Ostarine (MK2866): The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

History of Ostarine

Also known as MK-2866, Ostarine is a quality SARM or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. It is quite commonly used by men who are into athletics, bodybuilding, and other such sports activities. Though it is a popular product, when we look at history, we will come to know that it was a chance discovery and then went on to become a popular and result-driven bodybuilding supplement. The main reason for the invention of this product was to find a solution to muscle wasting that is often caused because of cancer or various other health conditions. It is perhaps one of the few SARMs that have been extensively used on human beings.

Ostarine (MK2866) is among the few SARMs that have been reported by many bodybuilders to be the best in this class. It is also the most promising one that has been developed in recent times. Ostarine fits fine for any bodybuilding program, such as body recomposition, a cutting cycle, or a bulking cycle.

This drug improves your heart health, boost energy, and brings in an overall improvement in the quality of your life. Let’s find out more in this Ostarine (MK2866) review.

Hence, over the years, Ostarine has earned the distinction of being one of the most popular SARMs to date. It also had some notoriety attached to it because one health supplement maker filed a suit on another claiming patent right for the supplement. Let us leave controversies behind and try to understand the reasons for the popularity of this compound and how it works on the human body.

Ostarine was perhaps first invented in 1998 as a non-steroidal SARM. It has gone through many clinical tests on animals and human beings and over the years it has grown to be one of the most popular and many sought-after supplements that have a wide area of usage. It would be pertinent to mention here that Ostarine has dozens of uses and it is therefore considered as versatile in more ways than one. It can be used alone in a 12-week cycle. The product can also be stacked with other SARMs the most common ones being MK677 and LGD-4033. It also can be added to the steroid cycle. Hence, history has shown that this supplement has many uses and purposes attached to it.

Ostarine and its medical purposes:

Ostarine (MK2866) is available in the market as a chemical health supplement, and there are dietary supplements or drugs that contain Ostarine. However, its medical purpose is to increase muscle mass, and muscle wasting. Because of this ability, this investigational drug has the potentiality to prevent and treat muscle wasting.

Ostarine has been the recommended drug for curing muscle atrophy. It also improves the quality of the bones, especially in density, and strength. This SARM is also considered for preventing some heart-related conditions. Ostarine binds to the hormone receptors, and acts like anabolic steroids, with very low impact.

This special SARM has the ability to reduce bad cholesterol, increase muscle mass, enhance insulin resistance, support heart functions, and strengthen bones. There might be some adverse effects like headaches, and back pain.

If any professional sportsperson or athlete is planning to compete in major tournaments, it is suggested not to use Ostarine. Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts could consider it as a supplement. People struggling with osteoporosis, heart problems, high cholesterol, and muscle atrophy can use Ostarine as a drug.


What Can You Expect After Using MK2866?

Depending on various factors including frequency of use, there are many results that you can expect from this supplement. The end results would also depend on the long term goals and the kind of nutrition that you are having. Stacking it with other SARMs could also change the results and overall expectations. Men could expect different results while women could get different results out of it. However, it would be a good idea to list down some of the most common results that you can expect when you use Ostarine.

  • Joint and muscle healing: Ostarine is considered to be very useful when it comes to healing joints and is considered very effective for the knees. It works extremely well for muscle soreness even when taken at very low doses. Those who are very active in the gym often complain of severe muscle stress and pain. However, when they are put on small doses of Ostarine before gym workouts and other activities, they were able to see improved stamina and endurance to tough workouts and muscle pain. The impact was visible more on some demanding activities like bench presses, squats, and other such workouts. Steroids often give a fake sense of strength but this is not the case with Ostarine because it actually works in the body and speeds up the healing process quite effectively.
  • It helps in lean muscle gains. MK2866 is a highly anabolic supplement. When you are on a good diet and back it up with a well-planned workout routine, you will be in a position to gain at least 8 to 10 lbs and that too by way of lean mass muscles. The results may not be uniform and may vary. There are instances where men and even women have gained as much as 15 lbs of muscle mass. There are others who have gained around 5 lbs. But an average increase in muscle mass of 6 to 7 lbs is very much possible and doable even at low doses of this supplement.
  • Vascularity: Ostarine is often compared to Anavar as far as vascularity is concerned. The veins start bulging out quite dramatically and it keeps on improving as you move forward in your cycle. It reaches the peak around the 9th week and it continues to remain so even when you are on the PCT phase.
  • It helps in fat loss: When you are in a cutting cycle you could be in a calorie deficit. In such situations, using MK 2866 or Ostarine could help in the rapid burning of fat and the energy so derived from it could be used for meeting the calorie deficit and also for better and more focused cutting and bulking of the muscle mass.

Impact of Ostarine in the fitness world:

Among other SARMs, Ostarine has been gaining popularity in the hearts of people within the fitness community because of its effectiveness. The main strength of the MK-2866 lies behind its anabolic effect, which has no side effects. That implies, Ostarine only targets the androgen receptors and doesn’t convert itself into estrogen.

It doesn’t even contain the problematic metabolite known as the MI. Ostarine greatly helps in increasing your endurance, your lifts, and your thin muscle mass. It is regarded as the safest and the best SARM available on the market. By using MK-2866, you will have the same effects that you get from using a single cycle of Dianabol, and without any bad side effects.

When you use Ostarine, it will bind to the receptors, and won’t convert DHT to estrogen. You might know that because of the aromatization in steroids, it becomes a major problem. Hence without this particular problem, other SARMs and Ostarine will be dominating the market in the near future.

How do Ostarine works?

If you compare steroids and Ostarine, you will find out that MK-2866 doesn’t have any effect on the non-skeletal muscles. It will improve your performance, and help in building lean muscle mass. Almost every bodybuilder goes through the bulking and cutting process, and hence the right usage of Ostarine could be understood if these are discussed elaborately.

Bulking – Many experts in this relevant field recommends taking a 4 to 6 cycle of Ostarine for having optimal results when using a single dosage of 24 to 36 milligrams per day. Such a dose can help you to gain about 15 pounds of lean mass without water retention, which is an amazing result given this timeframe. However, many people might worry about losing this newly-achieved weight as soon as the cycle ends.

Well, the good news is that you can dodge this situation by using Tribestan or Clomid in the last week. In this way, you can make sure that there won’t be any muscle wasting once you had stopped taking the drug.

As earlier mentioned, Ostarine (MK2866) does not have any kind of aromatizing side effects. This means that you won’t lose your hair, or develop man boobs either. Ostarine is regarded as an amazing supplement as it increases the testosterone levels.

For an improved visible result, start with using about 50% of dosage within the first week, and increase the dose in the following weeks. If you are thinking of having a bigger result, consider a combined mixture of RAD-140, Ostarine, Ibutamoren, and Ligandrol. When you will use this combination, it will induce some deeper and high-quality sleep, along with insane muscle building, and staying relatively thin.

Cutting – When you would be running low on calories, your body will take away nutrients from your fat deposits, and also from the mass. That’s why muscle atrophy happens during a cut. Ostarine can help you, as you don’t want to lose your newly-acquired muscles. It is recommended to take about 15 milligrams of the substance per day.

Keep in mind not to overdo cardio routines, and just focus on circuit training. In that way, you can be able to maximize your results. Many users have achieved remarkable results by stacking Ostarine with other SARMs such as Cardarine and Andarine. The dosage from the combination of these three liquids must not exceed the suggested dose for Ostarine alone.


The maximum dosage should never exceed 25 mg a day. There are some naïve users who use 100 mg of this supplement and such a high dosage would be inviting trouble and the side effect could be devastating and could also lead to fatalities. While maintaining a maximum dosage of 25 mg a day, you also should make sure that you are into a good diet followed by regular exercising and weight lifting. This should see you gain a weight gain of around 12 lbs of lean mass. There are instances of people gaining a muscle mass of 7 lbs in around 12 weeks times with a corresponding loss in fat around various parts of the body. It has a 24-hour half-life and therefore one dose per day before a workout is all that one should take.

Side Effects

The supplement could lead to mild suppression of testosterone production. It also could lead to headaches, during the first few days of the usage. If the headaches linger and become uncomfortable, it would be advisable to reduce the dosage of Ostarine and reduce it by half till such time the headache subsides. It could also lead to puffy nipples but such instances are rare and happen to those who are very sensitive towards estrogen. It would never be advisable to extend the cycle beyond 12 weeks. Yes, PCT may be required if testosterone levels fall below the threshold limit.

The Final Word on MK2866

If you are on the lookout for one of the best SARMs with a combination of safety, efficiency and proven track record, then there are plenty of reasons to believe that Ostarine could be one of the best choices in the market today. It works very well both for men and women and can help in bulking, cutting, fat loss, increase in bone density and also improving libido for women.

Ostarine helps you in gaining lean muscle, which can be kept even when you had discontinued the cycle. It can cure muscle atrophy and helps in retaining the newly-gained lean muscles.


What is MK677 and how does it work?

What is MK677

In the universe of bodybuilding, MK677 or popularly known as Ibutamoren is the new drug. Many people will misunderstand this drug with steroids but it is typically a growth stimulator. It is not limited to bodybuilders but people with hormone deficiencies or disabilities may even benefit from MK677.

MK677 is a growth stimulator that increases the growth hormone levels in the plasma. It is indeed great to learn that MK677 doesn’t affect cortisol levels. Previously this drug was used to boost hormone in people having growth hormone deficiencies and insulin.

MK677 is yet to get approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because it hasn’t been clinically tested. But people are trying it and believe that Mk677 has changed their life. You must consult your physician before trying out this product.

Ibutamoren and its medical uses:

Ibutamoren (MK677) has many applications in the medical field, which includes recovering from illness, gaining muscles, as a supplement, and so on. Here are some of its uses explained in brief.

Helps in growth hormone deficiency – There are many instances where both children and adults struggling from growth hormone deficiencies. As per reports, Ibutamoren improves the IGF-1 hormone, and hence it can make up for the hormone deficiency in people suffering from it. The astonishing thing about this drug lies in the fact that it is totally safe for children and adults.

Ibutamoren doesn’t increase the thyrotropin, cortisol, prolactin levels, and glucose. However, don’t forget that the supplement is not approved yet. Hence, treating it as a medical remedy is still not in practice. Although some patients have been benefited by this supplement, some others don’t.

Increase in bone density – It is quite natural that bone density tends to decrease as you age. There are many elderly people who have been suffering from bone frailty and osteoporosis, which causes serious pain with a general lack of movements.

However, some young children and adults to experience this suffering, but that’s usually because of some illness. Ibutamoren (MK677) helps in activating the growth hormone, and in turn, the bone density gets stimulated. In this way, it can help in strengthening the bones.

Muscle gain and bodybuilding – With the cooperation of Ibutamoren the IGFs get stimulated, and it aids in increasing the lean muscle mass without disturbing the fat mass. In short, when you take this supplement, your muscles will tend to grow faster. You will observe an increase in your appetite as well, but the intake calories will be disbursed in a different way. Besides, when you exercise regularly, you will have a bulky look pretty fast.

Revitalizing the muscles – There are some people who believe that Ibutamoren can be related to a potion of youth, and it has rejuvenating powers. Well, there is a valid and simple explanation for this. You already know that MK677 helps in building lean body mass along with bone density.

But as age deteriorates, the muscles also start to lose their vigor, and it’s nearly impossible to rebuild them. That’s the reason why people struggling with severe injuries, or elderly people take Ibutamoren to gain stability and strength.

Weight gain/loss – Ibutamoren (MK677) improves the appetite, and increase your calorie intake. While this might seem counterproductive, but in reality, it is not. Almost a major portion of the calories goes into the muscles, and your body is forced to utilize the reserved fat to metabolize. That means, Ibutamoren redirects the calories towards the muscles, while burning the unwanted fats.

Improving cognitive functions, and improving sleep – When it is about sleep, MK677 has shown remarkable positive results. Many users who took this supplement for other reasons have reported that it has drastically improved their overall quality of sleep. The substance aids in increasing the time span of REM.

Typically REM means the stage which involves thought processing and deep sleep. And without sound sleep, our cognitive properties will lack big time. When you are asleep, your body discharges the growth hormone. And because of this hormone, your leaning abilities and memory get recovered while sleeping. As MK677 stimulates the growth hormone artificially, it can also have the same effects on your body.


Benefits of MK677

The benefits of MK677 are many and let’s start by talking about improving body mass. In research, a group of people aged around 60 years took this drug for three months. Most of them have an increase in body mass. In another test, women aged from 22 to 46 years were prescribed the same drug that showed improvements in body mass along with fat loss.

Mk677 has proven successful in treating growth hormone deficiency for both children and adults. The supplements were so effective and they didn’t affect the insulin, cortisol, thyroxine, or prolactin levels. However, when similar tests were conducted on some adults, the drug-treated their deficiency but affected their glucose and insulin levels.

Coming to bone turnover and bone density, Mk677 has shown success. The drug increases bone density and accelerates bone turnover as well. A study backs up the fact that MK677 has anti-aging elements and limits muscle wasting.

This research was done on elderly people having hip fractures. Regular doses have helped them to walk on stairs more successfully and few of them had fallen. But they quickly got on their knees. Thus MK677 helped the patients to recover fast from their injuries while getting their strength back.

You might get astonished, but MK677 helps to regenerate tissues faster. A study was conducted on children who were suffering from severe burn injuries. Some of the patients who were given MK677 took less time to recover compared to the others. Researchers say that it was the effect of MK677 on the growth hormone.

Many researchers have also found out that MK677 can gradually increase the sleeping quality. This drug enhances memory capacity which naturally declines with age. It also helps in slowing down Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists say that it might be the positive effects of MK677 on sleep.

Since this drug is considered to be effective in generating levels of growth hormone, it might prove beneficial to hair and skin. They interact with the skin cells which may result in a good quality cell structure.


Because these are yet to be tested clinically, there isn’t much information about the right dosage. Therefore suggesting an exact dose of MK677 will be pretty tough because that will base on personal experience.

Based on every information floating on the internet, especially people demonstrating the long term benefits of this drug online, it may be concluded that you can take 20 to 25 mg dose of MK677 once a day. Anything over the said dosage might prove fatal to you, keep that in mind.

The dosage cycle will be for 8 weeks and it should be taken orally. Most people don’t realize the fact that MK677 should be taken for a longer period of time to reap the benefit. You will find that it gets in really fast but great results won’t show within a month.

That’s because your HGH levels will take some time to increase and you will feel the effects later other than better sleep and an increased appetite. Studies have proved that different dosages will have different effects. People who take 50 mg every day have a major rise in the IGFs than those taking 10 mg a day.

The exact dosage may be adjusted as per your requirements. Suppose, for losing weight, 10 mg is sufficient whereas for muscle gain you must take around 50 mg dosage.

Side effects of MK677

The side effects of MK677 are quite minimal but it’s important that you should know about it. Remember, the lower you take the dose the lower will be the side effects and it is recommended that start with a small dosage and gradually increase by observing the capacity of your body to absorb.

An increase in appetite will be the first thing you will notice. Although some users might not consider this as a side effect and rather treat this as a beneficial one, others may not. Some people have reported muscle pain and mild swelling. The exact reasons are yet to be found out.

Some users experienced high glucose levels and blood pressure. Some people have complained about numbness and tingling skin when they took a higher dosage. As said earlier, you must be cautious about the right dose and while this situation arises, limit your dose. If further prevails, discontinue use and consult your physician.

Stay away from MK677 if you have diabetes, TH1 immune or heart disease. The side effect may be rare but consult the doctor before taking up any dosage.

Results of using MK677

There are positive results if you take the right dose, the correct cycle and stacking it other supplements. You will get notable lean muscle gain which will boost your confidence and energy. You will be able to sleep better, recover better and feel better.

By holding the hunger under control, you will eat well and feel a significant gain in muscles. The growth hormone will increase if you keep the dose slow and steady. Even at 10mg of low dosage, you will get good results.

Just be a little careful while stacking it with other SARMs. If you choose the correct dose and stack them accordingly, you will get amazing results in a short duration.


MK677 has a lot of benefits with little side effects that treat deficiencies and illnesses. The best way of using this supplement is by stacking with other compatible SARMs. Always do thorough research or consult your doctor before using them.