Mind Lab Pro Nootropic: Pro’s & Con’s Reviewed

An introduction to Mind Lab Pro

The brain, like any other part of the body, must always stay healthy for optimum productivity. However, maintaining a laser-sharp focus might not be possible every day. On some days, you might be slow, and it may affect your performance negatively. Consequently, people working in high-pressure environments have turned to nootropics to keep their brain functioning in tip-top condition. 

Mind Lab Pro is without a doubt among most recognizable nootropic stacks in the world. It is regularly listed as one of the best nootropics; supplement review websites rank it highly for potency, safety, and value for money.

mind lab pro

The human brain is one of the most powerful and complex constructs on the universe. Now, for a second, imagine it firing on all cylinders. How much could you achieve? 

Well, Mind Lab Pro promises to meet all your brain’s unique needs with a blend of 11 research-backed nootropic ingredients following six bio-pathways to enhance a broad range of cognitive functions.

Therefore, does your current lifestyle demand dynamic brainpower? Better yet, are you looking to nourish and protect your brain for lasting healthy function? Well, I think you should look into this nootropic supplement. Here is a comprehensive breakdown of all things Mind Lab Pro.

What is Mind Lab Pro?

The short answer would be that Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic. Then you’d want to ask, well, what is a nootropic?

A nootropic is a brain booster. It can be an organic or synthetic compound that helps to enhance one’s mental performance. Nootropics function in various ways. They can control numerous aspects of the brain to sustain attention, memory, focus, concentration, mood, relaxation, alertness, resistance to stress, among other facets of cognitive function. 

Regarding Mind Lab Pro, it is a blend of 11 evidence-backed nootropics that target six pathways of brain performance. The pathways include:

  • Brain Chemicals
  • Brain Energy
  • Brain Circulation
  • Brain Protection
  • Brain regeneration
  • Brain Waves

You will love to know that Mind Lab Pro is for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student, professional, athlete, senior citizen, or competitor in various fields. According to the manufacturer, it can optimize your brain function and increase your brainpower by 100%.

Speaking of the manufacturer, Opti-Nutra Limited is the nutraceutical company behind this brain health supplement. The company has its headquarters in London, although they do most of their manufacturing in the United States.

Opti-Nutra is renowned for its dedication to continuously innovate supplements for performance-driven consumers.                                                                                                   

What Are These Unique Ingredients?

Check out the following snapshot of the Mind Lab Pro ingredient list.

If you know your nootropics, you already know how potent these ingredients are as individuals. By checking out the ingredient list, you’ll also realize that the nootropics used are not only well-dosed, but most of the ingredients are patented for maximum potency.

Let’s explore the ingredients a little more. 

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri is a common ingredient among many brain supplements. It is an Ayurvedic herb that has demonstrated significant promise in the following areas.

  • Improving cognitive disorders
  • Preventing damage caused by oxidative stress
  • Boosting cognition in healthy people
  • Neurotrophin modulation- neurotrophins are involved in the information of synapse and the brain’s ability to change (neuroplasticity).

This extract supports 3 of your brain pathways, namely brain protection, circulation, and chemicals.

It also promotes GABA, acetylcholine, and serotonin, which contributes to enhanced mood, sharp memory, improved focus, and better thinking. Consequently, it increases your mental processing speed, promotes relaxation, and lowers the rate of forgetting information.

Citicoline as Cognizin®

Citicoline is a sodium salt that occurs naturally in the body as CDP-choline. Research shows that when it is taken orally, it can improve memory and cognitive deficits by boosting dopamine and stimulating the central cholinergic system. 

What’s more, Cognizin helps to boost the regeneration of neurons and can increase brain energy by up to 13.6%. The best part about this is that it contains zero stimulants, which means you will enjoy the enhanced mental performance without crashes or jitters. 

Citicoline also supports neurotransmitter activity while protecting the brain against the antioxidant activity. Other benefits of this component include:

  • Improved mood
  • Increased memory retention
  • Better attention, concentration, and focus.
  • Long-term healthy brain function


This phospholipid is found in the brain to protect nerve cells and neurotransmission. It comprises of 15% of the brain fats and assists four brain pathways. When consumed orally, it crosses the blood-brain barrier and is well absorbed.

Studies reveal that PS can limit, stop, or even reverse the degeneration of nerve cells. It also improves memory (long and short-term), learning, reason, communication, focus, and reflexes.

It may also decrease the amount of cortisol released in your system. Cortisol is a stress hormone. 

PS is especially useful in preventing age-related cognitive decline; it is FDA approved for this purpose. 

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

This fascinating mushroom contains active nootropics, namely hericenones and erinacines. 

It helps to promote brain regeneration and also protects the brain. Research findings show that this ingredient can:

  • Stimulate, production of nerve growth factor (NGF), which encourages the regeneration of neurons.
  • Improve brain plasticity, which is crucial for storing new memories, skills, and lessons.
  • Encourages replication of brain cells
  • Promotes healthy function of brain cell membranes

Additional Ingredients include:

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine- This enhanced-potency version of Tyrosine rejuvenates stress-depleted neurotransmitters required for juggling brain functions and boosts peak mental performance.  

Maritime Pine Bark- this component contains 95% proanthocyanidin. The bark extract helps to maximize blood flow to the brain and also promotes robust antioxidant activity.

L-Theanine as Suntheanine®- this ingredient helps to boost Alpha Brainwaves, thus promoting a state of “wakeful relaxation” while reducing jitters that may be caused by caffeine. 

Rhodiola Rosea- this extract contains 3% rosavin and 1% salidroside. Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogen herb that boosts mind-body performance during high-pressure situations. 

Vitamins B6, B9, and B12 as Biogenesis™

Biogenesis helps the brain in three significant ways.

  • Vitamin B6-promotes optimum production, conversion, and utilization of various brain chemicals
  • Vitamin B9- is crucial for healthy cerebrovascular function and peak activity of mood balancing brain substances. 
  • Vitamin B12- helps to maintain the proper metabolism of brain energy and the formation of the myelin sheath, that aids in covering and protecting the nerves.

Mind Lab Pro Benefits

Increases Learning Capacity

When learning, there’s so much your brain can store, process, and retrieve. It comes to a point when your brain cannot assimilate any more information, which leads to poor performance. However, taking Mind Lab Pro will boost your brain capacity, enabling you to take in more details for a more extended period.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Mind Lab Pro helps to reduce stress to a great extent. When you experience stress, it becomes difficult for you to focus on the things that need your brain’s involvement. Anxiety is no better than pressure as it leads to unwarranted distractions.

Overall, this supplement helps you to overcome these issues, thus improving productivity. 

Protects Brain Cells

As you continue to task your brain through different endeavors, your brain cells become exhausted, and they eventually die. Exhausted or reduced brain cells may limit your overall brain performance, which may be quite costly.

Mind Lab Pro helps to maintain the integrity of your brain cells, helping them to perform at a higher level. 

Improves Memory 

As you may know, memory begins to get hazy once you reach your fifties. However, we cannot overlook the fact that even young people have issues with retaining and recalling information. 

This blend of research-backed ingredients will boost your memory and ability to retain information, which can be considered an “unfair advantage.”

Eliminates Brain Fog

Other people may refer to brain fog as mental ambiguity. When you have this issue, it becomes difficult to concentrate, basic intellectual tasks appear more complicated, and stuff you were once conversant with seems difficult to comprehend or recall. 

You’ll love to know that Mind Lab Pro helps to eliminate brain fog and offers you an extra burst of creativity, renewed focus, and creative energy.

Mind Lab Pro Dosage

The manufacturer, Opti-Nutra, advises that you should take two capsules of the brain health supplement either in the morning or during the night. It’s preferable to take in the morning, considering the intensive cognitive demands during the day. However, if you feel like you need an extra boost, you can take up to four capsules. 

You must not exceed four caplets within 24 hours. 

Is Mind Lab Pro Safe?

Absolutely. There have been zero side effects reported from taking this brain health supplement. However, this doesn’t mean that it is universally safe as different ingredients react distinctly with each individual. 

Purchasing Mind Lab Pro

Always buy your supply of this nootropic from the official company website or legit dealers. A one-month supply of Mind Lab Pro costs $65, roughly $2.14 per day, which is relatively cheap for the results you realize.

You can also reduce the prize by buying a three-month supply whereby you’ll get one month’s supply for free and also benefit from free shipping. 

This product is also backed by a risk-free “empty bottle” money-back guarantee. 

Final Thoughts

So, are you looking for a nootropic that can help you achieve nearly superhuman focus without crashing or feeling jittery? You need to look no further because Mind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra Limited is the solution you’ve been seeking. 

Apart from the excellent blend of 11 research-backed ingredients, this nootropic stands out with its bold warranty, which allows you to return an empty bottle for a full refund if unsatisfied. The manufacturer’s mouth is where their money is.

So, what’ve you got to lose? Buy it, try it and if you hate it, return it!