Testosterone Enanthate Review: Pro’s & con’s

Testosterone Enanthate Review

It is a known fact that there are dozens of hormones that are secreted by our bodies and they have different functions. While some work individually, there are a few that work better when they complement one another. They help in a number of bodily functions and men and women have different types of hormones that determine their looks, sexual preferences, and other such things. In this article, we will have a closer look at how testosterone could be useful for women too. We all know that testosterone occurs naturally and it is produced in the testicles of a man. Women’s ovaries also produce small amounts of testosterone in the adrenal and ovaries. In this article, we will be talking about a supplement by the name Testosterone Enanthate. This is useful and helps men and boys to overcome the symptoms associated with the deficiency or even total lack of testosterone. This could lead to impotence, delayed puberty and other such hormonal imbalances. However, this medicine is not being used for treating low testosterone levels unless there are certain medical conditions. It also is not recommended for use for elders who may suffer from depletion of testosterone levels because of age and other related problems.

testosterone enanthate

As far as women are concerned, testosterone enanthate is often used for the treatment of breast cancers. It is particularly considered to be useful when cancer has spread to other parts of the body or has reached a metastatic stage. It also is the recommended line of treatment of breast cancers that need to be treated without surgery. We also need to bear in mind that testosterone will not be able to increase or enhance athletic performance and therefore it should not be used for this specific purpose.


This supplement was used first in 1954 for medical purposes. It was sold under the brand name Delatestryl. However, over the years a number of other brands also have come into the market. Basically it is a synthetic version of the highly popular HHT or Human Hormone Testosterone. The body produces the body in and endogenously in the ovaries, testes, adrenal cortex. It is known to play a very important role in the normal functioning of the body. It could, therefore, be used for a number of purposes including lack of sexual drive, puberty related problems in men etc.

What Is It Used For?

Apart from the medical conditions that have been mentioned above, this supplement is also commonly used for treating people with low testosterone levels. It is also known as testosterone heptanoate. It is considered to be a very powerful androgenic and anabolic steroid. It could come in handy whenever there is a need to build muscles. This is referred to the anabolic impact of this supplement. The androgenic impact refers to the enhancement of various male characteristics.

The product has a reasonably old history and has been in use since the 1950s. It is marketed under different brand names such as Androfil, Cernos, Andropository, Testanova, and Testanon amongst various other such brands. It is a schedule III drug which means that it will be available only through prescription. Further, is a prohibited substance as per the WADA or World Anti Doping Agency.


This supplement is classified as an AAS or Anabolic Androgenic Substance because it is basically a synthetic derivative. This testosterone derivative can be useful for stimulating and helping the body to produce testosterone on its own. On the other hand, it could also be useful for various androgenic effects and the anabolic effects are not so powerful when compared to other such products and supplements that are available in the market today.

It also could come in handy whenever there is a need for TRT or testosterone replacement therapy. It is considered to be extremely useful for men with a condition called hypogonadism. In such a condition, this could lead to the diminished production of testosterone in the testicles of men. There could be many reasons for hypogonadism and it could occur because of infection, injury to the testes, cancer and also radiation and chemotherapies for countering various forms of cancers.

Further many men see a sharp decline in the levels of testosterone after they have reached the age of fifty. This is referred to as andropause and in this condition, the men complain about reduced sexual desire and vigor. Hence, there are reasons to believe that men who suffer from low libido and fatigue could stand benefited quite a bit when they decide to use TRT or testosterone replacement therapy.

It can be used for treating the delayed onset of puberty in men and also for treating such problems for transgender men. Women also will stand benefitted when they have reached a metastatic stage known as breast cancer. It also is used by many men for overcoming anti-age related problems though there are quite a few controversies surrounding it.


What Is The Dosage

When we talk about testosterone enanthate we are referring to yellowish viscous fluid. This comes to the users in 5-milliliter glass vial. It is injected intramuscularly into the buttock area and this is done every one to four weeks. It could lead to sudden changes in hormone levels and also lead to mood swings. To avoid this doctors often prescribe lower dosages and this is done over shorter intervals. Let us try and have a look at the suggested dosage:

  • 50 to 400 milligrams for treating male hypogonadism.
  • Delayed onset of male puberty – 5 to 200 mg for every two or four weeks and this treatment could be for a period of six months.
  • Metastatic breast cancer – 200 to 400 mg for a period of two to four weeks.
  • Transgender hormone therapy – The recommended dosage is 50 to 200 mg per week or 100 to 200 mg and this has to be given every two weeks.

What are the Side Effects?

We need to bear in mind that testosterone enanthate has been designed with the main purpose of altering hormone levels. Therefore the supplement comes with a number of benefits as well as risks. The side effects could range from being mild to intolerable. The most dangerous side effects have been reported by those who constantly and regularly misuse this product. This led to the FDA changing the product label in 2016.

As far as side effects are concerned, there are quite a few of them and we are listing down a few of them:

  • Headaches.
  • Dizziness
  • Pain and swelling in the injection site.
  • Aggression and mood changes.
  • Increase or decrease in libido and sexual urge.
  • Thinning hair
  • Acne and oily skin
  • Weight gain

The severity of the side effects would depend on a number of factors including the age and physical condition of the patient and dosage that he or she is being put through. The side effects, in most cases, can be managed by bringing down the current dosage based on the advice of the doctor.

Hence, if a person is suffering from any pre-existing medical conditions he or she should be extremely careful when it comes to using this product. They should go only by the doctor’s advice and they also should bear in mind that there could be contraindications when Testosterone enanthate is taken with other products that are used for treating blood pressure, blood sugar, and various other such common conditions and various other lifestyle diseases.

People with heart diseases, liver and kidney diseases, both acute and chronic care required to be extremely careful when it comes to using this drug. It would be better for such persons to avoid the use of this supplement unless it becomes extremely essential. For example, there are some young boys and teenagers who suffer from impaired or delayed puberty. This is basically because of low levels of testosterone in their bodies. There is a justification of using this drug for such people. On the other hand, it could help extend the life span of women breast cancer patients. It could particularly be very helpful for those who are moving to a state of metastasis. However, it should not be used in a cavalier fashion for enhancing libido and sexual performance in men. While it can be used by elderly men who may have impaired testes production, this again should not be done on their own. Only the doctor is the right person to recommend the use of testosterone enanthate for such purposes. At the end of the day, there is no doubt that the benefits versus risks should be carefully evaluated and only then should the product be used


When all the above points are taken into account and when we look at this supplement in totality, there are a few things that come to our mind. First and foremost, it is used more for the treatment of various diseases and medical conditions. It can also be used for bulking, and other such purposes. It can help in getting those six-pack abs and also come in handy for getting those awesome and great looking lean muscles. But we should be aware of the possible side effects and should not be used recklessly and indiscreetly. On the whole, the benefits are many but they should be measured and evaluated against the possible side effects without which it could become a big problem.


Dianabol: Pro’s & Con’s of this supplement

Review of Dianabol

Are you a sportsperson, a bodybuilder, athlete or just an ordinary person who loves to showcase your well-chiseled body to the rest of the world? If yes, then you are in the right place. While exercise, good food habits, and other such factors could help, there could be many who want lean muscles or six-pack abs and other such things. For such people depending on diet and exercise alone may not be enough. They may have to depend on steroids and muscle boosters or muscle enhancers. However, identifying the right muscle booster and the bulking agent is not easy. It is not because of a lack of choices but it is exactly the opposite. With so many steroids, and other such supplements available in the market today, making the right choice is not easy.


Unless, as an end-user, you are fully informed and have the right knowledge it is quite obvious possible that you could end up making the wrong choice. Though there are dozens of such models available in the market today, there are many who believe that Dianabol is considered to be one of the best. It is a highly trusted and respected steroidal drug that comes with a very rich history, reputation, and proven track record. It is often referred to a magical pink pill that could turn even a lean person into huge and that too within a matter of few days. It is also referred to as one of the easiest steroids and also called as a feel-good steroid.

If you look up the internet and do some research you will most certainly come across many stories and anecdotes about the big D or Dianabol. Hence, we thought it would be a good idea to have a closer look at this muscle enhancing supplement and try to learn more about it. It is a hugely popular steroid and a number of people would have been aware of it. There are many people who have been associated with this supplement since the early 1980s and perhaps even much earlier. It was hugely popular amongst thousands of men across many gyms.

A number of sports personalities had a lot of confidence as far as this drug was concerned. It was also recommended by a person who was real big, both in size and also in stature. However, he also had an infamous history as far as his performance in the track events concerned. When one looked at his size, there was no denying the fact that others looked like a dwarf and he was really big. He also died an early death at the age of 38, and the reason for his death was cardiac arrest. He was not the only person in the 1980s who died premature deaths. Alarm bells started ringing in the medical community because Dianabol became a drug that was misused and even abused frequently.

However, this does not take away any credit from the fame and efficacy surrounding this steroid and we will, therefore, be focusing more on the features, the chemical structures, the uses, benefits and the downsides of Dianabol. We are sure it will go a long way in helping the readers to have a better understanding of this supplement. It may help them to take the right decision whether to use or not use this product based on facts rather than depending upon hearsays and opinions.

Today, we will talk about Dianabol, the most famous oral steroid of all time.


What is Dianabol?

When we talk about Dianabol, we are referring to a generic product by the name Methandrostenolone. This is an anabolic steroid and it is derived from Testosterone. However, there are some alterations and changes that have been made to testosterone hormone. A doubt bond has been added and this has taken place at carbon 2 and carbon 2 positions. Further, a methyl group has been added in the 17th position.

What is the reason for the above changes? This is another question that often comes to the minds of people. The answer is not too difficult to understanding. The above changes may have helped to reduce the androgenicity of this drug. Further, it also has helped to amplify the anabolic nature of Dianabol. It can be broken down more efficiently by the liver and can survive longer. The product was marketed by the famous Swiss multinational CIBA. It was done till 1983. However, it had to discontinue it because of mounting pressure from the FDA. It did have other brand names such as Danabol, Anabol, D-Bomb, and Vetanabol.

What Are The Main Uses of This Supplement?

As mentioned above, this is one of the best testosterone-derived anabolic steroids. It comes with a straightforward action in the human body and works well in a performance enhancement setting. It also helps quite a bit in nitrogen retention, glycogenolysis (which means better and more effective use of the carbohydrates that we consume). It also is a very effective protein synthesis. The put it mildly, the results that one can expect from Dianabol is not the same as you will get when compared to any other steroids. Let us look at some of the possible benefits associated with this supplement

Mass gain – If you have wanted to be a man with mass gain, there is no denying the fact that Dianabol will be able to move the scales within a short period of time. It is undoubtedly one of the most important and arguably the best when it comes to mass gaining and there could be very few products that could match with it. There could be some people who may trash the drug by talking about water retention and other such things. While these may be true in some cases, the benefit of rapid weight gain is something that wipes out the risk associated with water retention. This water retention can also be managed quite effectively.


There are many people who believe that Dianabol matches Winstrol when it comes to increasing strength. You will be able to cruise through plateaus and also will be able to set new personal bests. While you are on the track, you will be faster and stronger than when compared to the time periods. Further, strength occurs quite fast. It is almost dramatic and those who have used it have some amazing stories to tell. First-timers, in particular, are quite surprised as to how fast it can rack plates to the rod.

Side Effects

While there is no doubt that the effectiveness of Dianabol has been proved beyond doubt, it also continues to be one of the riskiest steroids in the world. While bulking, strength and performance enhancement can be expected, it has to be borne in mind that the side effects could be dangerous and even irreparable in some cases. Therefore, careless and indiscriminate use of this supplement could mean a lot of problems and it could also death or permanent damage to many important organs of the body.

For example, it has one of the strongest side effects because it is known to have the most noticeable aromatase activities. This aromatization leads to conversion into methyl estradiol. This is a stronger version of Estradiol. This is notorious because it could lead to water retention and also could lead to gynecomastia. Things are made worse because the side effects could be as dramatic as the results and therefore extreme care is something that cannot be ignored under any circumstances and situations. Water retention could also lead to high blood pressure and this is almost a certainty when you decide to be on a course of Dianabol.


Since this is a 17C-AA steroid, dianabol has another notorious quality. It is highly hepatotoxic and it could damage the liver apart from severely bringing down the levels of bad cholesterol. Further, it could also increase the levels of bad cholesterols and this also could lead to heart problems and cardiovascular diseases.

It also leads to severe suppression of testosterone that in many cases it could lead to a total shutdown. Though a person may gain 20 lb real fast, without testosterone, he will certainly lose the weight as fast as he gained it or even fasters.


This is an extremely strong drug and therefore it will work quite well even on small doses. The recommended dosage is 15mg per day and this should be divided into two or three doses for over a period of 8 to 12 weeks. This is a significantly low dose, but you will be able to see impressive results. On the other hand, if you have to run multiple cycles of Dianabol, you can perhaps increase the dosage to around 25 to 35 mg per day. 50 mg per day is the maximum upper limit for men. Anything above 50 mg will never be recommended by doctors and any tendency to go beyond 50mg should be avoided at all times. Further, many end users are seen using Dianabol as a kick-starter for increasing the testosterone levels and this is done for the first four weeks. However, the dosage should never exceed 15 mg for this specific purpose. As far as women are concerned, the recommended dosage is 5mg per day for around 8-12 weeks. Even increasing the dosage to 10 mg per day could be risky because there does exist a serious risk of virilization and this can easily be avoided when you go in for PCT and low dosages.


We do strongly believe that the above would have given our readers some reliable and trustworthy information about Dianabol. It is without any doubt an extremely strong and potent androgenic and anabolic steroid that is sure to give you the desired results. However, make sure that you adhere to the recommended dosage because the side effects could be as dramatic as the results.


Canopy Kratom Review: Pro’s & Con’s Reviewed

An overview of Canopy Kratom

As word about kratom and its benefits continues to go around, more and more people are getting interested in this herb from Southeast Asia. As a result, kratom’s popularity has soared over the past few years. Today, the demand for kratom is at an all-time high.

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous vendors see this demand as an opportunity to take advantage of most consumers’ naivety. They do so by passing off subpar or illegitimate products as quality kratom in a bid to make a profit. Quality kratom is costly to obtain. Additionally, it has to be taken through a battery of tests to ascertain its purity as well as quality so the vendor can be sure that they are selling a good product.

canopy kratom

Since those processes can result in high overhead costs, inauthentic kratom vendors choose to take the short cut and sell low-quality products.

This is why you shouldn’t be quick to take a vendor on their word. Before you purchase from them, first do your research to see whether they have a track record for selling top-notch kratom products.

Canopy Botanicals is a kratom vendor that has been on the scene for a while. In addition to kratom, they sell other types of herbal products and alternative medicines as well. They are known for having some of the friendliest prices in the industry. However, price should not be the first parameter you use when deciding whether to purchase from a vendor.

This is because if you get a low-quality kratom product, it will not give you the results that you are after, which means you will have wasted your money regardless of how cheaply you obtained it. You would rather pay more for a product that you can be sure that will deliver on its promises.

Is Canopy Botanicals a legitimate vendor? This review aims to find out.

Who is Canopy Kratom?

Canopy Botanicals also goes by the name of Canopy Kratom and is a vendor who is based in Texas. They have one of the most extensive product lines of any kratom vendor since they deal in more than just kratom.

Canopy Kratom has made a name for itself due to its extremely pocket-friendly prices. Sometimes it is unbelievable. For example, the company sells 250 grams of White Vein Kratom at only $3.50. That’s insane! As you can imagine, they have amassed a significant following thanks to their pricing.

However, this begs the question: how is Canopy Kratom able to offer kratom at such ridiculously low prices and still meet their bottom line? What is their secret? As mentioned, obtaining and testing quality kratom will always result in significant overhead costs.

This is when the issue of quality comes into question. A legitimate vendor will always go out of their way to provide you with certificates of analysis, which are lab reports that show the quality and purity of their products. Vendors will give you those reports upon request, with some even posting them on their websites.

Unfortunately, Canopy Kratom does not provide its customers with these quality assurance reports. To me, that is a red flag. Nonetheless, Canopy Kratom claims that they source their kratom from farmers in Southeast Asia directly. As such, by eliminating the role of middlemen, they can save on costs, which allows them to sell their products cheaply.

We will give them the benefit of the doubt and review them based on parameters that we believe are the hallmarks of a legit vendor. They include:


Product Selection

As mentioned, Canopy Kratom is renowned for its diverse range of products. They range from kratom and tea to spices and soap. Let us look at them in more detail:

  • Kratom Strains

A good vendor understands that customers have preferences and, therefore, will go out of their way to satisfy the needs of as many customers as possible. This means having a wide variety of kratom strains in stock. Canopy Kratom has an extensive line of close to 20 different types of kratom strains, which is impressive.

Some of their more popular strains include:

  • Maeng Da
  • Malay
  • Bali

They even have exclusive strains such as Gold Maeng Da and Cherry Bomb-Enhanced Da.

  • Tea

Tea remains one of the most popular brews in the world. In the past, we had to rely solely on tea leaves to get its benefits. Today, however, we can utilize almost the entire plant – barks, roots, etc. – for even more benefits, and to come up with different types of teas. As such, tea is no longer just a stimulant; it has medicinal value as well.

Canopy Kratom has a diverse array of teas, and you will probably find one that you love. They offer teas such as:

  • Rose Black
  • Chamomile flowers
  • Chai tea
  • Earl Grey tea
  • Ambrosia tea
  • English breakfast tea
  • Oolong tea
  • Spearmint
  • Yerba mate
  • Damiana leaf

In addition to this wide variety of tea strains, Canopy kratom also has some novel tea-making utensils.

  • Handmade Soaps

This kratom vendor also has a diverse array of soaps made from 100 percent natural ingredients. Canopy Botanical’s soaps are soft, have a nice smell, and are incredibly soothing to the skin. These soaps work to boost your skin and overall health.

The John Hopkins University did a trial run using a soap made from combining peppermint tea tree with activated charcoal. They found this soap to be incredibly effective at fighting acne. You can find this soap at Canopy Botanicals. They also have the Banana Berry Almond soap, which has been found to help boost the ability of your skin cells to fight oxidants.

Other soaps that you can find from this vendor include:

  • Eucalyptus spearmint
  • Oatmeal lavender
  • Patchouli Sandalwood
  • Brown sugar fig
  • Honey almond
  • Spices and Seasonings

Canopy Botanicals also aim to spice up your life using a select group of spices and seasonings such as:

  • Cayenne powder
  • Four peppercorn blend
  • Sea salts
  • Akuamma whole seeds
  • Applewood smoked sea salt

Product Quality

Even though Canopy Kratom has one of the most impressive product lines of any vendor, their suspiciously low prices combined with a lack of quality assurance reports raises a lot of concern regarding the quality of their products.

When faced with such a predicament, the best place to turn to for proof of quality is online customer reviews. Canopy Kratom’s reviews are mixed. Some customers enjoyed the vendor’s products while others had nothing but bad things to say about Canopy Kratom.

It seems as though products from Canopy Kratom can be a hit or miss, which is not a sign of a reliable vendor. It cannot be a coin toss on product quality every time you get kratom from a vendor; you want the assurance that you can rely on them to give you the good stuff any time you need it. Canopy Kratom, unfortunately, does not offer you that.

Payment and Shipping

Canopy Kratom has a great website that is easy to use. You can easily find the product that you are looking for and make your order without a lot of hassle. To make an order, you will need to first register on the site.

They allow you to make payments either through e-check or cryptocurrency, which is quite limiting.

Canopy Kratom tries to ship out orders as soon as possible. Orders made before 2 PM are typically shipped on the same day. However, they can take as long as 48 hours to ship the product to you. You get to choose between First Class and Priority Shipping through USPS.

Canopy Kratom will then send you a tracking number so you can know the status of your package during transit.

Return Policies

A good vendor is sure about their products and, as such, will typically have a favorable return policy in case you have an issue with the order that you receive. Canopy Kratom’s returns policy is not the best out there. They only allow you to return damaged products, but with a catch; they should not have been opened. So, how are you supposed to know whether the product is damaged?

They also say that you should make your return within 14 days of making your purchase.

Customer Service

The company has a telephone helpline as well as an email address that you can use to reach out to them. They are typically responsive.


The ideal kratom vendor is one who has what you need and never compromises on quality. Kratom is one of those substances where if the quality is poor, you will not get any benefits from it.

As such, you cannot afford to deal with a vendor who cannot assure you of quality. Canopy Kratom has an excellent product line and good prices but is not consistent in its delivery of quality. However, their low prices mean that you can risk a few dollars to experience their products for yourself. Consider doing that as you look for a more reliable vendor.


Kratom Tincture: Pro’s & Con’s of them

Kratom Tincture: an intro

Since people learned that they could use herbs or other types of plants for medicinal or recreational purposes, we have always been looking into ways through which we can increase the potency of that herb or plant, for a variety of reasons. Increasing a substance’s potency allows you to experience its effects in greater magnitude. It is also more convenient since you only have to take a low dose of the substance.

One of the ways in which you can achieve that feat is through making a tincture of the herb. A tincture is essentially an extract of the plant or herb that is a lot more potent than the original substance since it has been designed to increase the bioavailability of the active compounds in the herb.

kratom tincture

In that light, you can see why kratom tinctures are both interesting as well as an attractive prospect for kratom enthusiasts. A kratom tincture allows you to experience the benefits of this herb at a more intense level, but at significantly lesser costs.

Are you looking to learn more about kratom tinctures? Read on to find out more.

What is a Kratom Tincture?

As mentioned, a kratom tincture is an essence or extract of the kratom plant that is much more potent than the original strain due to the enhanced alkaloid concentration. Alkaloids are the active compounds in kratom responsible for the effects that you experience whenever you take your preferred strain of kratom.

To make a kratom tincture, you will typically need to combine neutral alcohol with kratom leaves. We specifically use alcohol as the solvent in kratom tinctures since it not only has a high dissolving capacity but also because it does not destroy the structure of alkaloids. Most other solvents will destroy those structures, thus reducing their effectiveness.

A typical kratom tincture utilizes alcohol made up of 25% ethanol and 75% water or neutral oil. This kind of alcohol can pull out almost all the alkaloids in your kratom in addition to enhancing the effectiveness at which those active compounds get absorbed into your bloodstream.

The resulting tincture is not only highly concentrated in alkaloid composition but is also quite stable. So stable that the tincture can last for years before it starts losing its potency.


Can You Make Your Own Kratom Tincture?

Most high-end kratom stores also sell kratom tinctures. However, it is also possible to make your own potent kratom tincture at home, as it does not require much expertise.

To make a quality kratom tincture, all you need are the following materials:

  • 80-100 proof ethanol
  • Citric acid
  • pH strips
  • Strainer or Cheesecloth
  • Tincture bottle
  • Mason jar

Once you have these items at hand, follow these steps to make your own kratom tincture:

  • Choose the Appropriate Kratom Strain

As you might well be aware, different kratom strains yield different effects upon use. Additionally, they also have different potencies. As such, the strain that you choose will determine not only the overall potency of the kratom tincture that you come up with but also the effects that you experience upon using that tincture.

The quality of your strain also matters tremendously. You might use the right strain, but if it is not of good quality, your tincture will be poor as well. Therefore, ensure that you only utilize high-quality kratom for this purpose, and you can only be sure about the quality of your strain if your vendor is reputable.

Once you obtain your strain, measure about 5 ounces of the product. This should be more than enough to make a decent amount of kratom tincture.

  • Mix the Ingredients

In this step, you will combine your kratom dose with the alcohol solution that you have prepared. People use alcohol in different concentrations. These concentrations range between 25 and 40 percent. 25 percent alcohol means that it contains 25 parts of pure ethanol and 75 parts pure water. Therefore, to prepare this alcohol solution, take 250 ml of pure ethanol, and combine it with 750 ml of water to make one liter of alcohol.

Next, take either 4 or 5 ounces of your kratom powder and mix it with the 1 liter of alcohol. Stir the powder until it dissolves in the alcohol solution completely.

  • Acidify Your Mixture

Acidifying your mixture allows you to convert the alkaloids in your kratom into salts, as it is easier to extract them while they are in solid form.

This is where the citric acid comes in. Take your citric acid and slowly pour it into your alcohol-kratom mixture. While adding the citric acid, place the pH strips into the mixture to measure its pH levels. Stop adding the acid once your pH levels hit 4.

The resulting solution should be a bit sour to taste.

  • Intensify your Tincture

As you can tell from its name, this step works to increase the potency of your kratom tincture even further. To intensify your tincture, seal the jar containing the acidified mixture, shake it thoroughly, then store it in a cool place for at least one week. Ensure that the storage location has no exposure to direct sunlight.

  • Let it Evaporate

After letting it intensify for one week, take the jar, shake it, and then open it. Now use the strainer or cheesecloth to draw the solution out of the jar. The purpose of the strainer or cheesecloth is to catch any kratom powder particles that have not dissolved in the solution.

After straining the liquid and trapping particles of kratom powder, now pour the solution back into the jar and leave it without sealing it. The solution should start evaporating. The final amount that you are left with should be equivalent to the amount of kratom powder that you used. Therefore, if you used 4 ounces of kratom powder, your final solution should be enough to fill 4 tinctures.

You, therefore, can prepare any amount of tincture based on these calculations.

The best part about kratom tinctures is that they last for very long, with the average period being about a year. Just ensure that you store it in a cool place away from sunlight.

Also, if you are going to be making tinctures using different kratom strains, make sure that you label all of them to avoid confusion.

What is the Appropriate Dosage for a Kratom Tincture?

The enhanced potency of kratom tinctures makes them powerful, as well as potentially dangerous. As such, you need to be careful about your dosage to avoid the terribly nauseating side effects that come with taking a powerful kratom dose. In fact, people new to kratom are advised against using kratom tinctures. Start with basic kratom powder then level up as you get used to the substance. The same goes for novice kratom users as well.

Unfortunately, even for experienced kratom users, there is no standard dosage for kratom tinctures. This is because the ideal dose for an individual depends on their body composition metrics, such as weight, age, sex, and metabolism. The specific strain that you use in your kratom tincture also determines the amount you should take. This is because a potent kratom strain will always yield a more potent tincture and, thus, its dose will be lower than that of a tincture made using a less potent strain.

If your kratom tincture uses a high-quality strain, then half a drop of the tincture should be more than enough to deliver the effects that you desire. If you are not feeling the effects after 30 minutes, take another half a drop.

However, you should never allow yourself to take more than three drops of kratom tincture at a go. That is an extremely high dose and can result either in extreme sedation or in a host of undesirable effects.

 Always take your kratom tincture drops sublingually. This means placing the drops beneath your tongue and holding them there for a while until they are fully dissolved in your saliva, which you then swallow. This technique allows for fast absorption of kratom into your bloodstream.

Final Thoughts

Kratom tinctures are among the best ways of harnessing the benefits of kratom. This is because it is highly potent, meaning that you only have to consume a small dose of the substance to get the effects that you desire. As such, your average pack of kratom powder when converted into a tincture will last for far much longer than it would if it was consumed in its original state. The obvious benefit here is that you will make incredible cost savings by choosing to use kratom tinctures.

Kratom tinctures also offer you diversity. You can make a tincture comprising of your favorite kratom strain plus other herbs to derive all their benefits in just one drop.

Nonetheless, we would recommend that you first try out a kratom tincture from a reputable vendor before making one yourself. This will allow you to get a feel of how a good kratom tincture is like. Have fun.


Kratom Side Effects: What you should know

A full overview of Kratom Side Effects

Mitragyna speciose (Kratom) is a type of evergreen tree that belongs to the same family as the coffee tree. Kratom is native to Southeast Asia regions of Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Myanmar.

For centuries, Southeast Asia natives have been consuming leaves from the kratom tree in a variety of ways to derive a host of benefits. Some of these benefits include stimulation properties, pain relief, and stress relief.

Today, Kratom has found itself on the shelves of the Western market, where more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon in a bid to get some of its life-changing benefits. However, Kratom is still an unregulated substance since the FDA is yet to have a full understanding of its full set of effects.

kratom side effects

Additionally, most resources on Kratom praise it for its benefits, only looking at its side effects at a glance. However, we believe that you need to know what risks you might be predisposing yourself to once you decide to use Kratom.

This article is a detailed guide to Kratom and its side effects.

What is the Legal Status of Kratom?

At the moment, Kratom can be sold and used legally in most states in the United States. Even though the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has Kratom in its list of Drugs and Chemicals of Concern, it is yet to label it a scheduled substance under the Federal Controlled Substances Act. As such, Kratom is not a federally controlled substance. However, states such as Alabama, Wisconsin, and Vermont prohibit the sale, possession, and use of Kratom.

Internationally, Kratom is banned in Australia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Why and How do People Use Kratom?

When taken at low doses, Kratom works as a stimulant and somewhat of a nootropic. People who take small doses of kratom report experiencing an energy boost, an increase in alertness, better focus and concentration, and more apt to engage socially with others due to its mood-boosting capabilities. As such, most people that use Kratom at low doses do it to boost their productivity as well as to alleviate social anxiety.

When used at higher doses, Kratom has a sedating effect. It gives the user a sense of calm and relaxation. It also has powerful painkilling properties at this dosage. Therefore, using Kratom at higher doses is beneficial for people looking for pain and stress relief, or a relaxing sensation that allows for better sleep.

The primary active ingredients in Kratom are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which belong to a class of chemical compounds known as alkaloids. Research shows that these alkaloids are what are responsible for the effects that Kratom is known for.

The leaves of Kratom are what contain these alkaloids, which is why Southeast Asia natives love to chew on them. However, since you have to consume them while still fresh in order to get their benefits, it is not a feasible method of consumption for kratom enthusiasts who live this far away. This is why Kratom is crushed into powder, as it retains its properties for much longer while in this form.


Why is Kratom Controversial?

Kratom is yet to undergo the battery of clinical studies and trials that are necessary for a substance to be recommended for medical use. These studies and trials are absolutely vital when developing or proposing drugs for medical use. This is because they allow scientists to identify and understand all the adverse effects and implications they have on the body. Additionally, they allow experts to understand how they interact with other substances. Moreover, clinical studies let us know what dosages are effective without being dangerous.

Studies show that Kratom has about as many alkaloids as opiates or hallucinogenic mushrooms. As such, Kratom also has an incredibly strong effect on the physiological as well as the psychological state of a person. Knowing the disastrous side effects that opioids and hallucinogenic mushrooms can have on the body, it is only safe to assume that Kratom may have its fair share of adverse effects as well. 

Moreover, the production and distribution of Kratom is yet to be regulated. As such, the FDA does not monitor the purity and quality of the Kratom reaching the consumers. Due to the lack of such standards, consumers are at more risk of running into bad Kratom that might jeopardize their health.

Kratom Side Effects

Even though we do not fully understand the full range of Kratom’s effects and side effects, most consumers can use the substance without experiencing any ill effects. However, it has been observed that adverse side effects typically manifest themselves whenever a user exceeds the recommended dosage. Some of the more common side effects from exceeding your dosage limit include:

  • Loss of Appetite

Using Kratom regularly can result in significant weight loss and even lead to the development of eating disorders. When your appetite goes on a hiatus for extended periods, your calorie intake will be barely enough to keep things running smoothly inside the body, and this can have a big impact on your internal organs. Unfortunately, you might fail to notice that you are not enough. As such, you must start paying close attention to your food intake once you start using Kratom.

If you notice that you are eating much less than you used to, quit using Kratom temporarily to see whether your appetite will go back to what it used to be.

  • Constipation

People who have used Kratom consistently for a long time report having constipation problems. Kratom use can slow down your digestive and bowel system. Even though it is not a serious problem, having infrequent bowel movements that are difficult to pass can be highly uncomfortable.

In severe cases, this issue can potentially lead to colon problems or even ruptures if the user does not take the necessary measures to alleviate the issue.

  • Irritation

At times, the body may have an inflammatory response to Kratom, which manifests itself in symptoms such as the flushing of the skin in the facial area. Other symptoms include sweating, nausea, and frequent itching. These side effects can last up to a few hours. The only way of dealing with these effects is to be calm and let them fade.

  • Liver and Kidney Damage

High doses of Kratom can be stressful to your liver and kidneys. When that happens, you will notice signs such as extremely dark urine and the yellowing of the skin. When the liver is under stress, the kidneys usually take on the responsibility of filtering toxins from the system. This overworks the kidneys, which is why kidney failure is a common theme among people with liver damage.

  • Negative Interactions with Drugs

Combining Kratom with other types of drugs and medications can result in disastrous effects. As mentioned, Kratom acts like opioids. As such, when you use it with other opiates, they may intensify each other’s effects, leading to potentially life-threatening problems such as seizures or an overdose. In fact, the FDA released a report in February 2018 that revealed that there are 44 deaths linked to combining Kratom with other drugs.

  • Accidental Overdose

When you use Kratom in high doses for a long time, you will eventually develop a tolerance for the substance. When that happens, you may find yourself having to use more and more of Kratom to get the effects that you desire. In that bid, you might accidentally overdose on Kratom.

  • Kratom Addiction

For a long time, it was believed that kratom use could not lead to addiction. However, whenever people who use Kratom heavily attempt to stop using, they tend to experience symptoms that are akin to those of opioid withdrawal, such as nausea, vomiting, irritability, anxiety, restlessness, and depression.

Initial studies done on rats involved giving the rats doses of mitragynine, which is one of the primary active compounds in Kratom. Initial findings showed that the rats did not develop dependence or addiction as they would if they were given opiates.

Another study involved giving the rats another primary active compound of Kratom known as 7-hydroxymitragynine. This alkaloid is what is usually responsible for Kratom’s euphoric effects. The rats quickly developed a dependence on this alkaloid.

Even though there are no such studies involving humans, scientists believe that kratom addiction can also happen to humans. Besides, it has already been established that one can develop a tolerance for Kratom. As such, it is not out of the realm of possibility that that tolerance can lead to dependence.

Final Thoughts

Kratom is a herb that most people appreciate having in their lives due to its numerous benefits. However, before you put something into your body, it is important to know what you will be getting yourself into.

Kratom might be God-sent, but it can also have adverse side effects when abused. As such, make sure that you stick to the recommended dosage guidelines to prevent that from happening. Also, make sure that you only obtain your Kratom from authentic vendors to avoid using a bad product.


How safe is kratom really? Find out here

How Safe is Kratom?

Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa is a type of tropical evergreen tree that grows predominantly in the Southeast Asia regions of Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and Thailand. This tree is part of the Rubiaceae family, which also contains trees such as gardenia and coffee.

Southeast Asia Natives typically get kratom into their systems by either chewing on its leaves or boiling the leaves to make kratom tea. On this side of the world, however, you have a variety of methods you can use, which include direct ingestion of kratom powder, popping kratom capsules, and even using kratom tinctures.

kratom safety

Regardless of the method that you use, the common effects of kratom use include stimulation or an energy boost at low doses, and sedation at higher doses. Due to those effects, kratom is commonly used to alleviate pain and depression, as a stimulant and nootropic, and in treating opiate withdrawal.

In Southeast Asia, natives have been using kratom for centuries for its stimulation properties. Most of these individuals are blue-collar workers who typically work in farms, where they found that using kratom provided them with an energy boost, as well as reduced susceptibility to fatigue. At the moment, however, some of the countries in this region have banned kratom use.

As mentioned, most people in the western hemisphere use kratom for its medicinal properties. However, the use and effectiveness of kratom for those purposes is something that is yet to be backed by scientific research. Additionally, the FDA has concerns that kratom use can result in adverse effects and complications. As a result, the FDA is yet to approve the use of kratom for any purpose.

In light of such revelations, it begs the question: How safe is kratom? This article will take an in-depth look at this herb to see whether using kratom can be hazardous to your health.


Kratom’s Chemistry

In February 2018, the FDA released a report that was based on clinical analysis of kratom. The report revealed that kratom has opioid-like properties. The report goes on to reveal that these properties result from the actions of the over 20 different types of alkaloids present in kratom leaves. Kratom’s powerful analgesic properties, result from the actions of mitragynine, which is an indole alkaloid that bears a structure similar to that of yohimbine.

Mitragynine is a kappa-opioid receptor agonist that is up to 13 times more powerful than morphine, which is one of the most potent opioids known to man. Studies using animal test subjects show that mitragynine’s pharmacological actions occur at the delta and mu-opioid receptors, as well as the noradrenergic and serotonergic pathways in the spinal cord.

The stimulant effects of kratom occur at the post-synaptic alpha-2 adrenergic receptors.

Other animal studies reveal that kratom’s opioid-receptor effects can be reversed using an opioid antagonist such as naloxone.

Those studies also show that the intensity of the effects depends on the amount of dose taken.

The Effects and Actions of Kratom

As mentioned, hardly any clinical research has been done on the effects of kratom on human subjects. As such, most of the effects that kratom is famous for are based on anecdotal reports.

These reports show that kratom has the unique capability of yielding both stimulant and depressant effects. At lower doses, kratom has stimulant effects, while higher doses produce depressant effects on the central nervous system. The stimulant effects typically manifest themselves as an increase in alertness or a boost in physical energy. The depressant effects of kratom, on the other hand, manifest themselves in an enhanced state of sedation. Nonetheless, these effects can vary widely depending on the strain that you are using.

Most kratom enthusiasts report experiencing a significant decrease in stress and anxiety levels, pain relief, and an increased ability to handle the symptoms of opiate withdrawal whenever they use kratom at higher doses.

In addition to stimulating and sedative properties, other anecdotal reports state that kratom has anti-inflammatory, antihypertensive (can lower blood pressure), antitussive (cough suppressant), antidiarrheal, and antipyretic (reduces fever) properties. Other reports imply that kratom enhances sexual performance by boosting libido. Nevertheless, none of these claims have backing from scientific research.

This is not to say, however, that kratom does not yield said effects; it is only that clinical studies have not been done to validate those claims.

What are the Potential Side Effects of Kratom Use?

Just as with any substance that affects your body’s biochemistry, kratom also comes with its host of side effects, based on anecdotal reports.

Most of the kratom’s side effects usually manifest themselves when you exceed the recommended dosage. However, some users report experiencing ill effects even at low doses. For example, some report experiencing a significant decrease in appetite, poor coordination, being easily agitated, and even tremors.

The more common side effects of using kratom, however, include nausea, constipation, sweating, and a dry mouth. All of these usually result from exceeding your dosage.

Mixing kratom with other drugs can also trigger adverse side effects. There is also the possibility of overdosing on kratom. Such a case usually results in the individual falling unconscious. Kratom use is also linked to addiction.

Kratom Use and Addiction

Studies done on rats and mice suggest that kratom use can quickly develop into a habit, but again, there’s limited scientific research on the subject of kratom addiction. As such, all the information we have regarding this subject is based on anecdotal reports from kratom users who say that their kratom use eventually resulted in an addiction to the substance.

According to the FDA, this addiction could be caused by the action of kratom’s alkaloids, whose mechanism of action is similar to those of opioids. As such, they may also come with an inherent risk for abuse, which is what typically leads to addiction.

In regions where kratom is used religiously, such as Southeast Asia, kratom users have been observed to experience symptoms that are similar to those of opioid withdrawal whenever they try to stop using the herb.

However, these withdrawal symptoms seem to vary in their severity among individuals. This is perhaps because kratom strains vary in potency. Thus, someone who has a dependence on a potent strain of kratom is likely to experience severer symptoms than one who is dependent on a less potent strain. Kratom withdrawal symptoms can also be both physical, as well as psychological.

The most common physical symptoms of kratom withdrawal include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Muscle pains
  • Cramps
  • Fever
  • Insomnia
  • Sweatiness
  • Tremors
  • Abdominal pain

Common psychological symptoms of kratom withdrawal include:

  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Nervousness

Potential Consequences of Combining Kratom with Other Drugs

In the February 2018 report by the FDA, they revealed that there were 44 deaths linked to kratom use. However, in 43 of those cases, it was discovered that the deceased had combined kratom with either prescription or illegal drugs.

Nonetheless, the role that kratom played in those deaths is not yet understood. However, it does seem as though combining kratom with prescription medication or hard drugs can be fatal. Also, it still isn’t clear which drugs can be used safely while using kratom. More research is necessary to understand how kratom interacts with the various types of drugs and medications.

How Safe is Kratom Really?

Despite scientific research on kratom being limited, more and more people are using kratom. And this is because of one simple reason; it does deliver on its promises. Numerous consumer reviews online indicate that using kratom can improve the quality of your life immensely. Most people who use kratom do not report experiencing adverse effects after taking the herb.

Issues regarding its safety seem to emanate from kratom being classified under the dietary supplements category. Here are some things you should know about dietary supplements:

  • Federal laws do not require supplement manufacturers or distributors to prove that their wares are safe before selling them. As such, some unscrupulous vendors sell low-quality/bad kratom, which can harm the user.
  • Dietary supplements are not meant for medicinal purposes. However, there is always the likelihood that combining them with another drug could have disastrous effects.

Kratom by itself is not dangerous to your health. However, being an unregulated substance, it is susceptible to being altered by crooked individuals or misused by users.

Using Kratom Safely

As per consumer reports, kratom only poses a threat to your health if you consume an inauthentic/low-quality product, or if you exceed your dosage.

Therefore, to avoid the problems that come with kratom use, do the following:

  • Check with your doctor whether kratom is safe for you, especially if you are on medication
  • Only obtain your kratom from a legitimate vendor. Check out online reviews before purchasing from them.
  • Stick to the recommended dosage guidelines.

Bottom Line

Most kratom users enjoy the herb tremendously. As such, there’s no reason for you not to as well. Following the rules of kratom use should ensure that you do not have any problems with the herb.  


White Vein Kratom: The Complete Guide Reviewed

An overview of White Vein Kratom

People who are new to kratom often think that it is a singular product. However, upon looking to get started on the product, they find that kratom comes in various types. This is usually very confusing to many since they do not know where to start.

Are you one such individual? This article will discuss one of the primary strains of kratom, White Vein Kratom, to help you know whether it is the right strain for you. Here is what you need to know about White Vein Kratom.

white vein kratom

What is White Vein Kratom?

As mentioned, kratom comes in various types, which are referred to as strains. Each strain has its own unique set of effects and benefits. As such, your decision on which strain to use will be determined by the results you want.

There are two primary ways of classifying kratom strains: from the color of the vein on their leaves, and from the region where they are grown.

As such, White Vein Kratom refers to all strains of kratom that have a white vein traversing through their leaves. When you see a strain such as White Vein Indo, it means that that is a white vein strain that is grown in Indonesia. Got it?

Regardless of their origins, all White Vein strains share similar properties, with the only difference being their potencies. Potency refers to the intensity at which you will feel their effects. The region where a particular strain is grown determines its potency. This is due to factors such as soil composition and climate, which influence the strain’s chemical composition.

Apart from White Vein Kratom, there are also the Red and Green strains. Out of the three, White Vein Kratom possesses the most energizing properties. This is thanks to the boatload of alkaloids that the white vein possesses. Alkaloids are the active compounds in the leaves of kratom. They are responsible for all the effects that the plant is known for.

Due to its incredible energy-boosting capabilities, White Vein Kratom is immensely popular among people who need to be on their toes all day. In fact, more and more people are substituting coffee for what White Vein Kratom. This is because, unlike caffeine, White vein Kratom does not result in an energy crash once its effects wear off. As a result, you will not feel the effects of fatigue. It also does not come with the risk of addiction that caffeine is infamous for.

Therefore, White Vein Kratom is the ultimate alternative for people who do not react well to other types of stimulants.

Unfortunately, these immense energy-boosting capabilities come at a cost; White Vein Kratom has weak painkilling effects. Consequently, if one of your primary reasons for seeking out kratom is to manage pain, the White Vein strain might not be the best option for you. Red and Green Vein strains are better suited for that purpose.


What are the Main Benefits of White Vein Kratom?

Using White Vein kratom usually results in the following effects:

  • Stimulation

As mentioned, White Vein Kratom is unparalleled when it comes to pure stimulation properties. In addition to boosting your physical energy levels, it also increases your alertness, focus, and concentration. It also boosts your mood so that you are upbeat about what you are doing. This means that you will be operating at an enhanced state.

As a result, your productivity will skyrocket. You can think of it as taking several cans of energy drinks without the jittery effect or any other associated side effects.

Therefore, if you have been looking for a caffeine replacement, White Vein Kratom is an excellent alternative.

  • Enhancing Mood

One of the by-effects of the stimulation property of White Vein kratom is mood enhancement. By raising your spirits, this strain helps in alleviating stress and depression. You will be in a more enthusiastic mood as well as experiencing high levels of motivation, which allows you to take on even the most daunting of tasks.

However, if you are prone to anxiety, you might want to give White Vein kratom a wide berth since it has been known to exacerbate those feelings.

  • Enhancing Cognitive Ability

Research shows that using White Vein Kratom can result in a significant boost in brain performance. One of the ways in which it does this is by increasing your focus. It puts your brain in a state where it yearns to be productive. As such, you will be less susceptible to white noise and other forms of distraction.

The task at hand will literally be your singular purpose in life at that moment.

White Vein Kratom Strains

As mentioned earlier, White Vein Kratom also comes in different strains depending on their places of origin. Other white vein strains are made from grafting different strains to create a unique, hybrid strain.

As such, there are numerous White Vein Kratom strains out there. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • White Vein Borneo

As you can tell, this is a White Vein from Borneo Island. White Vein Borneo is unique among white-veined strains in that it has intense sedative effects. As such, it is one of the most unique, as well as popular strains of kratom, due to its ability to yield both energizing as well as pain-relieving effects. It is a good choice for people with anxiety who are looking to try out a white-veined strain.

Nonetheless, the effectiveness of your White Vein Borneo boils down to its quality. There are some low-grade White Vein Borneos out there that will not do anything for you. As such, do not jump at any White Vein Borneo that you see. First, ensure that that vendor has a reputation for selling the real thing.

  • White Maeng Da

White Maeng Da is also unique in that it has respectable painkilling properties while giving you an incredible energy boost in addition to boosting alertness and focus. Some people even report experiencing an increase in libido upon using White Maeng Da. It is, therefore, not hard to see why White Maeng Da is one of the most popular white-veined strains.

  • White Vein Thai

Just like other Thai strains, White Vein Thai is also extremely powerful. The energy boost that this strain is capable of giving you is like no other. You will go through the most straining of tasks with the ease at which you eat Tic Tacs.

It is for that reason that beginners are advised against using it. If you are new to kratom, consider starting with a milder white-veined strain before you make your way up to this beast. Other individuals who are discouraged from using White Vein Thai are those with above-average innate energy levels. 

Regular kratom users should also be careful not to exceed the recommended dose. The side effects of misusing White Vein Thai include anxiety, jitteriness, and even delirium.

Nevertheless, despite its powerful energizing effects, White Vein Thai has almost non-existent painkilling properties.

  • White Vein Sumatra

This is yet another versatile white-veined strain. At low doses, it has stimulating and uplifting effects. At moderate doses, it delivers a euphoric sensation, while high doses of White Vein Sumatra result in relaxation.

  • White Vein Bali

This strain also has powerful energizing properties. It is also quite helpful at alleviating pain and anxiety. Its primary benefits, however, are in its ability to enhance brain function.

Side Effects of White Vein Kratom

Just as it is with any other strain of kratom, misusing White Vein Kratom can result in a list of undesirable effects. As such, it is vital to adhere to the dosage guidelines. Some of these side effects include:

  • Jitters
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Cardiac issues
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Delirium
  • Digestive problems
  • Nausea

Most of these issues come from either exceeding your dosage or hopping on a powerful White Vein strain while you are still a beginner.

What is the Recommended Dosage for White Vein Kratom?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a standard dose for White Vein Kratom. This is because ideal dosages vary between individuals. They vary based on factors such as body type, age, sex, and experience level. As such, the best way of using White Vein Kratom is by starting with a small dose of about 3 grams then working your way up gradually.

If you are not experiencing anything after 30 minutes, add another gram. Keep adding a gram after every half hour until you reach your sweet spot. Do not exceed 10 grams.

Final Thoughts

White Vein Kratom is renowned for its extreme stimulation properties. This strain is just what you need when you are low on motivation or energy and need to get things done. Most people attest to its ability to boost their productivity.

However, be considerate of your dosage to avoid the onset of undesirable effects, which will quickly ruin your day. Also, to get the best out of White Vein Kratom, you will need to use a high-quality strain. Therefore, ensure that you only get your kratom from a reputable vendor.  


Maeng Da Kratom: Pro’s & Con’s Reviewed

An overview of Maeng Da Kratom

Kratom finds its origins in Southeast Asia, where natives have been harnessing its benefits for hundreds of years.

Naturally, when the rest of the world got wind of this marvelous herb, we could not wait to get our hands on it. One of the first things that we found about kratom is that it comes in different strains. The effects that you are looking for will determine which kratom strain to use.

Some strains provide you with an energy boost while others work to relax you. Additionally, kratom strains also vary in the potency of their effects. The superstars of the kratom family are typically those with high potency, as it means that you only have to take a small dose to derive desired effects i.e., they provide you with a bigger bang for your buck.

Maeng Da kratom is among the most coveted strains of kratom due to its wide range of benefits. Most people who use it have nothing but praise for it due to its effectiveness in treating a diverse array of conditions. Maeng Da kratom also has recreational benefits.

maeng da kratom

What is Maeng Da Kratom?

As mentioned. Kratom strains differ in the effects that they yield as well as their potencies. The biggest factor contributing to these differences is their place of origin. Regions will typically differ in terms of soil composition (pH) and climate. These differences will play a key role in the chemical composition of a kratom strain.

This is why you may have noticed that some areas, such as Thailand, are known for having potent strains of kratom.

Another factor that plays a crucial role in determining the effects of a strain is the color of the veins of a Kratom leaf. All kratom strains come in three colors; red, green, and white.

Maeng Da kratom is a strain that is grown predominantly in Thailand. It also comes in all three colors. This means that the effects that you are looking to get from Maeng Da depend on the specific color that you choose. The potency of Maeng Da also varies according to those colors.

One of the reasons why people love Maeng da is because of how potent it is. Maeng Da can give you an incredible kick even at low doses. The powerful effects of this strain are attributed to the over 20 different types of active compounds (alkaloids) found in its leaves. Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, in particular, are the most responsible for Maeng Da’s effects.

You also need to be aware that using an extract that is as powerful as Maeng Da in high doses can result in a host of adverse effects. This is why you should always stick to the recommended dose.


Benefits of Maeng Da Kratom

Once Maeng Da’s alkaloids get into your system, they begin interacting with the opioid receptors in your brain to yield a range of effects. As mentioned, Maeng Da’s effects range from stimulant to sedative, depending on the dose that you take.

In low doses, Maeng Da kratom has stimulation effects tha6 are similar to those of caffeine. It increases your focus, concentration, and alertness, as well as boosting your physical energy levels. Research shows that the alkaloids also work to improve overall cognitive function. This is why Maeng da kratom is a popular strain among people whose professions or vocations require a lot of brainpower.

Maeng Da kratom is also great at alleviating fatigue. Therefore, it can come in handy for people who need to keep their energy levels high throughout the day or night.

Using Maeng da in low doses also results in an uplift in mood and enthusiasm. The implication, therefore, is that you will not only have the strength and focus you need to take on your tasks, but you will also have a good time doing thanks to your high spirits.

Maeng Da kratom also happens to be one of the most effective strains for pain relief. However, these painkilling properties typically occur when you take a higher dose of Maeng da. Nevertheless, due to its potency, some users may experience these effects even at low dosages. When using Maeng Da kratom for its analgesic properties, expect faster recovery from pain.

Maeng Da Kratom is also increasingly used in the management of opiate withdrawal symptoms. This is because the alkaloids in Maeng Da mimic the actions of opioids on your brain receptors. As such, someone who is having a hard time withdrawing from opiate addiction can use Maeng Da to curb their cravings as it tricks the body into thinking that they have been satisfied.

The sedative properties of Maeng Da kratom, when taken at higher dosages, are incredibly beneficial for people dealing with stress and insomnia. This strain relaxes you so that you are no longer anxious or worried. Additionally, it may also induce a sense of euphoria where you are happy for no reason at all. 

How to Use Maeng Da Kratom

This kratom strain comes in either loose powder form or capsules. Regardless of the form that you go for, your biggest concern should be the quality of your strain. Anything less than high-quality Maeng Da and you will not get the effects that you desire.

Capsules are a great way of getting Maeng Da into your system due to the convenience that they offer. You can use them anywhere and at any time without anyone batting an eyelid. Additionally, capsules contain exact dosages, which ensures that you are less likely to exceed your dosage. Capsules are also available in both vegan and gelatin form, which ensures that everyone can use them.

Nonetheless, capsules also have their drawbacks. For starters, they first need to be digested in the stomach so that the powder can be released into your system. This means that it might take a while before the effects kick in. Additionally, capsules have a limited carrying capacity, with most of them having a capacity of about 0.5 grams. This means that if your dose is 5 grams, you will have to take 10 capsules, which is not a great sight.

Loose powder, on the other hand, is the fastest way of getting Maeng Da into your system. All you have to do is put the powder in your mouth and wash it down with water. The effects are usually almost instantaneous.

However, Maeng Da kratom powder is very bitter. You will not love the aftertaste it leaves in your mouth. This is why people who use kratom powder sometimes go to great lengths to mask that taste, by mixing it with food or making tea and adding sweeteners. Another drawback to using maeng da kratom powder is the inconvenience that comes with it. You just can’t use powder discretely.

Maeng Da Dosage

As it is with any other strain of kratom, there is no standard dose of Maeng Da kratom that is guaranteed to work for everyone. The ideal dose varies between individuals due to factors such as body type, sex, age, and experience level with kratom.

This is why dosage guidelines often recommend starting with the lowest possible dose and then working your way up gradually as your body adjusts to the strain. This is especially relevant for a strain that is as powerful as Maeng Da kratom.

If you are new to Maeng Da kratom, experts recommend starting with a small dose of 2-3 grams. Use that dose as your benchmark. If you don’t feel any effects after 45 minutes, add another gram. Do that every half hour until you get the effects that you desire. Making the increments too quickly puts at risk of exceeding your dosage limit, which typically results in ill effects.

What are the Side Effects of Maeng Da Kratom?

As mentioned, exceeding the recommended dosage of kratom usually results in a host of undesirable effects. This is especially relevant when it comes to potent strains such as Maeng Da kratom. In fact, people new to kratom should not start their journey with Maeng Da due to how powerful it is.

Some of the side effects that might result from abusing Maeng Da include:

  • Nausea
  • Stomach problems
  • Constipation
  • Irritation
  • Anxiety
  • Lethargy
  • Insomnia
  • Addiction

Final Thoughts

Maeng Da kratom is a strain that you will fall in love with once you get to experience it. Its effects are intense even at low doses, which means that it will most likely satisfy your needs.

However, it is important to be cautious about how you use it to avoid the side effects that come with misusing it. Also, ensure that the vendor that you purchase your Maeng Da from has a good reputation so you can be sure that you are getting a good product. `


How to Make Kratom Tea: the full guide

How to Make Kratom Tea properly

Most of us usually start our kratom journey in its most readily available form; kratom powder. But as much as we love our kratom powder and the benefits it has to offer us, it tends to leave a bitter taste in your mouth, literally. This is what usually leads someone to contemplate alternative ways of getting kratom into their system.

Southeast Asia natives do not seem to have that problem, as most of them prefer taking kratom in its rawest form, which is through chewing on the tree’s leaves. One would argue that chewing kratom leaves is the best way of consuming kratom since nothing goes to waste.

kratom tea

However, since the idea of chewing a plant’s leaves is foreign to most people, it might not be a feasible solution to your predicament.

This is where kratom tea comes in. Kratom tea is becoming an increasingly popular technique of ingesting kratom. It is both discrete as well as comfortable.

People make kratom tea in a variety of ways. This article will let you in on a couple of those methods as well as tips to consider while making your kratom tea.

How to Make Kratom Tea

The following are some of the ways that you can use to make kratom tea:

  • Kratom Tea from Powder

This is probably the most common, as well as the easiest way of making kratom tea. You get to enjoy the benefits of potent kratom powder in a cup. You can use a sweetener to mask the bitter taste.

Ingredients & Materials for One Cup

  • A small whisk (most people use a Matcha whisk)
  • Saucepan that has a pouring lip
  • 8 ounces of water
  • Coffee filter or a strainer
  • Sweeteners such as sugar, honey, maple syrup, or agave juice
  • 1 small lemon
  • Kratom powder at the recommended dose


  1. Pour the water into the saucepan and let it heat until it is hot, however, do not let it boil.
  2. Squeeze your lemon’s juice into the water.
  3. Add your kratom powder dose.
  4. Stir thoroughly until the powder distributes evenly in the water.
  5. Let the tea simmer for about 15 minutes
  6. Put the coffee filter or strainer on your cup and pour the tea into the cup.
  7. Add your preferred sweetener.
  8. Drink immediately.

Alternatively, you can use your coffee pot to make kratom powder tea. Just put your kratom dose in the filter instead of coffee. Be sure not to use a lot of water, as it might over-dilute your kratom.


Making Kratom Tea from Crushed Leaves

Some users do not like the texture of kratom tea that is made from powder. If you find yourself to be such an individual, you will find making kratom tea using a crushed leaf to be a good alternative.

Ingredients and Materials for One Cup

  • French press or teapot
  • Electric kettle or saucepan with a pouring lip
  • 8 ounces of water
  • Strainer
  • Reusable teabag
  • 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
  • Sweetener of choice
  • Kratom crushed leaf of the appropriate dose


  1. Using the saucepan or hot water kettle, heat the water but do not let it boil
  2. Fill the teabag and place it in the teapot together with your dose of the crushed leaf. If you are using a French press, you will have to remove the plunger so you can place the leaves at the jug’s bottom.
  3. Pour water into the teapot or French press and let it steep for about 15 minutes. The more time you let it steep, the stronger the flavor gets.
  4. Remove the teabag then strain the tea into a cup.
  5. Add the apple cider vinegar as well as your sweetener.
  6. Have your drink.

Making Kratom Ice Tea

If you dislike hot drinks or are a fan of sweet tea, then the kratom iced tea might be a good choice for you. The great think about iced kratom tea is that it does a beautiful job of masking kratom powder’s unpleasant flavor.


  • A cup of freshly made kratom powder tea
  • 2 teaspoons of honey
  • 2 large slices of ginger
  • ½ cup of pineapple juice
  • ½ cup of orange juice
  • Ice


  1. Put the slices of ginger inside the hot kratom and let it steep for about 5 minutes.
  2. Strain your tea into a mixing jug.
  3. Add the honey and stir until it dissolves.
  4. Add pineapple and orange juice to the mixture.
  5. Let it cool.
  6. Add ice to the cooled tea.
  7. Enjoy your iced kratom tea.
  • Making Kratom Sun Tea

If you want to make kratom tea in large batches, so you do not have to keep making a cup every other time or are looking to serve a large group of people, then the Kratom Sun Tea is what you should be looking to prepare.

Nonetheless, using the sun’s energy to brew the tea makes for a weaker beverage.

Ingredients and Materials

  • A glass jug of about one gallon
  • 12 cups of water
  • Enough kratom leaf for 12 cups. Measure the dose for each cup.
  • Reusable tea bags


  1. Pour water into the jug.
  2. Put the crushed kratom leaf into the teabags while making sure not to overfill them. Seal the bags and place them in the water.
  3. Stir well
  4. Put a lid on the jug and place it in a sunny spot for about 4 hours. Be sure to check that the jug is always under direct sunlight throughout that period.
  5. Remove the tea bags, put the lead back on, and put the jug inside a fridge.
  6. Drink as your dose recommends.

Tips to Note When Making Kratom Tea

To ensure that you have an awesome experience with kratom tea, consider the following:

  • Use Hot but Not Boiling Water

The active compounds responsible for the effects that kratom is famous for are known as alkaloids. These alkaloids are sensitive to high temperatures and tend to denature when exposed to temperature extremes, such as those found in boiling water. This means that they will lose their effectiveness.

Therefore, to prevent that from happening, ensure that you do not use boiling water.

  • Add Acid

As mentioned, exposing alkaloids to extremely high temperatures is not a good idea, as their structures are relatively weak and, thus, cannot withstand extremes.

Adding acid to your kratom is beneficial as it works to strengthen the alkaloids’ structures, so they are better able to withstand high temperatures. This is why we recommend using apple cider vinegar or lemon during your kratom tea preparation. Besides, they give your kratom tea a unique flavor.

  • Use Sweetener

The bitter taste of kratom powder can be an impediment to a fulfilling kratom experience, which might cause an individual not to look forward to using the herb.

It does not help that the most effective way of getting the effects of kratom fast is through the toss n’ wash method, which involves throwing kratom powder into the back of your mouth and washing it down with a glass of water.

While it is effective, toss n’ wash often leaves traces of kratom powder in your mouth, which makes the bitter taste to linger in your mouth for a long time.

Sweeteners help in masking that taste, so you do not have a hard, time-consuming kratom tea. You can also add other flavorings such as cinnamon, ginger, and citrus as you steep the tea. This will help mask the bitter taste further.

  • Stir Thoroughly

When using kratom powder to make tea, the powder can sometimes settle in clumps, which are also bitter. This is why it is essential to stir the tea vigorously using a whisk as it helps break down those lamps. Consider using a Matcha tea whisk for that purpose.

  • Use the Right Dose

Using the right dose is necessary as it not only ensures that you get the full benefits of kratom, but it also ensures that you do not experience the adverse effects that come with exceeding your dosage.

If your kratom comes with dosage guidelines, ensure that you adhere to them. However, since the appropriate dose varies from person to person, a good rule of thumb is to start low and work your way up gradually. Therefore, start with about 2 grams to see what you experience, and then add a gram at a time until you hit your sweet spot. However, since the effects of kratom sometimes take a while to kick in, allow yourself about thirty minutes before you add another gram.


Kratom tea is definitely one of the best ways of consuming kratom. It allows you to use kratom leisurely without having to bear its bitter taste. Use the tips in this guide to make yourself a cup. Also, ensure that you only obtain your kratom from a reputable vendor so you can be sure that you are using a quality product.


Phen375: What you should know

Review of Phen375: Benefits & Side Effects

Do dietary supplements actually work on the ground or are they too much hyped without any results whatsoever? Finding the answer to this question is not easy and it could mean different things to different persons. There are some purists and conventional minded people who believe that weight reduction happens only through a combination of healthy, planned and proper diet supported by workouts and exercises. Yes, there is no doubt that exercise and food are the biggest contributors to all those who are keen on reducing their overweight and obesity problems.


Apart from helping men and women to have a sexier, slimmer and attractive figures, avoid overweight problems and obesity also helps ward off many lifestyle diseases. Compared to what it was around 20 or 30 years back, today, many of us are leading very sedentary lives. Our nature of work prevents us from exercising and giving workouts to our bodies at all points in time. Hence, this leads to deposits of fat in various parts of the body. It usually gets deposited around the abdomen, thighs, arms, shoulders, and thighs. It is not only ugly to look at but also leads to a number of health problems.

If you look at the history of people who suffer from high blood pressure, blood sugar and other such conditions, you will be able to find that in most cases, it is because of obesity and overweight related problems. Hence, there is a need to find an answer to these endemic problems as best as possible and as early as possible. Further, being in good shape physically makes a big difference to social life, love life and partners, in general, feel happier in almost all the cases, However, the task of choosing the right weight management of slimming product or supplement is not easy. This is because the market is filled with dozens of such products and each one almost says the same story that they are the best of the lot. Unless, as a reader or a person looking for a weight management product you are not well informed, it is quite possible that you will end up making the wrong choice. You must try and gather as much information as possible about the weight loss and slimming products and then make the right choice.

Amongst the many products available in the market today, many are of the opinion that Phen375 could be one of the better products for slimming, weight management and fighting the twin problem of overweight body and obese body. This is a famous and much talked about a dietary supplement that makes a promise that it will help you to get a sexier, slimmer and attractive body. It also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Hence, it would be a good idea to have a closer look at this product and find out whether it is able to walk the talk as far as its promises are concerned, or is it just hyped stuff with no substance inside. Let us straightaway go into a complete and total review of this dietary supplement and get to know more about the facts.

What Is This Dietary Supplement All About?

The manufacturers of this supplement believe that it is a product that has been researched scientifically. It also seemingly comes with an advanced formula that could help in weight loss. Based on the claims, the ingredients and also the various reviews, it is quite possible that the product could help in boosting energy levels and also bring down the desire for constant food cravings. Further, it is a product that is available over the counter, and no prescription is required.

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What Are The Benefits?

Those who have reviewed Phen375 believe that it does offer a number of obvious benefits. We are happy to share the same and are listing down some of the most obvious benefits that may go in making it a successful and result-oriented dietary supplement:

  • It improves metabolic rate.
  • Reduces cravings for foods.
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Ensures higher energy levels
  • Increased weight loss results within a short period of time.
  • Proven fact burning potentials.

Basic Information About The Manufacturer of Phen375

If we look at the website, it will be evident that Phen375 is manufactured by a company by the name Shippitsa Ltd.  This business has been around for many years since 2004. The information available is sparse but it is quite obvious that they have been around for almost sixteen years now and this sets them apart from many other such dietary supplement manufacturers. The company is located in Dallas, Texas, the USA they have contact numbers both for the Americans and also for international visitors.

How Is The Supplement Phen375 Taken?

The recommended dosage is just one tablet each day and it should be taken with water. Further, the manufacturers of Phen375 also recommend that you should try and cut down your daily calorie consumption by 500 so that you are able to get the best possible results. The manufacturers also suggest that the supplement should be taken for a period of at least 30 days in order to get the full results and benefits out of it.

 A Look At The Ingredients

There is no doubt that the effectiveness and utility of dietary supplements would depend on the ingredients that are a part of them. Hence, it would be interesting to have a closer look at the main ingredients that make up Phen375. We need to make it clear that there could be many ingredients but we are restricting ourselves to only the main ingredients that actually do the job of weight management.

  • Coleus Forskohlii
  • L-Carnitine
  • Anhydrous Caffeine
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Citrus Aurantium
  • Chromium
  • Dendrobium Nobile extract
  • Calcium Carbonate.

Each of the above ingredients has some unique functions. Let us examine a few of them to get some broad idea. L-Carnitine is a very powerful and useful amino acid that is found in beef, chicken breast, whole wheat and milk. It also is found in codfish. L-Carnitine is one of the most important building blocks of protein. It helps in boosting energy production and there are reports from NIH or National Institute of Health to suggest this.

Caffeine anhydrous is a form of caffeine that comes in powdered format. It may be helpful in boosting energy levels and also may help in improving mental clarity. There are a few studies that prove that it may have the capacity of suppressing appetite and also could increase metabolism.

Cayenne pepper is a food dish that belongs to a class of spicy fruit. It could help in promoting satiety and may also play a role in positive weight loss. This again is based on reports from reputed organizations such as Phytotherapy Research.

Citrus aurantium is another important citrus plant that is native to southeast Asia. It contains one of the most important active compounds known as synephrine. When it is combined with synephrine and caffeine it could help in boosting thermogenesis. This could have a positive impact on weight loss. Phen375 has generous quantities of this compound and the good thing is that it is almost free from side effects.


There is no doubt that chromium is a product that has quite a few decades of research under its belt. It has a number of health benefits. It is found in many types of foods such as barley, tomatoes, broccoli, romaine lettuce, oats, and green beans. It can help in better metabolism of carbohydrates, fat and protein. This is again not a mere statement but based on research findings.

Side Effects

Though the manufacturer does not talk too much of side effects, like all dietary supplements, Phen375 also has some side effects. These include:

  • Upset stomach
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Changes in bowel movements.
  • Jitters.
  • Nausea
  • Nervousness
  • Abdominal cramps.

Where To Buy The Product?

The product is available online and it may not be possible to buy it from brick and mortar stores. It is not a prescription drug or supplement and therefore, you will not have any problems purchasing it from online stores. It is always better to buy it from the manufacturers’ website instead of buying it from some other sites that may be trading on it. These outlets may not have the best quantity Phen375 available with them. The supplement is available in refills and you stand to gain more if you buy a few refills. This is because of the attractive quantity discount that is offered by the manufacturer.

The Bottom Line

The above would have given our readers a clear idea that Phen375 is a quality dietary supplement that has a proven track record when it comes to weight loss. The supplement is packed with many naturally sourced ingredients. The good thing about this supplement is that each and every ingredient has been well tested and it has the backing of some well-known research papers. The product is reasonably safe and has very little side effects. However, like all dietary supplements, the body may take a few days to get adjusted to this supplement and as an end-user, you must be aware of the same. Further, we also would like to point out that no diet supplement will work on its own and deliver 100% results. They can at best complement your weight management efforts. You must understand the importance of regular exercise followed by good food habits. Staying away from stress and tension is also something that one should bear in mind.

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