Primobolan: What you need to know about this steroid

Primobolan Review

Are you a bodybuilder or are you into a competitive athletic competition? If the answer is yes it quite possible that you will find this article interesting and informative. We are going to spend some time getting to know about a popular bodybuilding supplement that belongs to the methenolone acetate family. There is no doubt that the market is filled with dozens of such products and making the right choice is not going to be easy. It requires the right knowledge and information without which many of us could end up buying the wrong supplement. There are many things that one must bear in mind before you decide as to which body and muscle building product to choose. You must look into the composition, the efficiency, the effectiveness and most important safety and tolerability. Price also is an important point that has a role to play when it comes to choosing such bodybuilding supplements.


We must bear in mind that for every 15 quality supplements and bodybuilding boosters, you could come across one or two that are of poor quality and they also could be notorious for the side effects that they might have. Therefore, research, gathering information and going through the right due diligence process are the few important points that one must bear in mind before choosing these supplements. Amongst the many dozens of such products available in the market today, we will have a look at a supplement by the name Primobolan. This is a well known oral steroid that allows the end-users (many athletes and sports persons) to improve their abilities on the playing field. This is done by maximizing the time that they can spend preparing for the competition rather than spending it on building lean muscle mass and improving overall strength and stamina. We should bear in mind that this is a legal anabolic steroid and it is a key enhancer when it comes to the world of competitive sports. As mentioned above, the main ingredient for Primobolan is methenolone acetate. Further, this is a non-steroidal hormone. When we refer to acetate, we are talking about asteroid that gets attached to ester. This ability and quite a few other factors help us to take the steroid orally.

History of Primobolan

Primobolan is currency produced only by a company by the name Schering in Europe. This is a German pharmaceutical company. It was initially identified for development by an American company known as Squibb. Way back in 1962 Squibb developed two version of methenolone steroid and they were marked under the brand names Nibal Depot and Nibal. Nibal is almost similar to the product that we are discussing now, Primobolan.  The product was intended for oral administration. On the other hand Nibal Debot, was an injectable form of the steroid. Nibal was produced both in the oral as well as injectable forms. However, with time, they discontinued Nibal because of competition and various other factors. 

The right for methenolone was purchased by Schering and they identified the right market for this drug. They also had both the oral and injectable versions of this supplement. The injectable version was discontinued in the year 1993 because they felt that the market for the oral version of Primobolan or methenolone acetate was much bigger.

What Are the Benefits

Since this product will be entering our bodies, it is quite obvious that we would like to know the overall benefits and advantages associated with this drug. We also do spend quite a lot of time in the gym and we would like to be sure that this supplement helps in building muscles, improving performance and endurance amongst various other things. There are many benefits associated with this supplement and we are listing down a few of the most important ones.

  • Primobolan is effective in treating people who are suffering from malnutrition.
  • It also could come in handy for all those who are suffering from wasting disease.
  • It is also being used for treating children who are underweight or premature infants.

There are other benefits too and therefore it is quite obvious that this supplement has multiple uses and benefits.


How Does It Work?

The product maximizes protein synthesis. In other words, it maximizes the impact of food that is taken by the end-users. Additionally, it has a proven history of building lean muscle mass. Unlike many other products and supplements in the market Primobolan will not help in bulking up of the muscles. However, it will certainly help in making the muscles leaner and stronger. It is also very effective for those who are looking to increase fat loss. Last but not least Primobolan has a track record of improving the immune system of the body quite significantly. Hence, when all these are taken together and looked at holistically, there is no doubt that it could help a person to stay healthy for a much longer period of time. This, in turn, means that the concerns concerned will get more time to get strong and his performance levels will also improve quite significantly.

What Are the Side Effects

There is no doubt that each and each pharmaceutical product has many possible side effects and the same is the case with Primobolan and it is not different from other such products and supplements available in the market. Let us try and have a look at some possible side effects as far this bodybuilding supplement is concerned.

Testosterone production – There is no denying the fact that all anabolic steroids including Primobolan act as very powerful testosterone suppressors. The level of depression of testosterone would depend on the length of treatment and use of the product and also the dosage that is being taken by the end-users. This has a direct impact on the testosterone production of the athletes. While both female and male athletes are permitted to use this supplement, only men, in general, are known to use this supplement. This is because they are not keen on suffering for a long period of time before the testosterone levels return to the normal levels once the use of Primobolan has been discontinued.

An androgenic side effect is also an important point that should not be overlooked. The side effects are not the same and they vary from person to person. It would depend on the body’s natural tendency as far as certain traits and developments are concerned. For example, if there are many who suffer some acne outbreaks, they can expect it go from mild to severe. Further, any male who has a genetic history of male pattern baldness may also expect to suffer from rapid hair loss. Both women and men can also expect to have increased body hair growth, and women, in particular, are often known to have suffered from clitoral enlargements and their voices also have deepened.

Some people also suffer from psychological side effects because this supplement has the ability to change the physical makeup of the athletes. Hence, you can be sure that it will come with naturally occurring psychological side-effects. Even small among of certain chemicals can bring in big changes in an individual. This is one of the biggest risks when a person is put on anabolic steroids. Therefore the dosage should be carefully administered so that the changes are gradual and there are no psychological changes. It also is possible to adjust the anabolic steroid regimen as and when necessary. The psychological side effects are irritability, mood swings, neurotoxicity, cognitive impairment, violent behavior, aggression, withdrawal symptoms, becoming dependent on the anabolic steroid and other such side effects. A few people also have suffered from mania/hypomania and also delusion, depression, euphoria and impulsive behaviors amongst other such problems.


The dosage varies for men and women and it is of course not the same for both sexes and it might vary. Experts suggest taking of Primobolan for a maximum period of not more than 8 weeks. During this period, the makers of this supplement also recommend some dosage for use as a medicinal product. The dosage ranges from 100 to 150 mg per day and it has been found that the performance and results have been quite appreciable and it works well even in small dosage.

On the other hand, women are not advised to take this steroid for long periods of time. At best they should restrict it for a period of 4 to 6 weeks and 6 should be the cut-off point. However, Schering is not very clear about the dosage that should be taken by a woman. Female athletes who have used Primobaoan have got very good results even with a dosage of 25 to 50 mg per day. There are some athletes who stack Primobolan with Dianabol, but this should be done carefully because of the notorious side effects associated with Dianabol.


We should remember the old saying that moderation is the key to anything we do. The same applies to those who are keen on developing their bodies either as normal persons or as athletes and sportspersons. Therefore it is vital and critical to understanding the safe use of this supplement called Primobolan.  You must be aware of the possible mental and physical health issues and side effects. However, when we look at things in totality, there is no denying the fact that Primobolan is a wonderful product known for its performance at all points in time.