Gynectrol: What you should know about it

Gynectrol Review

As a man, if you are embarrassed with the large size of your breasts and would like to have it corrected and rectified, then you are in the right place. There could be many reasons for enlarged and women-like breasts and this also is known as gynecomastia. Some could be genetic and others could be because of a combination of obesity and medication. There are many treatments and medications that are available in the market place. In this article, we will be talking about a product by the name Gynectrol. According to many buyers, it is considered to be one of the most well-known gynecomastia products that are available in the market today. They could help in getting rid of those ugly looking men’s boobs permanently. This certainly is an annoying and embarrassing condition and in most cases, it happens because of imbalance in hormones.


How Does It Happen?

The chest of men does not have ugly development of muscles but due to the unusual development of estrogen, which is a female hormone, it is quite possible for many of them could develop boobs that are like the ones that women have. This does look weird but in most conditions, it is a disorder and not a disease as many would believe it to be. Amongst the many products in the market today, we are going to talk about an herbal supplement known as Gynectrol. This could be called an open and transparent review of this supplement. It is used by dozens of men who suffer from this embarrassing problem. The next few lines will help us to understand whether this gyno product is marketing hype or whether it has something good and legitimate to offer.

Identifying Cause is Important

If you are a man who is keen on reducing your awkward-looking boobs, you could perhaps depend on Gynectrol. It seemingly goes to the cause of this problem and ensures that the source is identified. The main reasons could be attributed to the abnormal presence of female hormones. The supplement is known to naturally restrict the unusual growth of estrogen. Further, it also helps in maintaining and restoring the actual balance between androgen and estrogen.

How It Works

This product from Crazy Bulk assists in burning out the extra fatty tissues that get accumulated under a man’s chest. This accumulation of unwanted muscle tissues is the major reason for the condition called gynecomastia. It also is referred to as pseudogynecomastia. According to some claims made by the manufacturer, this supplement can offer a number of benefits and these benefits could be the answer to those who are seeking an answer to the question as to how it works.

  • Removes excess fats and muscles from the male breasts.
  • Improves the overall appearance
  • Prevents further growth of men’s breasts
  • Eliminates fat tissues from the chest


The Main Ingredients

Gynectrol has a number of powerful ingredients that have been used in its formulation. The ingredients, as it appears on the product labels and also the official website could have properties that could work as potent and powerful fat burners. These compounds, when taken together in combination, could play a big role in melting chest fat for men. Let us have a look at some of the most important ingredients.

Caffeine – It is considered to be one of the most powerful ingredients. It comes with almost all major fat burner supplements. It has proven elements that could give a boost to the metabolic process of men who are keen on burning the excess fat that is accumulated under the chest area.

Guggulsterone – This is another common and popular fat burner herb. It is known for giving a fillip to thyroid gland functioning. This, in turn, may help quite a bit in shedding those extra inches of fat around the body. It also boosts the muscles and also helps improve the levels of testosterone in the body.

Green Tea Extract – This is another powerful ingredient that is present in all gyno pills and Gynectrol also is no exception. This is because green tea extract is a rich source of alkaloids and flavonoids. The combination of these two elements has very powerful thermogenic properties. It could help in eliminating fat tissue from the chest and surrounding areas.

Chromium – This is considered to be one of the most powerful and common ingredients that is used by almost each and every man who suffers from gynecomastia. This ingredient has proven fat-burning properties and also could help in a better quality of lean muscles. Hence there is no denying the fact that it could be one of the most essential ingredients when it comes to correcting big sized breasts in men.

Apart from the above, there are other components like sclereids and theobromine cacao. These are also commonly used in the formulation of the main supplement Gynectrol. However, there is no denying the fact that the above five ingredients are considered to the strong foundations on which the whole supplement has been built.

Is It A Supplement That Builds Chest Muscles In Men?

Many men ask the simple question as to whether this supplement plays a role in building chest muscles in men. Many men believe that it is a muscle-building steroid that helps in the growth of chest muscles like other such muscle building products and supplements available in the market today. However, there are a few things that we should bear in mind before using gynectrol. It is basically made of up many organic compounds but it would be wrong to call it as a supplement that could help in bodybuilding. It is a legal steroid that has been formulated and manufactured to only target a man’s breast that has grown abnormally because of the accumulation of excess fat caused by hormonal imbalances and other reasons. It is a product that works well in pseudo gynecomastia related cases. It is not targeted as the chest of the man and may not play a significant role in increasing the muscle size of a man. It could help in handling cases of gynecomastia that also is caused by genetic reasons. 

The Science As To How It Works?

Before trying to find an answer to the question as to whether gynectrol works, we need to understand that gynecomastia is a problem that is caused by hormonal imbalance. It is because of the high and abnormal production of estrogen compared to the low output of another hormone known as testosterone. This is the genesis for the formation of boobs in a man. When this imbalance occurs, the body stimulates the fatty tissues in and around the breast area of men. This is what causes the development of breasts that look more like a woman’s breasts.

The best way is to try and reverse the situation and correct the hormonal imbalance. This is what the supplement gynectrol does. It stimulates the production of testosterone and at the same time reduces the level of estrogen. It is not something that could be done by you by picking some products here and there. Gynectrol has all the required ingredients packed in it and all these work in tandem and it helps in the production of male hormones while reducing the production of the female hormone estrogen. Hence the success in this product is because it is able to perfectly balance the production of testosterone while bringing down the levels of excess estrogen. It works naturally and addresses the problem from the root. It is certainly a better option when compared to various home remedies and other surgical procedures.


  • Helps reduce chest fat and improve the overall appearance
  • Legal steroid and therefore safe.
  • All formulations and elements used in this supplement are FDA approved.
  • It could help in reducing the size of the breasts and also the vascularity.
  • The results are permanent and long-lasting.
  • It does not damage vital organs like the kidney and liver.


  • The ingredients have not been researched properly.
  • Available mostly in online stores.
  • Delivery schedules may take time.


These capsules come in refill bottles containing 30 pills. The recommended dosage is 3 pills a day and therefore one bottle is for 10 days. You could start with 2 pills and then move to 3 per day once you get used to the product. It would not be advisable to go beyond 3 pills a day because it may lead to unwanted side effects. It should be taken around 30 minutes before morning breakfast with a glass of water.

Side Effects

The ingredients that have been used in the formulation of gynectrol are legal and secure. Hence there are little chances of getting any adverse side effects. However, the company wants the users of this supplement to exercise caution in cases where the users may be suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, and other such problems. Men with liver problems and kidney problems should avoid using the supplement and talk to the doctor if they are on some other medications.

The Final Word

To conclude there are many reasons to believe that gynectrol is a safe, time-tested and proven supplement that has helped scores of men to get rid of those ugly and awkward looking fatty tissues around their chest and breasts. It is made from natural ingredients and helps in correcting the balance of two major hormone estrogen and testosterone. It is safe and does not have any major side effects. It works by addressing the problem at the root instead of offering superfluous and temporary solutions. On the whole, it is a good supplement but men with pre-existing medical conditions should use the product carefully.