Red Bali Kratom: A Full Review of this product

Red Bali Kratom: the complete overview

Red Bali Kratom is a popular and unique kratom strain. Like all the other types of kratoms, it is also derived from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. What’s unique about it, however, is that it has much larger leaves than other kratom strains. This trait allows Red Bali to release more produce per acre, thereby making it less costly to grow.

Being a red variant of the kratom family, just like other red strains, Red Bali also boasts of a plethora of beneficial properties, such as pain and stress relief, mood enhancement, and more.

red bali kratom

However, before you purchase any kratom product, you should always search for vital information about that particular kratom strain, such as its background, effects, and dosage. This allows you to know whether it is a good fit for you or not since different kratom strains yield different results.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about Red Bali Kratom.

What is Red Bali Kratom?

Red Bali, as the name suggests, is a type of red vein kratom that originates from Bali province in Indonesia. Kratom strains are typically named after their color and place of origin. The reason for doing that is because different regions have different soils and climates, which directly affect the chemical composition of kratom.

This is why kratom strains from one area can be more potent than those from another.

With Red Bali, however, it appears as if it did not actually originate from Bali. Experts believe that Red Bali Kratom is a hybrid of Red Borneo and Red Sumatra kratom strains. Additionally, the ‘Bali’ in its name is simply a way of paying homage to the port where shipments of kratom from other regions typically pass through.

Anyway, it does not really matter where it comes from. What we are interested in is what it can do for us, and Red Bali doesn’t disappoint at all. As mentioned, Red Bali is a hybrid of the Borneo and Sumatra kratom strains, which are both revered in the kratom industry.

The effects, as well as the potency of a kratom strain, usually stem from the alkaloids present in that strain. Alkaloids are chemical components found in the leaves of the kratom plant. As such, the higher the composition of alkaloids in a strain, the more potent that strain is. That composition, on the other hand, depends on the region where the strain was grown.

The leaves of Red Bali Kratom contain between 25 and 30 alkaloids, which is a respectable composition. The alkaloids in Red Bali Kratom are more analgesic than they are stimulants. This explains why Red Bali is typically used in the treatment of both acute and chronic pains. However, its use as a stimulant is not as common.

Some of the alkaloids contained in Red Bali include Mitragynine, Mitraphylline, 9-hydroxycorynantheidine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, Speciogynine, and more.

What are the Benefits of Red Bali Kratom?

Red Bali Kratom’s alkaloids allow it to have the following effects:

  • Pain Relief

As numerously mentioned, Red Bali is an extremely effective pain reliever. In fact, it is considered to be one of the most analgesic strains of kratom on the market today.

People dealing with chronic pain conditions should find this immensely beneficial at helping them live more comfortably. When it comes to dealing with pain, Red Bali does not discriminate whether the pain is in the joints, bones, or tissues; it targets all of them!

Red Bali Kratom, therefore, would be an excellent alternative to morphine as well as other pharmaceutical painkillers. Additionally, it does not come with the risk of physical addiction or long term side effects, as it is the case with pharmaceutical pain killers.

  • Calming Effect

Southeast Asia residents have, for long, been using Red Bali as a relaxing agent. This strain helps you unwind by relieving tension in your body as well as the brain. 

This is why Red Bali is also commonly used as an anti-depressant.

As such, this strain would be a good choice when looking to relax or are just after a soothing effect. Red Bali kratom, therefore, is what you need when dealing with stress or anxiety, as it will calm you down.

  • Treating Opiate Addiction

We all know of the detrimental effects that opiates can have on the body. In fact, thousands of people die every year as a result of battling the effects of using opium. Withdrawing from opiates, on the other hand, is almost as dangerous as using them. This is because opiate withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening due to the effects that opiates have on your brain’s opioid receptors.

Red Bali kratom, however, has been shown to be extremely helpful in the management of opiate withdrawal symptoms. This is because the alkaloids in Red Bali mimic the actions of opiates on the opioid receptors. This tricks the body into thinking that its cravings for opiates have been satisfied.

Red Bali is exceptional in this regard because it not only works to help you quit opiates, but it also ensures that you do not go through the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

However, there’s always the possibility that one could develop a psychological addiction for the strain. When used in opiate addiction treatment, it is best to do it under the guidance of a professional.

  • Mood Enhancement

On days when you are running low on motivation and aren’t feeling like doing anything, Red Bali Kratom can come in handy. When used in mild doses, this strain can lift your mood and spirit.

Red Bali does this by easing the symptoms of depression. Nevertheless, this strain is slow to act when it comes to relieving stress and enhancing mood. Therefore, even though it does contain those properties, it might not be the best kratom strain for that job.


What are the Side Effects of Using Red Bali Kratom?

Red Bali Kratom is safe to use. However, problems may arise in case you exceed the recommended dosage. Some of the side effects that you might experience include:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Headaches
  • Blurry vision
  • Dependency

The good news, however, is that these side effects should go away after a while. However, you must make sure that you never exceed the recommended doses to avoid having to experience them every other day. Additionally, taking high doses of this substance on a regular basis can lead to physical dependency.

If that happens, stop using immediately then talk to a health professional so they can advise you on what to do next.

Red Bali Kratom Dosage

The following are the dosage guidelines for using Red Bali Kratom:

  • Threshold Dose

1.5 grams. This is for beginners. It might sound small, but it is more than enough for a new user.

  • Light Dose

2.0 – 2.5 grams. This is for people who are no longer beginners but are still familiarizing themselves with the strain.

  • Moderate Dose

2.5 – 4.0 grams. This is for regular users.

  • High Dose

4.0 – 6.0 grams. A regular user should take this dose when they are looking for sedative and relaxing effects.

  • Very High Dose

6.0 – 9.0 grams. This is an extremely high dose and, therefore, taking such a large dose can result in a variety of undesirable effects.

The above are just guidelines, which means that they are subject to open interpretation. I would recommend, however, that you keep your dosage at moderate levels to avoid potential side effects. Additionally, pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use the Red Bali Kratom. Also, anyone using opiates or pharmaceutical-grade painkillers should avoid using this strain of kratom.

To be on the safe side, consider starting with a small dose. This will allow you to gradually build your tolerance to Red Bali Kratom. Additionally, you will get to know where the sweet spot is. In fact, if you can, consider journaling your findings on your body’s response. This will ensure that you maintain your discipline when consuming Red Bali Kratom.

Final Thoughts

Red Bali is a superstar strain of kratom that is a hybrid of two excellent strains. It is no wonder, therefore, that Red Bali is so effective at its job. Additionally, Red Bali Kratom has one of the biggest alkaloid compositions of any kratom strain, which is what makes it so potent.

People who stand to benefit the most from this strain are those dealing with chronic pains, such as arthritis and cancer. It has exceptional analgesic properties, which make it incredibly good at alleviating pain.

Red Bali Kratom also has moderate stress relief and mood-enhancing properties. Therefore, on days that you are feeling down, a dose of Red Bali should help you get your day back in order.

However, when it comes to buying kratom products, always ensure that you only get your product from a reputable source. This makes sure that you get the good stuff.