Phallosan Forte Extender: pro’s & Con’s

Review of Phallosan Forte Extender

Are you a man and are shy and not very happy with the size of your penis? If the answer is yes, then you have many reasons to try and go through this article. We will be talking about a product by the name Phallosan Forte Extender. It is considered to be a very effective, proven and safe penis extender. Though there is no doubt that the size of the penis is sexual satisfaction for the woman partner are not related, many women would like to have sex with men who have a large-sized penis in width, length, and girth.

This penis extender is unique compared to many others because of many reasons. Hence, we thought it would be a good idea to know more about this product and this review is exactly targeted toward those men who are keen on extending their penis size by a few inches so that they can have a great time with their women when it comes to sex and lovemaking. There are many such products in the market, but most of them have some problem or other. Quite a few of them use a noose or strap to tighten the penis to the extender and this can indeed very painful.

Phallosan Forte Extender

What Does it Promise?

If we are to go by the various reviews, feedbacks and customer reviews, there are many reasons to believe that Phallosan Forte Extender lives by its promise or walks the talk as far as the results are concerned. It could perhaps help in increasing penis length by as much as 30% in six months. The girth of the penis could also go up by 20% in around 6 months’ time. It could also help in preventing and stopping premature ejaculations. It also could aid those who want stronger erections to satisfy their women. If you are one of those who would like to have a penis that has an extra inch or two in length and girth, then you may have many reasons to choose this product.

History Of Such Products

Before we get into some serious review of this product, let us have some understanding of the history of penis extenders. These devices were first developed in the early 1990s. Since then they have become quite popular and are considered to be safe and quite efficient when it comes to enlarging the size of the penis. They are also found to be far efficient when compared to other similar devices that are available in the market. Further, they also help the users to stay away from supplements, injections, tablets and other such products that have to be consumed orally. Hence, from the safety perspective also, it is quite obvious that Phallosan Forte Extender could be a much better option. Hence, when all the above points are taken into account there is a growing demand for such penis enlargers and Phallosan Forte Extender is well poised to take advantage of this.

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How Does It Work?

It would be pertinent to mention here that this is a device that has been intelligently and thoughtfully made. It can help in increasing the size of a penis by the use of traction force. It very much belongs to the category of penis extenders. It has proven to be an efficient and proven way to manage penis enlargement successfully and safely. This is based on a large number of positive reviews from men and most of them are singing praises about this product. The good thing about this product is that the manufacturer does not make any highly unrealistic claims. You are therefore sure that you know where and when to expect results. This product is not made of the rigid metal rod as we come across in the market. It is made from soft and safe materials and you can be sure that you will not experience pain or discomfort when you use Phallosan Forte Extender.

What Is The Principle?

The principle behind this product is quite simple, safe and proven. When the penile tissues are stretched constantly, the force that comes with it stimulates the body. Thus it helps our body to reproduce cells faster. This can easily be proven by having a closer look at the lips, necks, and earlobes of African people. They are known to constantly stretch these parts of the body and it a part of their tradition and culture. The process of growth may not be very noticeable but the net results are natural and effective.

The product works by regularly and constantly stretching the penis tissues. It has the capability of exerting pressure moderately on the penile tissues and thus breaks down the tissues. Then during the recovery period, the broken tissues are repaired and they re-grow. When the re-growth happens they are stronger, longer and bigger. This is the same principle that is put to use as far as bodybuilders. They lift weights to increase the build muscles and tissue mass.

How Will You Get The Best Benefits?

If you want the best results, you will have to wear this for a few hours a day. This will help you to moderately stretch the penis. When the penis is fatigued and when the device is removed, you get into the recovery period. This gives the penis to repair the tissues. When pressure is applied to the penis or even other organs of the body, the natural tendency of the muscles is to stretch. This process will help in better reproduction of cells. It could happen to any organ of the body and it can be the penis, arms, legs, etc. Hence, it will not be long before we see the penis muscles enlarging when we correctly and properly use Phallosan Forte Extender.  

Hence it is quite obvious that this is not a gimmick or sales promotion stunt but it is based on science and it has been proven over and over again many times. Therefore, if you are keen on increasing the size and thickness of your penis, you have many reasons to try this product. You will have not many reasons to feel disappointed with the results and you can be sure that you will be able to get good value for money.


When we talk about the dosage of Phallosan Forte Extender, we are actually referring to the duration and frequency of use. The manufacturer has given clear guidelines the same should be clearly followed. The duration should be correct and if it is does done too long, then it could lead to serious damage to the penis. Hence, if you are planning to use the penis extender, you have to strictly follow the period of usage and the frequency of usage carefully. You cannot afford to change it under any circumstances.

Individual Components That Make Up This Extender

Here are a few components that make up this device:

  • Foam ring attached waist belt that is adjustable. It comes with an elastic belt and it has a soft foam rubber ring. This has to be strapped around the waist. The belt can be regulated with the help of a buckle and this is linked to the suction ball with the help of an adapter.
  • You also get suction balls in small, medium and large sizes. You should first start by taking the right measurements of your flaccid penis. You should measure the girth and there are templates available for this. You can also find a suction bell that helps in fitting you properly.
  • It also comes with a protector cap and this is the stretchy and powdery cap. This helps in protecting your glans from strong tension and also irritation.
  • You also have a tension clip with a tension spring. This is a good add-on and it proves how much tension has to be applied. It could help in helping you to be sure that you are doing it right. It also will help you to know whether your penis are actually extending, lengthening and thickening as far as girth is concerned.
  • You also get an instructional DVD that is very easy and simple to understand. You also have a girth measuring template along with easy to understand user guide. You also will be given a personally signed certificate that will help you to be sure about the overall quality standards as far as this product is concerned.

Tips For Using The Extender

It would be better to go in without using the protector cap. The cap may be essential as a beginner and that is why it comes with the latest version of this Phallosan Forte Extender. Once your penis has gotten used to the vacuum technology, you can stop using the extender.

The baby powder helps to increase the overall lifespan of the device. It also helps in better hygiene and protects the material from normal wear and tear.

Who Could Use It

Apart from being useful for all those who want to increase the girth and length of their penis, it also can work for others too. Men who suffer from diabetes often complain about a lack of erection. For them, there is no doubt that this product could come as a boon.

It also could be useful for men who suffer from Innative Incurative penis, pulling out the retracted penis, and other such cases.


There is no doubt that the Phallosan Forte Extender could certainly be a boon for all those men who are suffering from the small-sized penis. It has stood the test of time and therefore you can be sure that you will get the best value for money out of this product.

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