Halotestin: Pro’s & Con’s of this steroid

Halotestin: a strong muscle supplement

If you are in the market for choosing the right bodybuilding supplement, then you may have many reasons to feel confused and undecided. This is because many of us, especially those who are beginners may not have the right information and knowledge about the various bodybuilding supplements. Secondly, we also need to understand that there are many supplement manufacturers and marketers in the market. While having choices is good, having too many of them could also lead to confusion and indecision. This is the problem with many sportspersons and individuals who are looking to choose the right bodybuilding supplement. The best way forward would be to do the right research and then choose the right bodybuilding supplement. This will help you to select the right product that helps you to get good value for money and also provides you an opportunity to build those wonderful lean muscles, apart from having an enviable track record as far as building quality bones and joints are concerned.


Though there dozens of such supplements in the market, we will be having a closer look at Halotestin. This is considered to be a quality bodybuilding supplement that has been around for many years now. We, therefore, thought it fit to do a complete and total review of this bodybuilding supplement. To start with, we need to bear in mind that this is derivative of methyltestereone. Those who understand this derivative will certainly be in agreement with us about a few things. This is a highly powerful and effective steroid and it comes with an anabolic rating of 1900. At the same time, the androgenic rating of 850 is also something that makes it very special and unique. The best way forward would be to compare this supplement with testosterone. This, we are sure will help the readers to get a reasonably good idea about how powerful and potent the supplement is. We need to understand that testosterone has an anabolic rating of around 100. Therefore, at 1900, it is quite obvious that Halotestin is around 19 times more powerful and potent than testosterone. This huge difference in power makes is perhaps one of the best and most powerful bodybuilding and muscle enhancing supplements in the market today. Halotestin also has 8.5 times more androgenic power than testosterone and therefore if you look at it in any way, you can be sure that you will get the best results from it.

How It Can Help

There is little doubt this bodybuilding supplement apart from being powerful also is very popular amongst thousands of bodybuilders and athletes across the world. It also compares well and performs quite admirable as far as quality anabolic steroids are concerned. It has a wonderful track record of offering the best possible outcomes and this can happen with the shortest period of time. However, there is a point that one must keep in mind. It may not be the right steroid for those who are faint-hearted. This is a substance that is sought after and used only by those who are experienced and advanced users of steroids. If you are a newbie then you should stay away from Halotestin because it could lead to unwanted complications. There have been a few instances where beginners may have found this supplement too hot to handle and it could lead to serious complications and even fatalities.

Why This is Chosen By Body Builders?

Why is Halotestin so popular in spite of being so powerful and potent? The answer is not difficult to find. We need to understand that historically, the stronger the compound, the better would the results will be and bodybuilders will have quite a few things positive to talk and celebrate about Halotestin. While it is without any doubt one of the strongest anabolic steroids in the market, this also makes it very dangerous and you could overshoot from a mild dose to an overdose without your knowing it. The side effects simply put could be unpleasant and even brutal and therefore you must always keep this in mind.  Unless you are able to monitor the dosage very closely and perfectly, you could run the risk of damaging your heart tissues and also your liver. But if you stay strictly within the dosage, you will be in a position where you can perhaps have the cake and also eat it too.

In spite of being so powerful and even perhaps quite dangerous, there is a continuing demand for Halotestin and it continues to be available in the black market. Hence, you must be well informed and educated before you actually even contemplate taking this bodybuilding supplement. The information that is being shared below could be an eye-opener and may also help the readers and other stakeholders to make the right choice whether this steroid is suited for you or not.


What is Halotestin?

As mentioned above, this is an anabolic androgenic steroid and it was first developed in the 1950s. It was then sold under the brand name Fluoxymesterone. It was initially developed for medical purposes. It was used for treating paraplegia, malnutrition, muscle wasting disorders, breast cancers in women, and also for tacking the effects of prolonged exposure towards cortisone. It also was found to be useful in treating burns and also when it came to healing bone fractures. Many men were recommended this supplement for treating hypogonadism and andropause disorders.

Though the FDA started a crackdown on most anabolic steroids starting the 1980s, Halotestin was being used in the medical sector but the quantum of usage went down quite significantly. Safer drugs were also introduced and many physicians had to stop using this dangerous steroid. But the ban has not worked and many thousands of men from the fitness community continue to use this supplement, though discreetly. It is good for treating osteoporosis for women when they reach the post-menopause stage, It also could help in treating androgen deficiency in men and also for treating breast cancers.

Benefits of Using This Supplement

  • It provides a lot of strength and energy and this is one of the most obvious benefits of this supplement.
  • It also could help in fat loss. It is used in cutting cycles and this helps to get rid of all extra fat around the body.
  • As the fat deposits get broken down, you will have enough fuel for an efficient workout.
  • It also could be extremely useful in chiseling and giving shape to your muscles and also ensures that you have only lean muscles.
  • However, there are a few users who believe that Halotestin may not agree that it could be the best choice for reducing fat deposits. They may require some other complementary substance that may have to be used alongside this supplement. Men who have more than 6% fat may not be able to see much of a difference when it comes to reducing fat when they use Halotestin.
  • It is a good product for boosting strength and energy levels and also promoting fat loss. However, it may not be the best for building muscle mass and may help in chiseling and giving those final touches to the body after one has gone through the right bulking cycle. If bulking is the main objective, then you may have to look for other objectives.

What Are The Possible Side Effects?

Since this is a very powerful and potent anabolic androgenic steroid, it does have some nasty side effects and you must be aware of the same.

The first and foremost problem is that it puts quite a bit of pressure on the liver and liver toxicity is a big challenge with this product. Even 20 mg per day is enough to put some strain on the liver and if not corrected it could lead to some dangerous conditions. Hence, many bodybuilders and athletes, use Halotestin with liver supporting medications like TUDCA and UDCA.

It also may interfere negatively with cholesterol levels. It is notorious for reducing the levels of good cholesterol and may also increase the levels of bad cholesterol or LDL. People with heart conditions and cardiovascular problems such as arteriosclerosis should be very careful when using this supplement. The final takeaway is that though the supplement is effective and potent, people with heart conditions would be better advised to remain careful.


The typical dosage could range from 10 to 20 mg per day. You should try and weight and if you believe that Halotestin is well tolerated you can gradually increase it to 30 to 40 mg per day. It has a short half-life of about 7 hours. Hence it would be better to break down the dosage into two, one in the morning and the other late in the evening. It should be taken half an hour before a workout for the best results.


There is no denying the fact that Halotestin is a very powerful steroid. However, as mentioned above, it may not be for everyone. Beginners and intermediate fitness professionals, bodybuilders and athletes may not be able to handle this steroid and it could also put lives at risk. Therefore, you must carefully evaluate the pros and cons and then decide whether this product is for you. Having said all this, there is no denying the fact that it is one of the best anabolic androgenic supplements in the market today. It is extremely powerful and result oriented. Once you are able to master its usage with the right dosage, it could give amazing results as far as overall build, and other attributes are concerned.