Laxogenin: Pro’s & Con’s Reviewed

Laxogenin: how it increases muscle mass

There isn’t a promise in the bodybuilding scene that can reasonably stack up to the mysterious allure of androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS). Rightfully so, their effusive potency to induce anabolism has been witnessed both anecdotally and scientifically. In some cases, AAS users have experienced more significant increases in mass than novice natural lifters, even when not lifting at all.

Unfortunately, as is widely known, using steroids bears some consequences, some of which are life-threatening, and in some cases irreversible. Over the years, many have touted alternative panacea that allegedly serves similar functions as the harmful steroids, without the undesirable effects. Mostly, these attempts at a quick dollar manifest themselves in deceptive training regimens, bizarre dietary supplements, and snake oil supplements.

A supplement known as Laxogenin is the subject of one of the most contemporary crazes in bodybuilding. Apparently, it can deliver 200% boost in the synthesis of muscle protein. Here’s the catch; the supplement is touted to provide all these without impacting your hormonal levels, endocrine system, or androgen receptors.

Before you can dismiss this product as too good to be true, read on to learn everything you should know about Laxogenin.

What is Laxogenin?

Laxogenin (3beta-hydroxy-25D,5alpha-spirostan-6-one) is a substance sold in numerous forms as a muscle-toning supplement. It belongs to a category of plant hormones known as brassinosteroids, which feature a similar structure to animal steroid hormones. Interestingly, mustard is also a member of that class. In plants, brassinosteroids function to enhance growth.

This substance is mostly derived from the underground stems of Smilax sieboldii, an Asian-native plant. It can also be obtained from Allium chinense, commonly known as Chinese onion.

When it comes to supplements, Laxogenin is derived from diosgenin, a more common plant steroid. You’ll be interested to know that diosgenin is usually a primary raw material for more than half of the synthetic steroids, including cortisone, testosterone, and progesterone.

While this substance is mostly promoted as “organic,” most supplements do not contain Laxogenin, but its synthetic offshoot, 5-α-hydroxy-laxogenin.

However, unlike the typical muscle builders, you may have encountered, Laxogenin is not a prohormone or an anabolic steroid. But what’s the difference?

Laxogenin Vs. Steroids and Prohormones

On several occasions, I’ve encountered guys asking, “Is Laxogenin a prohormone?” Or rather, “is it an anabolic steroid?” Let’s clear up the air here.

This substance is neither a prohormone or an AAS. Here’s why.

Prohormones function by providing the body with a substance that’s a close relative of testosterone. As you may know, testosterone is a classic example of an AAS. Although one of the most controversial PED’s in athletics and bodybuilding, their efficacy can’t be understated. While they function through various mechanisms, an enzyme known as 5-α-reductase is always involved in breaking down testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which works directly on muscle to stimulate growth.

Unlike prohormones and anabolic steroids, Laxogenin assumes an entirely different approach. Brassinosteroids like this one attach on the cell’s surface and trigger an internal signal within the cell to stimulate growth. Notably, the plant steroids trigger AKT1, or protein kinase B, a protein that promotes muscle gain while preventing muscle protein breakdown.

Besides, the byproducts of natural Laxogenin inhibit the enzymes that break down cAMP (phosphodiesterase), thus enhancing the breakdown of fats.

With that said, you can avoid the following when using Laxogenin.

  • Testing positive for steroids in anti-doping screening
  • Damage on the kidney and liver (hepatotoxicity)
  • Sex hormone imbalance (mostly testosterone suppression)
  • Post-cycle therapy to restore testosterone levels

Overall, as opposed to the typical muscle building enhancements, Laxogenin will not be transformed into testosterone and dihydrotestosterone nor incur the risk of increasing estrogen.

Now that all that is behind us, how can this supplement benefit you?


Benefits of Using Laxogenin

While Laxogenin is paraded to have a wide range of benefits, here are the proven perks associated with the substance.

Effective Alternative to Steroids

The chances are high that you’ve probably encountered the term “safe alternative to steroids.” However, when you read carefully into it, the phrase was probably misused. If you consider all the anabolic supplements you know and eliminate the ones that affect hormone levels, you’ll remain with a remarkably short list of compounds that can enhance your performance and help you recover faster.

The good news is that Laxogenin is one of these few substances.

Can Be Stacked with Other Supplements

This compound can be stacked with other supplements such as estrogen blockers and testosterone boosters to augment muscle building and recovery across two different avenues.

Arguably, this prospect makes more sense than the more common approach of stacking two or more testosterone boosters that have the same mechanism of action.

Is Useful for Post-Cycle Therapy

Interestingly, after running a steroid or prohormone cycle, Laxogenin can be instrumental during post cycle therapy. This substance will help you maintain your gains as it utilizes a different path of action compared to the conventional steroids.

Fast-Acting Anabolic Supplement

When compared to other anabolic compounds that do not interfere with the endocrine system, Laxogenin is more bioavailable (absorbed much-faster into the bloodstream). Given that this compound tends to kick in quite fast, it is excellent for anyone looking to build muscle and strength more quickly.

Other reported benefits of this natural supplement include:

  • Boosts protein synthesis and reduces the breakdown of proteins
  • Enhances strength
  • Expedites muscle recovery
  • Increases endurance levels (both mental and physical)
  • Encourages the development of lean muscle mass
  • Boosts nitrogen retention
  • Leads to better muscle pumps overall
  • Suppresses cortisol levels
  • Boosts thyroid function
  • Promotes fat loss during cutting and sustains optimal cholesterol levels
  • Regulates blood levels
  • Contains adaptogenic properties (stabilizes physiological processes, reduces sensitivity to stress and promotes homeostasis)

Laxogenin Dosage

At the moment, dosage data from clinical trials is unavailable. As a result, Laxogenin manufacturers have established unofficial dosage recommendations on a trial and error basis. What’s more, the optimal dosage for maximum results may vary according to the individual (consider bodyweight and exposure to PEDs).

For instance, most specialists usually recommend 100 mg per day for a four to twelve-week cycle, followed by a four-week off-cycle period. However, some users may consider this too high, or perhaps too low. Some consumers deem it unnecessary to cycle as well.

Expert Tip: An on-off cycle helps your body to avoid building resistance towards a supplement. The resistance usually leads to taking higher doses to attain results you previously achieved with a much lower amount.

Most often, you’ll come across Laxogenin packaged in 25mg pills. Most guidelines will instruct you to take three to six caplets a day, meaning that you’ll be taking somewhere between 75 mg and 100 mg. With this in mind, how about beginning at the bottom of the spectrum and tailoring the dosage according to your individual needs?

Is Laxogenin Safe?

While the term safe is relatively subjective, it suffices to say that Laxogenin is a safe compound. Before we can sing it praises, consider this.

Supplements containing smilax are known to cause stomach upsets and kidney disorders. When taken in large doses, they may cause headaches, shock, excessive urination, and diarrhea. However, you must note that most of these effects are associated with compounds gotten from other smilax species such as sarsaparilla, that may not contain Laxogenin.

Anecdotal reports indicate that headache is the most rampant side effect associated with Laxogenin. Interestingly, users only experienced side effects after taking more than 150 mg a day.

Who Can Use Laxogenin?

The most interesting bit about Laxogenin is that it is a highly versatile compound. Given that it enhances the affinity of muscle growth while also reducing stress, it can help you build muscle while also burning fat stores. This makes it ideal for bulking, cutting, and even body recomposition (bulking and cutting simultaneously).

What’s more, it doesn’t affect your hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis (HPTA); it is useful to both men and women.

With that said, this supplement is ideal for:

  • Anyone looking to build muscle and enhance their athletic performance
  • Any bodybuilder using legal prohormones, creatine supplements or HGH releasers looking to promote muscle growth
  • Pros who want a substance that will complement their current athletic regimen
  • Individuals aiming to enhance muscle growth but are avoiding androgen supplements (e.g., women)

Purchasing Laxogenin

In most cases, this supplement is usually sold in capsules. Other forms of Laxogenin include topical creams and liquid emulsions. Each serving contains 25-100 mg of 5-α-hydroxy-laxogenin.

Some of the most popular products containing Laxogenin include:

  • Halo by Redcon1
  • Primavar by Primeval Labs
  • Anafuse by Vital Labs
  • Ano-Genin by Blackstone Labs
  • Nano Genin by Assault Nano Series

Recently, Olympus Labs introduced a transdermal Laxogenin by the name Derma STRENGTH.

Final Thoughts

As we sum up, here are a few crucial takeaways. Laxogenin is an organic steroid found in various plants. The substance has a knack to boost muscle growth and burn fat without the effects of analogue steroids. It may also enhance physical fitness and muscle growth. Additionally, it can be used therapeutically to reduce blood sugar and fight cancer.

Overall, while most users praise Laxogenin for commendable muscle gains and functional safety, some have complained about headaches after consuming higher doses.