Smoking Kratom: Pro’s & Con’s of this

Introduction to Smoking Kratom

There is no doubt that Kratom has numerous life-changing benefits. Once you have started experiencing them, there is usually no looking back.

However, people who use Kratom for recreational purposes often wonder whether they can smoke it. After all, if you can smoke marijuana, why not Kratom? Additionally, the texture of Kratom’s leaf is just perfect for smoking, so why not do it?

Nonetheless, you will be hard-pressed to find an article about kratom use that mentions smoking as one of the methods of consuming this marvelous herb. What gives?

This article looks to dig deep into the subject of smoking kratom.

smoking kratom

What are the Conventional Ways of Using Kratom?

In Southeast Asia, where Kratom comes from, natives to that region consume Kratom by chewing on its leaves. They have done so for centuries, and still do to date. One would even argue that this is the best way of taking Kratom since nothing goes to waste. Additionally, those people get to use kratom leaves while they are still fresh.

Nevertheless, since it is almost next to impossible to get fresh kratom leaves on this side of the world, we have to settle for kratom powder. People use kratom powder in a variety of ways. You can place the powder in your mouth, then swill it and wash it down with a glass of water, which is the most recommended way of taking Kratom since the effects are typically instant.

You can also add kratom powder to your food or beverage if you do not want to bear its bitter taste. Some kratom vendors even package kratom powder in capsules that you can take like ordinary pills.

All these methods are effective and convenient. What about smoking kratom? Let us find out.

Is Smoking Kratom Feasible?

At the moment, there are no documented reports of people using Kratom through smoking, insufflation, or intravenously. However, a report published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) in 2017, it notes that most cases of kratom smoking typically occur in Southeast Asia. This is typically done as the farmers and harvest prepare the herb for selling.

The report also notes that kratom smoking is not particularly prevalent in the United States of the rest of the world, for that matter. However, the report does not explicitly say that people should not smoke the herb.

It appears as though the issue with smoking kratom is a matter of inefficiency, rather than practicality. Yes, you can smoke Kratom; however, it is not the most effective way of getting the plant’s alkaloids into your system.

This is because research shows that the main active compounds in Kratom (alkaloids), especially mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, tend to get denatured or neutralized once they are exposed to burning temperatures, which renders them more or less ineffective.

This is perhaps the biggest reason why smoking kratom has not caught traction as a means of getting Kratom into your system.


What is the Appropriate Dosage for Kratom Smoking?

In general, there is no specific guideline regarding the most appropriate dose for kratom intake, regardless of the method that you choose to use. This is because the compound is yet to undergo enough clinical studies that can propose such a dose. Therefore, even when it comes to traditional methods of using Kratom, the recommended doses are typically the results of numerous trial-and-error runs. Moreover, it has been observed that the ideal kratom dose varies between individuals depending on their body composition, weight, diet, sex, and metabolism.

As you can imagine, things get even murkier when looking to establish an appropriate dose for smoking kratom. This is because only an extremely small percentage of kratom enthusiasts use this technique.

However, one thing is for certain smoking Kratom is incredibly wasteful. For example, research shows that to get the effects of ingesting 2 grams of Kratom, you would have to smoke roughly 20 grams of kratom leaves.

The deduction here, therefore, is that to determine the amount of Kratom that you need to smoke, simply multiply your regular dose by 10.

Benefits of Smoking Kratom

Even though this technique might not seem practical, it does have some benefits. Nonetheless, all these benefits come as a result of smoking copious amounts of Kratom. They include:

  • Helping in Opiate Addiction Treatment

Smoking kratom can help people recovering from opiate addiction to better cope with the severe symptoms that typically follow once an individual attempts to withdraw from Kratom.

This is because the alkaloids in Kratom work on the opioid receptors in the brain in a similar manner to how opiates do. By mimicking the mechanisms of opiates, the body is tricked into believing that it has received its dose of the harmful drug, thus substantially reducing the cravings. Additionally, the withdrawal symptoms are no longer as severe once you use Kratom.

An added benefit of smoking kratom in this regard is that it does not come with a high risk of addiction. As such, you will not be substituting one addiction for the other, especially when smoking Kratom.

  • Offering Pain Relief

As mentioned, Kratom mimics the effects of opiates on the brain. Do you know what else is also an opiate? That’s right, the world’s most powerful painkiller; morphine.

Morphine usually causes pain relief by interacting with the opioid receptors in your brain and triggering the release of endorphins and enkephalins. These chemicals anesthetize pain receptors in the body, thereby resulting in relief.

The alkaloids in Kratom follow the same mechanism to provide you with relief from acute as well as chronic pain. Smoking kratom, therefore, can help individuals battling medical conditions that have them in a perpetual state of pain.

  • Alleviating Anxiety and Stress

Smoking kratom can also help individuals with psychological distress disorders, such as anxiety, mood disorders, stress, and depression.

Kratom can achieve that using two primary ways. In lower doses, it has stimulating effects that can usher the user into a state of euphoria. Euphoria is a state of bliss where an individual does not worry about anything. By boosting their mood, the individual can escape the pangs of depression, albeit temporarily.

When smoked in higher doses, Kratom has incredible sedating properties. Here, it calms the user into a state of relaxation where their mind is no longer racing. These properties are effective for fighting anxiety as well as insomnia.

What are the Drawbacks of Smoking Kratom?

Despite the benefits that you may enjoy when you smoke Kratom, there are still glaring disadvantages to choosing this technique. They include:

  • It is Extremely Costly

Most people are already complaining about the costly nature of quality kratom powder, which they consume using traditional methods. So, how about a technique that requires that you use up to 10 times more than the regular dose?

Simply put, smoking Kratom is an incredibly expensive habit. Additionally, you will have to purchase your Kratom in bulk, which most stores do not offer. Those that do tend to have prices that are higher than the market average.

  • It is Inefficient

In addition to being an expensive habit, most of the smoke that you will be inhaling will be just that; smoke. As mentioned, the herb’s alkaloids usually denature when exposed to extreme temperatures. This means that you may have to smoke Kratom for hours on end just to get a few grams’ worth of effects.

Additionally, kratom leaves have a high cellulose fiber content, which further prevents the user from accessing the alkaloids.

  • Potential Health Risk

Smoking, in general, is detrimental to your health. When it comes to Kratom, however, the risk is above average. This is in light of recent revelations from researchers who discovered that the kratom plant has a high tar content, which predisposes you to dangerous conditions such as lung cancer if smoked.

Cigarettes also feature a high tar content, which is why they are so dangerous for your health. When tar makes its way to your lungs, it can trigger a host of respiratory problems, including lung cancer.

It does not make sense, therefore, to smoke Kratom if it predisposes you to adverse health conditions, especially considering that you are using the substance to improve your health.

Final Thoughts on Smoking Kratom

Kratom may be another leaf that is laden with benefits; however, it is no marijuana. While you can smoke the latter, it is a different ball game when it comes to Kratom. Their compositions are different and, therefore, have to be used differently.

Smoking kratom might seem hip and cool; however, it is an incredibly wasteful method of consuming the herb. If you have a plot of land full of kratom trees, then it is a different case. However, if you are just like the rest of us, you will find yourself huffing and puffing through your month’s supply of Kratom in only a few days.

Moreover, even if you do get the effects, they rarely last long as the alkaloids have already been compromised. Nonetheless, if you have some powder or leaves to spare, you can always give it a try and share your experience with us.