NSI 189 Review: A Complete Guide

NSI 189: what you should know

NSI 189 is an investigational drug, especially an anti-depressant that claims to work in a different way other than the traditional anti-depressants available. Many researchers have suggested using this drug for those people who are finding it hard to respond to regular medications.

Various researches have been conducted for enhancing the cognitive functions of this drug. Unfortunately, NSI 189 is reported to have failed in many clinical tests. In this article, you will learn more about this experimental drug, and find out what users have to say about this antidepressant drug.

NSI 189: An overview

NSI 189 is an experimental drug that is being developed by Neuralstem Inc., which is a biopharmaceutical company. It was founded in 1996, and its headquarters are in Rockville, in the US. This company produces many kinds of medications that are intended to target the CNS (central nervous system). The drug was developed for treating certain psychiatric disorders such as depression and other neurodegenerative diseases.

The drug was researched in phase-1 and phase phase-2 clinical trials for treating certain depressive disorders. In the year 2014, the drug completed the phase-1 clinical trial by administering NSI 189 to 24 patients for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder and later published the results in 2015. Further, in 2017, it was declared that the phase-2 clinical trial has failed to achieve its effectiveness outcomes for major depressive disorder.

According to a detailed analysis conducted in the following months, it was revealed that consumption of about 40 milligrams dose per day will help in improving various cognitive functions, noticeable improvements in memory, enhancing focus, and other executive functioning. NSI 189 is currently in research for treating other neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, brain injury, stroke, traumatic stress disorder, and preventing memory loss in aging.

NSI 189: Mechanism of action

The exact mechanism of working of this drug is not fully understood as of now. Initial research shows that this investigational drug may work by influencing neurogenesis, which is referred to as the growth of new brain and nerve cells. More precisely, this drug seems to influence the hippocampus. It is a part of the brain that is responsible for memory, learning, and emotion.

A cell study conducted on human cells that are derived from the hippocampus, shows that NSI 189 has stimulated neurogenesis. A similar study on mice also shown that NSI 189 has the ability to encourage neurogenesis. Although the drug is under research, it is already popular among the handful community of nootropics.

What are the benefits of using NSI 189?

The benefits derived from using this drug are immense, and many researchers believe in the potentiality of this drug. Here are some of the benefits in detail.

Helps in treating depression – There are various studies that reflect its effectiveness in relieving depression among the affected people. NSI 189 also helps in improving cognitive functions. This kind of possibility was found when the research was conducted on 24 people.

Treating stroke patients – The ability to generate new neurons, which is neurogenesis, means this drug can be used by stroke patients for repairing the damaged brain functioning and its structure. Several experiments done on rats that have suffered a stroke, have restored the motor and brain functioning to a great extent after using NSI 189.

Most interestingly, the results were still present for 24 weeks after stopping the treatment. Hence, it shows that the benefits could stay for a longer time. The effectiveness of the drug can also be seen in the brains, which allows them to function better for 6 months.

It elevates the cognitive functions – A significant increase in the cognitive functions was observed when the clinical trials were conducted on 24 people who were suffering from depression. When they were being treated with the drug, those patients have developed better cognitive performance. However, it should be noted that these signs of progress are all self-reported.

This might be the after-effect of reduced depression after the formation of new neutrons. As of now, any type of concrete information is due to be released, because more studies have to be conducted.


Formation of neuron – This is probably one of the interesting aspects of having NSI 189. Generating new brain matter is something that should arouse curiosity among many people. Initial researches on animals have shown positive results. This drug has the ability to stimulate the hippocampus and make changes in the amygdala areas of the brain. NSI 189 can reverse cell death resulted from glucose and oxygen deficit.

This drug has also attracted the community of nootropics for inducing them with the following benefits.

  • Now you can have a better grip at your emotions, and its effectiveness continues even after stopping the dose
  • Improved fluency in speaking and writing
  • Memory gets a significant enhancement
  • A rise in the energy levels, though it is very little
  • Increase libido, and sexual performance
  • Greatly helps people to get relieved from suicidal thoughts
  • Has the ability to induce laughter and become more playful
  • Helps in lowering the blood pressure
  • Helps in improving the vision
  • Improved social ability
  • Helps the user to find the link between their emotional and logical functioning

Apart from all these massive benefits of using NSI 189, the company is looking in the following areas that could be beneficial to the users in the days to come.

  • Treating different types of cognitive impairments resulted out of radiation
  • Different kinds of weakness caused by diabetes
  • Damage to the nerves that lead towards the lack of pain and feeling
  • Treating ischemic stroke, which is referred to as the medical condition that occurs due to the deficiency of blood flow in the brain
  • Treating Angelman Syndrome, a disease that is being associated with a genetic disorder

What are the possible side effects of using NSI 189?

Here are the expected side effects that might get from using this drug.

  • Drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Social anxiety
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Headache
  • Aggression
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Los of sensation in feet and hands
  • Nerve pain
  • Carefree or indifference behavior to serious issues

What is the recommended dosage for NSI 189?

The drug NSI 189 can be achieved in two forms, which are the freebase version, and the phosphate version. There is a difference between the two forms that are based on their absorption taste and rates. The phosphate form of the drug is absorbed less effectively. They are taken sublingually, which means that you have to place them under your tongue.

It won’t matter what form of the drug you choose, but remember to start with at a very low dose for determining the exact dose for your requirement. Because of its potency, some people have reported getting the effects even at lower doses. With just 7 milligrams of the freebase form of the drug taken sublingually, many users have experienced a sudden boost in mood, and an increase in energy. It also helped them to improve their mental clarity with enhanced focus.

Some of the users even went a step ahead to prime this drug, and to obtain even more powerful results. This is typically done by taking 7 milligrams of NSI 189 sublingually. Then prime it while the drug is still under the tongue. After a few moments, there would be a significant impact on emotions, and a sense of wellbeing is what you will feel.

What makes NSI 189 so different?

The drug NSI189 is a powerful supplement that claims to bring about a drastic change in the manner in which depression and other mental and psychological disorders are being treated. However, there are plenty of antidepressants available in the market that are quite effective, as well. But what makes this particular drug so unique? This drug is considered as a neurogenic anti-depressant, and they can create new brain cells or new neurons. Now, that’s a unique thing which makes them popular than the others.

Some of the pros and cons of this drug:


  • Improves libido
  • Relieve you from depression
  • Provides mental strength for solving various tasks


  • Not available easily
  • Studies are yet to be done on large scale humans
  • The long-term effects are still unknown
  • Side effects such as insomnia, nightmares, mouth dryness, and nausea


For some obvious reasons, it is not easy to obtain NSI 189, especially for your personal use. Pure and high-quality NSI189 is only to research facilities or individual researchers. By any chance, if you can’t get hold of the drug for your consumption, there are certain ways of having them from other sources. However, it will be more difficult, and possibilities of poor quality.

There are nootropic sites that sell NSI 189, but the feedback might misguide you because they are all paid reviews. For this reason, it’s better to seek advice from forums such as Reddit. There are some vendors that sell this drug, but before you buy from them have a deep understanding of their reputation. You should thoroughly observe the product description and the lab test results.


NSI 189 is a drug that claims to bring a revolutionary change in treating people suffering from anxiety, depression and other psychological disorders. There are many benefits of this drug and they are being clinically tested. This drug has the potentiality to provide treatment to the damaged brain cells and generate new ones.