Halodrol: Everything You Need To Know

Halodrol: an overview

Halodrol is a popular prohormone that used to be sold way back in 2005. Many of the prohormones like Halodrol can’t be found anywhere around, though there are other alternatives. Because of strict laws and regulations, the availability of prohormones is almost none. This includes Halodrol in its original form. In this article, you will be able to know more about this prohormone in a detailed analysis.


Halodrol: An overview

Halodrol, which is popular by the name of CDMA or chlorodehydromethylandrostenediol, is treated as an anabolic androgenic steroid. The supplement, in reality, is treated as an imitative of testosterone. The molecular weight of Halodrol is 337, and C20H29C102 is its chemical formula. Halodrol has 16 hours of half-life, but the detection time has not been found out yet.

Halodrol is a potent steroid that consists of 74:28 ratio of anabolic to androgenic. Halodrol is often compared to Turinabol, which is another powerful steroid considered in terms of effects and structure. This prohormone is mainly used by fitness enthusiasts for developing lean muscle mass, sculpting muscles, and avoiding water retention that bloating. Halodrol is recommended to be used by men only, and should not be used by women under any circumstances.

Halodrol is made available as a supplement, and not as a prescribed drug. As a matter of fact, Halodrol is not even classified as a drug. However, there seems to be an absence of accurate information about the whereabouts of this supplement, and if it is banned or not. But the manufacturing company has introduced a new variant and claims that the new supplement is powerful as the original.

Introduction of the new formula:

The company knows how to mash things up and create a good formula. Before the prohormones went big and the process of putting them out of their existence began by exercising regulations, this company was among the few major players. With the new Halodrol, which has a similar structure as the original one, they have enhanced the chemical composition.

With the new formula, they are once again up in the game by claiming that it is more potent than the previous. And, that’s definitely true because it is a collection of key supplements and ingredients which makes it a powerful prohormone. Here are the ingredients in detail.

1-Androsterone – 1-DHEA, or otherwise known as 1-Androsterone, is the first and foremost thing in Halodrol. 1-Androsterone is such an important supplement that many people have written about in on many websites, and so omnipresent in modern prohormones. The supplement is safe, legal, and brings amazing results for anybody who wants to put on some lean mass.

1-Androsterone gets converted into your body as 1-Testosterone. For your information, 1-Testosterone is about 7 times anabolic than the regular testosterone. Additionally, this supplement won’t convert into estrogen, which will relieve you from the side effects of water retention, liver stress, gynecomastia, and so on.

4-Androsterone – Halodrol also consists of 4-Androsterone, and it is another supplement that is commonly found in this type of product. 4-Androsterone gets converted into testosterone much similar to 1-Androsterone, which helps in boosting your testosterone levels. As a result, there will be an increase in aggression and enhance the ability to train yourself beyond your normal scope.

The protein synthesis in your body will improve, and you will be able to build muscles faster with much efficiency. The strength and mass of your muscles will increase, and the energy levels from the inside will come out, which will give you a better ability to train.

Androstenolone acetate and Androsterone – These supplements are next on the list of ingredients found in Halodrol. Androsterone gets converted into DHT, which helps you in gaining strength, muscle growth, energy, increased lipolysis, and drive. It also helps in reducing estrogen linked side effects, such as water retention and gynecomastia.

Meanwhile, Androstenolone acetate (DHEA) is a common prohormone that is used for raising hypertrophy. They also get converted into 1-Testosterone, which further increases the performance of the protein synthesis in your body.

Rhaponticum carthamoides Extract – At last, there is an inclusion of an herbal extract which makes Halodrol quite a unique one. This particular herb has long been used in Russian supplementation and medicine. It helps in strengthening your physical performance and enhancing libido with sexual performance. This extract is naturally anabolic, which triggers protein synthesis.

The extract aids in stabilizing the glycogen levels, and further enhances vascularity. That means, more blood, oxygen, and nutrients will be provided to the muscles. All these ingredients act together to bring the most out of Halodrol to improve protein synthesis by maximizing the testosterone levels.


Halodrol and its benefits:

Halodrol has the ability to enhance your strength, and lead you towards building lean muscle mass that gets hardened throughout the bulking cycle and cutting cycle of toughening workouts. The supplement improves vascularity and enhances dry gains. There are very few chances of having water retention. It also prevents aromatization.

The positive effects of this supplement are very consistent when they are compared to other anabolic steroids, which are much weaker. Halodrol is usually taken before competitions or contests by athletes and bodybuilders. Many fitness enthusiasts also use this supplement when they are in their bulking and cutting phases.

Halodrol can be useful in increasing muscle mass without gaining much fat, reducing any issues with muscles and contributes to healing and recovery, and increases the strength in muscles for enhanced strength, especially the abdominal muscles. For providing better results one has to stack Halodrol with other steroids. However, there are possibilities of unpleasant reactions between the supplements, and hence it should be approached with utmost caution.

Because of Halodrol, athletes and bodybuilders will have more testosterone. There will also be an increase in the shape and size of the muscles. The supplement increases muscle mass and strengthens them. You will have great pumps during the training sessions with more aggression. It increases the count ratio of red blood cells, improves the oxygen-flow through your body, reducing the building-up of lactic acid while exercising, and facilitating better transportation of nutrients to the gained muscles.

Halodrol and its side effects:

When you take Halodrol, the effects are generally noticeable within 3 to 4 weeks. However, there won’t be any significant difference until the first fortnight. It is seen that many athletes and bodybuilders opt for a cycle of 4 to 6 weeks. At the end of the four weeks, many people observe changes in their bodies. The supplement is taken orally.

The supplement is nicely metabolized by your liver, and it has the capability to pass through your bloodstream while staying activated. Because the liver is included during the metabolism of Halodrol, it should not be consumed at higher doses. Also, remember to keep the cycle limited to 8 weeks. That’s because prolonged usage of the supplement might induce hepatotoxicity or liver toxicity.

Halodrol can protect you from fat gain, water retention, and gynecomastia. But, there are certain side effects such as excessive oil secretion, testicular atrophy, unnatural hair growing on the body or face, acne, and hair loss or thinning. The supplement doesn’t cause baldness or permanent hair loss.

However, people who are already suffering from baldness might have the chance of speeding up the process after using Halodrol. This effect can be derived from almost every other testosterone supplementation, and Halodrol is not the main cause of hair loss.

Halodrol and its dosages:

The recommended dosage of Halodrol is about 100 to 150 milligrams a day. For beginners, a dosage of 100 milligrams or in fewer amounts is suggested. Otherwise, you may even start with a low dosage of about 50 milligrams per day to remain on the safer side. People who want to stack this particular supplement with other steroids should not exceed the dose above 50 milligrams per day.

The same dosage should be maintained if someone wants to stack Halodrol during an ongoing cycle. While this might be the recommended dosage for stacking, but you can go up to 100 milligrams a day. However, remember not to go beyond 150 milligrams, especially if you are a beginner. An advanced or an intermediate user might start with a 150 mg dosage, but should not increase it any further.

Halodrol and Post Cycle Therapy:

When you are using this supplement, there would be a requirement of post cycle therapy. Halodrol is powerful enough to put down the production of testosterone. It causes testicular atrophy, as well. Any type of post-therapy needs to be customized depending on the supplement taken. There should be a gap between the first day of post cycle therapy, and the last time the user had used the supplement.

Post cycle therapy for this supplement will start after 2 to 3 weeks of completing the first cycle. During this period of 2 or 3 weeks, it would cure testicular atrophy. However, post cycle therapy won’t recover that. The therapy will only aid in restoring the natural hormonal balance of testosterone.


Different kinds of Halodrol supplements are made available by many companies. It is unwise and unnecessary to use a dosage of above 200 milligrams a day, and remember that you must take post cycle therapy. Also, a complete cycle should consist of 8 weeks, and not more than that.