Bathmate Review: A Complete Guide to This product

Bathmate: what you should know

The Bathmate Series is probably the best hydro pumps for penis enlargement. The company provides highly innovative pumps and it appears that they have won the hearts of many people. Their product line-up is considered to be the favorite choice when it is about penis pumps. The company has been in this industry since 2006 and performing pretty fine.

There was a time when it was easy to find the right pump for your needs because there were only two sizes available, regular size and large size. But these days, it’s a bit difficult to find the right one. There are different brands and each of them have their own length, width, and strength. Bathmate has sold over a million devices to men spanning across 70 countries. Is it worthy of the hype? Let’s find out.

Bathmate: An overview

When it is about satisfying your partner in bed, the size of your masculine might not be everything, but it plays an important role. It is pretty obvious that certain other factors will help you to make the experience more memorable, but your penis size will determine how intense everything was. On top of that, it comes along with high self-esteem and self-confidence, and you know that all these things are just under your belt.

On a deeper note, a bigger penis won’t just make your performance improve in the bed, but it will boost your self-esteem, and that will allow you to lead a confident and happy life. That’s the reason why penis enhancers are in high demand these days. There are many penis enhancers available in the form of pills, lotions, supplements, and advanced gadgets.

The Bathmate series of products is nothing but one of such advanced gadgets. If you know a bit about this industry, it is obvious that Bathmate is a household name when it comes to penis enlargement devices. They have been serving people with remarkable gadgets for more than 12 years.

How can you select the right Bathmate model?

There are three different things that you should consider before buying a penis enlargement device, and they are discussed here.

The size of your penis – It is very important to find a Bathmate product that will fit your penis size. For making things easier, the Bathmate pumps are named after the penis size in inches. As for example, the HydroMax7 by Bathmate is a product that should be used by men with a small penis or have a size of 7-inch. You can easily convert the size of your penis from cm to inches just by multiplying it with 2.54.

There are two models made for men who have an unnatural penis curve or a much wider penis because the normal pump size won’t fit on them. However, it is better to select a bigger model if you are unsure between two sizes.

What is the need for a penis pump – There might be several reasons why you need a penis pump, and for different reasons, you will need different pumps. The reasons might include for penis enlargement, for treating erectile dysfunction, and for sexual pleasure. If the requirement is for the enlargement of the penis, the pumps that will work best falls under the category of Bathmate hydroXtreme series.

If you want to get hard erections and train your penis for erectile dysfunction, you can go for the HydroMax series. You may even select the Xtreme models, but that’s not required. Finally, for experiencing sexual pleasure you will need a pump that will fit your penis size. 

The money you are willing to spend – Last but not least, the price of the pump is perhaps one of the important aspects of buying the device. Budget is crucial for buying such type of device because these pumps will cost you more money if you want the best device with power and quality. The Bathmate Hydro7 is the cheapest model among all the other products and will cost you about $110.

If you want to buy HydroMax7, you will get more vacuum pressure, but it will attract a price tag of $159. When it is about more power, the HydroXtreme7 is the only device. It is available for $299. The HydroXtreme11 is perhaps the expensive one among the lot that costs around $399. It costs almost 4 times more than the Hydro7 pump.

Does Bathmate deliver permanent results?

Well, that’s a very tricky question. There are many people who have shared their experience of witnessing permanent results after using these pumps. On the flip side, there are some users who aren’t satisfied with the product and have a disappointing experience. In general, the penis pump will allow a flow of blood into the penile tissue, and this results in a hard erection.

However, the situation is only short-lived and disappears after a certain time. If you have erectile dysfunction and this thing happens, you will need the pump to make another erection. There is sufficient evidence that these pumps can deliver solid results. If you use the pump for 8 to 10 weeks daily, there are chances of achieving long-lasting results pretty fast.

To meet the requirements of having a permanent result, there are some factors that must be in your favor. These include genetic factors, health condition, the extent of erectile dysfunction, and frequency of use. In a nutshell, if you are thinking to get permanent results by using these pumps, don’t let your imagination fly too high.

There are chances that you may not be able to achieve what you have dreamt of. Hence, you should use these products with an open mind without serious expectations so as to avoid unnecessary frustrations. For solving this particular problem, you may even check out other devices like HydroXtreme7, which has a better reputation.

Are Bathmate products safe?

Yes, definitely all the products of Bathmate are safe for usage. They are carefully developed and made with high-quality materials for improved safety and effectiveness. The penis pumps feature safe silicone, a polycarbonate plastic of durable quality, and a fine stainless steel segment. The inclusion of all these things makes it safe to be used on your genitals.

In addition, the materials used in the making of these products have reduced the chances of allergic reactions. And above all, the pressure valve allows the user to control the pressure inside the hollow chamber. Now this very important, because it will allow you to make necessary adjustments so as to avoid injuries and pain. Moreover, all the products of Bathmate are certified from Aspen Clinical Research.

That means, it is safe to use their products on the genitals, which is a huge plus. It also means that many specialists and doctors have made a thorough investigation and passed them to be a safe gadget. If that’s not enough for you, you need to go through the online reviews where thousands of satisfied consumers have reported about the positive outcomes from using the product. 

To harness the positive results from these devices, all you need to do is make use of the pump as recommended by the company. However, while using these pumps make sure that you aren’t having discomfort in terms of bruising or pain. If you experience such a thing, reduce the pressure immediately, and then begin with the entire process once again. Alternatively, you can make contact with the consumer support team of the company or consult a doctor, if the problem still persists.

Where can you buy Bathmate products?

It is recommended that you should buy the products only from the original website of Bathmate. You should be careful about buying these products from other stores because there are many counterfeit products. When you buy from Bathmate, it will come along with a lot of other advantages. Firstly, the company provides you with confidential and free shipping.

They provide free worldwide shipping that will save you from spending an extra amount of cash while buying them from other stores. The products are packed in such a way so that the privacy of the user is maintained. Another interesting aspect of this company lies in the guaranteed 60-day money-back policy. After placing the orders and upon delivery of the same, if the items fail to impress you, they can be returned back to the company.

The company will refund your cash in no time. This gives us an impression of the confidence of Bathmate regarding their products. According to the statistics, it shows that about 3% to 5% of users tend to return their products. Now that’s compelling because it reflects the satisfactory rate of users, which is over 95%.

The official website of the company does features a guide that explains the various sizes of the penis, which is very important. This is because, if you buy a penis pump of unmatched size, it would be useless. But with the help of this guide, it would be easier for everyone to identify the appropriate size of the penis pump. As such, the device will work safely and effectively.


Bathmate is a company of repute and has been creating effective and safe products for a very long time. The products undergo several clinical tests for asserting its effectiveness. This is why they have built a solid relationship among millions of users.