other drugs such as AAS this drug does wonders in terms of cholesterol reductions.

Improves Circadian Rhythm

This drug is known to improve your body’s circadian rhythm thereby keeping you alert and active. This helps you to do your workouts actively. Also, it prevents you from feeling fatigued when going through some very intense workouts. And to top it up, the amazing quality of sleep that you get helps you in paving way for right recovery.

Helps in Faster Recovery

The use of SR9011 is found to be useful in reducing any tissue damage and inflammation thereby helping the body in recovering very fast. It flushes out the old and dead cells and replenishes the body with new cells thereby boosting the recovery process at a rather significant pace.

SR9011 Dosage

With a half-life of 4 hours, this substance enters and leaves your body system very fast. You need to, therefore, decide on your goals before deciding on the optimum dosage.

If you are pulling and lifting weights than taking it one hour prior to the workout session would help in keeping you alert and energized.

If you wish to improve the quality of your sleep patterns and wish to be at your best mentally, you can decide to take small doses to help you achieve that.

But whatever is your goals make sure not to exceed the dosage above 50 mg in one day, because going beyond that can lead to some side effects.

Going by what most of the users have recommended, you can start with a small dose of 5 mg per day and then a dosage of 30 mg split into three doses throughout the whole day.

SR9009 vs SR9011:

When you take a closer look at both SR9011 and SR9009, you can find similarities. Both these compounds are considered to be rev-erba agonists, and they have the same benefits that can be derived by your body. Both tend to decrease anxiety, recovery times, inflammation and increase the number of muscles, wakefulness, and so on.

However, there is one small difference between these substances. The compound SR9011 is more effective when it comes to doing all the things aforementioned. That’s because of the mimicking properties and higher activation of rev-erba proteins.

But it is really hard to find genuine and pure SR9011, and that makes it problematic. Whereas, SR9009 is a lot easier to get because it became a popular supplement. It seems like SR9011 is yet to gain popularity among the hearts of many people.

SR9011 Side Effects

There is no clinical evidence of any long term side effects of the SR9011. In its short cycles, it is tolerated well by the body when taken as per recommended dosage guidelines.

Anecdotal evidence has suggested that insomnia may be a possible side effect since it may make you hyperactive. Having said that, the same was avoidable in most cases when taken in reduced doses.

Final Thoughts

So how does the concept of exercise in a bottle sound? Now your ideas of looking shredded without lifting weights and exercising are possible. It does sound impossible but with a product like SR9011, it is not. Though if you are working out it works out the best too. But if you are too lazy with the work out part, opt for SR9011 and let it do the work out for you.