S23 SARM: How strong is this supplement?

S23 Review: Is The SARM Good?

In this article, you will get to learn the truth about S23, which is a non-steroidal drug used for muscle growth. You might be wondering whether it is a miracle, or just hype, as it might appear. Some of the important aspects of his drug, such as the benefits you can expect, how to get the proper dose, or its various side effects will be discussed here.

This review will be an eye-opener for you if you are considering to use this substance for its health benefits. Keep on reading the article for a deep understanding of the drug.


S23: An overview

A pharmaceutical company, which goes by the name of GTX, has been investigating a drug called S23. So far as the results are concerned, it shows positive effects. When you take the substance, you will find out that it will enhance your muscle growth with a remarkable amount of fat-loss. S23 works by binding with the androgen receptors to give results.

The compound is believed to impact positively on the bones and muscles, because of its anabolic effects. However, these results don’t come along with the side effects that other steroids come from. For instance, despite increasing the size of the prostate, this substance tends to decrease its size, which is great news for people who are worried about the possible adverse effects on the prostate.

The company is a specialist in the field of hormonal drugs, and hence it is expected that they will be investigating S23 and other SARMs properly for ensuring safe usage by humans. Another interesting aspect of this drug is believed to be its sperm-suppressing ability, which could make this substance as a male contraceptive medicine in the near future. The company has developed many popular SARMs.

What exactly is S23?

The compound S23 falls under the category of SARMs, and it clearly indicates that it functions by interacting with only the selected androgen receptors. Whereas, steroids target each of the androgen receptors that they interact with. SARMs only target the fat tissue and muscle tissue, and hence they don’t have side effects.

If you want to bulk-up your body without caring about the side effects, then you should probably use steroids, and the results will be achieved in a short time. But if you are thinking to build up your body in a more secure way without the adverse effects, then opting for SARMs is the only way to get them. Although there are studies to be done with humans, different tests on mice have shown positive results.

After using the compound, the rodents were found to have an increased number of muscles. The physical endurance test was also successful and showed an increase of about 50% in the overall stamina in comparison to other rodents that were not injected with the compound. In addition to power growth, the average weight of the body also dropped.

The bone density also increased significantly as well. That is very surprising because it reflects that this particular SARM has some complex elements that couldn’t be found on the other SARMs. This compound can be used by females too, and the results would be amazing. The drug will prevent muscle wastage, increase bone density, and improving the ability for workouts.


S23 and its benefits:

According to anecdotal evidence and scientific research, it has been found out that S23 could be one of the most potent SARM available on the market. Here are some of the benefits that can be achieved by using it.

Increase in stamina and strength – Few users who have tried this compound reported experiencing a remarkable increase in stamina, speed, and endurance as a result of cycling this compound. That implies longer, meaner and harder workouts will be possible that will give positive results.

S23 also allows you to optimize the high-intensity workouts, which becomes possible as a result of lean muscles and fat-burning abilities. As of now, a slight deviation in anger is observed after using the drug. This might be the outcome of the intensity level with which an individual approaches the workouts after taking S23.

Losing fats and building lean muscles – Another significant benefit of using the drug is that it will help you in losing fats, and at the same time oxidize it. A study conducted on rats after giving them S23 has shown a reduction of fat percentage. It also increased lean muscle mass and bone density as well.

The study also indicates that when a higher dosage of the compound is taken, the fat-burning abilities tend to be much quicker. As a result, there will be a massive decrease in overall body fat. The substance also helped in developing lean body mass, as reported by some users.

Minimal water retention – Many users have reported that the substance doesn’t lead to any kind of water retention or bloating. That means even after completing a full cycle of using S23, they were able to retain their newly-gained mass. That’s the reason why many bodybuilders use S23 throughout the cutting phase because they find it beneficial during that period.

Growth of hard muscle – If you are planning to get a grainy-looking body with muscles, then you should consider using S23 throughout the cutting phase. Remember that having the type of hard muscle is something that you won’t be able to get from using the conventional steroids, and hence you have to take this drug. This is the reason why many bodybuilders prefer to take this substance while preparing for an event or a competition.

Possible side effects of S23:

Now that you have learned about some of its benefits, you should also know about the side effects of using the compound. It is better not to believe when someone says that there aren’t any adverse effects when the substance is used in lower doses. But in reality, that’s not quite true, as because they are very reluctant to sell the product, or don’t have sufficient information on the compound. Let’s have a look at some of the side effects that you can experience after using S23.

Aggression – There are many reports where users have experienced an increase in their anger levels after using this substance. Hence, if you have a history that relates to anger issues, you should think twice before using the product, or you should avoid it straight.

A decrease in testosterone levels – According to many users, the compound S23 is the nearest thing to steroids that is available in the SARM world. That makes the substance more potent and unique with potential side effects, unlike the other SARMs. There are some reports that indicate a significant decrease in the testosterone levels is bound to happen even at lower doses.

For this reason, many users supplement the compound with testosterone therapy for fighting against its deficiency. However, the good news is that the side effects don’t last for a long time, and gets completely reversed once you have successfully completed a cycle.

Shrinkage in testicle – Some users have observed that after using S23 for some time their testicles tend to shrink. This theory was also supported by further studies that showed similar results. This result is directly associated with the ability of S23 to decrease the testosterone levels despite increasing it. But the good news is that the effects are only temporary, and after completing a cycle, things will again go back to normal.

Dark urine – Very few reports have surfaced about the color of the urine is darker after using the compound. However, this condition is also temporary and will fade away as soon as the cycle is completed.

S23 and its recommended dosage:

Just like the other SARMs, a perfect dosage for this compound is nearly impossible to achieve. That’s because of the shortage of human testing, and also the fact that it is still an investigational drug. Therefore, the only way to find the proper dose is to experiment with the compound for yourself. There are people who have been suggesting a dose of 1 milligram, whereas some people are advising for using 50 milligrams.

There are no records of the long-term adverse effects that the substance might incur. But all the studies indicate that after a time the side effects come to a halt. This means when you take higher doses of the substance, you won’t see higher results. One probable reason might be the fact that muscles can’t grow beyond a certain range even with an accelerated dosage.

Many bodybuilders choose a dosage between 20 and 30 milligrams. But to begin with, a dose from 10 to 20 milligrams per day is recommended. Considering the anecdotal properties of S23, this is the optimal dosage. It is very strong and effective, so you won’t need much.

The compound has a half-life of about 12 hours, which means you have to take it twice daily to have a stable dose of the compound. It is suggested to take a dose in the morning, and another one in the evening.


S23 is a potent SARM, and it is anabolic in nature. Within 4 weeks you will be able to see a significant change in your physique, and your strength will go higher after 2 weeks of using the compound.