How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs:the full guide

How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs

Yes, men would like to fantasize about breasts of women because they have a titillating effect and it is a way by which the sex hormones of men get activated. In the same way, women get attracted to men with a good physique, smart looks, and intelligent disposition. However, when things go normal with men and women, it becomes awkward and embarrassing for both of them. For example, men would not like to be close to women who have man-like attributes like hair in different parts of the body, a voice that sounds like a man and so on.

how to get rid of man boobs

On the other side, many men suffer from physical attributes and conditions that make them feel awkward and very embarrassed. One such common problem is referred to as man-boobs. Yes, it might sound a bit weird but there are some men who suffer from this condition. This is known as having women-like breasts and unfortunately, there are some men who suffer from this problem. They even have milk ducts. Men normally do not have breast tissues that develop like women. This is because, during puberty, the male body inhibits the development of breast tissues and ducts because of high levels of testosterone during puberty.

What are the reasons for men having breasts that look like women? There could be many reasons for this problem. One such condition is referred to as gynecomastia. This leads to swollen breast tissues and even tenderness of the breasts. In most cases, the reasons could be identified to some issues with the testosterone quality and levels in the men concerned. When this happens, it often leads to more estrogen in the body. However in most cases men end up having boobs because of deposit of excess fat on the chest. It could be because of the deposit of a thick layer of fat that hides the pectoral muscles. If you find ways to lose body fat and gain muscle, you will be able to get rid of those ugly looking man boobs.

How To Address The Problem

There are some specific exercises and workouts that focus on fat loss in one particular area of the body. You can try those exercises if you are keen on finding an answer to the question of how to get rid of man boobs.  You could also go regular weight loss exercises such as cardiovascular exercises such as jogging, running, rapid walking and cycling could help your cause quite a bit. Pushups are simple and easy to perform workouts that could help you to get the required exercise to your chest area. If these do not yield the right results, you could always get in touch with your local gym. These professional workout areas have different types of weight machines and other such devices. They can help to burn fat in highly focused and localized areas including your chest, as a man. However, you should not try them on your own but should take the help and assistance of professionals. You must know how to use these machines properly.

This will ensure that your breast-burning exercises are not only effective but are also safe. You will be able to avoid unwanted injuries and other such problems. The exercises include Barbell bench press, Pec Deck Machine exercises and Bent forward cable crossovers. Each of the above exercises target the mid-chest and surrounding areas and when done properly under the active guidance of professionals, it could help in melting those fatty tissues around your chest area and help replace the same with lean muscles that look more manly and help remove that ugly flab and fat within a short period of time. However, you have to be sure that you do it carefully because these exercises could lead to injuries and this may prevent you from visiting gyms for a considerable length of time. If this happens, you can be sure that you will start building flab and fatty tissues around the breast and things could become worse over a period of time.


Make Changes To Your Diet

Making intelligent and well-thought-out changes to your diet is another proven and time-tested way to melt and remove of excess fat from various parts of the body. It does not require any radical change. You can get started with small steps and change overall eating pattern and routine gradually. You also should try and replace some foods that you or your trainer feels could be adding to flab and fat in your body. You should not be over-ambitious and overzealous in your weight loss plan. The diet pattern must be sustainable and must contribute positively to your weight loss. The overall aim must be to lose around two pounds of weight each week. This will help in keeping it simple and you will be able to sustain the weight loss for a longer period of time.

It would be a good idea to keep a food diary to have a record of what you are eating currently. You must move away from foods that are high in calories and are low in nutritional value. These include candy, soda, and other sugary food items. You can replace them with lean proteins, whole grains, and other whole foods that are healthy and offer you the required healthy calories and nutrition. You must understand that if you consume fewer calories from beverages and food will not leave you hungry. Try to move away from the foods that you cannot eat every day. Replace them with new foods that are healthy, nutritious and also tasty. Vegetables and fruits are high in nutrients, water and dietary fiber and low in calories. You could have a look at these fruits and vegetables that have just around 100 calories, each serving:

  • Medium banana
  • Medium Apple
  • Cup of blueberries
  • Cup of steamed beans (green)
  • Broccoli one cup
  • One cup of carrot with bell peppers and two tablespoons of hummus

What About Supplements

Yes, you also come across scores of articles on the internet and other places that say quite a few things about supplements for handling the problem of boobs that are big for men. Many people often ask the question of whether these supplements are good. Is it the right way forward to answer the question of how to get rid of man boobs? Yes and no. While there are some quality supplements that could help in correcting hormonal imbalances, you must be careful in choosing them.

You must identify the main cause of developing woman-like boobs. In most cases, it is because of obesity and overweight related problems. These problems can be addressed just by following a good workout and exercise schedules. You can also get the desired results by changing the pattern, style, and quantity of certain foods that you are eating. You should replace carbohydrate-rich food with lean proteins to the extent possible. You must avoid processed foods that are rich in saturated fatty acids. This should be enough and there may not be any need for supplements.

However, there could be many men who may suffer from a condition that is known as gynecomastia. This is a condition that may require some medical intervention. It happens when there is a sudden depletion or dip in the levels of testosterone. It might be because of a number of reasons. The underlying cause has to be identified and treated accordingly. When a man suffers from gynecomastia he also sees a rise in the levels of estrogen which is found more predominantly in women. The levels of estrogen have to be reduced while simultaneously testosterone levels are increased carefully. There are supplements that make this possible and there are many such brands available in the market.

Things To Keep In Mind

While there may be the need to take supplements to overcome the condition called gynecomastia it should be done carefully. The person concerned must go through some tests to be sure that he is suffering from testosterone deficiency while having high levels of estrogen. Further, the overall health of the man who is suffering, his age, and other such attributes must also be taken into account. His existing illnesses, medical condition and the medications taken by him should also be evaluated by a competent doctor or medical person. They must feel satisfied that he is a potential candidate for such supplements and only then should he be put on a dosage of such supplements. The risks versus benefits must be carefully evaluated before putting the man on such supplements.


To conclude, there is no doubt that any man with a woman-like breast would find it very awkward and embarrassing. It could become a major social issue and could also perhaps damage relationships on a personal level. Hence, there is a need to overcome the problem as soon as possible. If the problem is because of increased levels of fat and fatty tissues, the same can be handled by making changes to diet, exercise and body activities. There are some specific workouts that target the chest muscles and help burn the fat around these areas. On the other hand, there also could be situations where a man could be suffering from gynecomastia. In such conditions, he may require medical intervention in the form of supplements that address the problem. It could be because of low levels of testosterone and increased levels of estrogen. This has to be addressed by putting the patient on a carefully selected dosage of testosterone while special medications have to be given for bringing down the levels of estrogen.