Kratom Pills: What you should know about them

An overview of Kratom Pills

Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is a herb from Southeast Asia that is all the rage lately in the western world. However, despite its novelty, Southeast Asia natives in regions such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam have been using the plant for hundreds of years.

Some of the benefits natives have been deriving from kratom include boosting mental alertness and focus, relieving pain, alleviating stress and anxiety, and even boosting sexual function. For some reason, kratom did not catch on in the western world until several studies revealed how impactful it is at improving the quality of life. As soon as people got wind of its immense benefits, kratom instantly became a hit.

Nonetheless, before you start using this herb, it is crucial that you learn everything you need to know about it, so you know what you will be getting yourself into.

One of the things that you should know about kratom is that it comes in various forms, which determine how you take it. Kratom pills are one of the popular forms of Kratom. Here is what you need to know about Kratom pills.

kratom pills

What are Kratom Pills?

Kratom pills are capsules that contain kratom powder. While most kratom vendors simply sell kratom in its most basic form, powder, some go ahead to pack it in capsules, to sell it as pills. Nevertheless, you must be cautious when shopping for kratom pills. Remember, the quality of kratom capsules is what ultimately determines whether you are going to experience the effects that you are looking for or not.

Moreover, taking low-quality kratom capsules can result in a number of ill effects, which can escalate into severe medical complications.

As such, before you buy kratom, do thorough research on the vendor. Your research should involve checking out user reviews online, as well as looking whether the vendor offers quality and purity reports on their products. A good kratom vendor should have a good reputation online, in addition to having purity and quality reports on their products.

Can You Make Your Own Kratom Pills

Some people may find the process of vetting kratom pill vendors too exhausting and, as a result, wonder whether they can make their own capsules. If you are one such individual, you will be pleased to find out that you can make your own kratom pills at home.

Fortunately, the materials that you need to make kratom pills are easy to find. Making kratom capsules for yourself allows you the benefit of controlling the quality and purity of the contents inside the capsules. Therefore, you will effectively avoid the risk of taking impure or low-quality pills, as long as you adhere to the guidelines for creating kratom capsules.

Right off the bat, you must know that making kratom pills is not an easy task. This is because you must put the correct dose inside the capsules to avoid overdosing on kratom. The process of putting kratom powder into the capsule is difficult when done manually.


How to Make Kratom Capsules

As mentioned, making your own kratom pills is a challenging and tedious process if you do not have the necessary equipment. Fortunately, just as with anything else, it will become easier once you get the hang of it after a few trials.

Here is how you go about it:

Get Your Ideal Capsules

Capsules come in two main types, which include:

  • Gelatin Capsules

These are the most common type of capsules. They are inexpensive and are made from animal by-products. For that reason, you must check out what animal by-products were used to make those capsules to find out whether they contain an ingredient that you might be allergic to.

  • Veggie Capsules

As the name suggests, these are capsules that do not contain any animal by-products in their makeup. Additionally, they are non-GMO, as well as being free from preservatives and other chemicals. 

Veggie capsules are typically made up of hypromellose, cellulose, and purified water. Also, on average, they tend to dissolve much faster than gelatin capsules in addition to being less likely to subject the user to allergic reactions.

It is for those reasons that veggie capsules are pricier than gelatin capsules.

Select the Size of Your Capsules

Capsules do not come in a standard size; there are a variety of sizes, which means that you must choose the one that is the most appropriate for your dosage. You also need to know that choosing a size that is too small will mean that you will have to pop too many pills to meet your dose.

 On the other hand, large capsules can be uncomfortable to swallow. Therefore, you want to find a size that lies somewhere in the middle.

The most common capsule sizes include:

  • 000 – 1 gram capacity
  • 00 – 0.375 grams
  • 0 – 0.5 grams
  • 1 – 0.4 grams
  • 2 – 0.3 grams

Fill the Capsules

After making your choice of the right capsule, you can now get into the next step, which involves filling them with kratom powder. As mentioned, this process is tedious and time-consuming when done manually. If you have the cash to spare, consider acquiring a capsule-filling machine, as it will save you a lot of time and energy.

In fact, some capsule-filling machines come with a tamper that helps you pack kratom powder into each capsule. Therefore, if you are going to be using kratom pills in the long-term, it is advisable that you get that machine. However, if you are simply experimenting with kratom pills, then you can skip out on buying the machine at first.

Nonetheless, whether you get the capsule-filling machine or not, the one thing that you must have is a digital scale. A scale will ensure that you measure your doses accurately.

Also, consider getting parchment paper, as it will help minimize wastage by collecting the kratom powder that spills during the filling process.

After you are done filling the capsules, simply put their caps on, and you are good to go.

What are the Drawbacks of Kratom Pills?

Despite their convenience, kratom pills do have some limitations, as well. For starters, it takes a while before the effects of kratom set in. This is because they have to go through the digestion process first before the powder that is inside is released in the stomach and absorbed into the body.

The problem with having to wait for a while before the effects kick in, impatient people might be tempted to increase their dose. Doing that predisposes you to the side effects of overdosing on kratom. These include nausea, vomiting, stomach upsets, jitteriness, headaches, irritability, just to name a few.

As such, if you are going to be using kratom capsules, you must exercise patience. Please do not underestimate the severity of kratom’s side effects.

Popular Powders for Kratom Pills

While you can fill capsules with just any kratom powder, some strains give you a better bang for your buck. They include:

Maeng Da Kratom

Kratom enthusiasts are in love with Maeng Da kratom for its potency, with some arguing that it is the most powerful kratom strain there is. Maeng Da is, indeed, quite potent. This means that you will enjoy the benefits it has to offer even at low doses.

The benefits of Maeng Da Kratom pills include pain and anxiety relief, sedation, and increasing mental focus and alertness. When used in high doses, Maeng Da pills can induce a sense of euphoria.

Maeng Da Kratom comes in the archetypal red, green, and white vein strains. Red Vein Maeng Da is the most powerful of the bunch and is even used in the treatment of opiate withdrawal symptoms.

Green Malay Kratom

Green Malay is another extremely popular strain of kratom, especially among recreational kratom users. This strain has all the benefits that kratom has to offer, ranging from energizing to sedating, but at a mild level.

Since its effects are mild, you can use it without compromising yourself. People new to kratom should consider beginning their kratom journey with this strain since its effects are not too powerful.

Red Bali Kratom

Red Bali is always in contention for the title of the strongest kratom strain. This strain is renowned for its powerful pain and stress-relieving effects. Therefore, if you are getting into kratom for those purposes, consider using Red Bali.

Final Thoughts

Kratom can improve the quality of your life tremendously. Southeast Asia natives have been using it for centuries, and it is a shame that we are only learning about this herb. In fact, scientific studies on kratom are still ongoing, and that is why it is yet to be regulated by the FDA.

It is for that reason; therefore, you have to be skeptical about every kratom vendor you come across. Most of them sell low-quality kratom. This is why you must research a vendor before buying from them. Once you get your high-quality kratom, follow the tips in this guide to make your own kratom pills. Godspeed.


The complete guide to Kratom Dosage

A short intro Kratom Dosage

With all its benefits, Kratom is still novel to the western world. As a result, Kratom is yet to undergo the battery of clinical studies needed to determine its full range of effects. Consequently, we do not have scientifically backed guidelines for the appropriate kratom dosage.

Anecdotal evidence, however, shows that consuming high doses of Kratom often results in adverse reactions. Additionally, some kratom strains are so potent that even small doses can yield undesired effects in some people. Moreover, dosing incorrectly can lead to a build-up intolerance, which will force you to take higher doses to get regular effects.

What is more worrying, however, is that in the bid to up your dosage to counteract that tolerance, you risk developing a dependence on Kratom. Needless to say, the symptoms that accompany kratom withdrawal are anything but fun.

As such, to avoid all these complications, it is crucial to get your dosage right. Moreover, using Kratom correctly will ensure that you enjoy its benefits without compromising your health or wallet.

This article will discuss all you need to know about kratom dosage.

Which is the Appropriate Kratom Dosage?

The thing about Kratom is that it does not have a one-size-fits-all-dose. This means that the dose needed to yield a particular effect varies among individuals. What works for someone else might not work for you. As such, you will need to embark on a search for your ‘sweet spots,’ which are the exact dosage amounts that give you the effects that you are after without causing any adverse reactions.

The reason kratom dosage varies among people is that it is usually dependent on factors such as age, health, body type, experience level, among others. As mentioned, Kratom is still in the early stages of scientific research and, therefore, the scientific community is yet to release general guidelines, unfortunately.

Another thing that complicates this issue further is the inconsistency in kratom quality and measurements among kratom vendors. Some unscrupulous vendors sell low-quality Kratom that requires you to take extremely high doses to experience slight effects. If you were to take such a high dose of high-quality Kratom, you would experience disastrous results.

In fact, most people who overdose on Kratom do it innocently. After using low-quality Kratom that requires them to dose high, when they come across a quality strain, they apply the same principle, and things always end up badly.

This is why you must always take measures to ensure that a vendor has a reputation for selling high-quality Kratom before purchasing from them. Additionally, also buy a precision digital scale for the accurate measurement of kratom doses.


General Dosage Measurements for Popular Strains

  • Average powdered kratom leaf: 1gram = 0.035 ounces, 50grams = 1.75 ounces, while 100grams = 3.5 ounces
  • Green Malay Kratom powder: 1 teaspoon = 2.4 grams, 1 tablespoon = 6.9 grams
  • Maeng Da Kratom powder: 1 teaspoon = 2.6 grams, 1 tablespoon = 7 grams
  • Bali Kratom powder: 1 teaspoon = 2.3 grams, 1 tablespoon = 6.2 grams
  • Crushed leaf: 1 teaspoon = 2.6 grams, 1 tablespoon = 7 grams

To find your sweet spots, it is best to start with the smallest possible dose and then work your way up gradually. If you are new to Kratom, experts recommend starting with 2 or 3 grams. To maximize the intensity of the effects, consider taking your dose on an empty stomach. Do this first in the morning after you wake up or a few hours after breakfast.

After taking your dose, wait for about 30 minutes to allow the effects to kick in. After that period is over, note how you feel. If you have not experienced the effects that you are looking for, take another gram of kratom powder, and then wait for another 30 minutes. Do that until you get to your sweet spot. What you need to note, however, is that some strains of Kratom take a while before their effects can set in. As such, you need to be patient. Do not add another gram before those 30 minutes are over.

Kratom Dosage Based on Weight

As mentioned, weight is a crucial factor to consider when determining your ideal kratom dosage. After numerous trial-and-error runs, kratom experts concluded that a dose of 20 milligrams per kilogram (2.205 pounds) is suitable for most people. This translates to a dose of 2 grams for the average person.

Use this chart as a baseline:

  • 60kg/135lbs: 1.2 grams
  • 70kg/155lbs: 1.4 grams
  • 80kg/180bs: 1.6 grams
  • 90kg/200lbs: 1.8 grams
  • 100kg/225lbs: 2 grams

This chart, however, generally only works for users who are still new to Kratom. If you’ve been taking Kratom products for a while, you might need to take more depending on your needs. Besides, experienced users of Kratom already know the doses that give them their desired effects. As such, the only issue for them is to avoid developing a tolerance or dependence on Kratom.

This is why you should always take regular breaks from kratom use. Developing tolerance not only puts you at risk of becoming addicted to Kratom, it also increases the amount of money that you spend on Kratom, since you will be plowing through your kratom stash much faster.

As you become acquainted with Kratom, you will also notice that the method of kratom intake also plays a significant role in how well your dose. You may already be aware that Kratom comes in different forms, which influences the way that people use it. For example, most people prefer using kratom capsules due to their convenience, as well as helping ensure that you adhere to the correct dosage. Additionally, capsules help you avoid the bitter taste of kratom powder.

The most effective method of using Kratom is the Toss n’ Wash method, which involves measuring your dose of kratom powder, putting it into your mouth, and washing it down with water. The issue with this method, however, is that you risk measuring inaccurately. The same goes for kratom tea or any other method that involves measuring kratom powder yourself. Therefore, ensure that you have a digital scale for that task.

Kratom Dosage for Various Effects

Depending on the effects that you are looking to get out of Kratom, your dosage levels will vary between high and low. As a rule of thumb, small doses typically yield stimulation effects, while high doses usually yield sedative effects. Nonetheless, this rule is not set in stone, as the strain that you are using also plays a part in determining the dosage amount.

Here are some general guidelines:

Energy and Focus

If you are looking for a boost in mental and physical energy levels, a dose of between 3 and 6 grams taken in the morning should be sufficient.

Anxiety and Pain Relief

If you are using Kratom to get relief from pain and anxiety, it means that you are after its sedative effects. To get these effects, you will have to take a high dose of between 7 and 9 grams. However, this is an extremely high dose and, therefore, users should proceed with caution, especially when dealing with potent kratom strains.

In fact, if you are a beginner, do not use a potent strain for this purpose as you might overwhelm your body.

Kratom Dosage Tips

To ensure you get the full benefits of Kratom without compromising your well-being, consider applying the following tips:

Stay Hydrated

Kratom tends to work best when you have lots of fluids in your system. This is because water enhances the rate at which the compound gets absorbed in your body, in addition to preventing issues such as a dry mouth, which kratom powder is infamous for causing.

Take On an Empty Stomach

When you take Kratom when there is food in your belly, it will first have to undergo the digestion process before it gets absorbed into your system. This means that the effects will take a lot longer to set in. When you take it on an empty stomach, however, it will not go through that process, meaning that it will be absorbed faster and, therefore, resulting in the effects kicking in sooner.

Different Strains have Different Dosages

Kratom strains vary in potency. Therefore, you might need to lower your dosage when dealing with potent strains to avoid overdosing.

Keep a Log

Document the feelings that you experience at various dosages. This will help you set a baseline for your ideal doses for different effects.

Final Thoughts

Kratom has proven itself an invaluable aid in increasing the overall quality of life. However, when misused or abused, Kratom can yield a host of undesirable effects. Therefore, it is vital to adhere to kratom dosage guidelines to prevent that from happening.

Unfortunately, however, there is no standard kratom dose. This means that you will have to figure out the ideal doses for you. The good news, though, is that if you apply the tips offered in this guide, you should not have a difficult time figuring that out.

Also, make sure that you only purchase your Kratom from an authentic vendor to get quality Kratom. Online reviews should help you in that quest. Good luck.


Green Malay Kratom: What you need to know about this strain

What is Green Malay Kratom?

Since time immemorial, Malaysia has held the distinction of being one of the world’s top producers of potent, high-quality Kratom. This is not a matter of luck either, as Malaysia has the pristine conditions for Kratom growth i.e., high levels of humidity and rainfall, which is what tropical evergreen trees such as Kratom need to thrive.

As a result, most of the popular strains of Kratom on the market today call Malaysia home. However, of all those strains, Green Malay Kratom is arguably the most popular. This is because Green Malay Kratom combines the analgesic and sedative properties of red-veined strains, and the euphoria-inducing and energy-boosting properties into one strain.

Essentially, by using Green Malay Kratom, you will be getting the benefits of both red and white strains. Moreover, unlike other green strains, Green Malay has a high concentration of alkaloids in addition to having long-lasting effects. This is why this strain is sometimes referred to as ‘Green Super Malay.’

If you are interested in learning more about Green Malay Kratom, you have come to the right place. Read on.

green malay kratom

What Makes Green Malay Kratom Special

We have to start by saying that all kratom strains are special in their own ways, as each strain has a unique set of effects. Green Malay Kratom, however, is exceptional; and if you were to ask experts, they would attribute it to the Green Malay’s leaves.

Green Malay Kratom’s leaves are popularly referred to as ‘Keetum’ in Malaysia. They contain chemical compounds that mimic the effects of agonists to mu-opioids, such as morphine. This is what makes Green Malay so effective at providing relief from both acute and chronic pains, such as migraines, backaches, muscle pain, and osteoporosis.

Green Malay’s leaves have an oval shape, which is uncharacteristic of regular Kratom, in addition to spotting a distinct dark green tone. Research shows that the chemical compounds responsible for Green Malay’s effects are alkaloids.

The most abundant alkaloid in Green Malay is Mitragynine, and one of its functions is that of an antioxidant. As such, it helps boost your immunity and overall health by protecting your cells from damage by free radicals. This is one of the reasons as to why Green Malay Kratom is increasingly being utilized in the treatment and management of cancer, as it has been shown to yield positive results for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Natives typically consume Green Malay by chewing on its leaves. However, since they need to be fresh when chewing them, the rest of the world has to settle for Green Malay Kratom Powder.


Effects of Green Malay Kratom

When compared to other strains of Kratom, the effects of Green Malay tend to be more sustainable on average. This means that its effects are both powerful as well as long-lasting, thanks to its high concentration of alkaloids.

Whether you are new to Kratom or are an avid user, the following are some of the reasons you might want to consider using Green Malay;

Pain Relief

Even though Green Malay Kratom’s analgesic effects might not be as potent as some red strains’, it is still a highly effective pain reliever. Kratom experts attribute this effect to the high concentration of Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine alkaloids. Mitragynine causes sedative effects, while 7-Hydroxymitragynine has stimulating properties.

When you combine these alkaloids, the net effect is decent energizing as well as painkilling properties.

Boosting Mood and Increasing Energy Levels

One of the most popular uses for Green Malay Kratom is in the boosting of physical energy levels. In addition to stimulating you physically, Green Malay also works to enhance your motivation and focus, which makes you more adept at handling challenging activities.

In addition, this strain also works to boost your mood, thereby making it an effective aid in the management of depression and anxiety. With increased energy levels and lifted spirits, you will be much more proficient at handling whatever life throws at you.

Enhances Brain Performance

Brain enhancement substances, also known as nootropics, have undergone a spike in popularity as students and professionals look for ways in which they can boost their productivity. Nonetheless, most of these substances come with a host of undesired side effects, which makes them unsuitable for regular use. This is because they are synthetic substances.

Green Malay, on the other hand, enhances your brain performance without predisposing you to any ill effects. It does that by improving the rate of blood flow to your brain, which ensures that it stays refreshed thanks to a continuous supply of oxygen and nutrients.

With your brain functioning at optimal levels throughout the day, your cognitive abilities will stay sharp all day long.

Improving Physical Performance

If you are an avid gym-goer, then you will find Green Malay to be an effective aid to your fitness goals. In addition to boosting your immunity and overall health, Green Malay also enhances the digestion process. By increasing the rate at which your body breaks down food, it helps ensure that your fuel reserves stay replenished, thus allowing you to push yourself harder for longer.

Green Malay might just be the pre-workout that you never knew you needed.

Treating Osteoporosis

Primarily caused by old age, osteoporosis is a degenerative bone disease characterized by weak, brittle bones that are susceptible to breaking. Research indicates that this condition results from a decrease in bone density, which leads to the development of minute holes that compromise your bones’ structural integrity.

In addition to alleviating the pain that comes with osteoporosis, Green Malay Kratom also changes your chemical and hormonal composition to enhance the structural integrity of your bones, thereby reversing the effects of osteoporosis. For faster results, consider supplementing Green Malay with calcium supplements.

What are the Side Effects of Green Malay Kratom?

The most commonly reported side effect of using Green Malay Kratom is nausea. This effect is usually the result of your body’s initial response to the new compound. Fortunately, however, this effect typically disappears by itself. Kratom experts recommend waiting it out, and after a few days, the body will have got used to the compound.

However, if you are still experiencing nausea every time that you use Kratom and it has been weeks since the first use, consider stopping your use.

It could be that Green Malay is simply too strong for you. In fact, people new to Kratom are advised to begin their kratom journey with a milder strain. This allows the body to get accustomed to the presence of alkaloids, but at a milder level. Therefore, when you level up to a stronger strain, your body will not have an adverse reaction to a higher concentration of alkaloids.

Another factor that causes feelings of nausea upon using Green Malay is taking doses that are too high for you. Exceeding your ideal dose may also cause other side effects, such as jitteriness, itchiness, stomach upset, constipation, insomnia, and an inability to concentrate.

The severity of these symptoms tends to increase with an increase in dosage. To avoid these side effects, therefore, it is imperative that you adhere to dosage guidelines.

Green Malay Kratom Dosage

So, what is the correct dosage for Green Malay Kratom? Unfortunately, there is no standard dose for Green Malay, or any other kratom strain, for the matter. As mentioned, it is still the Wild West in Kratom country. Studies on the herb are still ongoing and, therefore, kratom use is yet to have scientific backing, which is why its sale and use remain unregulated.

The dosage guideline that we follow is based on trial-and-error experiments. What is for certain, however, is that ideal dose varies among individuals. For example, someone new to Kratom will take a much smaller dose than someone who has been using it for a while since their bodies are yet to develop a tolerance for the compound.

The other factor that determines the dosage is the reason for using Green Malay. On average, to get the analgesic/sedative effects of Green Malay, you may have to take higher doses. Low doses, on the other hand, are associated with stimulation effects.

To be on the safe side, however, consider starting with the lowest dose possible of 2 grams. Take those 2 grams and write down what you experience within 30 minutes. When 30 minutes are over, take 1 gram of Green Malay, and then note what you experience within another 30 minutes. Keep adding a gram after every 30 minutes until you get the experience the effects that you are after.

Make sure to adhere to the 30 minutes: 1 gram rule to avoid adverse effects. Also, do not take more than 8 grams of Green Malay within one day, as that is an extremely high dose.

Final Thoughts

Green Malay Kratom is a strain that has proven itself invaluable in enhancing the quality of everyday life. However, this strain is more likely to be appreciated by recreational kratom users, as its effects are not overwhelming. If you are looking for potent painkilling/sedative effects, Red strains will suit you better. If you are looking for a powerful energizer, white strains are ideal for that job.


Bali Kratom: Benefits & Side Effects Explained

The overview of Bali Kratom

Kratom is one of the fastest rising alternative medicines on the market today. If you are looking to jump onto the kratom train, however, you need to know that this herb comes in different strains.

Different strains of kratom tend to have different effects. As such, you first need to figure out the effects that you are trying to get from kratom so you can know the strain that is most appropriate for you.

Bali Kratom is among the most popular strains of kratom. But, is Bali Kratom the ideal strain for you? Here is what you need to know about Bali Kratom.

bali kratom

What is Bali Kratom?

Primarily grown in the Southeast Asia regions of Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, Bali Kratom happens to be one of the most potent, widely available, and affordable strains of kratom on the market.

However, Bali Kratom is also one of the slowest acting strains. This means it might take a while before its effects set in. However, once they do, you will be in for a treat.

Types of Bali Kratom

Just like all other kratom strains, Bali Kratom also comes in three sub-types, which differ according to the color of the vein on their leaves. These sub-types include Red, Green, and White Bali. Let us look at them in more detail:

Red Bali Kratom

Red Bali Kratom has a red vein traversing through its leaves. Red Bali also happens to yield most of the effects that are synonymous with Bali Kratom. These include analgesic (painkilling), relaxation, and anxiety relief properties.

Nonetheless, most red strains possess these properties. What makes Red Bali Kratom special, however, is that its effects are more potent. As such, if you have been using kratom for a while and are looking for a more intense kick, consider trying out Red Bali. However, people new to kratom should give this strain a wide berth due to its intensity.


Green Bali Kratom

The green strain of Bali Kratom has similar effects to Red Bali; however, it is not as potent. Therefore, it is great for casual use since its sedation properties will not leave you incapable of going on with your day.

People looking for effective pain relief with little to no sedation should find Green Bali to be a great choice.

White Bali Kratom

While this Bali strain has the least ‘Bali-Esque’ properties, it still extremely popular among Bali Kratom enthusiasts. White Bali has minimal pain-relieving and sedation properties. However, it has immense energy-boosting effects. Additionally, it also improves your mental clarity, focus, and awareness.

As such, if you have been looking for an alternative to caffeine, consider trying out White Bali Kratom. Unfortunately, White Bali can be hard to find.

What are the Benefits of Bali Kratom?

High-quality Bali Kratom should allow you the following benefits:

Relief from Chronic Pain

Millions of people around the world are suffering from diseases or conditions that cause them chronic pain. Chronic pain is a major impediment to the quality of life, which is why victims of chronic pain will try just about anything if it promises to offer them some relief.

Unfortunately, this usually means using pharmaceutical-grade medications, which come with a host of side effects, including addiction.

Bali Kratom, especially Red Bali, is one of the most powerful natural painkillers. It offers relief from pain for hours before its effects wear off. It is, therefore, an invaluable aid in the management of both acute and chronic pains.

Promoting Calmness

Estimates from the WHO (World Health Organization) indicate that about 300 million people in the world suffer from depression. Depression is a serious condition since it regularly results in suicide. Even though various medications are used in the treatment of depression, they also come with unwanted side effects.

Bali Kratom can help you manage depression without harming you in other ways. Thanks to Bali Kratom’s sedative properties, it promotes relaxation in both the mind and body, which results in stress and anxiety relief. This allows you to be more comfortable as well as productive.

Most people who use Bali Kratom for this purpose take it in the form of tea, as it is soothing and does not feel like taking medicine. When making kratom tea, however, do not allow the water to boil, as extreme temperatures destroy alkaloids, which are the chemical compounds responsible for kratom’s effects.

Enhancing Mental Performance

Bali Kratom also acts as somewhat of a nootropic. This is because some of its effects include a boost in cognitive performance, especially when using White Bali. One of the mechanisms it uses to boost your mental performance is by increasing the rate of blood flow to the brain. By doing so, it ensures that your brain stays nourished.

As a result, your brain will perform at a high level for longer periods, thereby increasing your productivity.

Treating Opiate Addiction

Opiate addiction is one of the most prevalent drug problems in the US today. People who are addicted to opiates find it incredibly difficult to quit these drugs due to the severe withdrawal symptoms that typically follow.

Bali Kratom is quite helpful in treating opiate addiction. This is because its alkaloids mimic the effects of opiates on your brain’s opioid receptors. This also explains why Bali Kratom is also such an effective pain reliever since pain relief also results from the action of drugs on your opioid receptors.

As such, an addict can trick their body into thinking that they have used the drug by using Bali Kratom, as it yields almost similar effects. This makes opiate withdrawal symptoms a lot easier to handle.

However, this treatment should only be done under the guidance of a professional to avoid developing a dependency on Bali Kratom.

What are the Side Effects of Bali Kratom?

As with any other substance that affects your brain or body, Bali Kratom also comes with a host of potential side effects. These side effects, however, tend to manifest themselves when an individual misuses Bali Kratom.

They include:

  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Sweating
  • Itching
  • Erratic heartbeat
  • Hallucinations
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Irritation

You should not experience any of these side effects if you stick to your ideal dose of Bali Kratom.

What is the Appropriate Dosage for Bali Kratom?

 Right off the bat, you should know that there is no standard dosage for Bali Kratom. This is because numerous factors determine the ideal dose for any given individual. These include:

  • The effects that you are after
  • The strain that you are using i.e., Red, White, or Green, as they have different potencies
  • Your experience level with kratom
  • Your body type

If you are after sedative/pain relief/relaxation properties, you may need to take a higher dose. If you are after stimulation effects, on the other hand, you may need to take a lower dose.

However, since what constitutes a low dose might be high from someone else, the trick is, to begin with, a low dose, regardless of the effects that you are after. Experts recommend beginning with a dose of 2 grams.

Take those 2 grams and wait for about 25 minutes. Monitor what you feel during that period. If you do not feel anything, take another gram. Note down any effects that you experience. Always wait between 25 and 30 minutes before increasing the dose. This gives the herb time to kick in while ensuring that you do not overdose.

Once you get the effects that you are after, note down the dose that you took to get those effects. Use that as your baseline.

Anything more than 8 grams, however, is considered to be an overdose. Therefore, be careful.

How to Take Bali Kratom

You can take Bali Kratom in a variety of ways, which include:

  • Toss n’ Wash

This involves taking your dose of kratom powder, placing it in your mouth, and then washing it down with a glass of water—swill before you swallow to ensure that you do not leave any powder inside your mouth.

Toss n’ Wash is the simplest and quickest way of using kratom.

  • Kratom Tea

Add your dose of Bali Kratom to a cup of water and heat it. Make sure that you do not heat it to boiling temperatures. Sip it like any other type of herbal tea.

  • Add to Food or Beverage

Kratom powder has a bitter taste. To avoid that taste, some people prefer adding it to their food or drink. However, do not mix kratom with alcohol, as it can result in disastrous effects.

  • Bali Kratom Capsules

Capsules allow for convenience. Additionally, you can avoid overdosing by using capsules since they come in exact measures, which allows you to measure your dose accurately.

Final Thoughts

Bali Kratom is one of the most popular kratom strains due to its immensely beneficial effects. However, to get these benefits, you must use high-quality Bali Kratom. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with low-grade stuff. To get high-quality Bali Kratom, ensure that you only purchase your kratom from a legitimate vendor. Therefore, make sure to look for online reviews on a vendor before buying from them.


The Complete Guide to Red Vein Kratom

If you are looking to get into Kratom, then you must know that it comes in different strains. Strains are subtypes of Kratom. Kratom products come in three primary strains, red, green, and white. In today’s review, we will be focusing on the red vein strain varieties.

What is Red Vein Kratom

Red Vein Kratom strain primarily grows in Southeast Asia. In addition to having a red-colored vein on its leaves, upon processing, Red vein Kratom’s leaves turn into a powder that has a characteristic red tinge. As you can guess, that red tinge is as a result of the red vein on its leaves.

Red Vein Kratom enthusiasts proclaim that it is the strongest strain of Kratom there is. Research backs up that claim since it shows that Red Vein Kratom has the highest concentration of the Mitragynine alkaloid, as compared to other strains. Alkaloids are the active chemical components in kratom leaves that are responsible for the effects that it yields.

Some of the reasons for people using Red Vein Kratom include pain relief, sedation, as well as mood-lifting to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, stress, tension, and depression. For centuries, Southeast Asia natives have been using Red Vein Kratom to treat both physical and psychological distress.

 Nonetheless, Red Vein Strains are not equal. This is why the name of a strain typically has a color, as well as a region. This is because the region where a strain originates from plays a big role in the potency and, subsequently, the quality of a strain. For example, Red Borneo Kratom is widely regarded as the most potent red strain, and this comes as no surprise, as Borneo Island has almost perfect conditions for kratom growth.

Another factor that determines the potency of a kratom strain is the age of the leaves. Mature leaves have more alkaloid content and, consequently, produce the most potent kratom powder.


Benefits of Red Vein Kratom

As mentioned, kratom enthusiasts revere Red Vein Kratom mainly for its sedative effects. These effects typically manifest when taken at higher doses. Nonetheless, there is a fine line between high and too high, and it easy to cross. When you cross that line, it becomes abuse, and the subsequent effects can be debilitating.

Additionally, the dose that you take is what determines the effects of Red Vein Kratom that you experience. Typically, in low doses, most Red Vein strains yield stimulation effects, while higher doses yield sedating and pain-relieving effects.

Here are the benefits of Red Vein Kratom:

Pain Relief

For centuries, people have been using Red Vein kratom for pain relief, and with great success. It is useful in alleviating all kinds of pains, ranging from chronic pains from accidents and illnesses to acute pains from injuries.

This effect is thanks to the mitragynine alkaloid that works on your brain’s opioid receptors to yield numbing effects. In fact, pharmaceutical-grade pain relievers, such as morphine, work using the same principle, as morphine is also an opioid.

The benefit of using Red vein Kratom, however, is that unlike morphine, it does not come with a high risk of side effects, such as addiction. Additionally, the numbing effects of Red Vein Kratom are long-lasting. Moreover, due to its enhanced potency, a small dose can keep you free from pain for extended periods, which makes it a lot more cost-effective.


Red Vein Kratom is an effective aid against stress. People who are prone to psychological distress should find this strain useful in alleviating symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. This is because it works to relax your mind and body. By putting you in a relaxed state, you will cease to manifest those symptoms.

Additionally, at higher doses, Reed Vein Kratom elicits a euphoric sensation. Euphoria is a state of bliss where your troubles cease to exist, with happiness taking their place. For someone battling psychological distress, even a few minutes of bliss is somewhat of a fantasy.

The sedative effects of Red Vein Kratom also come in handy for people with sleeping problems. Again, when your mind and body are in a relaxed state, sleep will come much easier.

Nevertheless, since you typically have to take high doses of Red Vein Kratom to experience these effects, you have to be extremely careful with your dosage to avoid the ill effects that come with overdosing.

One last thing, in case you need to be productive during the day, avoid seeking this sedative effect, as you will be unmotivated to accomplish anything. It is best to seek this effect at night when you are looking to wind.

Treating Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms

Addicts of opiates have found relief using Red Vein Kratom in the management of their withdrawal symptoms. As mentioned, the alkaloids in Red Vein Kratom work in a similar manner to opiates on your brain’s opioid receptors. In fact, Southeast Asia opioid users have been using Red Veins as an alternative to opioids when the latter are inaccessible.

By mimicking the effects of opiates on the opioid receptors, Red Vein Kratom can satisfy the intense opiate cravings that the addict experiences during the withdrawal process. As a result, the withdrawal symptoms become a lot easier to deal with.

There is a catch; however, there is the risk that the recovering opioid addict might develop a dependence on Red Vein Kratom, as they seek to substitute one substance for another. It is for that reason, therefore, that using Red Vein Kratom for managing opioid addiction should only be done under the guidance of a professional.

Enhancing Mood

Red vein Kratom also contains another powerful alkaloid known as 7-hydroximitragynine. This alkaloid works to increase dopamine levels. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter whose one of its primary functions is in the regulation of mood.

As such, by increasing dopamine levels in the body, Red Vein Kratom enhances the mood of the user.

Popular Types of Red Vein Kratom

There are numerous red vein strains on the market. As mentioned, they are not equal, as some seem to be more potent or effective than others. The following are the most popular red vein strains on the kratom market today:

Red Vein Borneo

Red Vein Borneo comes from Borneo Island. Most Kratom enthusiasts are of the opinion that it is the most powerful red vein strain. Studies show that it has one of the highest alkaloid concentrations among kratom strains.

Red Maeng Da

Maeng Da means ‘pimp’s grade’ in Thai. This goes to show how revered this strain is due to its extreme potency. Red Maeng Da, however, is not a strain by itself; instead, it is cultivated through a process called grafting, which is essentially making a hybrid from two different strains.

What are the Side Effects of Red Vein Kratom?

As stated earlier, Red Vein Kratom is the most potent of the three primary strains of Kratom i.e., red, white, and green. As such, it is vital to exercise caution when using this strain. This is because of the risk of experiencing side effects when using Red Vein Kratom increase with an increase in dosage.

Some of the side effects that may result include:

  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Stomach problems
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Erratic heartbeats
  • Uneasiness
  • Irritability

The good news, however, is that most people who follow dosage guidelines do not experience these effects. However, people who are new to Kratom might experience these side effects without even overdosing, especially if they use the more potent strains of Red vein Kratom. For the beginners, consider starting your journey with Green Vein Kratom, as it yields the same effects as red veins, but at a milder level.

Red Vein Kratom Dosage Guideline

As mentioned, to avoid the ill effects of Red Vein Kratom, you must stick to dosage guidelines. However, the correct dose varies among individuals. This is because people use Red Kratom for various reasons, and those purposes determine the correct dose. For example, low doses yield stimulation effects, while high doses yield sedative effects

Another factor that determines dosage is a user’s experience level with Kratom. New users will typically use smaller doses than experienced users since their bodies are yet to develop a tolerance for Kratom.

To be on the safe side, start your Red Vein Kratom journey with the smallest dose possible, which is 2 grams. Wait for 30 minutes for the effects to set in before taking another gram, in case you have not got the results that you are after. Do that until you get to your sweet spot, which is the point where you experience desired effects.

Final Thoughts

Red Vein Kratom is an extremely powerful kratom strain that comes with a host of benefits. Its main uses, however, are pain and stress relief. Therefore, if you are looking for the right kratom strain for those purposes, Red Vein Kratom is your go-to.

To get its benefits, however, you must use a high-quality strain, which you can only get from a reputable vendor. As such, first, make sure that a vendor has a good reputation by checking out online reviews before purchasing from them.


Red Borneo Kratom: Pro’s & Con’s explained

The guide to Red Borneo Kratom

Kratom strains are not created equal. Some simply give you a better bang for your buck. Therefore, before you go spending your money on kratom, it is best to first familiarize yourself with the various strains in the Mitragyna Speciosa family.

Red Borneo is one of the most popular strains of kratom. People use it mainly for its strong relaxation effects. Here is what you need to know about Red Borneo Kratom.

red borneo kratom

What is Red Borneo Kratom?

This is a strain of Kratom originating from Borneo Island. Just like other kratom strains, it is named after the color of the vein on its leaves, as well as where it comes from. As such, it is a red-veined strain from the Island of Borneo.

Red Borneo Kratom typically grows in areas that are adjacent to rivers. Experts believe that this is the reason for the strain having such potent effects. The primary uses of Red Borneo are in the alleviation of pain and depression.

History of Borneo Kratom

Borneo is Asia’s largest island and is the third-largest island in the world. It has a tropical climate that is conducive to the growth of evergreen trees, which is why kratom does so well in the region.

This rainforest island has a history dating back 130 million years. It is shared by three different countries, which are Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Nonetheless, Malaysia enjoys the lion’s share of the cake, and that is where most of Red Borneo Kratom comes from. According to natives, the history of kratom in Borneo Island dates back to more than 1000 years.

The harvesting of Red Borneo entails a particularly intricate procedure that is a skill that has been passed down generations. What we do know about it, however, is that they primarily pick out the most mature leaves, as they contain a higher concentration of alkaloids than younger leaves.

It is for that reason, therefore, that Red Borneo has a distinct aroma that is stronger than other strains’. In fact, kratom enthusiasts can tell Red Borneo apart from other strains based on smell alone.

What is the Secret behind Red Borneo’s Effectiveness?

 The effects that Red Borneo is famous for are thanks to the presence of alkaloids in its leaves. Alkaloids are active chemical compounds that happen to be abundant in kratom. However, they vary in concentration among different strains. This is why kratom strains have varying potencies.


Even though Red Borneo kratom has up to 20 different types of alkaloids, the primary one is mitragynine.

Mitragynine is the one responsible for the relaxing, sedative, and pain-relieving properties of red Borneo. Research shows that mitragynine is an agonist of opiates and, therefore, has an affinity for the brain’s opioid receptors.

One of the primary functions of opioid receptors is mood regulation. When mitragynine binds to these receptors, it causes an elevation in the mood by eliciting a euphoric feeling that is similar to that which comes with opiate use.

However, the difference between mitragynine and opioids is that it binds to the delta-type receptors, while opioids are specific to the mu-type receptors.

The other essential alkaloid in Red Borneo is 7-Hydroxymitragynine. This active compound is responsible for Red Borneo’s pain-relieving properties.

Other alkaloids worth mentioning include 9-Hydroxycorynantheidine, Speciogynine, Corynoxine A, and Corynoxine B. 9-Hydroxycorynantheidine and Speciogynine help in pain relief, while Corynoxine A and Corynoxine B work to improve mood and reduce anxiety levels by increasing dopamine levels in the body.

What are the Effects of Using Red Borneo Kratom?

Red Borneo use usually results in several pleasurable effects, with most kratom enthusiasts claiming that it is the best strain for body and mind relaxation. Unlike other red strains, Red Borneo relaxes you without subjecting you to overbearing sedative effects.

This is the primary reason for Red Borneo’s popularity as a stress and anxiety management strain.

Using Red Borneo Kratom usually results in the following effects:


As mentioned, most people use Red Borneo for its relaxation effects. The benefit of using Red Borneo for relaxation is that its effects are not overwhelming or overbearing. This means that you can enjoy a calm that does not cause you to fall asleep, which is ideal for recreational users.

Also, due to Red Borneo’s ability to induce calmness, it can be an invaluable aid to people who are prone to stress and anxiety. This makes Red Borneo a safer alternative to the pharmaceutical-grade medications that people typically use to alleviate those issues. Such drugs come with a host of troublesome side effects, including the risk of addiction.

Elevating Mood

As if calming you down is not enough, Red Borneo also has properties to ensure that you feel good while at ait.

This strain works to boost your mood or lift your spirits through its actions on your brain. During our discussion on how Red Borneo affects the body, we mentioned that some of its alkaloids affect your dopamine levels.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter whose one of its primary functions is to elicit a sense of euphoria in the brain. Therefore, by increasing your dopamine levels, Red Borneo enhances feelings of happiness and contentment in an individual.


When a substance is referred to as an analgesic, it means that it has painkilling properties. The pain-relieving effects of Red Borneo Kratom are linked to its ability to induce calm and relaxation in the body. Research, as well as anecdotal evidence, shows that Red Borneo Kratom is effective at treating both acute and chronic pains. Some of the pains that you can manage using Red Borneo Kratom include:

  • Arthritis
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  • Back pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Light injuries
  • Joint inflammation
  • Pulled or torn muscles
  • Sore tendons
  • Scoliosis

Treating Opiate Withdrawal

Red Borneo Kratom has also been found to be quite helpful in the management of opiate withdrawal symptoms. The inability of an opiate addict to curb their drug use is not always an issue of discipline or lack of will power; it is the debilitating effects of opiate withdrawal. In some cases, these symptoms can even result in death.

Red Borneo’s effects on your brain are similar to those of opiates. In fact, in some parts of Southeast Asia, individuals use Red Borneo in the place of opioids when they cannot access opiates. This is because Red Borneo’s mitragynine alkaloid mimics the effects of opiates on the brain’s opioid receptors, thereby yielding opiate-like effects.

By using Red Borneo, therefore, an addict can trick their body into thinking that they have used the drug, thereby somewhat satisfying its cravings, which makes the withdrawal symptoms a lot less intense and more manageable.

However, using Red Borneo Kratom in the treatment of opiate withdrawal should only be done under the guidance of a professional. This is because we do not want the recovering addict to develop a dependence on kratom.

What are the Side Effects of Using Red Borneo Kratom?

Red Borneo Kratom is safe to use, as long as you adhere to recommended dosage guidelines. Most cases of adverse reactions to Red Borneo result from misusing the strain. Some of the side effects that might occur include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach upsets
  • Constipation
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Irritability

Red Borneo Dosage

Unfortunately, there is no standard dosage for Red Borneo Kratom. Ideal dosages vary among individuals. This is because the appropriate dose depends on factors such as:

  • The reason for taking it
  • Body type
  • Experience level with the substance

At low doses, Red Borneo has mild stimulating effects, while at higher doses, it causes relaxation, sedation, and pain relief.

When it comes to body type, people with fast metabolisms experience the effects sooner since the body breaks down the compound at a faster rate. As such, they should avoid taking high doses.

Your experience level with kratom also matters since experienced users have a higher tolerance for the substance, which means that they need to take more than beginners to get similar effects.

To be on the safe side, if you are new to Red Borneo, consider starting with the lowest dose, which is 2 grams. After taking that dose, wait for about 30 minutes so the effects can fully set in. If you are not experiencing the outcomes that want when that period is over, take another gram and wait for 30 more minutes. Keep adding a gram every 30 minutes until you experience the desired effects.

A dose of more than 8 grams, however, is overkill and will likely result in adverse effects. Therefore, be cautious.

Closing Statement

Red Borneo kratom is a popular strain of kratom. It has potent effects that deliver on their promises. The groups of people who are going to benefit the most from this kratom strain are individuals looking for relief from chronic pains, and those looking to alleviate anxiety and depression.

However, make sure that you follow dosage guidelines to avoid undesired effects. Additionally, Red Borneo is only as good as its quality. Therefore, first, ensure that a vendor has a track record for selling high-quality kratom before buying from them.


The Different Types of Kratom Strains you should know about

Kratom Strains According to Color

If you are looking to get started on Kratom, you know that it comes in a wide variety of strains. Each strain of Kratom has a unique set of effects. Therefore, the results that you are looking for are the determinants of the ideal strain for you.

Read on to learn more about kratom strains.

Kratom strains are classified based on two primary attributes: the color of the Vein on their leaves and the region where they are grown.

There are three primary strains of Kratom based on this classification. They include;

Red Vein Kratom

As you can tell from the name, these strains have a red vein traversing their leaves. The Red Vein strain is renowned for its potent analgesic and sedative properties. It also happens to be the most popular strain among kratom consumers, as research shows that its sales typically surpass the combined sales of the White and Green Vein strains.

Therefore, if you are after Kratom for its pain-relieving effects, then you should be looking for this strain. In addition to pain relief, Red Vein Kratom is also great at relieving anxiety. One reason for its popularity is due to its availability. Red Vein strains are typically more resilient, which means that farmers have an easier time growing them all year round, as opposed to other color varieties.

Additionally, Red Vein kratom is also the most potent of all kratom strains in this classification, thanks to an abundance of alkaloids, which are the chemical compounds responsible for Kratom’s effects.

When using Red Vein kratom, the dose that you use will determine the effects that you experience due to how it acts on your opioid receptors. When taken in low doses, Red Vein kratom works to boost your energy levels, while higher doses are effective at offering pain relief as well as sedation.

Some other uses of Red Vein kratom include the treatment of opiate withdrawal. As mentioned, it binds to your brain’s mu-opioid receptors, which is what opiates do as well. This way, Red Vein kratom can trick the body into thinking that its cravings for opiates have been quenched, which makes withdrawing a lot easier.


White Vein Kratom

White Vein kratom strains are renowned for their stimulation and mood elevation effects. As such, White Vein kratom is an effective booster of productivity. A moderate dose of White Vein has stimulation properties that are equivalent to what you get from downing several cups of coffee. However, it does not result in the side effects of consuming too much caffeine.

White Vein, therefore, is immensely popular among individuals with mentally demanding jobs, such as programmers and engineers, or any other career that requires you to stay alert and sharp for lengthy periods.

White vein Kratom is also beneficial in the treatment of depression, thanks to its mood-boosting properties. However, experts recommend using White Vein Kratom as a short-term solution, as using it regularly for that purpose can result in a build-up intolerance, which can lead to addiction.

The intensity of White Vein kratom’s stimulation properties can be too much bear for some users, especially those prone to anxiety. If you are such an individual, consider using a less potent strain of White Vein kratom. Also, you should only consume it at the beginning of the day, as using it, later on, might affect your ability to find sleep.

Green Vein Kratom

Green Vein Kratom is considered as the ‘jack of all trades’ strain. This is because it possesses properties of both Red and White Vein strains. However, its effects are not as intense as either strain’s. As a result, Green Vein kratom is popular among recreational kratom users looking to enjoy sedative, painkilling, or energy-boosting effects at a milder level.

Due to these properties, Green Vein has become the kratom strain of choice in social events. It gives the users a mild euphoric boost, which allows them to be in the moment. Additionally, Green Vein’s anxiolytic effects go a long way in alleviating social anxiety, which makes those prone to anxiety to be more comfortable around other people. As mentioned, its effects are mild; therefore, you will still be yourself, with just a little enhancement. Think of it like having one or two beers, you are still yourself, but more relaxed and social.

The effects of Green Vein Kratom also tend to last longer. If you find that your Red and White Veins too strong, experts recommend mixing them with Green Vein Kratom to balance them out.

Kratom Strains According to Region

As mentioned, kratom strains are also categorized based on the region where they are cultivated. These strains also come in red, white, and green subtypes. The most popular strains include:

Bali/Borneo Kratom

In your search for Kratom, you are going to find a lot of Bali Kratom out there, as it is incredibly popular. Bali kratom, however, is not from Bali, but from Borneo. It is called Bali since the island of Bali offers the best port for shipping this strain. As such, Borneo kratom and Bali kratom are the same strain.

Bali kratom is renowned for its potent sedative properties; however, it does yield decent euphoric effects. If you are looking for a strain to relieve pain and anxiety, you cannot go wrong with Red Bali kratom.

Indo Kratom

Indo kratom comes from Indonesia and has properties that are similar to those of Bali kratom, as it is a potent pain reliever in its own right. Additionally, it is also used in the treatment of opiate withdrawal.

In addition to pain and stress relief properties, Indo kratom also triggers feelings of joy and euphoria, which help in combating depression. Therefore, if you are looking to unwind from a stressful day, opt for a cup of Indo tea over alcohol or tobacco.

Indo Kratom comes in a variety of sub-strains, including Ultra Enhanced Indo, Super Indo, and Premium Indo.

Maeng Da Kratom

This incredibly popular strain’s name means ‘Pimp’s Grade’ in Thai, as a tribute to its potency. Blue-collar workers widely use it in Thailand due to its energy-boosting properties. As such, it is the ideal strain for people who are prone to fatigue. Its effects usually kick in fast and last long.

Maeng Da kratom also has powerful analgesic properties and, therefore, it can be an invaluable aid in the management of both acute and chronic pains.

Malay Kratom

This kratom strain comes from Malaysia and is famous for its cognitive enhancement capabilities. It works to boost your alertness, focus, and energy levels. Therefore, consider using Malay Kratom in the mornings of the days that you need to get a lot done.

However, you cannot use it daily, as you will risk developing a dependence on it. Only use it during days that require you to be firing on all cylinders.

Sumatra Kratom

This strain originates from the island of Sumatra and works to offer user pain and stress relief. Additionally, the effects of Sumatra Kratom usually last longer than other strains. This makes Sumatra Kratom a good choice for the long-term management of chronic pain since you will not have to dose often, which reduces the risk of dependency.

Kratom Grades

 Kratom strains also come in different grades. These grades are a measure of potency. Potency, on the other hand, depends on factors such as processing methodology and alkaloid concentration. Nevertheless, this grading system is not standardized and, therefore, there is no clear-cut definition as to what concentrations/processes constitute a particular grade.

Needless to say, the kratom market is still in its wild west since its production and sale is yet to be regulated. As such, it can be quite difficult to separate marketing BS from facts. Nonetheless, these are the various grades used to rank kratom strains according to their potency, starting from the weakest:

  • Commercial Grade (least potent)
  • Premium Grade
  • Super Grade
  • Enhanced Grade
  • Ultra Enhanced Grade (strongest)

Ideally, if a strain states that it is of the enhanced variety, it should mean that it is a quite potent strain. Unfortunately, however, kratom vendors are known to give such labels to weak strains in a bid to lure customers. Therefore, do not fall for these cheap marketing tactics. The best way of ensuring that you get quality Kratom is by purchasing from a reputable kratom vendor.

Final Thoughts

The sheer number of kratom strains on the market often overwhelms people new to Kratom, leaving them wondering where to start.

This is why, before you embark on your kratom journey, first make sure that you educate yourself as much as possible on Kratom. It is your body, after all; you do not want to be putting things that you do not understand in it. This article should be one of the many resources that you use in your research.

If anything is not clear, go through our other posts to gain more clarity. Finally, yet importantly, remember that Kratom is only as good as its quality. Therefore, make sure to verify that a kratom vendor is legit before buying from them. 


Canopy Kratom Review: Pro’s & Con’s Reviewed

An overview of Canopy Kratom

As word about kratom and its benefits continues to go around, more and more people are getting interested in this herb from Southeast Asia. As a result, kratom’s popularity has soared over the past few years. Today, the demand for kratom is at an all-time high.

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous vendors see this demand as an opportunity to take advantage of most consumers’ naivety. They do so by passing off subpar or illegitimate products as quality kratom in a bid to make a profit. Quality kratom is costly to obtain. Additionally, it has to be taken through a battery of tests to ascertain its purity as well as quality so the vendor can be sure that they are selling a good product.

canopy kratom

Since those processes can result in high overhead costs, inauthentic kratom vendors choose to take the short cut and sell low-quality products.

This is why you shouldn’t be quick to take a vendor on their word. Before you purchase from them, first do your research to see whether they have a track record for selling top-notch kratom products.

Canopy Botanicals is a kratom vendor that has been on the scene for a while. In addition to kratom, they sell other types of herbal products and alternative medicines as well. They are known for having some of the friendliest prices in the industry. However, price should not be the first parameter you use when deciding whether to purchase from a vendor.

This is because if you get a low-quality kratom product, it will not give you the results that you are after, which means you will have wasted your money regardless of how cheaply you obtained it. You would rather pay more for a product that you can be sure that will deliver on its promises.

Is Canopy Botanicals a legitimate vendor? This review aims to find out.

Who is Canopy Kratom?

Canopy Botanicals also goes by the name of Canopy Kratom and is a vendor who is based in Texas. They have one of the most extensive product lines of any kratom vendor since they deal in more than just kratom.

Canopy Kratom has made a name for itself due to its extremely pocket-friendly prices. Sometimes it is unbelievable. For example, the company sells 250 grams of White Vein Kratom at only $3.50. That’s insane! As you can imagine, they have amassed a significant following thanks to their pricing.

However, this begs the question: how is Canopy Kratom able to offer kratom at such ridiculously low prices and still meet their bottom line? What is their secret? As mentioned, obtaining and testing quality kratom will always result in significant overhead costs.

This is when the issue of quality comes into question. A legitimate vendor will always go out of their way to provide you with certificates of analysis, which are lab reports that show the quality and purity of their products. Vendors will give you those reports upon request, with some even posting them on their websites.

Unfortunately, Canopy Kratom does not provide its customers with these quality assurance reports. To me, that is a red flag. Nonetheless, Canopy Kratom claims that they source their kratom from farmers in Southeast Asia directly. As such, by eliminating the role of middlemen, they can save on costs, which allows them to sell their products cheaply.

We will give them the benefit of the doubt and review them based on parameters that we believe are the hallmarks of a legit vendor. They include:


Product Selection

As mentioned, Canopy Kratom is renowned for its diverse range of products. They range from kratom and tea to spices and soap. Let us look at them in more detail:

  • Kratom Strains

A good vendor understands that customers have preferences and, therefore, will go out of their way to satisfy the needs of as many customers as possible. This means having a wide variety of kratom strains in stock. Canopy Kratom has an extensive line of close to 20 different types of kratom strains, which is impressive.

Some of their more popular strains include:

  • Maeng Da
  • Malay
  • Bali

They even have exclusive strains such as Gold Maeng Da and Cherry Bomb-Enhanced Da.

  • Tea

Tea remains one of the most popular brews in the world. In the past, we had to rely solely on tea leaves to get its benefits. Today, however, we can utilize almost the entire plant – barks, roots, etc. – for even more benefits, and to come up with different types of teas. As such, tea is no longer just a stimulant; it has medicinal value as well.

Canopy Kratom has a diverse array of teas, and you will probably find one that you love. They offer teas such as:

  • Rose Black
  • Chamomile flowers
  • Chai tea
  • Earl Grey tea
  • Ambrosia tea
  • English breakfast tea
  • Oolong tea
  • Spearmint
  • Yerba mate
  • Damiana leaf

In addition to this wide variety of tea strains, Canopy kratom also has some novel tea-making utensils.

  • Handmade Soaps

This kratom vendor also has a diverse array of soaps made from 100 percent natural ingredients. Canopy Botanical’s soaps are soft, have a nice smell, and are incredibly soothing to the skin. These soaps work to boost your skin and overall health.

The John Hopkins University did a trial run using a soap made from combining peppermint tea tree with activated charcoal. They found this soap to be incredibly effective at fighting acne. You can find this soap at Canopy Botanicals. They also have the Banana Berry Almond soap, which has been found to help boost the ability of your skin cells to fight oxidants.

Other soaps that you can find from this vendor include:

  • Eucalyptus spearmint
  • Oatmeal lavender
  • Patchouli Sandalwood
  • Brown sugar fig
  • Honey almond
  • Spices and Seasonings

Canopy Botanicals also aim to spice up your life using a select group of spices and seasonings such as:

  • Cayenne powder
  • Four peppercorn blend
  • Sea salts
  • Akuamma whole seeds
  • Applewood smoked sea salt

Product Quality

Even though Canopy Kratom has one of the most impressive product lines of any vendor, their suspiciously low prices combined with a lack of quality assurance reports raises a lot of concern regarding the quality of their products.

When faced with such a predicament, the best place to turn to for proof of quality is online customer reviews. Canopy Kratom’s reviews are mixed. Some customers enjoyed the vendor’s products while others had nothing but bad things to say about Canopy Kratom.

It seems as though products from Canopy Kratom can be a hit or miss, which is not a sign of a reliable vendor. It cannot be a coin toss on product quality every time you get kratom from a vendor; you want the assurance that you can rely on them to give you the good stuff any time you need it. Canopy Kratom, unfortunately, does not offer you that.

Payment and Shipping

Canopy Kratom has a great website that is easy to use. You can easily find the product that you are looking for and make your order without a lot of hassle. To make an order, you will need to first register on the site.

They allow you to make payments either through e-check or cryptocurrency, which is quite limiting.

Canopy Kratom tries to ship out orders as soon as possible. Orders made before 2 PM are typically shipped on the same day. However, they can take as long as 48 hours to ship the product to you. You get to choose between First Class and Priority Shipping through USPS.

Canopy Kratom will then send you a tracking number so you can know the status of your package during transit.

Return Policies

A good vendor is sure about their products and, as such, will typically have a favorable return policy in case you have an issue with the order that you receive. Canopy Kratom’s returns policy is not the best out there. They only allow you to return damaged products, but with a catch; they should not have been opened. So, how are you supposed to know whether the product is damaged?

They also say that you should make your return within 14 days of making your purchase.

Customer Service

The company has a telephone helpline as well as an email address that you can use to reach out to them. They are typically responsive.


The ideal kratom vendor is one who has what you need and never compromises on quality. Kratom is one of those substances where if the quality is poor, you will not get any benefits from it.

As such, you cannot afford to deal with a vendor who cannot assure you of quality. Canopy Kratom has an excellent product line and good prices but is not consistent in its delivery of quality. However, their low prices mean that you can risk a few dollars to experience their products for yourself. Consider doing that as you look for a more reliable vendor.


Kratom Tincture: Pro’s & Con’s of them

Kratom Tincture: an intro

Since people learned that they could use herbs or other types of plants for medicinal or recreational purposes, we have always been looking into ways through which we can increase the potency of that herb or plant, for a variety of reasons. Increasing a substance’s potency allows you to experience its effects in greater magnitude. It is also more convenient since you only have to take a low dose of the substance.

One of the ways in which you can achieve that feat is through making a tincture of the herb. A tincture is essentially an extract of the plant or herb that is a lot more potent than the original substance since it has been designed to increase the bioavailability of the active compounds in the herb.

kratom tincture

In that light, you can see why kratom tinctures are both interesting as well as an attractive prospect for kratom enthusiasts. A kratom tincture allows you to experience the benefits of this herb at a more intense level, but at significantly lesser costs.

Are you looking to learn more about kratom tinctures? Read on to find out more.

What is a Kratom Tincture?

As mentioned, a kratom tincture is an essence or extract of the kratom plant that is much more potent than the original strain due to the enhanced alkaloid concentration. Alkaloids are the active compounds in kratom responsible for the effects that you experience whenever you take your preferred strain of kratom.

To make a kratom tincture, you will typically need to combine neutral alcohol with kratom leaves. We specifically use alcohol as the solvent in kratom tinctures since it not only has a high dissolving capacity but also because it does not destroy the structure of alkaloids. Most other solvents will destroy those structures, thus reducing their effectiveness.

A typical kratom tincture utilizes alcohol made up of 25% ethanol and 75% water or neutral oil. This kind of alcohol can pull out almost all the alkaloids in your kratom in addition to enhancing the effectiveness at which those active compounds get absorbed into your bloodstream.

The resulting tincture is not only highly concentrated in alkaloid composition but is also quite stable. So stable that the tincture can last for years before it starts losing its potency.


Can You Make Your Own Kratom Tincture?

Most high-end kratom stores also sell kratom tinctures. However, it is also possible to make your own potent kratom tincture at home, as it does not require much expertise.

To make a quality kratom tincture, all you need are the following materials:

  • 80-100 proof ethanol
  • Citric acid
  • pH strips
  • Strainer or Cheesecloth
  • Tincture bottle
  • Mason jar

Once you have these items at hand, follow these steps to make your own kratom tincture:

  • Choose the Appropriate Kratom Strain

As you might well be aware, different kratom strains yield different effects upon use. Additionally, they also have different potencies. As such, the strain that you choose will determine not only the overall potency of the kratom tincture that you come up with but also the effects that you experience upon using that tincture.

The quality of your strain also matters tremendously. You might use the right strain, but if it is not of good quality, your tincture will be poor as well. Therefore, ensure that you only utilize high-quality kratom for this purpose, and you can only be sure about the quality of your strain if your vendor is reputable.

Once you obtain your strain, measure about 5 ounces of the product. This should be more than enough to make a decent amount of kratom tincture.

  • Mix the Ingredients

In this step, you will combine your kratom dose with the alcohol solution that you have prepared. People use alcohol in different concentrations. These concentrations range between 25 and 40 percent. 25 percent alcohol means that it contains 25 parts of pure ethanol and 75 parts pure water. Therefore, to prepare this alcohol solution, take 250 ml of pure ethanol, and combine it with 750 ml of water to make one liter of alcohol.

Next, take either 4 or 5 ounces of your kratom powder and mix it with the 1 liter of alcohol. Stir the powder until it dissolves in the alcohol solution completely.

  • Acidify Your Mixture

Acidifying your mixture allows you to convert the alkaloids in your kratom into salts, as it is easier to extract them while they are in solid form.

This is where the citric acid comes in. Take your citric acid and slowly pour it into your alcohol-kratom mixture. While adding the citric acid, place the pH strips into the mixture to measure its pH levels. Stop adding the acid once your pH levels hit 4.

The resulting solution should be a bit sour to taste.

  • Intensify your Tincture

As you can tell from its name, this step works to increase the potency of your kratom tincture even further. To intensify your tincture, seal the jar containing the acidified mixture, shake it thoroughly, then store it in a cool place for at least one week. Ensure that the storage location has no exposure to direct sunlight.

  • Let it Evaporate

After letting it intensify for one week, take the jar, shake it, and then open it. Now use the strainer or cheesecloth to draw the solution out of the jar. The purpose of the strainer or cheesecloth is to catch any kratom powder particles that have not dissolved in the solution.

After straining the liquid and trapping particles of kratom powder, now pour the solution back into the jar and leave it without sealing it. The solution should start evaporating. The final amount that you are left with should be equivalent to the amount of kratom powder that you used. Therefore, if you used 4 ounces of kratom powder, your final solution should be enough to fill 4 tinctures.

You, therefore, can prepare any amount of tincture based on these calculations.

The best part about kratom tinctures is that they last for very long, with the average period being about a year. Just ensure that you store it in a cool place away from sunlight.

Also, if you are going to be making tinctures using different kratom strains, make sure that you label all of them to avoid confusion.

What is the Appropriate Dosage for a Kratom Tincture?

The enhanced potency of kratom tinctures makes them powerful, as well as potentially dangerous. As such, you need to be careful about your dosage to avoid the terribly nauseating side effects that come with taking a powerful kratom dose. In fact, people new to kratom are advised against using kratom tinctures. Start with basic kratom powder then level up as you get used to the substance. The same goes for novice kratom users as well.

Unfortunately, even for experienced kratom users, there is no standard dosage for kratom tinctures. This is because the ideal dose for an individual depends on their body composition metrics, such as weight, age, sex, and metabolism. The specific strain that you use in your kratom tincture also determines the amount you should take. This is because a potent kratom strain will always yield a more potent tincture and, thus, its dose will be lower than that of a tincture made using a less potent strain.

If your kratom tincture uses a high-quality strain, then half a drop of the tincture should be more than enough to deliver the effects that you desire. If you are not feeling the effects after 30 minutes, take another half a drop.

However, you should never allow yourself to take more than three drops of kratom tincture at a go. That is an extremely high dose and can result either in extreme sedation or in a host of undesirable effects.

 Always take your kratom tincture drops sublingually. This means placing the drops beneath your tongue and holding them there for a while until they are fully dissolved in your saliva, which you then swallow. This technique allows for fast absorption of kratom into your bloodstream.

Final Thoughts

Kratom tinctures are among the best ways of harnessing the benefits of kratom. This is because it is highly potent, meaning that you only have to consume a small dose of the substance to get the effects that you desire. As such, your average pack of kratom powder when converted into a tincture will last for far much longer than it would if it was consumed in its original state. The obvious benefit here is that you will make incredible cost savings by choosing to use kratom tinctures.

Kratom tinctures also offer you diversity. You can make a tincture comprising of your favorite kratom strain plus other herbs to derive all their benefits in just one drop.

Nonetheless, we would recommend that you first try out a kratom tincture from a reputable vendor before making one yourself. This will allow you to get a feel of how a good kratom tincture is like. Have fun.


Kratom Side Effects: What you should know

A full overview of Kratom Side Effects

Mitragyna speciose (Kratom) is a type of evergreen tree that belongs to the same family as the coffee tree. Kratom is native to Southeast Asia regions of Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Myanmar.

For centuries, Southeast Asia natives have been consuming leaves from the kratom tree in a variety of ways to derive a host of benefits. Some of these benefits include stimulation properties, pain relief, and stress relief.

Today, Kratom has found itself on the shelves of the Western market, where more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon in a bid to get some of its life-changing benefits. However, Kratom is still an unregulated substance since the FDA is yet to have a full understanding of its full set of effects.

kratom side effects

Additionally, most resources on Kratom praise it for its benefits, only looking at its side effects at a glance. However, we believe that you need to know what risks you might be predisposing yourself to once you decide to use Kratom.

This article is a detailed guide to Kratom and its side effects.

What is the Legal Status of Kratom?

At the moment, Kratom can be sold and used legally in most states in the United States. Even though the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has Kratom in its list of Drugs and Chemicals of Concern, it is yet to label it a scheduled substance under the Federal Controlled Substances Act. As such, Kratom is not a federally controlled substance. However, states such as Alabama, Wisconsin, and Vermont prohibit the sale, possession, and use of Kratom.

Internationally, Kratom is banned in Australia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Why and How do People Use Kratom?

When taken at low doses, Kratom works as a stimulant and somewhat of a nootropic. People who take small doses of kratom report experiencing an energy boost, an increase in alertness, better focus and concentration, and more apt to engage socially with others due to its mood-boosting capabilities. As such, most people that use Kratom at low doses do it to boost their productivity as well as to alleviate social anxiety.

When used at higher doses, Kratom has a sedating effect. It gives the user a sense of calm and relaxation. It also has powerful painkilling properties at this dosage. Therefore, using Kratom at higher doses is beneficial for people looking for pain and stress relief, or a relaxing sensation that allows for better sleep.

The primary active ingredients in Kratom are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which belong to a class of chemical compounds known as alkaloids. Research shows that these alkaloids are what are responsible for the effects that Kratom is known for.

The leaves of Kratom are what contain these alkaloids, which is why Southeast Asia natives love to chew on them. However, since you have to consume them while still fresh in order to get their benefits, it is not a feasible method of consumption for kratom enthusiasts who live this far away. This is why Kratom is crushed into powder, as it retains its properties for much longer while in this form.


Why is Kratom Controversial?

Kratom is yet to undergo the battery of clinical studies and trials that are necessary for a substance to be recommended for medical use. These studies and trials are absolutely vital when developing or proposing drugs for medical use. This is because they allow scientists to identify and understand all the adverse effects and implications they have on the body. Additionally, they allow experts to understand how they interact with other substances. Moreover, clinical studies let us know what dosages are effective without being dangerous.

Studies show that Kratom has about as many alkaloids as opiates or hallucinogenic mushrooms. As such, Kratom also has an incredibly strong effect on the physiological as well as the psychological state of a person. Knowing the disastrous side effects that opioids and hallucinogenic mushrooms can have on the body, it is only safe to assume that Kratom may have its fair share of adverse effects as well. 

Moreover, the production and distribution of Kratom is yet to be regulated. As such, the FDA does not monitor the purity and quality of the Kratom reaching the consumers. Due to the lack of such standards, consumers are at more risk of running into bad Kratom that might jeopardize their health.

Kratom Side Effects

Even though we do not fully understand the full range of Kratom’s effects and side effects, most consumers can use the substance without experiencing any ill effects. However, it has been observed that adverse side effects typically manifest themselves whenever a user exceeds the recommended dosage. Some of the more common side effects from exceeding your dosage limit include:

  • Loss of Appetite

Using Kratom regularly can result in significant weight loss and even lead to the development of eating disorders. When your appetite goes on a hiatus for extended periods, your calorie intake will be barely enough to keep things running smoothly inside the body, and this can have a big impact on your internal organs. Unfortunately, you might fail to notice that you are not enough. As such, you must start paying close attention to your food intake once you start using Kratom.

If you notice that you are eating much less than you used to, quit using Kratom temporarily to see whether your appetite will go back to what it used to be.

  • Constipation

People who have used Kratom consistently for a long time report having constipation problems. Kratom use can slow down your digestive and bowel system. Even though it is not a serious problem, having infrequent bowel movements that are difficult to pass can be highly uncomfortable.

In severe cases, this issue can potentially lead to colon problems or even ruptures if the user does not take the necessary measures to alleviate the issue.

  • Irritation

At times, the body may have an inflammatory response to Kratom, which manifests itself in symptoms such as the flushing of the skin in the facial area. Other symptoms include sweating, nausea, and frequent itching. These side effects can last up to a few hours. The only way of dealing with these effects is to be calm and let them fade.

  • Liver and Kidney Damage

High doses of Kratom can be stressful to your liver and kidneys. When that happens, you will notice signs such as extremely dark urine and the yellowing of the skin. When the liver is under stress, the kidneys usually take on the responsibility of filtering toxins from the system. This overworks the kidneys, which is why kidney failure is a common theme among people with liver damage.

  • Negative Interactions with Drugs

Combining Kratom with other types of drugs and medications can result in disastrous effects. As mentioned, Kratom acts like opioids. As such, when you use it with other opiates, they may intensify each other’s effects, leading to potentially life-threatening problems such as seizures or an overdose. In fact, the FDA released a report in February 2018 that revealed that there are 44 deaths linked to combining Kratom with other drugs.

  • Accidental Overdose

When you use Kratom in high doses for a long time, you will eventually develop a tolerance for the substance. When that happens, you may find yourself having to use more and more of Kratom to get the effects that you desire. In that bid, you might accidentally overdose on Kratom.

  • Kratom Addiction

For a long time, it was believed that kratom use could not lead to addiction. However, whenever people who use Kratom heavily attempt to stop using, they tend to experience symptoms that are akin to those of opioid withdrawal, such as nausea, vomiting, irritability, anxiety, restlessness, and depression.

Initial studies done on rats involved giving the rats doses of mitragynine, which is one of the primary active compounds in Kratom. Initial findings showed that the rats did not develop dependence or addiction as they would if they were given opiates.

Another study involved giving the rats another primary active compound of Kratom known as 7-hydroxymitragynine. This alkaloid is what is usually responsible for Kratom’s euphoric effects. The rats quickly developed a dependence on this alkaloid.

Even though there are no such studies involving humans, scientists believe that kratom addiction can also happen to humans. Besides, it has already been established that one can develop a tolerance for Kratom. As such, it is not out of the realm of possibility that that tolerance can lead to dependence.

Final Thoughts

Kratom is a herb that most people appreciate having in their lives due to its numerous benefits. However, before you put something into your body, it is important to know what you will be getting yourself into.

Kratom might be God-sent, but it can also have adverse side effects when abused. As such, make sure that you stick to the recommended dosage guidelines to prevent that from happening. Also, make sure that you only obtain your Kratom from authentic vendors to avoid using a bad product.