A Review on the 5 Best SARMs Suppliers in the USA

What are the 5 Best SARMs Suppliers in the USA?

SARMs are classified as investigational drugs. But in spite of this, there is no need to show a prescription for buying them, and hence it is important that you shop at a reliable online pharmacy. There are plenty of SARMs vendors in the US, but not every one of them provides high-quality products just as you have anticipated.  In this article, you will find the reviews of 5 best SARMs suppliers in the USA that will help you to purchase your desired supplement.

5 best SARMs vendors in the USA:

When you buy products from a reliable vendor, you ensure that you won’t end up with low-quality products that have the potential to cause significant harm to your body and fail to prove the benefits that they claim to provide excellent effects on your body. Here are the reviews from the 5 best SARMs vendors in the USA. Purchasing from these vendors will ensure great quality of drugs ideal for your bodybuilding needs.

Science Bio

Previously popular by the name of Irc Bio, Science Bio is considered to be a leader in the SARM market in the US. They are known to provide only high-quality SARMs. All of their products are treated as unadulterated, pure, and these are tested by third-party agencies. If you are using SARMs for a long time, perhaps you should know that the testing done by third-party is all that matters.

Self-certification doesn’t help at all, because every company will market its products as better. This company has developed trust and secured its credibility by having their SARMs tested by different agencies, and later published those findings. It has been heard that the company even refunds if the consumers are dissatisfied.

This vendor has a massive inventory of SARMs, and they have succeeded in providing quality products at affordable prices. There are many vendors of this supplement who sell under-dosed ineffective products at higher prices. If you want the best quality at an affordable price, then you might consider buying SARMs from this vendor.

Now you can buy Ligandrol (LGD4033), Ostarine (MK2866), Cardarine (GW501516), Testolone (RAD140), Stenabolic (SR9009), Andarine (S4), YK11, and S23 from Science Bio at affordable prices. Every SARM product from this vendor is properly tested at laboratories that ensure good quality.

The store also provides for international shipping, as well. Every order is processed and shipped within 24 to 48 hours. Science Bio provides reliable consumer service through its official website, and with the help of emails. You can even sine-up for their newsletters, which can earn you some free SARMs.

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Swiss Chems

Swiss Chems is another online store that is based in the US that sells good quality SARMs. This company is considered as one of the leaders in the SARM market. You can get a wide variety of products when you shop from them. This includes Andarine (S4), Ligandrol (LGD4033), Ostarine (MK2866), Cardarine (GW501516), RAD140, SR9009, GDF11, and so on.

Apart from SARMs, the company also sells rich-quality peptides like IGF-1, Nolvadex, Clomid, Clenbuterol, and many more. The company operates through a hotline, which can be assessed in all seven days of a week between 9 am to 5 pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). The vendor also provides for a refund in case any consumer is not satisfied with the products.

There is an option for next day delivery for consumers who prefer quick shipping, and there is provision for economic shipping too. The company has secure payment systems, and the check-out is very easy and convenient. That’s because of the different types of supplements and chemicals it sells.

You can avail of a pack of Ostarine (MK2866) that consists of 50 tablets each of 20 milligrams, at $90. A pack of Andarine (S4) with the same number of tablets and the same dose, would cost about $7. Cardarine (GW501516) costs around $80, whereas a pack of Ligandrol (LGD4033) consists of 50 tablets each of 2 milligrams is priced at $84.

As you have got a glimpse of the store, now you can buy the easily available Rad140 and Meldonium, or you can shop for the hard to find Ibutamoren, which costs around $1510 for a pack of 50 tablets each consists of 25 milligrams of the supplement.

You can provide your email address for receiving their newsletters, and avail discount on products. Swiss Chems is a renowned SARM vendor that sells quality products. When you buy from this store, neither the research nor the authenticity of those products will get compromised. It is definitely among the best SARMs vendors in the US.

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Proven Peptides

This is a company that operates from 106 Countryside Street in North Carolina, in the US. Proven Peptides sells a diverse range of SARM products that includes Stenabolic (SR9009), Cardarine (GW501516), Testolone (RAD140), Ligandrol (LGD4033), Andarine (S4), MK677, MK2866, YK11, and S23. The various products sold at this store are all tested at different labs.

The company provides worldwide shipping, and every order is shipped within the first 24 to 48 hours. The store also provides reliable consumer support systems with the help of the official website, and through emails. Consumers can even sign-up for the newsletters for availing certain discounts on the products.

The consumers must learn about the importance of third-party testing along with a certificate of analysis. There are many online stores where you won’t find any certifications from third-party agencies. Even when you come across websites that display the certificates, you will find the certifications are old, and not the recent ones.

Proven Peptides is completely different in comparison to other online stores. As stated earlier, the company deals in many kinds of supplements, and the prices are ranged between $34 and $140. The prices apply to various products that include Ligandrol, Cardarine, Ostarine, Testolone, Andarine, Stenabolic, YK11, MK677, and so on.

The store provides promotional sales and discounts that are made available whenever possible. When you sign-up for their newsletter and emails, you can avail discounts for up to 10%. All you need to do is to provide your email address.

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Secret Supps

This particular SARM vendor bears a spot on this list because of its international market reach, and affordability in the prices of its products. The low prices are not an indication that they are far behind in terms of the quality of products, or have less purity on all of their SARM products. Also, the company has guaranteed that its products are free from toxic materials, and they are been clinically tested for any type of adulterants.

This information is displayed on their official website. The company further ensures that all their product is capable of delivering the highest effects such as cognitive tissue development and muscle hypertrophy. The company’s trustworthiness and credibility are very much higher, and these are reflected on their website.

They have availed a lot of information on each of the products on their official website so that the prospective buyers can know about a particular product in detail before heading on with the purchase. Now that’s something that is not found on many websites, and it helps the user to know more about the product and find out whether the products might be effective for their needs.

It seems that many people are satisfied with the products that they bought from this vendor, and it can be seen in the review section. All the products of Secret Supps have very little side effects, and they provide supplements to be used for bulking, cutting and burning fat. Some of the products that can be found in this online store include:

  • Elite SARMs – Total Body Stack
  • Elite SARMs – Ultimate Growth Stack
  • Elite SARMs – Ultimate Physique Stack

SARMs 4 You

This company is considered among the few big vendors of SARMs in the US, though they operate from the Netherlands. You can buy SARMs either in the powdered form or in the form of capsules. They have a wide range of products that includes the most popular Rad140, and the least popular S23. Other products include SR9009, MK2866, GW501516, LGD4033, S4, MK677, ACP105, RAD140, S23, and YK11.

The company ensures that all its products are of the highest quality by conducting various types of tests through third-party agencies. The certifications are produced when you send a request for them through the email, after buying the product. That means you can have the transparency on the quality of the products you are buying.

So far as the pricing of products is concerned, this company sells SARMs at an expensive rate. For instance, Ibutamoren (MK677) is sold at $70, whereas you can find them at $50 when you buy from other online vendors. All the orders are believed to reach the destination within 24 to 72 hours.

The company provides email tracking so that you can know the exact location. Discounts and coupons are made available from time to time by this company. They have a great consumer support system, and answers to the queries either through phone or emails.


So that was all about the 5 best SARMs vendors available in the US, where you can expect great products, affordable prices, quick consumer support, and reliable shipping.