C60: Is It Worth The Hype?

Introduction to C60

C60 could be considered as a product with many benefits, but that’s a bit early to know. Or, could it bring about a revolution? Should you prepare yourself for the ultimate experience? What exactly is C60? It is true that the product is too new to be rated, and hence you shouldn’t embrace or dismiss it either.

It might hold some amazing benefits, which have been wished by many for a very long time. This article will unravel the mystery circling around this product, and find out its hidden secrets. This might be your best chance to have a clear understanding of the product, its history, and what you should expect from it. So, go ahead and read it.


C60 and its history:

Carbon-60 or C60 was discovered in 1985 just like the graphite and diamond that are also carbon and has been in existence for thousands of years. Carbon is present everywhere, in stardust, in deep space, and not only confined to planet earth. A mathematician by the name of Buckminster Fuller discovered the dome designs, which resembles the C60 in structure. That’s how the element ended up in the name of Fullerene or Buckminsterfullerene.

Because of the unique shape of the molecule, you can thank it for the fascinating qualities, and benefits that it might provide. The dome design shape is being referred to as truncated icosahedron. However, the dull-sounding name given to the molecule shouldn’t provoke you in thinking that it might have less power. The molecule has been successfully utilized in many areas.

From barreling through the cell membranes to resisting radiation, including fitting itself between DNA strands, the molecule has the ability to do many precious things. Across the world, C60 has kept scientists and researchers busy for discovering its many benefits, and its usage in a diverse field. After 30 years of researching, scientists are yet to unlock the potentialities of this molecule.

What are the benefits of using it?

Here are some of the benefits that you might get from C60, but remember that some of the effects are still unknown, and few of them are anticipated.

Restrain stress and inflammation from oxidation – Different studies have proved that C60 has potent antioxidant properties, which even extends to hundred times powerful than other antioxidants. They work by cleaning the free radicals that come across. But, C60 is quite different from the other antioxidants, as it is not changed by its action that it performs on those free radicals. It retains the shape and continues to work to a much longer time before exiting.

One study shows that it remained in the blood of rats for about 97 hours, which is pretty impressive. As far as other antioxidants are concerned, they clump to a single molecule of free radicals once at a time. C60 can accumulate many of them within itself before stopping to take any more. For instance, one study has shown that about 34 methyl radicals can stick to the molecule.

Moreover, this particular molecule has other features under its sleeves, such as the ability to cross walls that could have been difficult to pass over by other molecules like cellular membranes and blood-brain barrier. When you consider the facts together with the empathy for cellular membranes and DNA, you will find that very few other molecules come even closer while comparing it with C60.

Another unusual property of this molecule is that the free radicals that it was taking along with it, never interacts with itself, or with other molecules on its way. Those carried away molecules are completely neutralized so as to eliminate their toxic nature. The studies also emphasize the fact that C60 might work wonders in making you a smart person, by way of protecting the neurons or brain cells. In general, neutrons die within time, and the replacement neurons should be generated fast.

If that is not produced in due time, one has to run through short memory loss and certain other problems of concentration. This molecule performs in two different ways to enhance brain function. They help in slowing down the dead neurons and produces the new ones to grow and live. When it is about the popularity of highly processed or junk food, the performance of C60 could be of great use. Such kind of food acts as excitotoxins and causes neuron death at higher levels.

Some examples of excitotoxins include glumatate51 and aspartame50. C60 has the ability to prevent the ill effects of these chemicals so that the brain remains healthy. The molecule also helps in keeping the minds of people in a supple and young state, by slowing down the aging process. But how do they achieve this?

Simply by putting a block on the hardened proteins and aging that accumulates in the brain, and causes harm to the neurons. Remember, the studies were done on test tubes, and various tests on humans are yet to be done.

Can increase your lifespan – Is there any possibility of increasing your longevity by using C60 up to a certain limit that is yet to be discovered? Among all the studies done on this molecule, the Paris study was the most remarkable one is investigating the topic. It was proved that the lives of rats were 90% longer when they were given the molecule. Moreover, it was not toxic, and that was a big factor in the overwhelming result.

Now, what gives this molecule a positive impact on your lifespan? The reason might be the protective nature of C60 where it protects the membrane of both cells and mitochondria. The human body is nothing but made up of cells, and when you protect and enhance the health of the cells, the result will be an extension in your lifespan.

However, the Paris study needs to be confirmed whether the same result can be derived by humans. Some of the users have provided sufficient evidence that using C60 has induced vigor and youthfulness into them.

Developing and maintaining strong bones and cartilage – The potent antioxidant property of this molecule could lead you towards stronger bones. Similar things have been observed when the tests were conducted on animals by injecting them with C60. The same kind of effects was also noticed in cartilage. For attaining many of the positive results, it was used in water-soluble form, and hence there is an indication that suggests it might hold significant potentialities in discovering a few other benefits.

Powerful cleansing agent – C60 is a powerful molecule that can eliminate many diseases caused by microorganisms. It has a potent disinfectant effect, which can be effective even in a small number. It will help in eliminating different types of bacteria and fungi and keeps you away from certain viruses, as well. Hence, it makes a great hygiene agent, which can be used at a minimum grade to treat body odor and bad breath.

Boost your immune system – Could C60 encourage the enhancement of the immune system? The answer is yes, but only for the immune system of a few rats. Various studies have shown that the molecule triggers the production of white blood cells or lymphocytes, which are considered as the defense mechanism of the immune system.

May help in reducing fat – Although there are studies to be done to link C60 with weight loss, some other studies show that it can help you to remain away from gaining weight. Both water-soluble C60 and fat create certain conditions that help in preventing the non-fat cells from converting into fat cells. The effects are being observed both on humans and mice. However, these were studied on test-tubes, but it is expected that similar results would be found when C60 goes inside the body.

May support chemo treatment – The molecule C60 has the potentiality to provide support in chemotherapy, which is given to the patients suffering from cancer. It is being investigated, but certain data shows that C60 can restrict the conditions that work in the favor of fast multiplication of the cells. Its nutritional and immune support can benefit the patients who are on chemo treatment. The antioxidant properties of the molecule are being studied for finding out its immunity support for chemotherapy patients.

Some other benefits include the following.

  • Protect nerve and skin cells
  • May treat infertility issues in men
  • Maintaining healthy skincare
  • Protection from UV light

What are the possible side effects of using C60?

Since the molecule is still in its different stages of development, the benefits and the adverse reactions of using C60 are yet to be discovered clinically. And, just like with other medication and supplements, this molecule will have its own set of side effects, as well. There have been reports of minor eye irritation caused by the solution.

There is a higher chance that C60 may cause unwanted mutations within your DNA, and that could lead you towards cancer. Again, there is plenty of research to be done on this molecule to arrive at more concrete information.


C60 might be a fascinating compound that has many benefits. It has many uses in different industries, and some of them have been in the field of fitness and health. However, some of the claimed benefits have been confined within test tubes or animals, and human trials are to be done yet.