Bromantane Review: A Complete Guide for Beginners

Bromantane: the overview

Bromantane is another new drug that can drastically improve both your mental and physical performance. It can also help you to get relief from anxiety symptoms, and by boosting your cognitive functions, it eases you from different symptoms of depression. Although the drug is new in many circles, it has won appreciation and appreciation among many users.

But, what is Bromantane? It is reliable and safe? How does it work? Well, questions are many, and hence in this article, you will get to know more about this supplement that will help you to decide whether or not to try out this wonder drug.


Bromantane: A brief history

Bromantane first made its appearance as part of a Russian discovery in the 1980s. When adamantane was discovered in the field of petroleum research, it leads to the beginning of a whole new chapter in the area of chemical research. Adamantane is the chief element from which the chemical compound Bromantane is made. Adamantane ignited a profound interest in studying the polyhedral organic compounds along with the formation.

But the researchers had set themselves out for discovering a certain antiviral compound that they believed could help to treat influenza. However, they were more surprised when they found out that their efforts have landed themselves in a completely different type of discovery. They discovered that when adamantane and their derivatives are put together, they acted just like the dopamine receptors.

As a result of this, the chemical compound thus formed are known as stimulants, and with this discovery, they have found a clinical usage of the chemical compound in a promising way. During the trial of this supplement, more efforts were being poured in for unlocking the other potentialities so that it can be used in pharmaceutical medications.

From then onwards, Bromantane was developed and it went on to command the Russian market. It became a popular supplement in the drug market and acquired the glorified status of a stimulant. Being a dopamine agonist or enhancer and a stimulant, Bromantane has found several usages in relieving depression, exhaustion, anhedonia, neurasthenia, and neurosis.


Uses and benefits of using Bromantane:

The uses and benefits of using this supplement are many, as evident from the researches that were established and also from the feedback of various users. The benefits include reduced anxiety, increased energy, reduced fatigue, and improved coordination in movement. These are the benefits that can be derived from using the supplement. Given the benefits of the drug, here are its uses.

Improves the physical performance – The supplement controls noradrenaline and adrenaline by keeping them within the blood and prevents their excretion through urine. As a result, it can improve the physical performance as it was seen in the case of rats, where they swam more efficiently after giving a dose of the supplement.

Improves the brain functioning – This fact has been established after a study was conducted on healthy people who were given Bromantane. The effect of the dosage was that there was better productivity, better motor performance, and a rising sense of vigilance. Other studies have shown lower signs of depression and anxiety. Similar studies done on rats have shown an increased amount of alertness and wakefulness, which was the direct result of the action of enhanced brain performance by serotonin and dopamine.

Improves the immune system – Bromantane has the ability to activate your immune system by responding positively to stressful situations. Right from the moment when you take the supplement, your body will tend to respond in a better way of fighting illness and infection. Such results are caused by the effect of increased blood cells in the body. The WBC (white blood cells) are responsible for the smooth performance of your immune system.

Controls overheating of the body – Hypothermia is a medical condition in which your body will generate more heat than it is able to release or dissipate. This might lead to severe illness, but when you take Bromantane, it will help you to stop overheating and thus prevent hypothermia.

Anxiolytic effects – Life has a peculiar way of giving unavoidable moments sometimes, and it becomes exhausting. There were times in your life where you have lived by fear with negative thoughts. However, Bromantane has the ability to take away the anxiety and transform you into a fearless person whenever you are facing stressful conditions.

Aids in reproduction – When you use the supplement, it can drastically improve sperm mobility and sperm count. In the case of females, frequent loss of embryo is significantly reduced by taking the supplement. Bromantane enhances sex drive and libido, which increases the chances of reproduction.

Detoxing the liver – One of the important functions of the liver is to detoxify the body. However, the liver itself needs to be detoxified for continuing to perform its job efficiently. When the liver overworks, it becomes a victim of toxin build-up. Bromantane can be helpful by relieving the liver of impurities and toxins.

Some other benefits derived from using the supplement are improved memory, enhanced learning capabilities, treating neurasthenia, and inflammation.

How does it work?

Just like the nootropic and similar other drugs such as Phenibut and Noopept, the exact functionality of the working of Bromantane is still to be understood. But, since it is common to the drugs mentioned, it works by increasing the activity of the hippocampus. That’s the area in the brain, which helps to produce and manage neurotransmitters, similar to things like serotonin, glutamate, and dopamine. It enhances the levels of serotonin and increases the serotonin levels, as well to induce calm and happiness.

What are the possible side effects of using Bromantane?

When the supplement is taken at the recommended dosage, there are the least possibilities of having any serious side effects. However, some people have reported experiencing diarrhea, vomiting, and frequent urination even at lower doses. At higher doses, anecdotal human reports and animal studies have suggested depression, brain fog, and fatigue. The reason for all these effects might be the initial rush of the supplement that uses all the energy. As such, the body is not able to recover quickly, and hence it crashes.

What is the recommended dosage of Bromantane?

The appropriate or the recommended dosage of Bromantane is still to be known because it has undergone very limited human trials. Nonetheless, many users have reported using the dose from 50 to 100 milligrams per day. For an average user, the dose should be from 50 to 200 milligrams a day. And, anything above 300 milligrams is strictly prohibited.

However, the dosage should be split into two equal halves, so that you can take the first half in the morning and another half in the evening. To complete one cycle of Bromantane, the dosage should run from 2 to 4 weeks. Following the right dosage and cycle would bring out the desired effects within the stipulated time.

Similar to other nootropics, the right dosage will be discovered by gradually increasing the intake over time for knowing the exact level that your body can take. For instance, you can begin by taking a pill per day, which contains about 25 milligrams of Bromantane. If you manage to get the powdered form of the supplement, it is important to use a measuring scale so that the dosage can be accurately measured.

However, do remember that the correct dosage for men and women are not of the same amount. Since Bromantane has a short half-life, it takes less time to decompose and feel the effects, in the case of women. In only 2.5 hours, women can feel the effects as compared to men, where they take about 4 hours to feel the same.

What about stacking it with other supplements?

When you want more astounding results, this is the only way to go. For achieving such results, you need to blend different kinds of supplements that specialize in different functions. Bromantane excels in that in a versatile way, making it an excellent supplement when used in combination with other drugs, and alone.

When Bromantane is stacked with Kava Kava, Fish Oilstack, Agmatine, and Acetyl Carnitine, it is guaranteed to give you remarkable results. If you want to enhance your motivation, energize you, relieve you from anxiety, and keep you in good health, then perhaps you should take the stack that comprises of Bromantane, Agomelatine, Citalopram, Liothyronine, and Clomipramine.

What about its price and availability?

Bromantane is available at different prices, which depends on where you buy from. This supplement is available in its popular version and under the brand name of Ladasten. The price of this product is a bit higher and will cost you about $46 for one bottle. When you take a daily dosage of 50 milligrams of the supplement, each bottle will last for about 20 days.

Now, that’s very expensive when it is compared to other nootropic drugs available in the market. For instance, you can use L-Theanine, which is a stimulant, for over a year with just $10. You can buy Bromantane from any reliable store, but before that, make a thorough research.


Bromantane will drastically elevate your physical capacity to work with sheer performance. It will increase your physical energy and mental power. It will also reduce your levels of anxiety, and make you happy.