SARMs before and After Results: A Complete Guide

SARMs before and After Results: A Complete Guide

It is really very easy to get excited about the ‘big thing’ in the universe of performance enhancement. But it is also easy to be let down by the expectations of the sky-high promises, built by the drug and supplement companies. There are plenty of products in the fitness market that promises to give you remarkable results with almost no side effects. In this article, you will learn about SARMs before and after results, and what to expect from them.

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What are SARMs and how do they function?

SARMs are nothing but a group of chemical compounds that interacts with the androgen receptors to provide the desired results. SARMs are the new product in the fitness world, and they are gathering much attention that was reserved for steroids and prohormones. There three different types of supplements that have attracted many bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes for enhancing their performance drastically.

Each of these supplements has its own strengths and flaws. Steroids are artificial testosterone which is used to replace the testosterone deficiencies or improve their levels. As a result, you will have endurance, stamina, and superhuman strength. The usage of steroids has cost the medals of many athletes because these things are banned for competing athletes.

Apart from the amazing enhancements that are being derived from the usage of steroids, they have some nasty side effects. Some of them include excess hair, men boos, acne, prostate enlargement, and liver toxicity. However, with these problems, you are living your life on borrowed time so far as mortality is concerned.

After a few bans from several authorities, the excitement over steroids ultimately came to a halt. Once SARM was introduced, it created a huge response amongst people who wanted to have the results just like the steroids, but without its adverse effects. SARMs made the dream come true, and now they are safer with few side effects.

SARMs are different from steroids because they interact with the androgenic receptors, and provides amazing results. Steroids targets everywhere in the body, whereas SARMs targets only the receptors that are found in the muscle and bone tissue. Now that’s where you need all the big things to happen, right from denser and stronger bones to bigger muscles. Steroids will influence certain changes, and you will end up having few adverse effects such as an enlarged prostate, or a damaged liver.


SARM and its medical uses:

As of now, there are plenty of SARMs that are undergoing clinical trials, whereas some others are still in their pre-clinical testing. In fact, most of the brand new drugs are used for relieving symptoms of cancer, sarcopenia, and osteoporosis. Some of these drugs even serve for treating lower testosterone levels and andropause.

However, the main purpose of this kind of medication is to diminish muscle and bone degradation. One of the remarkable features of using SARMs for women is virilization, which means the induction of masculine characteristics. If by any chance more promising results surfaces, women will be beneficial by using SARMs if it is used to treat osteoporosis.

There is also a possibility of using SARM as a male contraceptive drug. Since 2009, many researchers are trying to evolve the S23 SARM for this very purpose. However, after several years of research, few SARMs have fallen out of goodwill. Medical experts have a strict screening process, and hence many of the harmful SARMs have been abandoned and restricted.

Even the SARMs that are available aren’t technically meant to consume. That’s the actual reason why you should always do proper research before attempting to buy anything. The supplements are made available only for research purposes, and not to be sold commercially for human consumption. Hence, it is advisable to know about the pros and cons of every SARM supplement before buying them.

Recommended dosage:

Not every SARM aren’t created equally, and hence you should have a clear understanding of the supplement you are using. Therefore, one of the important things you need to take care of is the dosage. However, most of the negative effects of the SARMs won’t hamper you if you understand the seriousness of using the right dosage.

However, some of the SARMs are flexible in this regard. For instance, if you are thinking to use SR9009, you can take 5 to 20 mg before a workout. Whereas, you can use around 25 to 75 mg of Andarine. While milligrams might not be an issue, your body will be able to differentiate between dosages.

For example, Ostarine will be considered safe when the dosage doesn’t exceed 25 mg a day. Keep in mind not to use the supplement for a prolonged time. If you take above 25 mg of Ostarine a day for about a month, you might experience some unpleasant consequences. There are some SARMs that gives you a bigger scope of opportunity. The most common duration is of3 months, and hence you will have all the workouts done in that timeframe to notice the effects from the supplement.

Stacking SARMs:

When you take to or more SARMs altogether, it is known as stacking. Just like with any other drug, you should take proper care while using these supplements. And as usual, always select the right dosage of each of them. You might consider seeking the advice of your physician before you intend to take the stack for avoiding any kind of unpleasant situation.

Apart from stacking SARMs for building muscle mass, you can even use something for increasing your appetite, if it’s necessary. A popular SARMs stack consists of three different SARMs namely Andarine, Cardarine, and Ostarine. This SARM stack, in particular, will help you to work for longer sessions, and you will be able to gain muscle mass and lose fat pretty fast.

SARMs result for bodybuilding and fitness training:

You will get visible results while taking SARMs typically within a few weeks of using them. Muscle mass will be improved, and it will be noticeable even in people who have a good physical state. There will also be a rise in stamina, which will allow you to achieve great heights of efforts. There will be the elimination of fat deposits, because of the enhanced stamina that will help you to work more intensely.

With longer workout sessions, you will achieve better muscle definition throughout the weeks. Women will achieve drastic results that include fat reduction, and without virilization issues. In a few months, you will gather about 20 pounds of muscles. Studies have proved that you can attain a lean muscle mass of 3 to 15 pounds after using SARMs continuously for 12 weeks. During the same period, those who are on cutting will have reduced to 10 pounds.

Side effects of using SARMs:

Besides the many advantages of using SARMs, you will see some adverse effects too. SARMs are better than prohormones or steroids because they have fewer side effects that could be harmful to your body. However, there are some side effects that you might experience while using SARMs, and you should know about them.

When you extend your dosage beyond 4 weeks, you might notice men’s boobs. Women using the supplement for more than 4 weeks, will experience virilization problems. If you do have oily skin, you might get acne. Using the supplement for a prolonged time would attract infertility issues. There are also chances of baldness, in the case of men.

The side effects can be easily avoided when you follow a strict dosage of the supplements, without over-dosing or extending it beyond the said time. Keep in mind to use the recommended dosages, and use the supplements only for a short period with proper breaks during the cycle.

SARMs before and after results:

As stated earlier, the actual visible results from using SARMs will come within a few weeks. Even people with good physique can notice a significant increase in their muscles. Initially, you will notice all your fat deposits will be eliminated, because of the increased stamina. Hence, you will be able to exercise more, and your muscles will become stiffer and become defined.

For beginners who have fat deposits, using SARMs will help you to get a jump start. For women, these supplements will work wonders, and they won’t have higher virilization effects. It is all about taking the right SARM for your circumstances. However, that’s not an easy task to accomplish, but research beforehand will make a lot of difference.

Most people who have used SARMs have reported the supplement as positive. There are many people who have lost about 10 pounds of fats and accumulated about 20 pounds of muscle mass. However, these numbers might not be impressive for some people who intend to push their physique over a tedious workout.

When your body loses all the fats and gathers a lot of muscles in a defined way within a few weeks, you can say that you have achieved the desired thing. However, if you are not so careful about your hygiene, some acne might pop out here and there. A skincare routine after every workout session will be fine in this context.


SARMs before and after results highlight that the supplements are indeed great if you want to enhance your fitness or performance goals. With almost zero side effects, SARMs are a winner over steroids.