Kratom and Alcohol Combined: It is recommended?

An overview of Kratom and Alcohol

Kratom is a wonderful herb. It can act as a stimulant as well as a sedative. Alcohol also does both, only that it gets you intoxicated. Therefore, it is no surprise that some kratom users wonder about what would happen if they combined these two substances.

Is it a good idea to combine kratom with alcohol? Read on to find out the possible implications of using these substances together.

kratom and alcohol

Can Kratom and Alcohol Go Together?

At the moment, clinical studies are yet to be done to find out the consequences of combining kratom with alcohol. As a result, all the information we have regarding this topic is based on anecdotal evidence.

Some individuals say that they use kratom to overcome their alcohol dependency by consuming kratom and alcohol simultaneously. Apparently, kratom reduces the urge to drink.

Using kratom this way, therefore, may also benefit recreational drinkers, as it will reduce the amount of alcohol that they consume. Obviously, this comes with benefits such as consuming fewer calories, spending less money, and even boosting overall health.

Despite these apparent benefits, anyone considering combining these substances should tread carefully since alcohol is a notorious depressant, while kratom can be either a sedative or stimulant depending on the strain and dosage.

Research shows that combining alcohol with opioids, such as hydrocodone, results in an extremely potent sedative. This is a relevant point since kratom achieves some of its effects by mimicking the effects of opiates on your brain’s opioid receptors.

However, there is no evidence to support that combining alcohol with kratom shall result in the same effect.

What are Users Saying?

Online forums, such as Reddit, are a great place to start your research about such topics. User experiences on online forums regarding this topic are quite varied. Some say that they feel that the adverse effects they experienced after using these two substances together were as a result of kratom, while others blame alcohol.

The majority of user experiences, however, seem to be of the consensus that mixing kratom with alcohol is dangerous to your health.

Since there are so many variables involved with this combination, the best way to approach this issue would be looking at the effects that follow combining these substances at various dosages.

Low Dose Alcohol and Kratom

Based on user experiences, it appears as though combining kratom with a small number of alcohol results in mild effects, such as stimulating the user and enhancing their mood. While using kratom causes these effects, a little bit of alcohol can improve their intensities, without causing any adverse effects.

Most people who combine kratom with alcohol in this fashion report experiencing a feeling of relaxation, which allows them to have a deeper and stronger connection to their emotions. Even though you are not likely to experience adverse effects, you should still avoid driving or operating heavy machinery, as you will still be under some level of intoxication.


Medium Dose Alcohol and Kratom

Combining alcohol and kratom at medium doses usually results in either a positive experience or an extremely awful one. It does seem, however, that you are more likely to have a negative experience. Some of the side effects that result include nausea, lethargy, dizziness, vomiting, stomach aches, and more.

Most people who combine kratom and alcohol at this level report experiencing extreme feelings of tiredness (lethargy). A plausible explanation for this effect is the sedative effects of kratom when used at medium doses, especially if you are using a potent strain such as red vein kratom.

It is important to remember that kratom strains have varying potencies, which means that some are more powerful than others are. This means that alcohol will only exacerbate the effects of a more potent strain.

Some users, however, report not experiencing any ill effects after combining these two substances at this level. A possible explanation would be that they did not use a potent strain of kratom.

Nevertheless, it is becoming more apparent that you cannot apply one finding to all kratom users.

High Dose Alcohol and Kratom

It should not come as a surprise to learn that combining two powerful substances at high doses results in nothing but adverse effects. When you consume a large amount of alcohol before or after taking a high dose of kratom can result in reactions such as fainting, a spinning sensation, headaches, or nausea.

Users who have been brave enough to attempt this combination report waking up with a hangover like no other. Stories of people who did not experience adverse effects at this level are far and few in between. Most reviews on Reddit do not mince their words when talking about the extreme risk involved in combining alcohol and kratom at high doses.

Therefore, if you are thinking about trying it out, we advise that you do not.

The Dangers of Using Kratom with Alcohol

Since there are no official studies on the dangers of combining kratom with alcohol, we shall try to make deductions based on what we know about both substances.

Alcohol causes a block in the central nervous system, thereby impeding the brain’s ability to recognize messages and signals from the nerve receptors. This is how alcohol compromises your mood, senses, perceptions, and movement.

Kratom typically works as either a stimulant or sedative. This means that if you are already compromised by alcohol, kratom will only exacerbate those effects.

A moderate dosage of alcohol is about two drinks for men and one drink for women. Nonetheless, even at such a moderate amount, kratom will enhance alcohol’s effects considerably in addition to making them last much longer. Though that might sound like a good idea to some, remember that your high will have been intensified, meaning that you will be more likely to make a bad decision, such as upping that dosage.

Reports also show that combining alcohol with kratom compromises your coordination and motor skills, thus rendering you unfit to operate any kind of machinery.

People who have drunk alcohol after consuming kratom report experiencing a dulling of kratom’s effects, in addition to feelings of nausea and headaches.

Potential Side Effects of Combining Kratom with Alcohol

Some of the common side effects that people experience upon using this combination include:

  • Troubled sleep
  • Dizziness
  • Lethargy
  • Dehydration
  • Nausea
  • Body weakness
  • Increased levels of stress
  • Stomach issues
  • Issues with the respiratory system

These side effects, as well as their severity, vary among users.

Kratom and Alcohol Withdrawal

It does appear as though kratom can assist in withdrawing from alcohol addiction. This is due to kratom’s effects on the brain’s opioid receptors. We love alcohol since it triggers the opioid receptors into releasing endorphins, which are responsible for the good feeling one experiences when they drink alcohol.

Kratom also triggers the opioid receptors into releasing endorphins, which explains kratom’s mood-uplifting effects. As such, a recovering addict can use kratom to curb their craving for alcohol.

Additionally, kratom’s calming effects will help relieve the anxiety and stress that comes with withdrawing from alcohol use. Moreover, kratom’s analgesic properties will help manage painful withdrawal symptoms.

Kratom and Alcohol Hangover

Some kratom users utilize the substance to manage hangover symptoms after a night of heavy drinking. A hangover usually results from alcohol constricting blood vessels in the brain. The implication is that the brain does not receive enough oxygen, thereby resulting in symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, and nausea.

Kratom can help take care of that situation in a number of ways. First off, it relaxes muscles, as well as blood vessels. This calming effect allows your blood vessels to relax, thereby restoring the normal flow of blood to the brain. Additionally, it has analgesic properties, which take care of physical pains in the body. Kratom’s stimulating properties work against the lethargic symptoms of a hangover, thereby giving you the energy to go on with your day, despite drinking the previous night heavily.

Therefore, yes, kratom can be an effective antidote to alcohol hangovers.

Final Thoughts

Before you put anything into your body, it is imperative that you understand all the potential implications it can have on your body.

People have been using alcohol for millennia, while kratom is a new product to the western world. While we do know the disastrous effects that alcohol can have on the body, we are yet to understand kratom’s effects fully.

This is because kratom is still undergoing research, and it might be years before we get a complete comprehension of this substance.

From what we know so far, kratom is extremely beneficial to one’s wellbeing when used appropriately. This means that, even when used by itself, one should practice extreme caution since it can cause adverse effects when misused.

As such, combining it with alcohol is a thought that should not even cross your mind, at least not until we understand it. Additionally, anecdotal reports reveal that combining kratom and alcohol does more harm than good. 

Therefore, we strongly advise against using alcohol and kratom together.