Review of Male Extra: Benefits & Side Effects of this supplement

An introduction to Male Extra

Are you a man that perhaps is not fully satisfied with the kind of erections that you are able to achieve? Do you feel that you would do better with an extra few inches as far as the size of the penis is concerned? Are you not sure if your partner is fully satisfied with your performance in the bed? If the answers to the above questions are yes, then you are perhaps in the right place. We will be talking about an exciting male penis enhancement product by the name Male Extra. If you look up the internet it is quite possible that you will come across dozens of such products and therefore making the right choice is not easy to say the least. There is no doubt that male sexual enhancement products are big businesses these days especially on the internet.

male extra

With so many such products available in the market, making the right choice is not going to be easy. However, those who have used Male Extra are quite happy about it. Hence, taking a cue from their feedbacks and reviews and also after looking at the various ingredients of this product, we thought it would be a good idea to have a complete, total and impartial review of Male Extra. We are sure that the information that we are sharing over the next few lines will help our readers and potential customers to have reasonably clear and factual information about the various reasons as to why this could be a good choice. It may help many men to rediscover their sexual life and have a happy relationship with their women. Women these days are demanding and are particular about the quality of sexual life they would like to enjoy. Hence, as a man, it is your responsibility to help them in this matter and towards this objective, we have reasons to believe that Male Extra could be one of the best choices available in the market today.

What Is Male Extra?

Male Extra is a great product and has a number of carefully chosen ingredients. All these have proven ability to increase the sexual ability for men and also could help in improving the size of their organ and also offer other related benefits and advantages. But the moot question that comes to the mind of our readers is whether the product can offer the right value for money. We will try and answer this question also in the course of this review and this will help our readers as well as prospective customers to have the right perspective and the right information about this product.

Male Extra is supposed to help men to significantly improve their sexual duration and strength. This is possible only if they are able to have better erections. The erections should be hard and they should also prolong for a significant amount of time. The erections should also increase the length of the penis and also improve its girth quite significantly. It should also be able to prevent the problem of premature ejaculation. Can all this happen in a single product? We are sure you will have this question lingering in your mind. Once you go through the next few lines, you will have reasons to believe that it certainly is a value for money that has delivered on its promises time and again.

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It has many Ingredients

One of the main reasons for the various benefits associated with Male Extra is perhaps the fact that it has a number of ingredients. Each of these ingredients has been carefully chosen. Many ingredients that form part of this product have been around for thousands of years and therefore they have stood the test of time. These ingredients have been used in traditional medicinal systems like Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicines.

Western science has done quite a lot of research on these ingredients and they are sure that the same is proven, and have stood the test of time. They have the proven capability of improving sexual health, and also have a number of other factors that are quite useful in enhancing overall performance. When all these are mixed together you can be sure that some pretty wonderful and correct things can happen.

It has some important and vital minerals and vitamins like zinc, B3 amongst others. Both of these minerals and vitamins are proven record when it comes to improving male sexual health significantly.

What Are The Benefits

There are obviously a number of benefits that you are sure to get when you start using Male Extra regularly at the right dosage and for the right length of time. We are listing down some of the major benefits that are worth mentioning.

  • More frequent erections.
  • Harder and stronger erections.
  • Erections that last much longer.
  • Improved levels of confidence
  • Improve stamina and energy levels.
  • More intense and more frequent and long-lasting orgasms.
  • Increase seminal discharge to the pleasure of your woman.

How To Be Sure That It Actually Works?

Male Extra has been selling for ten long years and this in itself is a big testimony that the product works well on the ground. The popularity of this product is increasing with each passing day and more and more customers are beginning to enjoy the benefits of this male performance-enhancing product. Further, there are today around 150,000 satisfied men across the world and many of them are repeat customers. This certainly would never happen if people have not received the right benefits after using the product. One good way forward would be to talk to people who have used these male enhancement pills and go by their feedback. There are many online reviews and if you have a look at them, you will come to know that there are quite a few things that are simply amazing as far as this product is concerned. It delivers on almost all the promises that it makes and this indeed is no mean achievement.


There are many ingredients that have been stacked in Male Extra and this makes it an amazing male enhancement product. We will have a look at some of the ingredients that are considering important and vital.

  • L-Arginine is a highly powerful and proven amino acid. It helps the body to produce more nitrous oxide. This helps in relaxing blood vessels and helps to move more blood through it. This obviously leads to better erection and the erection stays big and huge for considerably longer periods of time. It also reduces the time needed for the penis to grow big again between orgasms and ejaculations.
  • Pomegranate extract is a known aphrodisiac and it improves and increases sexual desire. Some people refer to pomegranate to be nature‚Äôs Viagra.
  • MSM is another important mineral that is available in this male enhancement supplement. It helps to keep the cell healthy and also encourages blood flow to the penis.
  • L methionine is a time tested and proven amino acid compound. It has properties that could help to slow the speed of ejaculation. Though this is not backed by scientific evidence, many mean believe that it actually happens this way.
  • Zinc is without any doubt one of the most important nutrients that is required for optimal and natural sexual health. Our body needs it for the production of testosterone and additionally helps in maintaining libido for an extended period of time. Many studies have shown that men with zinc deficiency have reported trouble in having erections and maintaining it for the required amount of time. The human body cannot make zinc and therefore it has to be gotten from outside through supplements. Male Extra has rich quantities of healthy zinc.
  • Cordyceps is another powerful and popular mushroom that is known to be a good adaptogen. This has a number of benefits. It can help to boost energy and also increase blood flow to different parts of the body including the penis. It also could be helpful in improving endurance. Male Extra has 25 mg of cordyceps extract in it.
  • Niacin also is known as vitamin B3 and it could help in relaxing blood vessels. Relaxed blood vessels allow more blood flow into the penile area and this improves erection in terms of size, girth, and hardness.

Side Effects

Though there are hardly any side effects, you should try and follow the dosage in terms of a number of pills, the frequency, and other such things. The ingredients are natural and therefore are considered to be very safe and free from any possible side effects. If you are on some medications for some pre-existing illnesses, check with your doctor and find out whether you can take those medicines along with Male Extra. This will prevent the risk of drug-related contraindications.


The recommended dosage is 2 pills per day and it would be a good idea to take it in the morning along with breakfast. Drink plenty of water when you take this supplement so that it starts getting absorbed fast and starts giving the desired results soon.


There is hardly any doubt that Male Extra is one of the most successful and popular male performance and size-enhancement products in the market. The pills have been around for more than 10 years and they are becoming quite popular as days and months roll by. It comes with a reliable and time tested formula and it is quite safe and virtually free from side effects.

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