Motark Kratom Review 2020

Motark Kratom : legit kratom seller?

Even though Kratom has been in the western world for a little over three decades now, it has only become popular in recent times. And, although this powerful herb is full of benefits, the FDA is yet to approve it, and this is why people were slow to adopt it.

However, upon realizing the immense benefits that the herb possesses, people have gone crazy about Kratom. While that in itself is a good thing, the current kratom craze has opened the door to many unscrupulous individuals looking to con the unsuspecting kratom enthusiast. They are doing this by getting low quality or counterfeit Kratom and parading it as the real deal. In fact, you are more likely to run into a fake or low-quality product than the real thing.

motark kratom

These fraudsters will not only be conning you of your money but will also be putting your health in jeopardy since they’ll be selling you something that you shouldn’t be putting inside your body. This is why you are advised to always do thorough research on a kratom vendor before you decide to purchase Kratom from them. This not only ensures that you do not lose your money, but also that you get the best product possible so that you can experience its full array of benefits.

Motark Kratom is one of the more popular kratom vendors on the market today. Are they legit? This article will review their product lineup and services to help you determine whether they are worth purchasing from.

Who is Motark Kratom?

Previously known as ‘MotarkBest,’ Motark Kratom used to be one of the best online kratom vendors in the business. We are referring to them in the past tense since their website is no longer functional. It is hard to say what made this vendor go underground since consumers have nothing but praise for them.

Motark Kratom had not only high quality kratom but also had friendly prices as well as a stellar customer support. 

Nevertheless, we shall review this vendor in case they come out of their hiatus, and you happen to bump into them.

Which Kratom Strains Does Motark Kratom Sell?

This vendor has an impressive product line up which contains kratom strains such as:

  • Red Borneo Kratom

The Red Borneo is a favorite strain among most kratom enthusiasts. This is because it not only has an impressive set of benefits but is also quite powerful. This strain is predominantly grown and harvested in Borneo Island in Indonesia. Some of the effects that the Red Borneo Kratom is known to offer its users include relief from both pain and stress, in addition to having stimulation properties that work to enhance your mental and physical energy levels.

When looking to consume the Red Borneo, most users prefer ingesting it directly. However, you also have the option of mixing it with your favorite food or drink, which is a good idea since this strain is quite bitter.

  • Green Vein Borneo

The Green Vein Borneo is yet another strain originating from Borneo Island in Indonesia. It is called the ‘Green Vein’ due to the color of the veins that traverse its leaves. The leaves of the Green Vein Borneo are exceptionally rich in alkaloids, which explains the euphoric feeling that one experiences upon using this strain.

The Green Vein Borneo also acts as a stimulant. Therefore, it would serve as a perfect alternative to coffee or any other caffeine source since it gives you high levels of mental and physical energy, but without the subsequent crash.

When consumed at higher doses, this kratom strain interacts with the brain’s opioid receptors to provide pain relief.

  • Green Maeng Da

Green Maeng Da is an extremely popular kratom strain thanks to its powerful pain-relieving and energy-boosting properties. When consumed at certain doses, this kratom strain is known to usher the user into a state of euphoria, which is characterized by immense stress relief and a general state of happiness. Just like the Green Vein Borneo, the Green Maeng da also has an unusually high alkaloid content, which is what allows the user those benefits.

  • Green Hulu Kapuas

The Green Hulu Kapuas originates from the banks of the Kapuas River. The Green Hulu also happens to be one of the rarest strains of Kratom out there. Most consumers agree that the Green Hulu might just have the most potent sedative properties of all kratom strains, especially when taken at higher doses.

At smaller doses, however, the Green Hulu acts as a stimulant.

  • Red Horn Kratom

The Red Horn is another kratom strain that is also incredibly hard to come by. It can be found in Borneo, Indonesia, and Thailand. Since it is a red strain, it also has potent properties. A dose of between 1 and 3 grams of the Rec Horn should be enough to give you the desired effects.

The Red Horn Kratom is arguably the most carefully harvested strain of Kratom. The farmers do that in a bid to retain as much of its potency as possible. Some of the effects that you can enjoy from the Red Horn include pain and stress relief.

From the list above, it is quite evident that Motark Kratom tries to go above and beyond in providing consumers with the best the kratom industry has to offer.


What Other Attributes is Motark Kratom Famous for?

As mentioned, Motark Kratom is one of the most respected kratom vendors in the business. Consumers appreciate this vendor for reasons such as:

  • Having Quality Products

All the products offered by Motark Kratom can be traced back to reputable sources. Moreover, if customer reviews are anything to go by, word on the online streets is that all of Motark Kratom’s products are exceptional when it comes to potency and effectiveness.

One of the best ways of telling whether a kratom strain is of high quality is by checking the time it takes for its effects to set in, how intense those effects are, and the duration they last. According to most consumer reviews, Motark Kratom’s products do not disappoint in either of those areas.

  • Friendly Prices

High-quality products are bound to be costly. Therefore, even though we are saying that Motark Kratom has friendly prices, it is as compared to other reputable vendors.

Vendors who have a reputation for selling low-quality products usually try to make up for that shortcoming by selling their products cheaply in a bid to attract customers. You can tell such a vendor by checking out customer reviews.

However, as compared to reputable vendors, Motark Kratom’s prices are quite reasonable.

  • Sample Packages

Motark Kratom usually offers their customers a sample package containing other kratom strains once you have made your purchase. They do this to allow you to experiment with different strains so you can know which one you like best, at no extra cost!

  • Excellent Customer Service

Motark Kratom goes above and beyond to educate their customers about Kratom. Their website is full of valuable information to help a customer make an informed decision if they choose to purchase.

Additionally, their customer support team tries to reply to customers within the shortest time possible. It is rare for a customer’s query to go a day without being attended to. They also have a section where customers can leave their reviews, which is a testament to the company’s transparency.

  • Convenient Shipping and Returns Policies

This vendor offers to pay for the shipping expenses if you buy in bulk. Additionally, they ship out every day of the week, apart from the weekend, to ensure that you do not wait for long before receiving your product.

And in case you get the wrong package or a damaged product, Motark Kratom usually offers to either replace your product or give you a full refund without a lot of hassle.

This vendor also has measures in place to ensure that your credit card information remains secure during your transactions with the company.

  • Proof of Quality

To ensure that you do not have any doubts regarding the quality of products you are receiving from the company, Motark Kratom usually provides the relevant licensing and documentation showing proof of quality upon request. This is something that very few kratom vendors do, as most of them get their wares from shoddy places.

Final Thoughts

A quick search on the internet about Motark Kratom will reveal that they are one of the most appreciated vendors in the kratom industry. You will be hard-pressed to find a single bad review about this company.

We, therefore, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Motark Kratom to you. Unfortunately, they have been missing in action of late. We are still waiting for an official statement from the company regarding the state of their operations.

If you are going to buy Kratom from another vendor in the meanwhile, ensure that they are as reputable as Motark Kratom.