Cardarine (GW501516): Everything You Need To Know About

Cardarine (GW501516): a brief intro

Cardarine (GW501516) is one of the popular bodybuilding supplements available on the market. It has got lots of numerical markings and names such as GW501516, or Endurbol, but all these are the same. Apart from providing you with more muscles, energy boost, and fat burns, Cardarine also lowers your bad cholesterol levels and protects the heart.

Cardarine is definitely a great supplement that can give your body a better shape, and at the same time lowers the risk of heart attacks. In this article, you will get to know more about Cardarine (GW501516), which will give you an understanding of the drug.


Cardarine: A brief history

Cardarine was developed at the beginning of the 90s by the pharmaceutical companies Ligand, and Glaxo Smith Kline for stopping the growth of tumors in prostate, breast, and colon. However, during the earlier trials of Cardarine, researchers have found out that the drug can affect the lipid levels of the body.

That’s the reason why this drug was marketed as a way to reduce the LDL’s or bad cholesterol when it was released first. But after some time, the fitness community found out another use of Cardarine (GW501516). Cardarine has the capability to increase the endurance level, and acid metabolism.

Bodybuilders and athletes can recover faster after lifting heavy weights and training, or acquire energy to take longer training sessions. It can even burn unwanted fat, which is a bonus for gym enthusiasts who are trying to achieve six-pack abs. during the mid-1990s, this drug was being used by professional athletes and bodybuilders around the world.

However, in 2007, the researchers discovered that when Cardarine was injected into mice, they showed higher levels of physical performance. Therefore many athletes were using GW501516 as a doping substance including several players from the Olympic teams of 2008.

That was when the WADA (Anti-Doping Agency), and a few other sports association banned Cardarine. On the other hand, if you are not any professional player and need to bulk up your body alongside burning unwanted fats, then probably Cardarine is the only supplement you could consider. Many bodybuilders have praised about this wonderful substance.

Is Cardarine (GW501516) a SARM?

One of the fascinating things about GW501516 is that the compound isn’t a SARM. Both Cardarine and SARM are becoming increasingly popular in the fitness world, but they don’t belong to the same group of performance enhancers.

SARMs basically influences the receptors, which acquires the signals from androgens. However, many people will relate this same functioning with Cardarine, but in reality, it doesn’t work in the same way. Cardarine is a PPAR delta activator, which means it doesn’t regulate the working of the receptors in the muscles and bones for increasing muscle mass as SARMs do.

Among other things, Cardarine can have a positive impact on your digestive system, and it can lead to muscle gain and fat burning. This is also the reason why this particular compound is confused with SARMs. The PPAR delta activator has good effects on the nervous and vascular systems, along with kidney and liver function.


Medical uses of Cardarine (GW501516):

Soon after the initial research way back in the early 90s, scientists found out that Cardarine has lots of potential uses in the field of medicines. Higher endurance, muscle gain, and fat burning are important benefits that can be derived from bodybuilders. But it can also affect the nervous and vascular system with both kidney and liver function.

The nervous system – GW501516 has a positive impact on the blood vessels, which in turn is beneficial for the entire nervous system. That means, it can significantly reduce the chances of hemorrhage and strokes in the brain. Moreover, some trials indicate that the substance has the ability to induce a positive impact on the growth of brain cells.

Some other studies also show that anti-inflammatory properties might cause damage to the brain cells. Hence, the final verdict is still to be out yet whether Cardarine can be beneficial to the nervous system.

The vascular system – One of the positive impact of Cardarine is its capability to lower cholesterol levels. However, it also affects the arteries and blood vessels. Because of the anti-inflammatory qualities, Cardarine eliminates the harmful impacts of oxidative damage. Various studies also have indicated that the substance can reduce the chances of heart attacks.

Added to that, the potential complications of any type of cardiovascular disease can also be affected. GW501516 prevents the building up of plaque in the arteries and further secures them from damage. It can also aid in accelerating the development of new blood vessels, and cells. However, it can stimulate the development of another type of cell that might not prove beneficial, such as cancer cells.

The impact on liver cells – The liver is considered to be the main target of GW501516. That’s because, the liver plays a crucial role in releasing, storing, and burning fats. This is why the positive impact of Cardarine is extremely beneficial to bodybuilders.

When the liver shifts from glucose to fatty acids, the level of your blood sugar goes down. That’s what Cardarine does to the liver. Moreover, the compound can prevent non-alcoholic liver damage, insulin resistance, and cell death.

Cardarine and its benefits for the athletes:

It’s pretty obvious that bodybuilders are interested in three properties of Cardarine, which is muscle growth, stamina growth, and fat burning. When it is about fat burning, you should be happy to learn that Cardarine was researched on human-based trials and clinical tests.

Hence, it boosts your system for burning fats like an energy source. This, in particular, is very helpful to obese people. GW501516 eliminates any indications of metabolic disorders because it increases the level of the fat-burning process. According to some studies, it decreases insulin levels, liver fat, and blood fats.

It is worthy to mention that Cardarine improves tissue recovery, as well. A healthy liver is responsible for allowing a faster recovery time, and that’s wonderful news for bodybuilders. GW501516 also reduces the rest time, which means that you can continue with the rigorous training program.

Cardarine works efficiently both for cutting as well as for bulking. Keeping in view of the subject, it must be noted that GW501516 is a very potent and versatile chemical. Hence, it could be used in training programs, and it can be stacked with other SARMs and chemicals.

Cardarine (GW501516) works by creating a barrier so that the fatty acid chain can’t be formed. Typically that means, it prevents your body from fat accumulation and uses it as a source of energy. The results might be similar to a starvation mode in which your body goes into in absence of food intake.

But with Cardarine, there won’t be any type of muscle cannibalization or mass deterioration. Moreover, enhanced stamina will lead you towards an increase in physical activities. Many people who are using it have more endurance and strength. Therefore, developing a more muscular figure, building muscle mass with a lean body structure, is much easier with this compound.

Potential risks of using Cardarine:

Since 2007, Glaxo Smith Kline had stopped all the researches relating to Cardarine, when they conducted tests on rats. They have found out that it has the tendency to increase the development of cancerous cells in those rats that had cancer, or liver disease. They also found that long-term usage of Cardarine can affect fetal and placental development.

Although these tests were done on rats, and all of them were exposed to several higher doses of the drug, but the company decided to further develop it and labeled the drug as an investigational drug. This was a necessary precaution and a decision made by the company for avoiding any chances of serious backlashes.

However, some advocates of GW501516 have stated that there are no such signs that the substance could damage the organs, or increase the chances of having cancer at lower doses. The research also suggested that women might need to rethink about using Cardarine, and should be strictly avoiding it while conceiving, pregnant, or during breastfeeding.

For extra precaution, if you know that cancer has been related to your family, consult your physician before using Cardarine.

Recommended doses for Cardarine:

Many experts have suggested that so far as the dosing is concerned, the sweet spot of using Cardarine lies between 10milligrams and 20milligrams per day. Keep in mind not to exceed this dosage, and it should be once in a day. For new amateurs and bodybuilders who are just looking for losing fat, a small dose might work wonders for them.

However, bodybuilders and athletes need to take around 20 milligrams of the compound prior to workout. An important thing to keep in mind is that Cardarine possesses a half-life between 16 and 24 hours. Hence, you will find out that bodybuilders take the doses twice daily in two parts.

The recommended cycle is for 12 weeks, and it doesn’t need any post-cycle therapy. Remember that any abuse of the substance can significantly lead to potential consequences.


People who are looking for a clean and safe performance chemical, Cardarine (GW501516) will be an excellent choice. This drug has been tested on humans officially, and the benefits along with some side effects are true.