Dianabol: Pro’s & Con’s of this supplement

Review of Dianabol

Are you a sportsperson, a bodybuilder, athlete or just an ordinary person who loves to showcase your well-chiseled body to the rest of the world? If yes, then you are in the right place. While exercise, good food habits, and other such factors could help, there could be many who want lean muscles or six-pack abs and other such things. For such people depending on diet and exercise alone may not be enough. They may have to depend on steroids and muscle boosters or muscle enhancers. However, identifying the right muscle booster and the bulking agent is not easy. It is not because of a lack of choices but it is exactly the opposite. With so many steroids, and other such supplements available in the market today, making the right choice is not easy.


Unless, as an end-user, you are fully informed and have the right knowledge it is quite obvious possible that you could end up making the wrong choice. Though there are dozens of such models available in the market today, there are many who believe that Dianabol is considered to be one of the best. It is a highly trusted and respected steroidal drug that comes with a very rich history, reputation, and proven track record. It is often referred to a magical pink pill that could turn even a lean person into huge and that too within a matter of few days. It is also referred to as one of the easiest steroids and also called as a feel-good steroid.

If you look up the internet and do some research you will most certainly come across many stories and anecdotes about the big D or Dianabol. Hence, we thought it would be a good idea to have a closer look at this muscle enhancing supplement and try to learn more about it. It is a hugely popular steroid and a number of people would have been aware of it. There are many people who have been associated with this supplement since the early 1980s and perhaps even much earlier. It was hugely popular amongst thousands of men across many gyms.

A number of sports personalities had a lot of confidence as far as this drug was concerned. It was also recommended by a person who was real big, both in size and also in stature. However, he also had an infamous history as far as his performance in the track events concerned. When one looked at his size, there was no denying the fact that others looked like a dwarf and he was really big. He also died an early death at the age of 38, and the reason for his death was cardiac arrest. He was not the only person in the 1980s who died premature deaths. Alarm bells started ringing in the medical community because Dianabol became a drug that was misused and even abused frequently.

However, this does not take away any credit from the fame and efficacy surrounding this steroid and we will, therefore, be focusing more on the features, the chemical structures, the uses, benefits and the downsides of Dianabol. We are sure it will go a long way in helping the readers to have a better understanding of this supplement. It may help them to take the right decision whether to use or not use this product based on facts rather than depending upon hearsays and opinions.

Today, we will talk about Dianabol, the most famous oral steroid of all time.


What is Dianabol?

When we talk about Dianabol, we are referring to a generic product by the name Methandrostenolone. This is an anabolic steroid and it is derived from Testosterone. However, there are some alterations and changes that have been made to testosterone hormone. A doubt bond has been added and this has taken place at carbon 2 and carbon 2 positions. Further, a methyl group has been added in the 17th position.

What is the reason for the above changes? This is another question that often comes to the minds of people. The answer is not too difficult to understanding. The above changes may have helped to reduce the androgenicity of this drug. Further, it also has helped to amplify the anabolic nature of Dianabol. It can be broken down more efficiently by the liver and can survive longer. The product was marketed by the famous Swiss multinational CIBA. It was done till 1983. However, it had to discontinue it because of mounting pressure from the FDA. It did have other brand names such as Danabol, Anabol, D-Bomb, and Vetanabol.

What Are The Main Uses of This Supplement?

As mentioned above, this is one of the best testosterone-derived anabolic steroids. It comes with a straightforward action in the human body and works well in a performance enhancement setting. It also helps quite a bit in nitrogen retention, glycogenolysis (which means better and more effective use of the carbohydrates that we consume). It also is a very effective protein synthesis. The put it mildly, the results that one can expect from Dianabol is not the same as you will get when compared to any other steroids. Let us look at some of the possible benefits associated with this supplement

Mass gain – If you have wanted to be a man with mass gain, there is no denying the fact that Dianabol will be able to move the scales within a short period of time. It is undoubtedly one of the most important and arguably the best when it comes to mass gaining and there could be very few products that could match with it. There could be some people who may trash the drug by talking about water retention and other such things. While these may be true in some cases, the benefit of rapid weight gain is something that wipes out the risk associated with water retention. This water retention can also be managed quite effectively.


There are many people who believe that Dianabol matches Winstrol when it comes to increasing strength. You will be able to cruise through plateaus and also will be able to set new personal bests. While you are on the track, you will be faster and stronger than when compared to the time periods. Further, strength occurs quite fast. It is almost dramatic and those who have used it have some amazing stories to tell. First-timers, in particular, are quite surprised as to how fast it can rack plates to the rod.

Side Effects

While there is no doubt that the effectiveness of Dianabol has been proved beyond doubt, it also continues to be one of the riskiest steroids in the world. While bulking, strength and performance enhancement can be expected, it has to be borne in mind that the side effects could be dangerous and even irreparable in some cases. Therefore, careless and indiscriminate use of this supplement could mean a lot of problems and it could also death or permanent damage to many important organs of the body.

For example, it has one of the strongest side effects because it is known to have the most noticeable aromatase activities. This aromatization leads to conversion into methyl estradiol. This is a stronger version of Estradiol. This is notorious because it could lead to water retention and also could lead to gynecomastia. Things are made worse because the side effects could be as dramatic as the results and therefore extreme care is something that cannot be ignored under any circumstances and situations. Water retention could also lead to high blood pressure and this is almost a certainty when you decide to be on a course of Dianabol.


Since this is a 17C-AA steroid, dianabol has another notorious quality. It is highly hepatotoxic and it could damage the liver apart from severely bringing down the levels of bad cholesterol. Further, it could also increase the levels of bad cholesterols and this also could lead to heart problems and cardiovascular diseases.

It also leads to severe suppression of testosterone that in many cases it could lead to a total shutdown. Though a person may gain 20 lb real fast, without testosterone, he will certainly lose the weight as fast as he gained it or even fasters.


This is an extremely strong drug and therefore it will work quite well even on small doses. The recommended dosage is 15mg per day and this should be divided into two or three doses for over a period of 8 to 12 weeks. This is a significantly low dose, but you will be able to see impressive results. On the other hand, if you have to run multiple cycles of Dianabol, you can perhaps increase the dosage to around 25 to 35 mg per day. 50 mg per day is the maximum upper limit for men. Anything above 50 mg will never be recommended by doctors and any tendency to go beyond 50mg should be avoided at all times. Further, many end users are seen using Dianabol as a kick-starter for increasing the testosterone levels and this is done for the first four weeks. However, the dosage should never exceed 15 mg for this specific purpose. As far as women are concerned, the recommended dosage is 5mg per day for around 8-12 weeks. Even increasing the dosage to 10 mg per day could be risky because there does exist a serious risk of virilization and this can easily be avoided when you go in for PCT and low dosages.


We do strongly believe that the above would have given our readers some reliable and trustworthy information about Dianabol. It is without any doubt an extremely strong and potent androgenic and anabolic steroid that is sure to give you the desired results. However, make sure that you adhere to the recommended dosage because the side effects could be as dramatic as the results.