PEG 400: Everything You Need To Know About

PEG 400: an overview

You should have probably known something about vaping if you are following the news or current trends. The new approach of consuming certain things such as cannabis and nicotine, which was not used in traditional smoking, is called vaping. So, what is the reason behind this? That’s because inhaling smoke is considered to be dangerous for health.

And, what you did? Nothing, but vape your stuff. Is the problem solved, does it? Not quite, though. Because you have to find out the type of base liquid, which could be the deciding factor whether the thing could be safe or dangerous. Therefore, does PEG 400 have anything to do with it?

Let’s find out more in this PEG 400 review, and find out how it differs from the other products in the market. You will get an insight into its various usage, and particularly how it is helpful in vaping.

peg 400

What exactly is PEG 400?

Polyethylene Glycol or abbreviated as PEG is a liquid that is viscous and colorless, as well. This vicious liquid could be dissolved in other liquids that include water, glycerin and alcohol. It can dissolve in benzene, glycols, and acetone too. PEG 400 is just another form of PEG, which carries a specific number that represents the average molecular weight of the element.

There are different forms of PEG, and the chemical structure also differs from each other. These chemical structures are formed as chains, some of them are even longer than the others. Longer chains will have higher numbers. So far as PEG 400 is concerned, it falls on the lower side because of its lower molecular weight.

The difference in molecular weights relates to the different levels of the viscosity of PEG. Hence, the weights can be altered to derive the desired viscosity levels. However, irrespective of their weights, all of them possess the same chemical properties.

What are the uses and benefits of using PEG 400?

The benefits of using PEG 400 are many, and these extend to different areas. First of all, it is less hazardous compared to smoking. When you smoke nicotine, it has over 7000 different types of chemicals, of which a large number of them are toxic. Although it has not been known exactly the number of chemicals produced by electronic cigarettes, it is believed that the numbers would be relatively low.

Its usage can be found in various substances that incudes cannabis and nicotine smoking. It can also be used as additives for food and regarded as safe by the FDA. The liquid acts as lubricants in capsules and tablets, which makes it easier to swallow. PEG 400 is also used as sweeteners, which means that it can carry flavors. The liquid is added to vaping products for holding different types of flavors such as non-nicotine and nicotine flavor.

Some kinds of printers use the liquid as an ink solvent, and it is also used for lubricating the print heads. PEG 400 makes its way in the manufacturing process of ceramic products by acting as a binder. It is even used as a dispersant in certain kinds of toothpaste. The process evenly distributes the particles during the suspension. Hence, the particles are blocked from settling and clumping.

PEG 400 can also treat bowel through colonoscopy, as it works as a laxative. When it is about preserving the recovered items from underwater, this liquid comes very handily. Take the example of the warship Vasa, which was a Swedish vessel that got sunk in 1628 and was later salvaged in 1961. The remains were sprayed with the liquid for a whopping 17 years.

It is still in its ongoing process of drying. However, the preserved state of Vasa has become a place of interest for the tourists that have attracted above 35 million visitors since it was recovered. The same method has been applied to other salvaged ships as well. This versatile liquid is even used for propelling the Trident II. It is a ballistic missile launched by submarines.

The derivatives of PEG such as ethoxylates are used as surfactants, and they behave like excellent wetting agents and detergents. The liquid also makes great emulsifiers and foaming agents. PEG helps in detecting antibodies and antigens more efficiently. It is even used as a base on several skin creams. Because of the higher boiling point of PEG, it is considered to be safe than MCT oils.

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What are the side effects of PEG 400?

Generally considered as an inactive biological substance, PEG 400 is usually safe. But there might be some side effects when it is abused. Some of the tests that were conducted on rats have resulted in toxic effects on the subject. During the production process of the liquid, it is believed to bring DEG contamination along with it. There are some reports where they caused allergic reactions in some people. It might contain harmful impurities like ethylene oxide, which will irritate your skin.

What exactly is vaping?

The new way of using cannabis or nicotine without smoking is known as vaping. For doing that, you will need an e-liquid that can be vaporized with the help of an e-cigarette (electronic cigarette). With the advent of e-cigarettes, vaping has been increasingly popular amongst the youths. The process has become so popular that it has taken over the traditional methods of using tobacco and nicotine products.

As far as the records go, the use of vaping went up by about 900% in 2015 in the US. Moreover, there is also an increase in the number of people who have never smoked tobacco or nicotine but vaping them. Now, which is the best e-liquid to be used for vaping? There might be a few base liquids, and PEG 400is not alone. Let’s have a look at how you can stack them against PEG 400, and see for yourself if you want to go with this liquid, or not.

How you can use an electronic cigarette:

Typically, an e-cigarette is a gadget that has a long tube meant to resemble a cigarette, a pipe, or a pen. In general, these cigarettes can be reused by fitting with cartridges, which can be refilled or replaced. However, not every e-cigarette can be disposed of. It is believed that e-cigarettes were first introduced in 2006, and since then above 400 brands are there in the market.

Features of an e-cigarette:

  • Electronic circuits
  • A battery, which can be recharged
  • Mouthpiece or cartridge
  • Atomizer or heating element

When you suck on the cigarette’s mouthpiece, a sensor turns on the heating element. As a result, it heats up and vaporizes the solution contained in the mouthpiece. Then you can vape or inhale the vapor. It is popularly called as an aerosol.

Options of e-liquids:

E-liquid, or otherwise known as e-juice, is the liquid solution that turns into vapor to be inhaled by the user for attaining a similar sensation like that of smoking. The liquid is heated by a battery-powered heating element that vaporizes it. However, the liquid solution should have two parts, and they are atomizing base and flavoring.

For achieving the nicotine sensation, liquid nicotine must be installed. If the vaping is intended to help the user from quitting smoke or killing a nicotine addiction, it won’t be included in the liquid solution. The user would be able to leave the addiction and enjoy the vaping experience. Typically the e-liquid is diluted with certain additives such as vodka, alcohol, or water to make them easy for vaping.

Diluent base:

Here is the part where you need to choose your diluent base that will end up on the e-liquid. In any e-liquid formation, the biggest part is the diluent base, which consists of nearly 90% of the entire formula. The renowned diluents for e-cigarettes are vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), and polyethylene glycol (PEG 400).

Among all of them, propylene glycol is preferred to be the best, followed by vegetable glycerin. The least preferred among them is PEG 400. Let’s find out why is it so. Propylene glycol first came into existence in the 1950s, and used on nebulizers and inhalers for asthma. It is considered as an aromatizing medicine because it can perfectly hold water, and that has made them favorite.

On top of that, even the FDA lists the liquid under a safe category for usage. When more and more propylene glycol is added, the flavor becomes stronger for use. That’s referred to as throat hit. Vegetable glycerin or VG is a brilliant sweetener and much vicious than propylene glycol. Because of the thickness, it is often blended with propylene glycol.

As a result, it provides vapor which is thicker and consistent. PEG 400 is quite similar to propylene glycol when it comes to its chemical properties. Unfortunately, this solution is least used in electronic cigarettes as it is considered to be harmful to health.


E-liquids have a range of flavors that includes clove, Cuban cigar, Turkish tobacco, Virginia tobacco, American light tobacco, peppermint, green tea, spearmint, fresh mint, and so on.


So it is seen that apart from vaping, PEG 400 can be utilized in many fields. It is the best e-liquid to be used for vaping cannabis products. However, it is very hard to find an e-cigarette that uses PEG 400 as it is less popular.

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