Clenbuterol Review: Pro’s & Con’s

Clenbuterol: the guide for beginners

Originally developed for the purpose of treating asthma, Clenbuterol is now being actively used for slimming programs and also for bodybuilding purposes. It is one of the many such supplements that are quite popular and it is catching the attention and interest of thousands of men and also women across the world. However, not many people are aware of the product, it’s chemical composition, dosage, side effects, and effectiveness in combating obesity and for helping in building a better body. We are hopeful that it will be helpful in getting a reasonably good idea about this product and the readers and prospective customers will be able to take a decision whether or not to use the product based on specific knowledge and information. It will help them to stay away from unauthenticated and unverified information that is based on opinions and hearsays. Without any further delay, let us straight away get into what could be considered as a transparent, open and unbiased review of Clenbuterol.


What Is This Product All About

Clenbuterol is a chemical substance and the good thing is that it is not a steroid-based product. It was originally developed and used to treat asthma patients. However, over the past many years it is being used by bodybuilders, and also for those who are looking at ways to reduce fat in their bodies in an effort to look slimmer and fit. However, before going through the review we should bear in mind that not all such products are the same and the effects may be different in different parts of the body. It is known to cause different reactions in the body. While it is considered to be effective amongst end-users, particularly bodybuilders and body-fitness and slimming customers, it does have its own share of controversies and some of them are quite challenging.

While addressing some issues pertaining to the side effects, let us also try and find out how and why it has become so popular amongst thousands of men and women in the area of sports and athletics. The usage of this product for sports and bodybuilding is quite interesting because it was previously used as a bronchodilator and decongestant for handling chronic and acute respiratory functions. It was sparingly used for burning fat. It was also used to treat cattle for treating breathing and respiratory problems. It was during such usage on animals that people discovered that Clenbuterol has other properties including fat-melting capabilities.

Some History about The Product

The product is quite old and it has been available in the market since the early 1970s. It was mostly used for treating asthma and other breathing conditions. However, the interest of the product for other uses became evident when the results of its use on cattle became known. Since then, this product is being used as a supplement for eliminating body fat and it also is known to be useful in promoting muscle growth. Hence, from being medicine for asthma, it slowly became more famous as a booster in training and for the purpose of getting higher and faster results.

The interesting and even controversial aspect of this product was that it had the capability of burning body fat within a short period of time. This was perhaps because of a special chemical. It also had some special properties that could help in faster and more efficient muscular ripping that is so important in sports. Clenbuterol is now being compared to ephedrine because it also has a known liposuction property or fat burning capacity. Hence, quite often Clenbuterol is referred to as the cousin of Ephedrine. Scientists began studying the impact of this drug on the human organisms when it became evident that it was being used quite extensively.


What Does The Product Do

This supplement is a beta-2-agonist and it promotes the production of a specific type of adrenaline hormone in the human body. This leads to an overall increase in the temperature of the body. This increase in temperature is known as thermogenesis. This could be the reason for achieving a fast and efficient lipodialysis or faster burning of body fat. Those who use Clenbuterol also report increasing in high perspiration and this perhaps is because of a sudden and dramatic increase in the overall metabolic rate caused by various components and ingredients in Clenbuterol.

There are many people who ask the question is this asteroid. The answer is no, it is not. It is basically a synthetic stimulant with actions that are similar to other such compounds as ephedrine. Clenbuterol impacts heart rate, breathing, metabolic rate and also enhance blood pressure. It has some special prehormones and these are referred to as catecholamines. A few examples are norepinephrine and epinephrine. They act more as beta-adrenergic receptors and not as much as alpha-androgenic receptors. Hence it is quite obvious that Clenbuterol is a B2 agonist. It is capable of stimulating the synthesis of proteins rapidly and this is what helps in very fast fat loss while helping muscle growth.


This supplement works by impacting and provoking thermogenesis. It has a strong and fat-dissolving action and this helps in increasing the body temperature. When the body temperature increases it leads to improving the metabolic process. When this happens the body is forced to burn more calories and therefore the stored fat gets burned more efficiently and speedily. When you have a lower body fat mass it could lead to visible results and muscular ripping could also happen.

However, we need to bear in mind that each human being needs a minimum amount of fat. For men it is around 10 to 13% while it is around 2 to 5 % for women. For athletes, it should be around 14 to 20% for men and 14 to 17% for women. Obese and overweight persons could have 32% fat (men) and 25% (women). For such people, Clenbuterol could be an efficient and effective way of burning excess fat. Once this has been done the next process of ripping and muscle strengthening could be taken up.


The main benefits of thermogenesis caused by Clenbuterol are as follows:

  • Increased energy rates.
  • Rapid fat burning
  • Increased resistance to training.
  • Appetite suppression
  • Helps in maintaining muscle mass

Though it is a supplement that should be used only under prescription, it is being widely used without prescription. Many would like to even call it flagrant misuse of a dangerous synthetic chemical. But many singers, models, athletes, and singers are known to use this product. It helps to build that sexy and hot image and keeps their body in good shape. However, this drug will not work in isolation and there is a need for supporting the effect of this drug by good food habits, exercise, and workouts.

Side Effects

We need to bear in mind that Clenbuterol is a serious drug and it should be used only based on a valid prescription. If it is used irrationally or indiscreetly, it may lead to serious health problems, with fatal results and death may even occur. The drug is strictly forbidden for individuals who are:

  • Having liver and kidney problems.
  • Suffering from heart-related problems & cardiovascular problems.
  • Are on other medications for a various ailments, diseases, and medical conditions.
  • If you are a minor.
  • If you are pregnant or nursing women
  • If you have a body fat content of more than 25%

You should never use the product without getting concurrence and approval from your family doctor or other qualified physicians.

It should be used for not more than 12 weeks. It would be better to use it in the morning because it could lead to insomnia when used in the evening. You should not cross the maximum threshold limit of 120 mcg per day. You could try and supplement Clenbuterol with potassium and taurine so that you stay away from cramps. Women and men require different dosages and this should be kept in mind.

The side effects could include:

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Increased body temperature
  • Shock

In some cases it could lead to

  • Heart disease,
  • Addiction
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Liver problems
  • Muscle cramps and
  • Breathing difficulty or quick and rapid breathing.

Dosage of Clenbuterol

As mentioned above, the suggested dosage is 120 mcg per and for women the suggested maximum dosage is around 80 mcg per day. It is very important to adhere to the dosages and should never cross the maximum limit because of the serious side effects and even possible risk of deaths that come with the reckless use of this supplement.


To put things in perspective, there is no doubt that Clenbuterol is a good drug for reducing fat and also for building lean and strong muscles. However, we need to keep in mind that this is better known as a bronchodilator and therefore it may not be always right to use it for other purposes. The side effects are quite serious and frightening if the dosage is not followed. The medical condition of the users should also be taken into account. But on the whole, there could be reasons to believe that the benefits are perhaps much more than the risks provided it is used properly. It could help obese people to shed their extra inches of fat when everything else has not worked. Bodybuilders could see a big change in their muscle growth because of the inherent properties associated with this supplement.