The Top 10 Best Testosterone Boosters

What are the Best Testosterone Boosters

Our human body has many types of hormones and testosterone is one such important hormone. It is found both in men and women, though the quantities are much higher in men. As far as men are concerned, the testicles are the place where most testosterone is made in men. Women’s ovaries also make testosterone though the quantities are much smaller. Production of testosterone increases significantly after puberty but starts decreasing after age thirty (approximately).

Testosterone has a number of functions and it is considered to be one of the most important elements for improved sex drive in men. Further, it also has a very vital role to play in sperm and semen production. It also helps in improving muscle and bone mass. Further, it defines the way men are able to store fat in their bodies and red cell production also depends on testosterone. Further, levels of testosterone could also impact the mood of a man quite significantly.

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Problems Associated With Low Testosterone Levels

Many men suffer from low levels of testosterone and these are referred to as low T levels. They manifest themselves in many symptoms and a few of them are mentioned hereunder.

  • Low energy levels
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Feelings of depression
  • Weight gain
  • Low self-esteem
  • Wild mood swings
  • Thinner and brittle bones.
  • Sparse body hair

While age takes a toll in the levels of testosterone production for men, there are some other factors that could also lead to a drop in the levels of this hormone. Men who have suffered from injuries to testicles can see levels dropping. Chemotherapy for cancer patient or radiation therapy could also bring down the levels of testosterone drastically and hamper normal production of this vital hormone. There are some chronic diseases that could also impair the production of testosterone in men. These are kidney disease, alcoholism, cirrhosis of liver, and AIDs.

How To Check Testosterone Levels?

Testosterone levels can be checks by a simple blood test. Normal or healthy levels range widely and this is measured by the levels of this hormone in the bloodstream. The normal testosterone levels for adult men could range from 280 to 1,100 nanograms for each deciliter. It could be between 15 to 70 ng/DL for adult females as per the standard protocols and levels laid down by medical experts. You must choose the right lab for the most accurate levels. If the levels are low you must contact a doctor and he will diagnose the root of the problem. In some cases it could be because of problems with the pituitary glands. The pituitary gland communicates with the testicles and orders it to product the right amount of testosterone. If the levels of testosterone are low, it could be because of some problems with the pituitary glands. Low levels of testosterone could lead to delayed puberty in men. Moderately high levels could lead to early onset of puberty in boys and women may exhibit unnatural masculine features. Abnormally high levels of testosterone in men could lead to problems with the adrenal glands and some men may also have higher risk of cancer. It is important to find out the cause of low or high levels of testosterone and address the same accordingly.

In this article, we will be looking at the impact of low levels of testosterone. We will learn more about some natural supplements and have a look at ten of the best testosterone boosters. We also will try and understand the pros and cons of taking testosterone boosters and things that one should bear in mind while choosing these supplements and testosterone boosters. We believe that it will help in increasing the level of knowledge and information of the readers and assist them in making the right choice of supplements based on specific needs and requirements.

We must understand the pros and cons of the supplements that could impact the levels of testosterone in the body. This could be useful for older men who are a bit worried about their appearances and bodies. They would like to maintain the levels of masculinity and also would like to maintain their sex drive and also improve their overall stamina, endurance and overall performance.

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There is no denying the fact that testosterone boosters could help give men a number of positive benefits. These supplements could help in treating erective dysfunction and also play a big role in improving libido and sexual performance in men. It could help improve the quality of a man’s sex life and make it more satisfying. It could also play a positive role in improving the reproductive health and also help prevent the unpleasant conditions associated with low sex drive and low sexual threshold.

Testosterone boosters and supplements could also play a positive role in improving muscle development and help maintain the attributes of the average male. Many body builders and male athletes are apprehensive of the day when age starts catching up with them. They are scared that low levels of testosterone might damage the shape of their bodies and could also spoil their sexual lives and overall health. These people believe that choosing the best testosterone boosters could help them to improve and maintain muscle growth and also free them from the negative impacts of anabolic steroids.

It also could be very useful in improving energy levels and also enhancing overall stamina. This is perhaps the reason why many body builders and athletes take these testosterone boosters and supplements. They can do their workouts better and they can be at it for much longer periods of time.

Quality and natural testosterone boosters may also help in giving a positive thrust to moods and could help in overcoming depression, mood swings and other such problems with men across various ages.

Finally, it could be one of the best options for young boys who have low levels of testosterone. While, chronic and tough cases may need specialized treatment, if the boys have borderline cases of low testosterone levels, they can turn their attention to the best testosterone boosters to help their bodies to come back to normal levels of testosterone. 


While the above are the main advantages of using testosterone boosters, there are some side effects and negative fallout from the use of these products. No medicine, supplement or even natural product is free from side effects and the same also applies to testosterone boosters. We will have a look at the possible disadvantages and problems associated with the long term use of even the best testosterone boosters. This will help the end-users to be aware of the benefits versus risks associated with these products and then take the right decision based on their specific needs and requirements.

Sleep apnea is a problem that could be quite disturbing for those who are on testosterone boosters. It could also lead to baldness and some men also stand the risk of being at increased risk of developing heart and cardiovascular diseases. The risk of prostate conditions like enlarged prostate, cancer of the prostate and other such things must also be kept in mind before choosing these supplements. However, these risks mentioned above happen very rarely and in most cases wrong and careless use of the supplements is to blame.

At the end of it, if you believe that you should take testosterone boosters, do not get started on your own. Get in touch with a doctor and be sure that he or she checks all the vital parameters and also identifies the root cause of low levels of testosterone. In some cases, withdrawal of certain medications could help overcome the problem. Further, if you are on some medications, they could interact with testosterone boosters and this could lead to complications. Hence, before you start using these boosters, be sure about the overall objectives, the need for it and do a careful analysis of the risk versus benefits. Only after that should you go ahead with these supplements or boosters.

Things To Consider When Choosing Such Supplements

With so many options available out there and many of them talking about the magical benefits of testosterone supplements and boosters, it is quite obvious that you could find yourself overwhelmed with information and high pitch marketing. You could end up picking some pills, potions, capsules or even injections in the hope that it will work like magic on you. However, it would be a very wrong decision to go in for these supplements without being sure that you are the right candidate for these products.  The side effects can be dangerous and you must always go by your doctor’s opinion and recommendation.

Please note there could be temporary dip in testosterone levels caused by some medications and illnesses. In most cases the levels of testosterone will come back to normal once the drug is stopped or the medical condition is back to normal. Therefore, you must go in for these supplements only when it is absolutely necessary. Yes, it is a different matter that athletes and body builders may have no other option but to go in for these supplements because normal testosterone production may not be sufficient to meet their additional requirements.

Natural or Synthetic Testosterone Supplements – Which To Choose

This is a common question that comes to the mind of many people. It may not be possible to give a straight jacketed and simple answer to this question. It would depend on specific needs and objectives and the age of the persons who are using this, their medical condition, the medicines that may be on and other such things. It should be take indiscreetly and must be carefully screened and only the doctor should have the final authority whether to go for natural or synthetic testosterone supplements.

There are many average males who are just keen on increasing muscle mass, or would like to improve your bone strength apart from having improved stamina and sexual drive. For such people, natural testosterone boosters or supplement could be the best option. There are dozens of such natural options available and they should be able to do the job. On the other end of the spectrum, there could be sports persons, athletes, body builders, short distance sprinters and others who need good and lean muscle mass apart from having strong bones and joints. These people may have to use synthetic testosterone supplements in combination with natural ones.

Men who are looking to increase their sexual drive, libido and would like to have rock like erections may also go in for natural testosterone boosters. The natural ones are milder, safer and therefore the risk of side effects is lower. Further, they can be taken for longer period of time. They may be a bit late in giving the desired results but when the work, they work very well.

Hence at the end of the day, in the normal circumstances it would be better to go for natural supplements. They are safer, well-tolerated without too many side effects and are also less expensive. The decision of going in for natural or artificial supplements should be taken based one science and logic and not based on hearsays and opinions. You must avoid knee jerk reactions and be sure that the choice you are making is based on tests, examinations and other such scientific approaches

Your main objective should be main driving force and decision making should be professional and not based on emotional outbursts. While synthetic testosterone boosters may work quite fast and the results could be dramatic, they often come with a price tag attached to it. These are in the form of unwanted side effects and therefore you must be sure that you are aware of the same.

We are sure that the above information would have given some idea and perspective the various aspects of testosterone, the testosterone boosters, how they work and other such useful and pertinent information. We will now have a look at ten different types of testosterone supplements and they may be classified as being under the category of the best testosterone boosters.

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D-Aspartic Acid

If you are looking for an effective and natural testosterone booster then D-Aspartic acid could be the right choice. It works by in giving a stimulus to FSH or follicle stimulating hormone and also luteinizing hormone. This is very critical because luteinizing hormone helps in making Leydig cells in the testes and this helps in producing more testosterone. There are some studies done on humans and animals as far as the effects of D-Aspartic acid are concerned. The 90-day study is based on men who were given D-Aspartic acid having impaired sperm production. The sperm count doubled and it rose from around 8.2 million sperms per ml to 16.5 million sperms per ml. Further, athletes with healthy testosterone levels on weight lifting routines were also put on 3 grams of D-aspartic acid per day. These people also showed significant improvement in muscle mass and increased strength. However, they did not have any significant increase in the levels of testosterone levels as far as the D-aspartic acid group is concerned. Hence, when all the above things are taken together and looked at in totality, there are reasons to believe that D-Aspartic acid can help in men with low testosterone levels or even those who have impaired sexual functions. It may not make much of a difference in men with men who have normal levels of testosterone.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is another fat soluble vitamin that has many benefits. It is produced when the skin is exposed to sunlight. In its active form it functions well as a steroid hormone in our bodies. Modern men have very little exposure to sunlight and this result in deficient or low levels of vitamin D. When vitamin D levels are increased it could help to give a boost to testosterone levels and this may lead to other benefits including better quality of sperms. Studies have proved that there is a direct relation to low sperm count and low levels of Vitamin D. Participants in studies who spent more time in the summer sun found that their vitamin D levels increased quite a bit. It also led to increased levels of testosterone in their bodies. It works well on men even if they are above the age of 65. Men who were put on 3,300 IU of Vitamin day saw the levels of testosterone increasing by more than 20%. Increased exposure to sun can help augment Vitamin D in the body. Eating vitamin rich food and going in for some of the best testosterone boosters with the right IV of Vitamin D could make a big difference.

  1. Tribulus Terrestris

This is an herb that has been used for centuries as a naturally occurring herbal medicine. However, many recent studies on tribulus terrestris conducted on animals have shown some interesting findings. The animals who were put on tribulus terrestris showed improve sex drive and their testosterone levels also increased quite significantly. Studies done on men for 90 days have also some interesting results to show. Men who complained of erectile dysfunction claimed that their testosterone levels increased by 16%. However, there is not much of good news for athletes, body builders and other young men when it comes to the use of this supplement. It was not able to make any big difference as far as the levels of testosterone are concerned. There are reasons to believe that this could be one of the best testosterone boosters that are available in the market today for improving sperm health and also increase levels of testosterone in men having impaired sexual function.


This is another popular and effective herb-based testosterone booster. It may work by bringing down the levels of enzyme that convert testosterone into estrogen. The results done on some college men for an eight week period did have some interesting information to give. These men were also performed resistance training four days a week. Those who were put on 500 mg of fenugreek per day saw the levels of testosterone increase quite significantly. It happened with all the participants and this certainly says many good things about fenugreek. It helped in increasing both the free as well as total testosterone levels. On the other hand, the group that trained on weight increasing workouts without fenugreek experienced a slight decline in testosterone levels. Further, those who were put on Fenugreek on fenugreek also experienced improvements in overall strength and fat loss. Fenugreek also improved the overall quality of sex life of men in the age group of 25 and 52 when they were put on 600 mg of fenugreek.

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Ginger is a very common household spice and it has been in use for centuries now. It also has been used as an herbal medicine. It is known to have many health benefits. Research has shows that it could help in reducing inflammation and may also improve the levels of testosterone. Many studies have been conducted on rats and they confirm that ginger may have some unmistakable benefits and effects on levels of testosterone and sexual functions. Diabetic rates were given ginger and it was found that almost all the rats saw an increase in the levels of ginger. It also resulted in increasing the levels of luteinizing hormone in these diabetic rats.

The levels of testosterone in normal and healthy rats doubled when they were given ginger in the form of supplement. A few studies on human beings also have some interesting and positive information. More than 70 infertile men were put on a daily dosage of ginger supplement. After around three months, almost all of them experienced a jump of around 17% in the levels of testosterone and the levels of luteinizing hormone also doubled. It also could play a role in improving sperm health and the sperm count improved by 16% in all the cases. Though the research is still in its early stage, eating ginger is quite safe and it is virtually free from side effects. It also has a number of other health benefits.


DHEA is the full form of Dehydroepiandrosterone and it is naturally occurring hormone in our body. It is known to play a big role in helping give a boost to testosterone levels and is considered to be one of the best testosterone boosters that occur naturally. It also is capable of controlling estrogen levels. It has a number of other biological effects and all these go in making DHEA an extremely popular option for improving testosterone levels. The good thing about DHEA is that it is extensively researched and there are several studies done on this substance. Men who are put on 50-100 mg of DHEA each day can see a jump in their testosterone levels by almost 20% when compared to other products.

The results are mixed and it is the case with all other testosterone boosting products and supplements. Though the results are not very conclusive, there are reasons to believe that it could be a very useful ad proven way to safely and naturally boost levels of testosterone in the months and years to come. However, it is may not be suitable for athletes and sports persons because they need much higher dosage of testosterone supplement. But ordinary people with deficient or low levels of testosterone could stand to benefit by regular use of DHEA. 100gm per day is a safe dosage and could help in boosting testosterone levels moderately. It is safe and not many instances of dangerous side effects have been reported.


Zinc has been used for many decades and is known to be a quality aphrodisiac. Further, zinc is an essential mineral that it helps in regulating and normalizing more than 100 chemical processes in our body. As is the case with Vitamin D, the levels of zinc in our body and the levels of testosterone hormone in men seemingly have a close link. Hence, there are many reasons to believe that those who are put on zinc therapy may see an improvement in the levels of testosterone. Further, persons who restrict zinc intake also have reported a significant drop in the testosterone levels and it happens even in healthy men. Hence, it would be advisable to go in for quality zinc supplements in case men have been diagnosed with low levels of testosterone. Research studies have proven this. It also could help infertile men or men with low sperm count accompanied with low levels of testosterone hormones. However, the research also has shown that men with normal sperm count do not see any big jump in the levels of the count of sperms even if they are put on a supplement of zinc. Wrestlers and body builders also are benefitted by taking zinc supplement every day. These sportspersons saw a significant improvement in testosterone levels when they were put on a 4 week zinc supplement therapy coupled with a high intensity training program. In view of the above studies it is quite obvious that regular intake of zinc could play a big role in boosting testosterone levels in case or low levels of this vital mineral. It is considered to be one of the safest options for improving testosterone levels normally.


It also is known as Withania Somnifera, and there are many who believe that this age-old Indian herb has a number of health benefits. It has been used for centuries and it is primarily known to be a good adaptogen. In other words, it could help the body in handling stress and anxiety. Many studies have been conducted on Ashwagandha and one study has show that it increases performance, stamina and endurance when a person is exercising. Further, it also could be helpful for those who are keen on losing fat naturally. At the same time it also boosts testosterone levels significantly and these are from trusted research studies and not based on opinions and hearsays. Based on such studies it is quite obvious that this supplement could play a big role in increasing levels of testosterone quite significantly. It also may help infertile men to impregnate their partners. The success results are as high as 15% based on limited research. More research is of course needed but the findings so far have been very positive and encouraging. It is reasonably well tolerated and the side effects are not something that we should be worried about. However, it is important to take only the right dosage and overdoing it could cause problems and this is the case with all other such products in the market. It could also play a big role in increasing libido, sexual performance and also could help in improving the body composition and strengthen lean muscles quite significantly.


If we look back on ancient papers and studies, we certainly can understand that there is quite a bit of news about pomegranates. It is an age-old fruit and it has many stories and tales associated when it comes to improving sexual function and improve fertility. It is a rich source of many beneficial antioxidants and is known to reduce stress related problems and improve overall health. It is also supposed to be good for the heart and could help those who are into regular cardio exercises for body building, weight loss and other such reasons. There are some studies to indicate that both men and women could see an increase in the levels of testosterone just over a period of 14 days. It is now being sold as supplement in the form of juice, potion and also extracts that are packed in pills and capsules. The results at the end of such studies have been quite impressive. It has increased the levels of testosterone in men by as much as 24% percent. It could also help in elevating mood and could also be of great use in bringing down blood pressure levels.

Fatty Fish And Fish Oil

Eating seafood has been a practice for mankind for generation and today even scientists and medical experts recommend the same. They recommend eating seafood at least twice a week. Fatty fish is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and it could help i9ncrease the quality of semen and also give a boost to testosterone levels. Studies have been conducted in dogs and the results are quite positive. The fatty acid profiles of these pet animals saw a big rise and the same results also have been reported in studies done in mice. You must choose the right seafood and a few examples are salmon, Atlantic mackerel, sardine, trout and herring. It is well tolerated and virtually free from side effects.


The above article should have given our readers a reasonably good idea about the various supplements and natural herbs and other sources that could be considered as the best testosterone boosters. Get in touch with a medical expert and he or she would be able to suggest a supplement that is made from a single ingredient or is stacked with a number of such ingredients. In fine, there are many natural ways of improving testosterone levels instead of going in for harmful anabolic steroids.

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