Nugenixx Max Reviewed: Pro’s & Con’s

An introduction to Nugenixx Max

Are you looking for a suitable bodybuilding supplement that is proven, popular, reliable and trustworthy? If the answer is yes, it makes a lot of sense to go through this article. While we often associate bodybuilding only with sports personalities and professional bodybuilders, even ordinary men today are keen to have the best of bodies.

They would not mind flaunting their six-pack abs, shoulders, arms, chest, torso and thighs that are packed with lean muscles and ripped muscles & tissues. While there are many such products in the market, unless you have the right information and knowledge, you run the risk of choosing the wrong product. There are many spurious and cheap products in the market and unless you know what you are buying you will certainly be on the wrong side of the deal.

nugenixx max

In this article, we will have a closer look at a bodybuilding supplement known by the name Nugenixx Max. This is a very popular bodybuilding supplement. It also is a testosterone booster and is classified as a legal steroid. The manufacturer of this supplement and testosterone booster claims that it has been validated clinically. It is known to boost testosterone in most age groups and bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts may stand to benefit quite a bit from this product. Hence, it would be a good idea to review this product from close range and get to know more about the features, functionalities, ingredients, pros and cons and possible side effects. We hope that the information that is being shared over the next few lines could be useful in helping the readers and other stakeholders to take the right decision based on facts, and figures instead of being made to buy a product based on shrill advertising and sales and marketing promotions.

An Overview of This Product

This is an ultra-premium product. It is classified to be one of the more expensive body enhancing and bodybuilding supplements now available in the market. It has a track record of efficiently increasing the free testosterone levels that are available in the body. It comes in a standard pack and each refill has one hundred twenty capsules. They also offer free shipping if you buy it from genuine online stores. It also allows you to get a substantial discount in case you decide to buy more than one pack. The manufacturer also claims that Nugeinxx Max could boost libido and energy without jitters and crash associated with similar products. The quality of the product is assured because it is manufactured in the United States. The manufacturing facility is quite good and it is regularly audited by cGMP. It has registration with FDA and you can be sure that all the batches are tested for potency and purity.

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Who Should Use It?

Nugenixx Max is for men who work at least four times a week. It could be even more useful for those who workout daily. It could come in handy for all those men who is finding it tough to maintain their endurance levels. It will certainly enhance the endurance levels and give that much-needed boost to energy and well being. Men who are struggling with the libido levels and unsatisfactory sexual performances will also find quite a bit of benefit from this product. We all know that increased levels of free testosterone could help in enhancing sexual desire and improve libido levels quite satisfactorily.

Another good thing about this supplement is that it comes with six patented ingredients. Each one of them has been studied clinically and they seemingly have a collective and positive impact on free testosterone levels. It also can increase strength by facilitating and helping the development of leaner and stronger muscles. Trainers and other professionals who are into resistant training may benefit from the use of this product. It is known to provide a sustained and immediate boost of energy. Additionally, it also could assist in recovery and also bring down stress levels in the body that is often a problem with men who are into high-intensity workouts.

What Makes It Special?

Though there are many such products in the marketplace there are a few things unique about Nugeinxx Max. The manufacturers are very transparent about the ingredients that make up this bodybuilding supplement. This is a refreshing change from many manufacturers who try to hide behind the cloud of proprietary blends, special formulas, and other such things. They share almost everything that could help customers to make a decision.

Ingredients & Dosage

The suggested dosage is four capsules every morning. It comes in refills containing 120 capsules and it lasts for thirty days. The recommended dosage can be taken with or without food.

Let us have a look at the various ingredients that make up this product. Each serving of four capsules provides quite a few things. We are listing down the most important ingredients that are a part of each serving of four capsules.

  • Cholecalciferol or Vitamin D.
  • Zinc
  • Fenugreek extracts.
  • Ashwagandha extract from the root
  • Shilajit purified extract
  • Tribulus alatus extract extracted from berries and aerial parts.
  • Maca extract
  • Panax Ginseng
  • White button mushroom extract
  • Black pepper extract from the fruit.

It also contains magnesium stearate, gelatin, silicon dioxide, and maltodextrin. A few of the above ingredients are patented and come with specific brand names that are the registered trademarks of the company. For example, KSM-66 is the patented brand name for the Ashwagandha herb. PrivaView is for Shilajit Extract. Fenugreek extract is patented as Testofen and the black ginger extract is patented as Staminus.

Each of the above ingredients has been tested and the test results have some exciting bit of information for customers. Eight ingredients have been found to be very potent and effective. They are Vitamin D, Zinc, Rhodiola, Eurycoma Longifolia, Panax Ginseng, Maca, Black pepper, and white button mushroom. You also get the 100% RDA of vitamin D whenever you take four capsules of Nugenixx max.

Statutory Warning

Though on the whole, the product is quite safe, there are some safety issues that need to be kept in mind. To begin with, this supplement is only for men who are above eighteen years of age. It is not a product for women and breastfeeding and pregnant women should never every consume this supplement. The dosage instructions should be strictly followed and it should not be violated under any circumstances. If there are some men suffering from hormonal imbalances or if they have issues with some specific hormone, they should avoid taking the supplement. They must check with their doctors and be sure that it will not have any interaction with the functioning of various glands. Further, the supplement may interfere with some strong medications, over the counter medicines and prescription drugs.  The seal of the refill should be sealed and if it has tampered, please do not buy it. Tampered packs should be returned forthwith.

Side Effects

It would be wrong to say that Nugenixx Max is totally free from side effects. The most common side effect is an upset stomach. This problem has been reported by men who do not take this supplement with food. Though there are no specific instructions about the way in which the supplement should be taken, it would always be advisable to take it with some food. People who have a history of flatulence, indigestion, irregular bowel movement, and other such metabolic issues will be more at risk when it comes to stomach upset. Taking it with food avoids these problems in almost eight out of ten cases. Headache also has been experienced by a few users but in most cases it is transient. Very rare instances of serious side effects have been reported and these are for men who have an unhealthy body and could be suffering from some serious medical condition that may have been diagnosed or undiagnosed.

It would be better to stay away from a mix of different types of supplements when you are using Nugenixx Max. This is because of possible contraindication, drug reactions, and other such issues. These could lead to unwanted side effects. If possible, try and avoid taking strong medicines when you are taking this supplement. However, there is no need for any dietary changes for fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders. Hence, on the whole, there is no doubt that the product is quite safe, tested and can be tolerated even for those who use it for long periods of time.


To put things in perspective, when we look at Nugenixx Max from close quarters, it is quite evident that it is a high-quality bodybuilding supplement that is made from some of the most famous, proven and popular herbs and extracts of trees, plants, shrubs, and mushrooms. There are no synthetic agents and thus it is safe in more ways than one. It helps by improving metabolism and also burns accumulated fat in the body. Further, it also could be useful in helping build lean and strong muscles and tissues. On the whole, the supplement is quite safe and does not have too many side effects.

But there could be some transient and temporary problems like stomach upsets, diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, and other such issues. If a person is suffering from any pre-existing medical condition of illness or if he is taking some medicines for such conditions, he should check with the doctor and only then they should take this supplement. Women should stay away from it. On the whole, there is no doubt that it is a quality supplement that offers very good value for money to its customers.

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