Mystic Island Kratom : Pro’s & Con’s of this kratom vendor

Mystic Island Kratom: an overview

Kratom has become a major buzzword in the health and wellness industry in recent times. It promises to take care of physical and psychological distress, as well as to improve your focus, mood, and energy levels. It is no wonder that everyone is looking to harness the benefits of this herb from Southeast Asia.

However, using Kratom is not as easy as going to a physical or online store, asking for a bottle, and going to town with it; there is a lot more involved.

mystic island kratom

First off, there are different types of kratom strains, with each having a distinct set of effects that it causes. As such, your needs determine your ideal strain. Secondly, you will only experience those effects if you use high-quality kratom.

Therefore, it is vital to educate yourself about those things so you can get your ideal high-quality strain.

Figuring out your ideal strain is the easy part. Obtaining high-quality kratom is where the conundrum lies. This is because the market is full of snake oil salesmen passing off low-grade products as high-quality kratom. As such, you need to investigate a kratom vendor thoroughly before purchasing from them so you can be sure that you will be getting a legit product from them.

This article will try to determine whether Mystic Island Kratom is a legit kratom vendor.

Who is Mystic Island Kratom?

Mystic Island Kratom is a Florida-based kratom vendor who burst onto the kratom scene quite recently. However, in that short time, this company has been able to establish itself as one of the go-to sources when looking for the ultimate kratom experience.

Its customers praise Mystic Island Kratom for the extensive product catalog, high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and convenient shipping policies, as this vendor ships even internationally.

After doing a bit of digging, we discovered that the primary reason behind this company’s success is that they are going about this kratom business the correct way. Instead of simply looking for a kratom broker, they actually went to Southeast Asia and cultivated relationships with kratom farmers.

These relationships allow the company to have access to not only have a diverse range of strains that other vendors can only dream of having, but also the highest quality kratom since they are getting their products while still fresh. Additionally, since Mystic Island Kratom has eliminated the presence of intermediaries, they can provide these exclusive products at bargain prices.

Consumers are at awe not only at their great prices but also at the consistency in which the company delivers high-quality products. One of the rarest things in the kratom industry is consistency. Most vendors are unable to provide excellent products regularly. As such, in the current state of affairs on the kratom market, a vendor such as Mystic Island Kratom is akin to a goose that lays golden eggs.

As if that is not enough, Mystic Island Kratom subjects all of its products to independent lab testing to ascertain that the products they have are true of the correct purity and quality. What’s more, they publish reports from those tests online so you can verify for yourself.

Let us look at some of the attributes that define this kratom vendor in more detail:

Website Quality

A great vendor can lose potential customers if they have a lackluster website. This is because people tend to take things at face value, especially online. Therefore, if your website looks sketchy, it will be difficult to convince people that you have quality products.

This is one area where Mystic Island Kratom could do with some improvements. Their site’s design is basic and straightforward. That is not a bad thing since it gives a customer an easy time navigating through it. However, when compared to other top-tier kratom vendors, Mystic Island Kratom’s site looks a bit bland. It does not give you the sense that you are dealing with one of the best kratom vendors in the business.

In short, it does not add to your overall shopping experience. The good thing, however, is that the site is optimized for mobile, which means that it will open on your phone without a hitch, thereby allowing you to make your orders via your phone. We applaud them for that.

Additionally, the site has top to bottom SSL security encryption to ensure that your personal information is safe throughout the transaction.

Our main issue is that, for such a top-tier kratom vendor, Mystic Island Kratom is doing itself a disservice by having such a B-level website.


Product Selection

Kratom users usually have preferences when it comes to kratom strains. A good kratom vendor will go out of their way to provide as many strains as they can to meet the needs of all their customers.

This is where Mystic Island Kratom shines. This vendor’s product catalog is so extensive that there are six pages of more than 40 different types of strains for you to choose from. In addition to the usual strains, they also have some exclusive ones that you will have a hard time finding elsewhere.

The vendor has also made it easy for you to sift through the different products with the help of photographs. Once you click on a strain that you are interested in, they provide you with a bit of information regarding that strain, which is something that most vendors do not do.

Product Quality

Mystic Island Kratom pride themselves in providing nothing but quality kratom. As mentioned earlier, this vendor has personal relationships with some of the best kratom farmers in the Southeast Asia region. These relationships allow the company to have access to the crème de la crème of kratom. This means that their products are of not only high quality but are also potent as well due to the high levels of alkaloids on their leaves.

Most of the kratom that finds itself in the United States comes from Southeast Asia, where it is grown, harvested, and processed. Once Mystic Island Kratom gets hold of the batches, they send them to independent testing labs to verify their potency as well as purity.

Mystic Island Kratom insists on working with farmers who still cultivate kratom the traditional way i.e., letting it grow to maturity. Mature kratom leaves tend to have the highest levels of potency, thus having more intense effects upon consumption.

Unfortunately, in a bid to make a profit, kratom is no longer allowed to reach full maturity, which explains the proliferation of low-grade and lackluster products on most vendors’ shelves today.

Mystic Island Kratom, however, is not one to cut corners, and this is why they have some of the highest quality kratoms in the game.


The rule of thumb when it comes to kratom prices is this: if a product is expensive, it is for higher quality. The reverse is also true. This is because vendors dealing the low-quality stuff tend to lower their prices in a bid to entice customers. However, some are masters of reverse psychology and will actually sell low-quality kratom at exorbitant prices in an attempt to come off as authentic. This is why you need to be careful about who you purchase your kratom from.

All things considered, Mystic Island Kratom has some of the best prices in the game. Their prices range between $3 and $5 for every 25-gram bundle of kratom, depending on the specific strain as well as exclusivity.

You get discounts when you purchase in bulk. In fact, you can save up to 30 percent or more per unit if you are buying more than 200 grams of kratom from this vendor. Additionally, they allow you to buy as much as 1 kilo of kratom at a go.

Mystic Island Kratom runs promotional campaigns regularly to give its customers a chance to make even more savings. They advertise these promotions on their various social media platforms and the website.

Shipping expenses tend to vary depending on the amount of kratom that you have purchased. They try to ship out as soon as your order has been cleared. The vendor will then provide you with tracking information so you can know the state of your package throughout transit.

As for returns, Mystic Island Kratom allows you 14 days within which you should return a product and get a full refund in case you are not pleased with your package.

Closing Statement

There are literally hundreds to thousands of kratom vendors on the market today. However, a tiny percentage of those are legit vendors. As such, you should always take your time to investigate a vendor before entering into a transaction with them.

Mystic Island Kratom is as top-tier as a kratom vendor can get. If you purchase from this company, you can be sure that you will be receiving the good stuff. Our only problem with Mystic Island Kratom is their website. They should upgrade it if they want to attract more customers. With that being said, we highly recommend Mystic Island Kratom.