Phytoextractum Review: What you should know

Phytoextractum : an overview

As kratom’s popularity continues to increase, more and more entrepreneurs are looking to fulfill the increasing demand for kratom. The problem that arises, however, is that most of these new vendors do not know much about kratom. All they know is that there is a demand for the product. As such, most of them typically go for the cheapest product they can find and sell it at market prices, thereby making a neat profit.


What they forget, however, is that to get the benefits that kratom is touted for, one must use quality kratom. In addition to not delivering the intended effects, sub-standard kratom may also have negative implications on your health due to low purity.

As such, when purchasing kratom, you had better make sure that your vendor is a kratom expert with a reputation for selling quality kratom. Unfortunately, such vendors are far and few in between and, therefore, you will have to do some digging to find a legitimate and reliable kratom supplier.

Has your search led you to Phytoextractum? This article will review this vendor to help you determine whether they are the real deal.

Who is Phytoextractum?

Phytoextractum is a herbal solutions provider whose headquarters are in Portland, Oregon. The company has been in business for well over a decade. It is widely regarded by many as being one of the most authentic kratom vendors in the industry. Even though they are a U.S. based company, they have a significant fan base overseas, especially in Europe.

Right off the bat, something has to be said about their longevity. In an industry where consumers are quick to weed out fake vendors, Phytoextractum being able to survive for over a decade only means that they are doing something right.

As mentioned, in addition to kratom, Phytoextractum sells a wide array of herbal products and supplements, such as Argan oil, Akuamma seeds, Korean Ginseng, Guayusa powder, Kona Coffee, blue lotus extracts, essential oils, and many more.

Over the past three years, Phytoextractum has been in a state of exponential growth. This phenomenon can be attributed to the company’s professionalism, which is characterized by attention to detail when it comes to observing the proper techniques for obtaining and selling quality kratom.

With that being said, let us have an in-depth look at Phytoextractum’s attributes:

  • Product Quality

Based on numerous customer reviews, the quality of Phytoextractum’s product is top-tier. What’s more, they provide such quality kratom consistently.

As mentioned, Phytoextractum still observes the correct way of doing things when it comes to getting quality kratom, such as sourcing it from reputable farmers and testing it for quality and purity. This attention to detail increases overhead costs, and this is why most vendors choose to bypass it. It is no surprise, therefore, that most of them have low-quality kratom.

In that regard, Phytoextractum has been able to cultivate relationships with top-tier kratom farmers in Southeast Asia, which ensures that the company always has the good stuff.

Additionally, once the product arrives in the States, Phytoextractum first sends it to third-party testing facilities to evaluate the batch’s quality and purity. These are not mere claims since the company readily provides lab reports on those tests upon request. They also print details such as purity and potency on the packaging.

With Phytoextractum, there is no hit or miss; you will always get what you are looking for.

  • Product Catalogue

An excellent indicator of a legit kratom vendor is an extensive product catalog. Just as with anything, people are bound to have different tastes in kratom. A good vendor understands that and, therefore, works to cater to the needs of kratom consumers by stocking as many strains as possible.

Phytoextractum is no slouch, and this is evidenced by the presence of over 60 different kratom strains on their catalog. They are also adding new strains regularly.

As such, it is more than likely that this vendor has your favorite strain. Moreover, Phytoextractum offers these strains in various product types, such as powders, pills, oils, and tinctures. 

Additionally, they even allow you to match and mix different strains so you can benefit from exclusive deals and discounts.

The only drawback Phytoextractum has in this regard is that they do not offer kratom in bulk. Buying in bulk is usually convenient for most consumers as it allows them to pace themselves in addition to being more cost-effective.

Another thing we like about their catalog is that they also sell over 60 different types of products other than kratom, such as CBD, oils, teas, and herbs. If you use kratom, there’s a good chance that you might also be interested in other natural wellness products. Phytoextractum, therefore, allows you the convenience of getting all your favorite products under one roof, with the assurance that they are all of high-quality.


  • Pricing

Most of Phytoextractum’s products tend to be pricier than the market average. However, you have to consider the fact that Phytoextractum goes over and beyond to get you quality kratom. In fact, it is a trend that you will notice among reputable kratom vendors; their prices tend to be higher than average.

Vendors who take shortcuts can afford to sell their products at lower prices since they obtained their kratom cheaply.

However, costly kratom should not be used as an indicator of high-quality kratom. Some vendors are greedy enough to sell you subpar products expensively.

Nonetheless, as compared to other reputable kratom vendors, Phytoextractum’s prices are quite fair. For example, you can get high-quality powder at only $7 per 28 grams of powder.

  • Online Shopping Experience

A good vendor should allow you to have a seamless shopping experience i.e., their website should be easy to use.

Phytoextractum’s site might look like a throwback; however, it is every bit as good as a modern website in terms of functionality.

First off, it features a simple design that allows for easy navigation. Additionally, the arrangement of products is convenient and straightforward and this enables you to find what you are looking for easily.

Phytoextractum has also optimized its website for mobile, which means that you will still have a seamless interaction with the site when you access it through a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

The company also advertises deals and offers on the website routinely. The site features a 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure that your information remains private and secure.

  • Payment Options

Phytoextractum allows for a wide range of payment methods to allow you to choose the one that is most convenient for you.

These include e-check, money order, credit and debit cards, as well as cash on delivery if you pat for your order via UPS.

The company, however, encourages its customers to pay via bitcoin. Doing this allows you to earn a 10 percent discount on your order.

  • Shipping Policies

Phytoextractum has some of the best shipping policies in the business. First off, they try as much as possible to ship your order on the same day, regardless of the size of your order. To be on the safe side, however, they encourage you to place your order before 2 PM PST between Monday and Friday.

In addition, shipping is free for all deliveries within the U.S. What’s more, all orders above $75 enjoy first-class shipping via the United States Postal Services (USPS). If your order amounts to more than $150, it stands to enjoy free overnight shipping via FedEx.

Phytoextractum also allows for various shipping options for those who are in urgent need of their products. In this case, however, you will have to facilitate the process by paying for the fees yourself.

The company also sends you a tracking number as soon as they dispatch your goods so you can know the status of your order at all times.

  • Returns Policies

When it comes to returns, Phytoextractum does not make cash refunds. However, this does not mean that they do not accept returns; they only insist that you should make an exchange for another product of the same value.

To be eligible for a return, you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Return the product within 30 days of receiving it
  • The product should not have been opened
  • In the case of seeds or live plants, they should be returned within 3 days

However, if you open your package and find that your product is damaged or defective, you can return it.

You will need to pay for the shipping costs when making returns.

  • Customer Service

Phytoextractum has an excellent customer support team that you can reach via phone or email. They respond to issues and queries promptly. They are also quite respectful when handling customers.

Final Thoughts

The only way to have the ultimate experience when using kratom is by using a high-quality product. On the other hand, the only way to get high-quality kratom is by obtaining it from a reputable vendor with a track record for providing quality kratom consistently.

Phytoextractum is one such vendor. Consider giving their kratom a try.