The Top 10 Best Testosterone Boosters

What are the Best Testosterone Boosters

Our human body has many types of hormones and testosterone is one such important hormone. It is found both in men and women, though the quantities are much higher in men. As far as men are concerned, the testicles are the place where most testosterone is made in men. Women’s ovaries also make testosterone though the quantities are much smaller. Production of testosterone increases significantly after puberty but starts decreasing after age thirty (approximately).

Testosterone has a number of functions and it is considered to be one of the most important elements for improved sex drive in men. Further, it also has a very vital role to play in sperm and semen production. It also helps in improving muscle and bone mass. Further, it defines the way men are able to store fat in their bodies and red cell production also depends on testosterone. Further, levels of testosterone could also impact the mood of a man quite significantly.

best testosterone booster

Problems Associated With Low Testosterone Levels

Many men suffer from low levels of testosterone and these are referred to as low T levels. They manifest themselves in many symptoms and a few of them are mentioned hereunder.

  • Low energy levels
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Feelings of depression
  • Weight gain
  • Low self-esteem
  • Wild mood swings
  • Thinner and brittle bones.
  • Sparse body hair

While age takes a toll in the levels of testosterone production for men, there are some other factors that could also lead to a drop in the levels of this hormone. Men who have suffered from injuries to testicles can see levels dropping. Chemotherapy for cancer patient or radiation therapy could also bring down the levels of testosterone drastically and hamper normal production of this vital hormone. There are some chronic diseases that could also impair the production of testosterone in men. These are kidney disease, alcoholism, cirrhosis of liver, and AIDs.

How To Check Testosterone Levels?

Testosterone levels can be checks by a simple blood test. Normal or healthy levels range widely and this is measured by the levels of this hormone in the bloodstream. The normal testosterone levels for adult men could range from 280 to 1,100 nanograms for each deciliter. It could be between 15 to 70 ng/DL for adult females as per the standard protocols and levels laid down by medical experts. You must choose the right lab for the most accurate levels. If the levels are low you must contact a doctor and he will diagnose the root of the problem. In some cases it could be because of problems with the pituitary glands. The pituitary gland communicates with the testicles and orders it to product the right amount of testosterone. If the levels of testosterone are low, it could be because of some problems with the pituitary glands. Low levels of testosterone could lead to delayed puberty in men. Moderately high levels could lead to early onset of puberty in boys and women may exhibit unnatural masculine features. Abnormally high levels of testosterone in men could lead to problems with the adrenal glands and some men may also have higher risk of cancer. It is important to find out the cause of low or high levels of testosterone and address the same accordingly.

In this article, we will be looking at the impact of low levels of testosterone. We will learn more about some natural supplements and have a look at ten of the best testosterone boosters. We also will try and understand the pros and cons of taking testosterone boosters and things that one should bear in mind while choosing these supplements and testosterone boosters. We believe that it will help in increasing the level of knowledge and information of the readers and assist them in making the right choice of supplements based on specific needs and requirements.

We must understand the pros and cons of the supplements that could impact the levels of testosterone in the body. This could be useful for older men who are a bit worried about their appearances and bodies. They would like to maintain the levels of masculinity and also would like to maintain their sex drive and also improve their overall stamina, endurance and overall performance.

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There is no denying the fact that testosterone boosters could help give men a number of positive benefits. These supplements could help in treating erective dysfunction and also play a big role in improving libido and sexual performance in men. It could help improve the quality of a man’s sex life and make it more satisfying. It could also play a positive role in improving the reproductive health and also help prevent the unpleasant conditions associated with low sex drive and low sexual threshold.

Testosterone boosters and supplements could also play a positive role in improving muscle development and help maintain the attributes of the average male. Many body builders and male athletes are apprehensive of the day when age starts catching up with them. They are scared that low levels of testosterone might damage the shape of their bodies and could also spoil their sexual lives and overall health. These people believe that choosing the best testosterone boosters could help them to improve and maintain muscle growth and also free them from the negative impacts of anabolic steroids.

It also could be very useful in improving energy levels and also enhancing overall stamina. This is perhaps the reason why many body builders and athletes take these testosterone boosters and supplements. They can do their workouts better and they can be at it for much longer periods of time.

Quality and natural testosterone boosters may also help in giving a positive thrust to moods and could help in overcoming depression, mood swings and other such problems with men across various ages.

Finally, it could be one of the best options for young boys who have low levels of testosterone. While, chronic and tough cases may need specialized treatment, if the boys have borderline cases of low testosterone levels, they can turn their attention to the best testosterone boosters to help their bodies to come back to normal levels of testosterone. 


While the above are the main advantages of using testosterone boosters, there are some side effects and negative fallout from the use of these products. No medicine, supplement or even natural product is free from side effects and the same also applies to testosterone boosters. We will have a look at the possible disadvantages and problems associated with the long term use of even the best testosterone boosters. This will help the end-users to be aware of the benefits versus risks associated with these products and then take the right decision based on their specific needs and requirements.

Sleep apnea is a problem that could be quite disturbing for those who are on testosterone boosters. It could also lead to baldness and some men also stand the risk of being at increased risk of developing heart and cardiovascular diseases. The risk of prostate conditions like enlarged prostate, cancer of the prostate and other such things must also be kept in mind before choosing these supplements. However, these risks mentioned above happen very rarely and in most cases wrong and careless use of the supplements is to blame.

At the end of it, if you believe that you should take testosterone boosters, do not get started on your own. Get in touch with a doctor and be sure that he or she checks all the vital parameters and also identifies the root cause of low levels of testosterone. In some cases, withdrawal of certain medications could help overcome the problem. Further, if you are on some medications, they could interact with testosterone boosters and this could lead to complications. Hence, before you start using these boosters, be sure about the overall objectives, the need for it and do a careful analysis of the risk versus benefits. Only after that should you go ahead with these supplements or boosters.

Things To Consider When Choosing Such Supplements

With so many options available out there and many of them talking about the magical benefits of testosterone supplements and boosters, it is quite obvious that you could find yourself overwhelmed with information and high pitch marketing. You could end up picking some pills, potions, capsules or even injections in the hope that it will work like magic on you. However, it would be a very wrong decision to go in for these supplements without being sure that you are the right candidate for these products.  The side effects can be dangerous and you must always go by your doctor’s opinion and recommendation.

Please note there could be temporary dip in testosterone levels caused by some medications and illnesses. In most cases the levels of testosterone will come back to normal once the drug is stopped or the medical condition is back to normal. Therefore, you must go in for these supplements only when it is absolutely necessary. Yes, it is a different matter that athletes and body builders may have no other option but to go in for these supplements because normal testosterone production may not be sufficient to meet their additional requirements.

Natural or Synthetic Testosterone Supplements – Which To Choose

This is a common question that comes to the mind of many people. It may not be possible to give a straight jacketed and simple answer to this question. It would depend on specific needs and objectives and the age of the persons who are using this, their medical condition, the medicines that may be on and other such things. It should be take indiscreetly and must be carefully screened and only the doctor should have the final authority whether to go for natural or synthetic testosterone supplements.

There are many average males who are just keen on increasing muscle mass, or would like to improve your bone strength apart from having improved stamina and sexual drive. For such people, natural testosterone boosters or supplement could be the best option. There are dozens of such natural options available and they should be able to do the job. On the other end of the spectrum, there could be sports persons, athletes, body builders, short distance sprinters and others who need good and lean muscle mass apart from having strong bones and joints. These people may have to use synthetic testosterone supplements in combination with natural ones.

Men who are looking to increase their sexual drive, libido and would like to have rock like erections may also go in for natural testosterone boosters. The natural ones are milder, safer and therefore the risk of side effects is lower. Further, they can be taken for longer period of time. They may be a bit late in giving the desired results but when the work, they work very well.

Hence at the end of the day, in the normal circumstances it would be better to go for natural supplements. They are safer, well-tolerated without too many side effects and are also less expensive. The decision of going in for natural or artificial supplements should be taken based one science and logic and not based on hearsays and opinions. You must avoid knee jerk reactions and be sure that the choice you are making is based on tests, examinations and other such scientific approaches

Your main objective should be main driving force and decision making should be professional and not based on emotional outbursts. While synthetic testosterone boosters may work quite fast and the results could be dramatic, they often come with a price tag attached to it. These are in the form of unwanted side effects and therefore you must be sure that you are aware of the same.

We are sure that the above information would have given some idea and perspective the various aspects of testosterone, the testosterone boosters, how they work and other such useful and pertinent information. We will now have a look at ten different types of testosterone supplements and they may be classified as being under the category of the best testosterone boosters.

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D-Aspartic Acid

If you are looking for an effective and natural testosterone booster then D-Aspartic acid could be the right choice. It works by in giving a stimulus to FSH or follicle stimulating hormone and also luteinizing hormone. This is very critical because luteinizing hormone helps in making Leydig cells in the testes and this helps in producing more testosterone. There are some studies done on humans and animals as far as the effects of D-Aspartic acid are concerned. The 90-day study is based on men who were given D-Aspartic acid having impaired sperm production. The sperm count doubled and it rose from around 8.2 million sperms per ml to 16.5 million sperms per ml. Further, athletes with healthy testosterone levels on weight lifting routines were also put on 3 grams of D-aspartic acid per day. These people also showed significant improvement in muscle mass and increased strength. However, they did not have any significant increase in the levels of testosterone levels as far as the D-aspartic acid group is concerned. Hence, when all the above things are taken together and looked at in totality, there are reasons to believe that D-Aspartic acid can help in men with low testosterone levels or even those who have impaired sexual functions. It may not make much of a difference in men with men who have normal levels of testosterone.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is another fat soluble vitamin that has many benefits. It is produced when the skin is exposed to sunlight. In its active form it functions well as a steroid hormone in our bodies. Modern men have very little exposure to sunlight and this result in deficient or low levels of vitamin D. When vitamin D levels are increased it could help to give a boost to testosterone levels and this may lead to other benefits including better quality of sperms. Studies have proved that there is a direct relation to low sperm count and low levels of Vitamin D. Participants in studies who spent more time in the summer sun found that their vitamin D levels increased quite a bit. It also led to increased levels of testosterone in their bodies. It works well on men even if they are above the age of 65. Men who were put on 3,300 IU of Vitamin day saw the levels of testosterone increasing by more than 20%. Increased exposure to sun can help augment Vitamin D in the body. Eating vitamin rich food and going in for some of the best testosterone boosters with the right IV of Vitamin D could make a big difference.

  1. Tribulus Terrestris

This is an herb that has been used for centuries as a naturally occurring herbal medicine. However, many recent studies on tribulus terrestris conducted on animals have shown some interesting findings. The animals who were put on tribulus terrestris showed improve sex drive and their testosterone levels also increased quite significantly. Studies done on men for 90 days have also some interesting results to show. Men who complained of erectile dysfunction claimed that their testosterone levels increased by 16%. However, there is not much of good news for athletes, body builders and other young men when it comes to the use of this supplement. It was not able to make any big difference as far as the levels of testosterone are concerned. There are reasons to believe that this could be one of the best testosterone boosters that are available in the market today for improving sperm health and also increase levels of testosterone in men having impaired sexual function.


This is another popular and effective herb-based testosterone booster. It may work by bringing down the levels of enzyme that convert testosterone into estrogen. The results done on some college men for an eight week period did have some interesting information to give. These men were also performed resistance training four days a week. Those who were put on 500 mg of fenugreek per day saw the levels of testosterone increase quite significantly. It happened with all the participants and this certainly says many good things about fenugreek. It helped in increasing both the free as well as total testosterone levels. On the other hand, the group that trained on weight increasing workouts without fenugreek experienced a slight decline in testosterone levels. Further, those who were put on Fenugreek on fenugreek also experienced improvements in overall strength and fat loss. Fenugreek also improved the overall quality of sex life of men in the age group of 25 and 52 when they were put on 600 mg of fenugreek.

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Ginger is a very common household spice and it has been in use for centuries now. It also has been used as an herbal medicine. It is known to have many health benefits. Research has shows that it could help in reducing inflammation and may also improve the levels of testosterone. Many studies have been conducted on rats and they confirm that ginger may have some unmistakable benefits and effects on levels of testosterone and sexual functions. Diabetic rates were given ginger and it was found that almost all the rats saw an increase in the levels of ginger. It also resulted in increasing the levels of luteinizing hormone in these diabetic rats.

The levels of testosterone in normal and healthy rats doubled when they were given ginger in the form of supplement. A few studies on human beings also have some interesting and positive information. More than 70 infertile men were put on a daily dosage of ginger supplement. After around three months, almost all of them experienced a jump of around 17% in the levels of testosterone and the levels of luteinizing hormone also doubled. It also could play a role in improving sperm health and the sperm count improved by 16% in all the cases. Though the research is still in its early stage, eating ginger is quite safe and it is virtually free from side effects. It also has a number of other health benefits.


DHEA is the full form of Dehydroepiandrosterone and it is naturally occurring hormone in our body. It is known to play a big role in helping give a boost to testosterone levels and is considered to be one of the best testosterone boosters that occur naturally. It also is capable of controlling estrogen levels. It has a number of other biological effects and all these go in making DHEA an extremely popular option for improving testosterone levels. The good thing about DHEA is that it is extensively researched and there are several studies done on this substance. Men who are put on 50-100 mg of DHEA each day can see a jump in their testosterone levels by almost 20% when compared to other products.

The results are mixed and it is the case with all other testosterone boosting products and supplements. Though the results are not very conclusive, there are reasons to believe that it could be a very useful ad proven way to safely and naturally boost levels of testosterone in the months and years to come. However, it is may not be suitable for athletes and sports persons because they need much higher dosage of testosterone supplement. But ordinary people with deficient or low levels of testosterone could stand to benefit by regular use of DHEA. 100gm per day is a safe dosage and could help in boosting testosterone levels moderately. It is safe and not many instances of dangerous side effects have been reported.


Zinc has been used for many decades and is known to be a quality aphrodisiac. Further, zinc is an essential mineral that it helps in regulating and normalizing more than 100 chemical processes in our body. As is the case with Vitamin D, the levels of zinc in our body and the levels of testosterone hormone in men seemingly have a close link. Hence, there are many reasons to believe that those who are put on zinc therapy may see an improvement in the levels of testosterone. Further, persons who restrict zinc intake also have reported a significant drop in the testosterone levels and it happens even in healthy men. Hence, it would be advisable to go in for quality zinc supplements in case men have been diagnosed with low levels of testosterone. Research studies have proven this. It also could help infertile men or men with low sperm count accompanied with low levels of testosterone hormones. However, the research also has shown that men with normal sperm count do not see any big jump in the levels of the count of sperms even if they are put on a supplement of zinc. Wrestlers and body builders also are benefitted by taking zinc supplement every day. These sportspersons saw a significant improvement in testosterone levels when they were put on a 4 week zinc supplement therapy coupled with a high intensity training program. In view of the above studies it is quite obvious that regular intake of zinc could play a big role in boosting testosterone levels in case or low levels of this vital mineral. It is considered to be one of the safest options for improving testosterone levels normally.


It also is known as Withania Somnifera, and there are many who believe that this age-old Indian herb has a number of health benefits. It has been used for centuries and it is primarily known to be a good adaptogen. In other words, it could help the body in handling stress and anxiety. Many studies have been conducted on Ashwagandha and one study has show that it increases performance, stamina and endurance when a person is exercising. Further, it also could be helpful for those who are keen on losing fat naturally. At the same time it also boosts testosterone levels significantly and these are from trusted research studies and not based on opinions and hearsays. Based on such studies it is quite obvious that this supplement could play a big role in increasing levels of testosterone quite significantly. It also may help infertile men to impregnate their partners. The success results are as high as 15% based on limited research. More research is of course needed but the findings so far have been very positive and encouraging. It is reasonably well tolerated and the side effects are not something that we should be worried about. However, it is important to take only the right dosage and overdoing it could cause problems and this is the case with all other such products in the market. It could also play a big role in increasing libido, sexual performance and also could help in improving the body composition and strengthen lean muscles quite significantly.


If we look back on ancient papers and studies, we certainly can understand that there is quite a bit of news about pomegranates. It is an age-old fruit and it has many stories and tales associated when it comes to improving sexual function and improve fertility. It is a rich source of many beneficial antioxidants and is known to reduce stress related problems and improve overall health. It is also supposed to be good for the heart and could help those who are into regular cardio exercises for body building, weight loss and other such reasons. There are some studies to indicate that both men and women could see an increase in the levels of testosterone just over a period of 14 days. It is now being sold as supplement in the form of juice, potion and also extracts that are packed in pills and capsules. The results at the end of such studies have been quite impressive. It has increased the levels of testosterone in men by as much as 24% percent. It could also help in elevating mood and could also be of great use in bringing down blood pressure levels.

Fatty Fish And Fish Oil

Eating seafood has been a practice for mankind for generation and today even scientists and medical experts recommend the same. They recommend eating seafood at least twice a week. Fatty fish is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and it could help i9ncrease the quality of semen and also give a boost to testosterone levels. Studies have been conducted in dogs and the results are quite positive. The fatty acid profiles of these pet animals saw a big rise and the same results also have been reported in studies done in mice. You must choose the right seafood and a few examples are salmon, Atlantic mackerel, sardine, trout and herring. It is well tolerated and virtually free from side effects.


The above article should have given our readers a reasonably good idea about the various supplements and natural herbs and other sources that could be considered as the best testosterone boosters. Get in touch with a medical expert and he or she would be able to suggest a supplement that is made from a single ingredient or is stacked with a number of such ingredients. In fine, there are many natural ways of improving testosterone levels instead of going in for harmful anabolic steroids.

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Genf20 Plus Reviewed in 2020

Genf20 Plus; the miracle HGH product?

There is no doubt that aging is a natural process and each and every one of us has to go through this. However, there are many who would like to try and camouflage age as best as they can. If you are one of the persons who are keen on trying to keep your age under wraps as much as possible, it is quite possible that you will find this article interesting and informative. You will certainly come across many such products in the market and therefore choosing the right product is not easy. But if you go through the internet you are certainly likely to come across many age reducing products that seemingly have quite a bit to offer.

This makes the task of choosing the right product quite tough. Unless we are well informed and knowledgeable, it is quite likely that we might end up buying something unsuitable or something not exactly in line with our specific needs and requirements.

genf20 plus

However, there are some products that are quite good and that are what we will be talking about in this article. We will be talking about a product known as Genf20 Plus. This is considered to be a very good and high-quality anti-aging product. It is considered to be one of the best HGH pill on the planet and many believe that it is better than any other such product.

This is not an overstatement because those who have used this supplement are quite happy with the results and they are also of the opinion that it is quite safe and almost totally free from side effects. The good thing about this product is that it makes you look younger from the inside and even those who are on the wrong side of 50 and 60 could get back quite a bit of spring and zing in their lives. Is it really true? Or, are the claims a bit exaggerated? If you are one of those who are keen on getting the right answer to being young both in looks and performances, then this review of Genf20 plus could be useful in more ways than one.

How Does It Work?

Put in plain and simple words, GenF20 Plus helps people to get back their youth. While there could be many such claimants in the market, there is a big difference. The ones that we most often hear about in the market come with synthetic compositions. They are also often referred to as HGH injections. They are not only unsafe, but they come with a huge price tag attached to it. They could cost anything up to $30,000 per year. If you don’t want to buy-side effects in your endeavor to look young, then you must look at products like Genf20plus. The best thing about this supplement is that it tells the body to make HGH on its own. There is no readymade and synthetic HGH that is injected into the body. In plain and simple words, this is not a drug.

However, at the same time, it is highly effective in giving a boost to HGH naturally. This is because it helps in telling the body how to make its own HGH.  This is done with the wonderful mix of botanical, herbals, minerals and vitamins. Additionally, there are also some useful amino acids that could help in gently give a push to the pituitary gland and assist it in doing its job in making more HGH once again. Hence, it is considered to be one of the safest and proven ways to increase HGH in the body. The levels of HGH increase slowly but steadily and the best thing is that it happens so very normal.

The Overall Benefits That It Offers

There are a number of benefits that are associated with Gen20Plus and we are sharing a few of the most important ones.

  • It boosts HGH naturally.
  • It comes with a very good reputation.
  • Enteric-coated capsules that help better absorption.
  •  Results that could be life-changing.
  • Time tested and proven formula.
  • No use of synthetic HGH.

The Downsides

  • A bit expensive.
  • Not available in brick and mortar stores.


The Main Ingredients

Genf20 Plus has a number of important ingredients and we are sharing a few of them for the benefit of our readers:

  • L-Glutamine
  • L-Agrinine
  • L-Glycine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • L-Lysine
  • Deer Velvet Antler
  • Astralagus Root
  • GABA
  • L-Valine
  • L-Ornithine
  • GTF Chromium

Are There Any Side Effects

The product has been considered to be quite safe and most of the reviews talk about zero side effects as far as Genf20 Plus is concerned. However, like all products, the body could take some time before it gets used to it and till such time it could cause some mild side effects. This could be an upset stomach, headache, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and even constipation. However, these side effects are self-limiting and they get resolved within a couple of days. Having said this if you are suffering from any existing medical conditions or illnesses, it would be better to check with your doctor. You should take the supplement only if the doctor says it is okay to go ahead. The supplement follows the best of safety and health guidelines.

What Results Can You Expect

  • It could make you feel healthy and you will be able to do what you want to do. However, it is quite obvious that you will not the same health as you had in your early twenties.
  • It has helped many people to improve their moods and has also helped many men and women to feel better internally.
  • Energy levels have also increased in many people.
  • Condition of skin also improved.
  • The immune system has functioned better in many from the third month onwards.
  • The instances of falling sick or ill got reduced quite significantly.
  • Fun in the bedroom also increased quite significantly

Value For Money

Though it is on the pricey side, there is little doubt that it offers very good value for money. A month’s supply would cost around $83 but the absorption of the ingredients is almost 90% and is perhaps best when compared to other such products in the market. This is because of the enteric coating and non-enteric brands that are low priced lead to only 15% absorption. In the end if you buy those non-enteric brands, you will end up paying twice as much.

It Comes With Guarantee And Warranty

Yes, the manufacturers of this product offer guarantee for 67 days. That is decent enough time to find for yourself whether the supplement works or not. Though the manufacturer is ready to refund the full money, almost all customers are happy with the results and there have been very rare instances where refunds have been sought after by customers. This certainly is great testimony to the overall quality of the product and it is sure that it is a product that has stood the test of time.

Where To Buy The Supplement

It would always be advisable to buy GenF20 plus from the official store or website. This will eliminate the risk of buying spurious and fake variants of this supplement. You could also come across some sites that offer this supplement at a lower price. You should be wary of such websites and even brick and mortar stores. This is because the low priced ones are made from inferior ingredients and you also could run the risk of unwanted side effects. The absorption rates will also be very low and you may end up spending three times to cost of the original supplement and also have to contend with some side effects that could be very serious. We must bear in mind that counterfeiting of quality health supplement is a fact. Since GenF20 plus is one of the most popular anti-aging products in the world today, there are many unscrupulous people who are keen on making cheap imitations out of it. You should be aware of the same and do your research and buy only from genuine outlets.


The dosage is quite simple and it is just one tablet before breakfast and it should be taken with plenty of water. It should be followed by breakfast or other sumptuous and filling food. There are some people who take up to three tablets a day but this is not recommended. Though it may not cause any big side effects, it will not be able to show any big results because of increased dosage.

The Final Word

In fine, there is no doubt that though there are many age reducing and age camouflaging products in the market, Gen20Plus perhaps stands from the rest of the crowd. It is a product that has stood the test of time. It has helped many people to not only feel younger but also look younger. It is known to work internally and could also lead to improved quality of skin, mood and immune system. It is a bit expensive but we need to bear in mind that all good things in life do not come easy and they do cost money. It is free from side effects though it might take the body to get used to this supplement. Lastly, we need to mention that it is made from some of the best supplements and each one of them is natural and has been selected very carefully. The manufacturing process is also very good and the BMPs are followed by the firm.


Ageless Male Review: benefits & Side Effects reviewed

Ageless Male: a complete review

If we look back on our childhood, teenage life and our youth, it is quite obvious that we are all keen on growing up. Many of us measure our body and mind almost on a daily basis and compare our growth with others. However, as we reach the age of thirty we seem to forget all those good things. Many of us are perhaps happy to set back the hands of time. This is true for both men and women and men perhaps feel this more.

ageless male

This is because of some hormonal changes that keep happening within all men. There is an important hormone called testosterone and it is helpful in many manly functions. As we reach the age of thirty, the level of testosterone in our bodies starts to deplete and as we start stepping into the forties and fifties the levels of testosterone start depleting very fast.

This starts manifesting itself in many ways and men start to see a reduction in their strength and energy levels. Many of them also report loss of libido and their sexual life becomes a bore and even a nightmare. Many relationships and partnerships have broken because men have not been able to meet the sexual aspirations of the women in their lives. Hence, there is a need to correct the situation and that is perhaps the reason why there is a growing and big demand for different types of testosterone hormone supplements and pills.

If we spend some time on the internet and do some research, it is quite possible that we will come across dozens of such supplements. This makes the job of choosing the right supplement quite difficult. Unless we go through the right due diligence and do our research properly, more of than not, we will end up choosing the wrong product. It may not be able to offer the results that we expect of such products and it also could lead to unwanted side effects.

Amongst the many such testosterone supplements in the market, there is one product that is catching the attention of many men. The name of the supplement is Ageless Male. It is quite popular and there is mention of this supplement in many websites, communities, forums and other such places on the internet. Hence it would be a good thing to know more about this product. This could be considered as an honest attempt to learn about the features of this product and then make a decision.

What Is Ageless Male

Ageless Male, according to its manufacturers was created with the main objective of helping men to feel like men again. It is considered to be a cutting-edge, all-natural and multipurpose supplement. It has many properties that effectively combine the functions of a testosterone booster and a male enhancer. It is made up of a proven, safe and natural formula and it could help men who are in the 30s to find ways to normalize testosterone levels in a safe and natural way.

This may help quite a bit in restoring sexual prowess, stamina and also could aid in lifting energy levels, recharging vigor and also in increasing muscle strength. It also could play a natural role in facilitating lean muscle mass growth. Hence, many men combine Ageless Male with their normal workout route, coupled with the right nutrition plan. This may help them to derive the many benefits that this product may have.

Why Should You Use This Supplement?

When men reach their 30s and 40s, they would see that their overall body tone, energy levels, and sexual potencies are not the same as they and their partners would like. It has been formulated specially to help men to slow down the negative changes that age brings in the bodies of men. It also delays the various other manifestations that are also related to the overall aging process. The product could be useful to offer a safe and proven way to ensure that testosterone levels are kept at the right levels. There are many other benefits that are also available when this supplement is taken in the right dosage, for the right time period and with the right workout and nutrition plan attached to it.

What Makes It Special

There are no artificial ingredients in this supplement formula. It is made totally from the component are all-natural. Though there are many such natural ingredients, there is one that stands out. It is the patented and scientifically proven ingredient Testofen. Experts and end-users believe that when it is used regularly in the right dosage, it will help in promoting higher energy release in a natural way. It also may help your workouts to last longer and they also may become more effective.

It could play a significant role in restoring the self-esteem of men. Hence, there are reasons to believe that it is considered to be a leading natural supplement in the market that could help to boost free testosterone levels. It has become quite well-reputed and thousands of men have reposed their trust and confidence in it. Hence, there are reasons to believe that Ageless Male could be an incomparable product that stands apart from many such products in the market.

How The Product Works

The product comes with a very advanced formula that has strong features for the enhancement of testosterone enhancement. It has many natural and active ingredients that may trigger the various mechanisms of triggering testosterone in the body. As the testosterone levels increase naturally, it may help men to enjoy the various advantages that come with it. Hence, there are many men who believe that it could help improve the overall sexual potency and bedroom performance of men. It could rediscover the pleasures associated with being in sexual partnership with a woman and also make life enjoyable and exciting for both.

Main Ingredients

Though there are many ingredients that make up this supplement, Testofen is considered to be the most important. There are other ingredients also such as Zinc, Vitamin B6 and Magnesium. These four are considered to be the key ingredients that make Ageless Male so effective and popular.

Testofen, being the main ingredient, is worth being looked at in some detail. This is extracted from the seeds of fenugreek. This is a crop that is grown in various parts of the world and it has been used for generation in a variety of recipes and also for medicinal purposes. Testofen helps to boost testosterone and increase it to optimal levels and does not allow it to go beyond safe levels. Vitamin B6 could help in overall health, while Zinc could be helpful in complementing the effects of Testofen and Vitamin B6. It does so by regulating the increase of testosterone and also by giving a boost to the various metabolism-enhancing capabilities of Testofen. Magnesium could be helpful in increasing overall sexual functions.

What Happens In The Body?

As mentioned above, when you take Ageless Male in the right dosage, you may see a significant increase in the levels of free testosterone. This could be very pronounced in men who are above the age of thirty and forty. However, men of all ages could also benefit from stabilized and increases levels of testosterone. The energy levels will improve both at work and also at home. It certainly is a better alternative to caffeine and other artificial supplements. It also could improve the immune system and give a fillip to metabolism and this will ensure that the users can aspire to reach the peak levels of their performance while they are in the gym doing their workouts. It also could improve the overall sense of well being as far as the daily lives are concerned.


The recommended dosage is two tablets a day. One tablet should be taken once and the next one during the course of the day. This is the optimum dosage and the dosage should not be exceeded. The results will take some time to manifest it and therefore you should not be impatient and increases the dosage. Ageless Male has been formulated to work best with two tablets per day.

Side Effects

On the whole, there are reasons to believe that this supplement is quite safe and free from side effects. However, it would be better to check with your doctor in case you are already on some medications for some pre-existing medical conditions and illnesses. As mentioned above, exceeding the dosage of two pills per day could lead to unwanted side effects and you should stay away from such misadventures. The results vary from person to person and therefore it would be wrong to paint all users of this supplement with the same brush.

The Bottom Line

If you are a man above the age of thirty or forty and are not fully satisfied with your energy levels and sexual performance in the bed, it is high time you had a closer look at Ageless Male supplement. It is considered to be one of the safest, effective and result-oriented testosterone pills in the market. It is made from natural ingredients including the patented and proven Testofen.

It also has other useful ingredients like vitamin B6, Magnesium and Zinc. It is well –tolerated and almost totally free from any side effects. It works naturally and gradually to build the free testosterone levels in the body and is considered to be a much better option compared to the various synthetic testosterone boosters that are available in the market today. It also could help a man to remain active and alert and could also play a role in improving the immune functions of the body. 

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Nugenixx Max Reviewed: Pro’s & Con’s

An introduction to Nugenixx Max

Are you looking for a suitable bodybuilding supplement that is proven, popular, reliable and trustworthy? If the answer is yes, it makes a lot of sense to go through this article. While we often associate bodybuilding only with sports personalities and professional bodybuilders, even ordinary men today are keen to have the best of bodies.

They would not mind flaunting their six-pack abs, shoulders, arms, chest, torso and thighs that are packed with lean muscles and ripped muscles & tissues. While there are many such products in the market, unless you have the right information and knowledge, you run the risk of choosing the wrong product. There are many spurious and cheap products in the market and unless you know what you are buying you will certainly be on the wrong side of the deal.

nugenixx max

In this article, we will have a closer look at a bodybuilding supplement known by the name Nugenixx Max. This is a very popular bodybuilding supplement. It also is a testosterone booster and is classified as a legal steroid. The manufacturer of this supplement and testosterone booster claims that it has been validated clinically. It is known to boost testosterone in most age groups and bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts may stand to benefit quite a bit from this product. Hence, it would be a good idea to review this product from close range and get to know more about the features, functionalities, ingredients, pros and cons and possible side effects. We hope that the information that is being shared over the next few lines could be useful in helping the readers and other stakeholders to take the right decision based on facts, and figures instead of being made to buy a product based on shrill advertising and sales and marketing promotions.

An Overview of This Product

This is an ultra-premium product. It is classified to be one of the more expensive body enhancing and bodybuilding supplements now available in the market. It has a track record of efficiently increasing the free testosterone levels that are available in the body. It comes in a standard pack and each refill has one hundred twenty capsules. They also offer free shipping if you buy it from genuine online stores. It also allows you to get a substantial discount in case you decide to buy more than one pack. The manufacturer also claims that Nugeinxx Max could boost libido and energy without jitters and crash associated with similar products. The quality of the product is assured because it is manufactured in the United States. The manufacturing facility is quite good and it is regularly audited by cGMP. It has registration with FDA and you can be sure that all the batches are tested for potency and purity.

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Who Should Use It?

Nugenixx Max is for men who work at least four times a week. It could be even more useful for those who workout daily. It could come in handy for all those men who is finding it tough to maintain their endurance levels. It will certainly enhance the endurance levels and give that much-needed boost to energy and well being. Men who are struggling with the libido levels and unsatisfactory sexual performances will also find quite a bit of benefit from this product. We all know that increased levels of free testosterone could help in enhancing sexual desire and improve libido levels quite satisfactorily.

Another good thing about this supplement is that it comes with six patented ingredients. Each one of them has been studied clinically and they seemingly have a collective and positive impact on free testosterone levels. It also can increase strength by facilitating and helping the development of leaner and stronger muscles. Trainers and other professionals who are into resistant training may benefit from the use of this product. It is known to provide a sustained and immediate boost of energy. Additionally, it also could assist in recovery and also bring down stress levels in the body that is often a problem with men who are into high-intensity workouts.

What Makes It Special?

Though there are many such products in the marketplace there are a few things unique about Nugeinxx Max. The manufacturers are very transparent about the ingredients that make up this bodybuilding supplement. This is a refreshing change from many manufacturers who try to hide behind the cloud of proprietary blends, special formulas, and other such things. They share almost everything that could help customers to make a decision.

Ingredients & Dosage

The suggested dosage is four capsules every morning. It comes in refills containing 120 capsules and it lasts for thirty days. The recommended dosage can be taken with or without food.

Let us have a look at the various ingredients that make up this product. Each serving of four capsules provides quite a few things. We are listing down the most important ingredients that are a part of each serving of four capsules.

  • Cholecalciferol or Vitamin D.
  • Zinc
  • Fenugreek extracts.
  • Ashwagandha extract from the root
  • Shilajit purified extract
  • Tribulus alatus extract extracted from berries and aerial parts.
  • Maca extract
  • Panax Ginseng
  • White button mushroom extract
  • Black pepper extract from the fruit.

It also contains magnesium stearate, gelatin, silicon dioxide, and maltodextrin. A few of the above ingredients are patented and come with specific brand names that are the registered trademarks of the company. For example, KSM-66 is the patented brand name for the Ashwagandha herb. PrivaView is for Shilajit Extract. Fenugreek extract is patented as Testofen and the black ginger extract is patented as Staminus.

Each of the above ingredients has been tested and the test results have some exciting bit of information for customers. Eight ingredients have been found to be very potent and effective. They are Vitamin D, Zinc, Rhodiola, Eurycoma Longifolia, Panax Ginseng, Maca, Black pepper, and white button mushroom. You also get the 100% RDA of vitamin D whenever you take four capsules of Nugenixx max.

Statutory Warning

Though on the whole, the product is quite safe, there are some safety issues that need to be kept in mind. To begin with, this supplement is only for men who are above eighteen years of age. It is not a product for women and breastfeeding and pregnant women should never every consume this supplement. The dosage instructions should be strictly followed and it should not be violated under any circumstances. If there are some men suffering from hormonal imbalances or if they have issues with some specific hormone, they should avoid taking the supplement. They must check with their doctors and be sure that it will not have any interaction with the functioning of various glands. Further, the supplement may interfere with some strong medications, over the counter medicines and prescription drugs.  The seal of the refill should be sealed and if it has tampered, please do not buy it. Tampered packs should be returned forthwith.

Side Effects

It would be wrong to say that Nugenixx Max is totally free from side effects. The most common side effect is an upset stomach. This problem has been reported by men who do not take this supplement with food. Though there are no specific instructions about the way in which the supplement should be taken, it would always be advisable to take it with some food. People who have a history of flatulence, indigestion, irregular bowel movement, and other such metabolic issues will be more at risk when it comes to stomach upset. Taking it with food avoids these problems in almost eight out of ten cases. Headache also has been experienced by a few users but in most cases it is transient. Very rare instances of serious side effects have been reported and these are for men who have an unhealthy body and could be suffering from some serious medical condition that may have been diagnosed or undiagnosed.

It would be better to stay away from a mix of different types of supplements when you are using Nugenixx Max. This is because of possible contraindication, drug reactions, and other such issues. These could lead to unwanted side effects. If possible, try and avoid taking strong medicines when you are taking this supplement. However, there is no need for any dietary changes for fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders. Hence, on the whole, there is no doubt that the product is quite safe, tested and can be tolerated even for those who use it for long periods of time.


To put things in perspective, when we look at Nugenixx Max from close quarters, it is quite evident that it is a high-quality bodybuilding supplement that is made from some of the most famous, proven and popular herbs and extracts of trees, plants, shrubs, and mushrooms. There are no synthetic agents and thus it is safe in more ways than one. It helps by improving metabolism and also burns accumulated fat in the body. Further, it also could be useful in helping build lean and strong muscles and tissues. On the whole, the supplement is quite safe and does not have too many side effects.

But there could be some transient and temporary problems like stomach upsets, diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, and other such issues. If a person is suffering from any pre-existing medical condition of illness or if he is taking some medicines for such conditions, he should check with the doctor and only then they should take this supplement. Women should stay away from it. On the whole, there is no doubt that it is a quality supplement that offers very good value for money to its customers.

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C60: Is It Worth The Hype?

Introduction to C60

C60 could be considered as a product with many benefits, but that’s a bit early to know. Or, could it bring about a revolution? Should you prepare yourself for the ultimate experience? What exactly is C60? It is true that the product is too new to be rated, and hence you shouldn’t embrace or dismiss it either.

It might hold some amazing benefits, which have been wished by many for a very long time. This article will unravel the mystery circling around this product, and find out its hidden secrets. This might be your best chance to have a clear understanding of the product, its history, and what you should expect from it. So, go ahead and read it.


C60 and its history:

Carbon-60 or C60 was discovered in 1985 just like the graphite and diamond that are also carbon and has been in existence for thousands of years. Carbon is present everywhere, in stardust, in deep space, and not only confined to planet earth. A mathematician by the name of Buckminster Fuller discovered the dome designs, which resembles the C60 in structure. That’s how the element ended up in the name of Fullerene or Buckminsterfullerene.

Because of the unique shape of the molecule, you can thank it for the fascinating qualities, and benefits that it might provide. The dome design shape is being referred to as truncated icosahedron. However, the dull-sounding name given to the molecule shouldn’t provoke you in thinking that it might have less power. The molecule has been successfully utilized in many areas.

From barreling through the cell membranes to resisting radiation, including fitting itself between DNA strands, the molecule has the ability to do many precious things. Across the world, C60 has kept scientists and researchers busy for discovering its many benefits, and its usage in a diverse field. After 30 years of researching, scientists are yet to unlock the potentialities of this molecule.

What are the benefits of using it?

Here are some of the benefits that you might get from C60, but remember that some of the effects are still unknown, and few of them are anticipated.

Restrain stress and inflammation from oxidation – Different studies have proved that C60 has potent antioxidant properties, which even extends to hundred times powerful than other antioxidants. They work by cleaning the free radicals that come across. But, C60 is quite different from the other antioxidants, as it is not changed by its action that it performs on those free radicals. It retains the shape and continues to work to a much longer time before exiting.

One study shows that it remained in the blood of rats for about 97 hours, which is pretty impressive. As far as other antioxidants are concerned, they clump to a single molecule of free radicals once at a time. C60 can accumulate many of them within itself before stopping to take any more. For instance, one study has shown that about 34 methyl radicals can stick to the molecule.

Moreover, this particular molecule has other features under its sleeves, such as the ability to cross walls that could have been difficult to pass over by other molecules like cellular membranes and blood-brain barrier. When you consider the facts together with the empathy for cellular membranes and DNA, you will find that very few other molecules come even closer while comparing it with C60.

Another unusual property of this molecule is that the free radicals that it was taking along with it, never interacts with itself, or with other molecules on its way. Those carried away molecules are completely neutralized so as to eliminate their toxic nature. The studies also emphasize the fact that C60 might work wonders in making you a smart person, by way of protecting the neurons or brain cells. In general, neutrons die within time, and the replacement neurons should be generated fast.

If that is not produced in due time, one has to run through short memory loss and certain other problems of concentration. This molecule performs in two different ways to enhance brain function. They help in slowing down the dead neurons and produces the new ones to grow and live. When it is about the popularity of highly processed or junk food, the performance of C60 could be of great use. Such kind of food acts as excitotoxins and causes neuron death at higher levels.

Some examples of excitotoxins include glumatate51 and aspartame50. C60 has the ability to prevent the ill effects of these chemicals so that the brain remains healthy. The molecule also helps in keeping the minds of people in a supple and young state, by slowing down the aging process. But how do they achieve this?

Simply by putting a block on the hardened proteins and aging that accumulates in the brain, and causes harm to the neurons. Remember, the studies were done on test tubes, and various tests on humans are yet to be done.

Can increase your lifespan – Is there any possibility of increasing your longevity by using C60 up to a certain limit that is yet to be discovered? Among all the studies done on this molecule, the Paris study was the most remarkable one is investigating the topic. It was proved that the lives of rats were 90% longer when they were given the molecule. Moreover, it was not toxic, and that was a big factor in the overwhelming result.

Now, what gives this molecule a positive impact on your lifespan? The reason might be the protective nature of C60 where it protects the membrane of both cells and mitochondria. The human body is nothing but made up of cells, and when you protect and enhance the health of the cells, the result will be an extension in your lifespan.

However, the Paris study needs to be confirmed whether the same result can be derived by humans. Some of the users have provided sufficient evidence that using C60 has induced vigor and youthfulness into them.

Developing and maintaining strong bones and cartilage – The potent antioxidant property of this molecule could lead you towards stronger bones. Similar things have been observed when the tests were conducted on animals by injecting them with C60. The same kind of effects was also noticed in cartilage. For attaining many of the positive results, it was used in water-soluble form, and hence there is an indication that suggests it might hold significant potentialities in discovering a few other benefits.

Powerful cleansing agent – C60 is a powerful molecule that can eliminate many diseases caused by microorganisms. It has a potent disinfectant effect, which can be effective even in a small number. It will help in eliminating different types of bacteria and fungi and keeps you away from certain viruses, as well. Hence, it makes a great hygiene agent, which can be used at a minimum grade to treat body odor and bad breath.

Boost your immune system – Could C60 encourage the enhancement of the immune system? The answer is yes, but only for the immune system of a few rats. Various studies have shown that the molecule triggers the production of white blood cells or lymphocytes, which are considered as the defense mechanism of the immune system.

May help in reducing fat – Although there are studies to be done to link C60 with weight loss, some other studies show that it can help you to remain away from gaining weight. Both water-soluble C60 and fat create certain conditions that help in preventing the non-fat cells from converting into fat cells. The effects are being observed both on humans and mice. However, these were studied on test-tubes, but it is expected that similar results would be found when C60 goes inside the body.

May support chemo treatment – The molecule C60 has the potentiality to provide support in chemotherapy, which is given to the patients suffering from cancer. It is being investigated, but certain data shows that C60 can restrict the conditions that work in the favor of fast multiplication of the cells. Its nutritional and immune support can benefit the patients who are on chemo treatment. The antioxidant properties of the molecule are being studied for finding out its immunity support for chemotherapy patients.

Some other benefits include the following.

  • Protect nerve and skin cells
  • May treat infertility issues in men
  • Maintaining healthy skincare
  • Protection from UV light

What are the possible side effects of using C60?

Since the molecule is still in its different stages of development, the benefits and the adverse reactions of using C60 are yet to be discovered clinically. And, just like with other medication and supplements, this molecule will have its own set of side effects, as well. There have been reports of minor eye irritation caused by the solution.

There is a higher chance that C60 may cause unwanted mutations within your DNA, and that could lead you towards cancer. Again, there is plenty of research to be done on this molecule to arrive at more concrete information.


C60 might be a fascinating compound that has many benefits. It has many uses in different industries, and some of them have been in the field of fitness and health. However, some of the claimed benefits have been confined within test tubes or animals, and human trials are to be done yet.

Red Fortera: Pro’s & Con’s of this supplement

An overview of Red Fortera

Erectile dysfunction is a condition afflicting millions of men around the world. There are numerous reasons why someone may develop issues with the little man downstairs. For the most part, aging is the biggest contributor to erectile dysfunction. This is because the older you get, the less testosterone your body produces.

In case you are not well versed on the subject, testosterone is the hormone that makes a man who he is. It is the reason why men are, on average, taller, more muscular, and bigger boned than women. It is also the reason why guys tend to be more aggressive and dominant. This is why people with high amounts of testosterone tend to be leaner and more muscular, as well as less susceptible to stress and depression.

red fortera

Most importantly, testosterone is the sole reason behind sex drive. The more of it you have, the higher your libido and sex drive will be.

Consequently, low testosterone levels result in nothing but a depressing life. You will no longer have a thirst for anything, including sex. This is why boosting your t-levels will help you salvage your sex life.

Turning your life around and adopting good habits such as working out and eating well will go a long way in increasing your T levels. However, certain supplements have been designed to enhance your sexual performance. They range from prescription pills such as Cialis and Viagra to herbal products.

Red Fortera is one such herbal supplement. But does it work? This article aims to help you find out.

What is Red Fortera?

This is a sexual performance enhancement product that supposedly works to increase the size and strength of your erections. It is typically taken a few minutes before sexual activity, and its effects are supposed to last for up to 72 hours.

NextGen Health Solutions manufacture Red Fortera. The company claims that the supplement consists of a premium blend of natural ingredients that work to boost your reproductive health naturally.

How Does Red Fortera Work?

As mentioned, Red Fortera is designed to increase both the length and girth of your penis so that you can have bigger, harder, and longer-lasting erections. The supplement also works to boost your stamina so that you become a literal beast in bed. And here’s the thing anyway, the size of your member doesn’t really count as much as how long you can go. Stamina tends to be one of the most significant factors when it comes to giving someone the best lay of their life.

Next, Gen Health Solutions claims that alcohol does not tamper with the effects of Red Fortera. This means that you can comfortably indulge in your favorite drink and still have it inside you to get it up for the next 72 hours.

Obviously, the supplement gets its seemingly magical powers from its ingredients. The ingredients were chosen due to their proven ability not only to increase t-levels in your system but also to boost the rate of blood circulation.

At the core of it all, the inability to get it up comes from having issues with getting blood to flow to your member. It is the rush of blood to your penis that makes it hard. As such, if you have a poor flow of blood in your body, you will always have problems downstairs. Therefore, by boosting the circulation of blood to your member, the ingredients in Red Fortera allow you to get hard more easily.

So, this brings us to the issue of what ingredients are utilized in Red Fortera. That’s what the next section is about.

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What Ingredients are in Red Fortera?

The blend that is Red Fortera comprises of the following ingredients:

  • Korean Ginseng

The Korean Ginseng is renowned for its adaptogenic effects, which make you more capable of handling the stresses of daily life. Stress is one of the biggest contributors to erectile dysfunction. By lowering your stress and depression levels, the Korean Ginseng puts you in a state where you can perform like a superstar.

This herb also works to raise your libido.

  • Tribulus Terrestris

This herb has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries. It possesses testosterone boosting properties. Those properties come from an active compound it contains, which is known as protodioscin.

  • Niacin

Niacin or nicotinic acid is a crucial vitamin that is mostly found from meat sources. Niacin is quite instrumental in boosting overall health in men. This effect is believed to come from Niacin’s ability to increase testosterone levels in the body. As mentioned, nothing but good things come from having elevated levels of testosterone in the body.

  • L-Arginine

This is one of the essential amino acids in the body. It has a massive impact on blood circulation as it works to dilate blood vessels, thereby increasing their ability to carry more blood, which is the effect you are after when looking to get harder erections.

  • Maca Root

The maca root is in the same family as broccoli and cabbage. It is renowned for its high concentration in essential amino and fatty acids. The herb has been used for hundreds of years in traditional medicine for its ability to boost libido.

  • L-Tyrosine

This amino acid plays a crucial role in protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is the process through which your body cells make the protein that is used to create muscle tissue. Therefore, L-Tyrosine allows you to build muscle more easily.

The amino acid is also useful in combating stress and depression, which allows you to be in a better mental state to enjoy sex.

  • Octacosanol

This ingredient is included in Red Fortera for its ability to lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Additionally, octacosanol also works to raise your energy levels so that you have more stamina.

  • Cinnamon Bark

This herb enhances your game by boosting the rate of blood circulation. It has also been found to be an effective remedy for premature ejaculation.

  • Ginkgo Biloba

This herb works to improve your mental alertness in addition to optimizing your circulatory and nervous system to ensure that you are performing at the highest possible standards.

  • Yohimbe Bark

This ingredient is a staple in most sexual performance-enhancing supplements due to its ability to cure erectile dysfunction. It does so by increasing the levels of testosterone in your body.

  • Zinc

Zinc is arguably the most potent testosterone boosting mineral out there. Additionally, it also works to boost your immune system. As such, using zinc allows you to function as a high-level male.

Red Fortera Dosage

The manufacturers of this supplement recommend taking a maximum of one pill per day. You should take the pill about 30 minutes before you engage in sexual activity. Your soldier should be able to perform the way you want him to for at least 3 days.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Most people can tolerate this supplement quite well. Red Fortera doesn’t have actual side effects. Adverse reactions to the product are associated with having allergic reactions to some of the ingredients in the supplement.

As such, before you start using Red Fortera, consult with your physician so they can let you know whether you are susceptible to developing adverse reactions to some of the ingredients used in the supplement.

How do Consumers Feel About Red Fortera?

We are going to be honest with you. Based on what we have seen online, the Red Fortera does not have the best reputation out there. Reviews on the product are hard to find, and those that we found were mixed.

The number of people who were pleased by the product was almost the same as that of the people who were not pleased with it.

As a general rule of thumb, you always want to go for a product that has a high consumer satisfaction rate. In fact, it’s not advisable to purchase products that have less than an 80 percent customer satisfaction rate. 

Bottom Line

It would surprise you to learn the number of people dealing with performance issues in the bedroom. For men, especially, erectile dysfunction and associated conditions are a very sensitive topic. It is not hard to see why; if you cannot get it up, what’s even the point of talking to women?

It gets even worse if you already have a significant other. If you do not satisfy them, you may start conceiving negative thoughts, thinking that they are cheating on you.

Insecurity and confidence issues can be a real impediment to the quality of life. Fortunately, products such as Red Fortera promise to help you salvage that situation.

Red Fortera, however, is not at the top of the heap based on consumer reviews. But some people swear that it is the best thing to happen to them. What we would recommend, therefore, is that you get a sample from the company and see how well you like it.

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Testro X : Pro’s & COn’s of this testosterone booster

An introduction to Testro X

Statistics show that today’s generation of men has significantly lower levels of testosterone than past generations, and that’s anything but good.

Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for all the physiological and psychological traits that typically define men. In addition to causing the growth of sex organs, it is also the reason why men tend to be bigger and stronger than women on average.

testro x

Ever wondered why most anabolic steroids are derivates of testosterone? That’s because it is the primary muscle-building hormone. Additionally, it enhances bone density, makes you less susceptible to stress and depression since it makes you more aggressive and productive, and raises your libido and sex drive.

Consequently, low levels of testosterone equate to a depressing set of symptoms, such as inability to gain muscle, an enhanced rate of fat storage, lethargy or a general lack of thirst for life, more susceptibility to stress and depression, and a low sex drive or libido.

Even though testosterone levels tend to wane as you get older, the kind of lifestyle that you lead has a tremendous impact on the rate at which your T levels decline. A sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits are some of the biggest factors towards a faster decline of T levels.

As such, turning your life around and becoming more health-conscious will go a long way in salvaging that situation. However, that will be playing the long game since it will take a while before you notice changes.

In the short term, you can use supplements known as testosterone boosters. Testosterone boosters work to increase your body’s production of testosterone. One of the more popular testosterone boosting supplements on the market today is Testro X.

This article will review Testro X to help you determine whether this product is legit or not.

What is Testro X?

As mentioned, this is a product that has been designed to help men raise their bodies’ natural production of testosterone. Testro X is manufactured and supplied by Truth Nutraceuticals, which is a supplement company headed by Christopher Walker.

Walker started the company as a result of a condition that he had as a kid. When he was 19, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor that affected his pituitary gland. If you can remember from biology 101, the pituitary gland is the organ responsible for triggering the release of testosterone.

As a result, Chris was unable to produce enough levels of testosterone for a fulfilling life. The doctors prescribed synthetic versions of testosterone to alleviate his condition. Christopher opted for natural therapy instead, which is how he was able to come up with Testro X after intense research.

How Does Testro X Work?

Testro X claims to achieve its objective through its potent blend of nine natural clinically tested ingredients. Chris says that Testro X not only enhances your ability to produce testosterone but also restoring your T levels back to their original state.

Truth Nutraceuticals claim that their product is taken through lab tests to ensure quality and purity.

Why Use Testro X?

Using this supplement has been shown to yield the following benefits:

  • Higher levels of testosterone
  • More balance in hormonal levels
  • A higher libido and sex drive
  • Reduced susceptibility to stress and depression
  • A dramatic increase in muscle development
  • Higher energy levels
  • A slower rate of aging
  • Boosted immunity
  • Better sleep quality

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What Ingredients are in Testro X?

This supplement is made out of a select group of natural ingredients that have been shown to work to increase testosterone levels.

They include:

  • Magnesium

In Testro X, magnesium comes in the form of magnesium citrate. Magnesium is among the essential minerals in the body as it plays several vital roles, such as optimizing testosterone levels.

Studies show that supplementing with Magnesium can go a long way in helping one get their T levels back to normal levels. Additionally, Magnesium has also been found to be quite instrumental in regulating the levels of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is also called a stress hormone since it is the chemical your body releases when it is under stress. Unfortunately, cortisol lowers the levels of testosterone. By putting the levels of cortisol in check, therefore, Magnesium helps you maintain your T levels.

This essential mineral also plays a critical role in the regulation of the brain receptors associated with memory and learning. Therefore, supplementing with Magnesium helps you get sharper as well.

  • Zinc

Zinc is just as crucial as Magnesium to the body. In addition to being one of the most powerful naturally occurring testosterone boosting substances on the planet, zinc also plays a vital role in the regulation of enzymes in the body.

Moreover, this mineral also works to boost the immune system. Zinc is also helpful at counteracting the effects of depression, osteoporosis, and age-related vision loss.

  • Organic Ashwagandha

This is a herb that is popular in traditional medicine systems for its ability to combat the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. It does so by regulating your cortisol levels, thus ensuring that you are not losing testosterone.

  • Forskolin Root

The forskolin root extract is a staple in wellness supplements due to its ability to induce weight loss. However, more research is required to determine whether the herb indeed has testosterone boosting capabilities. Findings from preliminary studies, however, show that the herb could be effective at raising T levels.

For now, however, the Forskolin root is mainly used in the treatment and management of heart conditions.

  • Inositol

This compound is a carbohydrate that happens to be quite effective at maintaining hormone levels at an optimal balance. As such, its benefits are widespread, including treating stress and depression, blood sugar regulation, and boosting fertility in women.

Inositol has also been found to be helpful in promoting weight loss.

  • Glycine

This is an essential amino acid that plays several crucial roles in the body, including growing and maintaining muscle tissue, as well as creating enzymes and hormones.

Some of its other benefits include strengthening bones, cartilage, and the skin, promoting better sleep, and protecting the liver from damage.

  • L-Theanine

This is a naturally occurring compound that we typically derive from black and green tea. Studies show that L-theanine promotes cognitive function as well as enhancing the quality of sleep.

It has also been found to help treat the symptoms of stress, controlling blood pressure, facilitating weight loss, and boosting immunity.

  • Boron

This mineral is invaluable to us, and we typically get it from nuts. One of the biggest roles it plays is promoting the assimilation of other minerals in the body, thus increasing their effectiveness.

Boron also increases testosterone production, alleviates pain from arthritis, boosts bone density, and clears memory fog.

  • Bioperine

This is a staple ingredient in supplements due to its ability to increase the bioavailability of nutrients. As such, it is included in this supplement to help with the absorption of the other ingredients.

Does Testro X Result in any Side Effects?

Testro X seems to be well tolerated by most people. In fact, it was hard for us to find complaints about the product. Not that you should expect any side effects anyway, considering that the supplement is made out of natural ingredients.

Additionally, the company says that their product is lab tested for purity and quality, thus ensuring safety.

However, some people have complained of mild side effects such as stomach upsets and nausea after using the product. It is believed that these effects are a result of being sensitive to some of the ingredients used in Testro X, such as Magnesium.

Therefore, before you embark on using this product, first ensure that you consult with a physician so they can let you know whether you are sensitive to any of the ingredients. Most people, however, should be able to use Testro X comfortably.

Testro X Dosage

The manufacturer recommends taking three pills of the supplement five days a week. Take them before you go to sleep for the best results.

Testro X Cost

A bottle of Testro X contains 90 pills and costs $49.95. Shipping is free within the United States. Additionally, there’s a 60-day refund policy if you do not like what you get.

Final Thoughts

Low testosterone levels can ensure that you never get any joy out of life. Most guys either do not know that their T levels are low, or are suffering silently.

Fortunately, it is a fixable condition. Using a testosterone booster such as Testro X will help you get those levels back to where they were during your 20s. For best results, however, consider making the necessary lifestyle changes. Work out, eat right, and take care of your mental health. These habits will go a long way in helping you maintain your T levels. Godspeed.

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The 5 Best HCG Drops: Weight Loss Made Easier

Tips on the Best HCG Drops in 2020

Weight loss is one of the toughest challenges anyone can ever go through. A few weeks of eating junk can give you several pounds, which can take several months to shed! It’s all so crazy and unfair. I can imagine the hassle it takes for people who’ve been overweight for over half their lives to regain that perfect beach body. This is when people wish there was a magic reset button that can get rid of all unwanted fat without putting us through hell.

Unfortunately, such a button doesn’t exist. However, we do have several key ways of losing fat. For some people, proper dieting and working out is more than enough to get rid of the extra few pounds. Sadly, this approach requires so much discipline and patience that most people simply don’t have. You could motivate yourself and start dieting today, but a few weeks down the line, you’ll find yourself hanging out with your friends at the Burger King, and before you know it, you’re back into the bad old habits. What’s more, these methods take a lot of time to deliver results, something that most people who are trying to get ready for the summer cannot afford.

So, what do you do then? Well, I’m sure you’ve already heard of HCG, and that’s why you are here. From the get-go, I can tell you that HCG is definitely the secret tool you need to get back in shape. But here is the thing, the internet is filled with lots of misinforming pieces on HCG. What’s more, so many of these products exist out there, and the worst part is that not all of them are effective. So in this review, I’ve prepared all the critical details you need to know about HCG drops and how exactly they work. I also did the research for you and made a list of the top 5 best HCG drops in the market at the moment!

What’s HCG?

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a crucial hormone that is naturally produced in the body. This hormone is especially common among pregnant women, and that’s because it helps in redirecting their energy to the growing fetus. That should not be confused to mean that HCG and HCG drops in general work among women alone. Clinical trials have shown that HCG drops can be formulated in a way that will benefit even the men.

But, how exactly do HCG Drops work? HCG Drops interact with the hypothalamus to increase the production of HCG, which alters how food is processed in our bodies. It promotes weight loss in several ways, key of which is enhancing the burning of fat and reducing appetite. In addition to that, HCG drops can prevent the gaining of weight in the future, and when it’s combined with other critical compounds, it can also convert the fat into muscle and enhance your body metabolism. From this statement alone, you can already tell that choosing the right HCG drop is vital in helping you get the most out of it. And, this smoothly leads us to the next essential question:

What are the 5 Best HCG Drops?

The following list covers the 5 best HCG drops of 2020. This list is informed by hours of research into the specific formulas of numerous products plus the consistency of the results as reported by different users.

HCG Complex Diet Drops

HCG Complex Diet Drops is perhaps the best HCG drop in the market at the moment. This product features a collection of amino acids that work synergistically to stimulate quick fat loss by burning all the stubborn adipose. What makes HCG Complex Diet Drops so great is not just the fact that it works but how it does so. In addition to that, the consistent use of this product allows your body to fight weight gain in the future. It enhances the constant breakdown of fat for energy while discouraging the storage of new fatty cells. In essence, users of this HCG drop can expect to enjoy high energy levels and endurance as a byproduct!

How Does HCG Complex Diet Drops Work?

The HCG Complex Diet Drops work by increasing your body’s ability to utilize fat for energy and reducing your appetite simultaneously. It sends signals to the hypothalamus stimulating the organ to release signals that facilitate the breakdown and use of stored fat for energy instead of glucose.

What I love the most about these drops is the effective formula that works to eliminate the stored fat from different sites, including stubborn areas such as thighs, hips, and arms. It also goes as far as regulating your metabolism to boost efficiency in what is absorbed and how much of the ingredients are absorbed. They even regulate the kidney and liver to make sure that any surpluses are excreted and not stored as fat. This helps to keep the excess away, thus preventing weight gain. However, you must take the HCG Complex consistently to enjoy this benefit.

What Does HCG Complex Diet Drop Contain?

Each serving of HCG Complex Diet Drop contains Gonadotropin and several amino acids including L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, L-Tyrosine, L-Carnitine, L-Tryptophan, L-Ornithine, and Beta-Alanine. You will also find other popular natural ingredients, including Panax Ginseng Extract, Green Tea Extract, Maca Root Extract, and Grape Seed Extract.

Side Effects of HCG Complex

HCG Complex is made in FDA-Approved facilities, plus the manufacturer, BioSource Labs, follows the Good Manufacturing Practices strictly. This eliminates the possibility of contaminations and other quality issues that can lead to adverse reactions. The use of an all-natural formula has also reduced the risk of complications significantly.

With that said, I’ll still encourage you to consult a physician before using the drops, especially if you have a pre-existing condition or if you’re under other medications.

HCG Complex Dose

The ideal dose varies from one person to the next, depending on various factors. The vendor can help you figure out a plan that works best for you based on your diet, body type, and other factors. A medical professional can also help you with the same.

However, most users have found 10 drops taken 3 times per day with a meal are enough to produce the best results. You could also use 15 drops and take them only twice per day.

HCG Triumph

Next on the list is the incredible HCG Triumph. As the name suggests, this HCG supplements will help you triumph over all the excess fat in the body, making your weight loss journey not just successful, but a lot faster.

The product is packed with several key ingredients, including a host of amino acids that approach fat loss from different angles to make sure that no stone is left unturned. For instance, some of the amino acids, such as L-Carnitine, will transport the fatty acids to your cells, thus enhancing faster weight loss while the popular L-Arginine helps to regulate insulin whilst enhancing blood flow to keep your blood sugar levels in check.

You could literally think of anything important in a weight loss plan, and HCG Triumph already has it covered. Is it reducing appetite? Check. Flushing out the excess sugars? Check. Consistent energy flow? Check.

How Does HCG Triumph Work?

HCG Triumph takes advantage of the Gonadotropin hormone to stimulate your hypothalamus into sourcing fats for energy while also reducing your craving for sugars. It’s pretty much the same concept as the HCG drop discussed above. It is then enhanced further by the additional amino acids to improve the flow and burning of fatty acids, regulating toxins, and improving detox.

The HCG Triumph formula works best with an 800 to 1200 calorie diet. When you purchase the product, you will also get an HCG diet manual, diet recipes, and a few grocery lists that can help you get started. You’ll also get a number to contact their support team should you have any issues.

What Does HCG Triumph Contain?

HCG Triumph consists of numerous natural ingredients such as L-Carnitine, L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, L-Tyrosine, and Lysine.

Side Effects of HCG Triumph

The common side effects reported by HCG Triumph users are headaches and tiredness. In most cases, these issues fade away as one gets used to the drops. However, if the problem persists and becomes too much to bear, you should stop taking it immediately and seek medical attention. It’s also crucial to consult your doctor before taking this or any other HCG drop if you are under other medications.

HCG Triumph Dosage

The recommended HCG Triumph dose is 8-10 drops taken three times per day. To allow maximum absorption, you are advised to keep the drops under your tongue for a minute or so. You should also avoid taking any food or drink 20 minutes before and after using the drops.

Additional details on how to best use HCG Triumph for the best outcome can be found with the package.

Nu Image Medical HCG Drops

Nu Image Medical is a well-known company in the industry. They are well experienced with a decent number of weight loss products, most of which have been quite successful. The Nu Image Medical HCG Drops is one of their best products. The item tackles fat loss from the inside by helping your body to burn down all the excess and stored fat in your body for better and faster results. Just like the other HCG drops, it will also control your appetite, thus reducing how much food you are eating, which consequently reduces taking all the excess that ends up getting converted into fats. The key difference between this and a majority of the other HCG drops is it contains pure HCG. What this means is faster results. Unfortunately, it also makes the product quite expensive as compared to the competition.

The beauty with Nu Image Medical HCG Drops is that after a few weeks of consistent use, it alters your hypothalamus leaves your body in a state of optimal fat burning. This means that weight loss won’t be much of an issue anymore, and you’ll continue to witness the incredible results over time.

The best part? The Nu Image Medicals plans come with free physician teleconsultation, unlimited access to some of their experienced medical staff through email, phone, and even live chat and comprehensive HCG diet guidelines, including recipes and other tips.

How Does Nu Image Medical HCG Drops Work?

Nu Image Medical HCG Drops works from within the body for expedited results. As mentioned above, this product tackles weight loss from inside the body by reprogramming the hypothalamus to enhance fat burning and reduce appetite. It also tends to improve your metabolism, which not only increases fat loss, but it boosts your energy levels as well. After all, all the excess visceral fat is being broken down in place of glucose to meet the energy requirements of your body.

The Nu Image Medical HCG drops plan can be utilized in either 26 or 46 days intervals. You can also choose to use the pellet or injection form of the HCG if you don’t want the drops.

Side Effects of Nu Image Medical HCG Drops

Some of the reported adverse effects are dizziness, headaches, and nausea. Most of the other minor issues usually disappear after a few days of getting used to the compound. 

It’s important to buy only the best Nu Image Medical HCG Drops from the manufacturer and not other online stores. Most such outlets do not have the pure HCG required, which makes them ineffective and potentially dangerous.

It’s advisable for the ladies to stop taking the drops when on their periods. Also, pregnant women should avoid these drops.

HCG 1234

HCG 1234 is an increasingly popular dietary supplement manufactured by Creative Bi. The supplement has made quite a fuss claiming to offer incredible benefits, including the ability to shred all the extra fat without compromising the lean muscle mass. On top of that, the manufacturer explains that HCG 1234 is perfectly formulated to curb weight gain by reducing one’s appetite significantly. Based on the user reviews, the supplement does indeed seem to be as effective as advertised. However, I still don’t think it is as effective as the top three picks above. Also, the product as a whole has not been tested, and that’s another reason why I was reluctant to rank it highly.

With that said, the manufacture directs that the HCG 1234 diet plan should include some vegetables such as zucchini, celery, beets, and cucumber; fruits, but users should avoid tropical fruits since they are rich in sugars; and finally, lean proteins that are free from fat.

What Does HCG 1234 Contain?

HCG 1234 features a long list of natural ingredients that work together to deliver different benefits. These help to enhance recovery, oxidize fats, increase energy, endurance, strength, and stamina, and so on. The ingredients include L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, L-Ornithine, L-Glutamine, Beta-Alanine, Pygeum Africanum, Astragalus, Rhodiola Extract, and Maca Root.

Side Effects of HCG 1234

Some of the reported side effects of HCG 1234 include:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia
  • Dehydration
  • Hair loss

HCG 1234 Dosage

The ideal HCG 1234 Dose is 10 drops taken approximately 30 minutes before eating. It’s advisable to hold the drops under your tongue for a minute or so for optimal absorption. It’s also best to avoid eating or drinking anything 10 minutes before and after using the drops.

HCG Drops Direct by HC6

HCG Drops Direct is a popular diet plan which is almost similar to the famous HCG diet developed by Dr. Simeons, except this one is much milder. This shouldn’t be confused to mean that it does not work. On the contrary, the HCG Drops Direct is even better because it delivers the desired results without being too extreme to the users.

How Do HCG Drops Direct Work?

HCG Drops Direct works by improving your metabolic rate. It enhances the breakdown of fats as well as excess proteins. This results in steady weight loss, and with a suitable diet, the users get to see the results even faster. You will also enjoy a boost in energy levels thanks to all the stored fat being broken down.

What Do HCG Drops Direct Contain?

HCG Drops Direct contains natural ingredients that work together to speed up metabolism, enhance fat burning, convert protein into muscle, increase your energy levels, and so on. The elements include African Mango Leaf Extract, White Kidney Beans Extract, Green tea Extract, L-Arginine, L-Taurine, L-Ornithine, Purified Water, Potassium Sorbate, Guar Gum.

Note that some of these compounds do not actually contribute anything in the process of burning fat. Instead, they are included to enhance the performance of the active ingredients. For instance, Potassium Sorbate aids in maintaining the effectiveness of the active ingredients while Guar Gum stabilizes the solution, plus it extends the product’s shelf life.

HCG Drops FAQs

How fast do HCG drops work?

HCG drops take some time to deliver the desired results. This calls for patience among the users because even though the drops are powerful, they are still not magical. The above HCG drops are the top of the cream in the market. Therefore, the drops such as HCG Complex will work a lot faster to deliver exceptional results in just about 3 weeks.

It’s important to remember that consistency helps to get you the best results. In fact, most of the people who follow all the laid out plans and the dose consistently typically end up reaching their goals even before the program comes to an end!

Can a man use HCG Drops?

Yes, men can use HCG drops. Even though HCG is a hormone commonly found in pregnant women, men can also benefit from its weight loss benefits by using some of the specially formulated HCG drops as reviewed above. There won’t be any dire consequences.

Can I take HCG Drops if I’m breastfeeding?

It’s perfectly normal for a woman to want to lose as much of the “baby weight” as possible after delivering their baby. However, using HCG drops while you are still breastfeeding is not recommended. That’s because the traces of the dietary supplement may end up getting passed on to the baby, where they can cause different health issues.

Can I take HCG drops with antibiotics?

The best practice is to avoid taking HCG with any other medication. This saves you from unnecessary side effects. Therefore, stop taking the drops and complete your antibiotics prescriptions first. In the meantime, continue to follow the diet plan.

In case you are already under other medical complications, you should consult your doctor before you start taking the drops.

Are HCG Drops safe to use?

High-quality HCG drops are totally safe to use. The only issue you may experience here is lightheadedness and some headaches but nothing serious. The vital part here is making sure that you are using quality HCG. Substandard drops can be very dangerous, so always remain mindful of where you are buying them from.

Should I exercise while taking HCG Drops?

Working out can help you get faster results. However, HCG diet plans are usually strict on calorie intake, which means intense workout may not be a good idea here. 

Final Thoughts

It is critical to remember that taking HCG drops alone is not the best approach. Sure, it will help you lose a few pounds here and there, but why would you settle for a few when you can do all? Don’t you think you owe it to yourself and all the money you’ve spent to get the very best results? To that end, you need to support HCG drops with a suitable diet. These HCG drops typically come with a diet plan and some recipes anyway. Also, some of them will give you unlimited access to medical staff. Make the best use of this access to get the best value for your money.

Noxitril : Pro’s & Con’s of this supplement

A summary of Noxitril

Most men wouldn’t wish sexual dysfunction on their worst enemies. Being unable to get the engine going is enough to ensure that you never derive satisfaction from life.

Nonetheless, sexual dysfunction is a plight that millions of men are dealing with. This has caused an influx of products on the market, claiming to be exactly what you need to solve the problem downstairs.


More often than not, most of those products are mere scams looking to make a quick buck off your plight. This is why you should always research a product before you use it. This not only ensures that you get something that is actually effective, but also that you do not put a potentially dangerous substance into your body.

In that light, this article will review Noxitril, which is a popular sexual enhancement supplement, to help you determine whether it is the real deal.

What is Noxitril?

This is a product that claims to help you get more satisfaction from sex by enhancing your performance.

You see sexual stamina, performance, and drive in men typically decline with age. This is associated with a decrease in testosterone levels as one gets older.

The ingredients in Noxitril seem to work to mimic the effects that prescription pills such as Cialis and Viagra have on sexual performance. The difference, however, as per the manufacturer, is that Noxitril utilizes organic, natural ingredients to improve your sex game as opposed to the chemical means that prescription pills use.

How Does Noxitril Work?

The supplement utilizes a blend of natural ingredients that are believed to play critical roles in enhancing male reproductive health.

In addition to improving your reproductive health, Noxitril also works to enhance your general levels of energy and stamina. This ensures that once you get the erection, you will have the energy and stamina to give an excellent performance as well as last longer.

Some of Noxitril’s ingredients work to increase the levels of testosterone in the body. As you already know, testosterone is the male hormone that is primarily responsible for sexual vitality. Therefore, the more testosterone you have, the more virile you will be.

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What are the Ingredients in Noxitril?

So much has been said already about how effective Noxitril’s ingredients are at improving your sex game. Let us now look at them. They include:

  • Tongkat Ali

This is a popular herb in the Southeast Asia region and is widely utilized in alternative medicine for its ability to increase testosterone levels, increasing muscle strength, as well as in the treatment of various conditions such as erectile dysfunction, reduced libido, stress, and fatigue.

Scientific studies and trials have actually proven that Tongkat Ali is indeed capable of treating erectile dysfunction and poor libido due to its impact on testosterone levels.

  • Maca Root Extract

This herb is native to Peru and is mainly grown in the Andes Mountains. The Maca Root is incredibly instrumental in:

  • Treating erectile dysfunction
  • Enhancing libido
  • Increasing fertility
  • Boosting stamina and energy levels
  • Improving mood
  • Promoting memory and learning
  • Lowering blood pressure

When all of the Maca Root’s benefits are combined, they allow you to be in an optimal physical as well as mental state to perform better in bed.

  • L-Arginine

This is an amino acid that plays several vital roles in the body. For starters, it promotes protein synthesis, which is the process where muscle cells create the protein that is needed to make muscle tissue. By enhancing the rate of protein synthesis, the amino acid helps you develop more muscle.

L-arginine also works as a precursor to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a compound that is known for its powerful vasodilation capabilities, meaning that it relaxes your blood vessels, thus widening them so they can carry more blood to various organs.

And since erectile dysfunction is characterized by an inability to get hard due to poor blood flow to the penis, and enhanced rate of blood flow means that more blood will get to your member, resulting in an erection.

Additional benefits include lowered blood pressure due to the widening of the blood vessels.

  • Ginseng Blend

Ginseng refers to a variety of small, slow-growing plants that have fleshy roots. These plants are often utilized as herbal remedies due to their ability to promote overall wellbeing.

Some of their abilities include:

  • Reducing blood sugar
  • Combating inflammation
  • Boosting cognitive function

However, there isn’t much evidence to support the effectiveness of ginseng in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

  • Tribulus Terrestris

This herb is extremely popular among wellness products today, especially those that work to improve sexual health and performance, as well as those that help you build muscle.

This is because Tribulus Terrestris is instrumental at boosting vitality, treating erectile dysfunction, promoting muscle growth, and boosting overall health. Tribulus Terrestris helps you improve in those areas by increasing the body’s production of testosterone.

  • Sarsaparilla Herb

The Sarsaparilla Herb is a type of tropical plant that has been utilized in traditional medicine for thousands of years. It was typically used for its blood purifying and anti-inflammatory properties.

Some of its other benefits include:

  • Promotes weight loss
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Has antioxidant effects
  • Alleviates pain from arthritis

In recent times, it was discovered that the herb also has libido-enhancing properties.

  • Pumpkin Seed Powder

Pumpkin seeds are renowned for packing a stellar collection of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in one seed. They contain zinc, magnesium, healthy oils, and other nutrients that work to boost male reproductive health as well as heart health.

Pumpkin seeds can cause a dramatic increase in the levels of natural testosterone, which allows you to become more virile.

  • Nettle Root Extract

The nettle root is instrumental at increasing the amount of free testosterone in the body. It does that by binding itself to the sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), which is a protein that attaches itself to the testosterone in your body, thereby making it ineffective.

By binding itself to SHBG, the nettle root frees testosterone, which allows the hormone to roam freely in the body and jumpstart a cascade of wonderful effects such as increased libido, faster muscle growth, and an improved sense of wellbeing.

  • Orchic Extract

This substance is derived from the testes of bulls and is believed to have a remarkable impact on testicular function as it works to increase the levels of testosterone in the body.

  • Boron

Boron has been found to influence the way your body absorbs other minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium. By allowing you to absorb these minerals better, it helps improve your bone health.

It has also been found to help increase testosterone levels in addition to having antioxidant properties.

  • Oyster Extract

The oyster contains abnormally high amounts of zinc, which is one of the essential minerals needed for testosterone production. You already know what happens when you have elevated levels of testosterone coursing through your system, nothing but good things.

What Benefits Can You Expect from Using Noxitril?

What the manufacturers of Noxitril did was to combine a lethal group of aphrodisiacs, testosterone boosters, and vasodilators.

The aphrodisiacs enhance your sex drive, the testosterone boosters allow you to have more stamina and increased sperm production, while the vasodilators ensure that enough blood is flowing to your member to make it rock-hard.

Thus, in addition to better sexual performance, Noxitril will also increase your overall stamina and strength levels, as well as help you burn fat and build muscle more efficiently.

Essentially, you will be a version 2.0 of your former self.

Are there Side Effects to Using Noxitril?

This supplement is well-tolerated by most people. This is because it is made purely out of natural ingredients. However, some people have reported minor side effects such as stomach upsets, headaches, and insomnia after using the supplement.

It is believed that these side effects could be as a result of allergic reactions to some of the ingredients used in the supplement.

As such, you are advised first to seek out the guidance of a doctor so they can let you know whether Noxitril is a good choice for you.

Also, some of the side effects come from exceeding the recommended dosage. Therefore, ensure that you adhere to the stipulated dosage guidelines.

Noxitril Dosage

The manufacturer recommends taking a maximum of 2 pills per day. Do not exceed that dosage. People who shouldn’t use Noxitril entirely include:

  • Those under the age of 18
  • Pregnant or lactating women

Final Thoughts

Every man wishes that they had the sex drive and stamina that they had in their 20s. Unfortunately, part of growing old is experiencing a decline in testosterone levels. If you are looking to get your virility back, you should consider boosting those levels naturally.

That is what Noxitril aims to do. It boosts your sexual health via different mechanisms to ensure that you are more than capable of getting it up and giving a stellar performance. Give Noxitril a try and let us know what you think.

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