Acadia Kratom Review: Is this a good Kratom company?

Acadia Kratom: the intro

The biggest problem afflicting the kratom industry is inconsistency and unreliability. As more folks turn to kratom use for its life-changing benefits, there has been a mushrooming of kratom vendors. While most of them have good intentions, they either do not have links to quality kratom sources or do not have the resources necessary to acquire quality kratom strains.

As a result, their products are typically a hit or miss; they might have a great product one day, and a disappointing one on the next.

As a user, it is incredibly frustrating having to jump from one vendor to the next. What you need is a kratom vendor who you can rely on to provide you with high-quality kratom consistently.

Is Acadia Kratom such a vendor? Let us find out.

acadia kratom

Who is Acadia Kratom?

Acadia Kratom is a kratom vendor whose base of operations is in Utah. People who have dealt with this vendor say that they are exceptional at delivering high-quality kratom in record time in addition to having fantastic customer service.

Despite that, Acadia kratom remains mostly unknown to the majority of kratom consumers.

Why is this the case?

Well, for some reason, they decided to use a .co website domain instead of the usual .com. Unfortunately, .co domains tend to rank poorly in search engine results pages. In essence, this vendor is shooting themselves in the leg. But they probably have their reasons for doing that.

What is for a fact, however, is that Acadia has a stellar track record in providing quality products.

What Kratom Strains Does Acadia Kratom Have to Offer?

Acadia Kratom prefers to be a master of a few strains rather than a jack of all strains. This is because they focus on six strains of kratom only. Initially, we did not like their limited product catalog. However, we would rather someone who is limited but gives you quality than someone with an extensive inventory full of lackluster products.

Another aspect we love about this company’s offerings is that they allow customers to purchase in bulk. For example, depending on your needs, you can purchase up to half a kilo.

The six strains that Acadia Kratom has chosen to focus on encompass all the effects that people typically look for in kratom. As such, there’s likely a strain on this collection that will suit your needs. They include:

  • Red Pinoh

If you are in the quest for a mild red-veined strain, then you cannot go wrong with Red Pinoh. Its effects are mild, yet satisfying. This makes it one of a kind. Additionally, while the effects of most red strains kick in almost immediately due to their potency, Red Pinoh’s results take their time to kick in, and they do so gradually.

However, once they have set in, you will appreciate the time it took. Red Pinoh usually induces a sense of relaxation while making you alert at the same time. In short, it puts you in a frame that enhances your productivity.

  • Green Pinoh

It happens to the best of us; there are days when you simply do not have the motivation nor the inclination to do anything. It is during such days that you should consider using Green Pinoh.

This strain enhances your mood as well as your energy levels to give you the motivation boost you need to get up and start working. For best results, take Green Pinoh during the morning so you can have a productive day.

  • White Hulu

Are your spirits low? Take White Hulu and watch yourself transform into a bubbly ball of energy. This strain increases your energy levels in addition to inducing a sense of euphoria to fill you with positivity. White Hulu is great for everyone since it is not that potent. This reduces the likelihood of experiencing adverse effects if you exceed the recommended dose. However, you must take care not to do that.

Therefore, if your pick-me-up is coffee or energy drinks, consider swapping them for White Hulu, as it is not detrimental to your body the way such beverages are.

  • Red Hulu

If you are looking for a potent strain, Red Hulu has you covered. This strain has extremely strong effects. Red Hulu is an excellent choice for people dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression, as it works to calm you down.

  • White Jong Kong

This is one of the smoothest strains of kratom. People love it for its ability to enhance mood as well as to boost energy levels in the body.

  • Green Jong Kong

It might not be the most potent; however, Green Jong Kong can get you psyched up in a hurry. Additionally, it is not as bitter to taste as most kratom strains are.

Green Jong Kong is a good choice during moments where you are experiencing nervousness, stress, or anxiety. It will calm you down without overwhelming you.


Website Quality

One of the critical indicators of a legit kratom vendor is the quality of their website. They understand that, since the site is the interface through which they interact with their customers, it is essentially the face of the company. As such, if a vendor wants to prove that they are keen on quality, they will go to lengths to ensure that their website has a nice but simple design and is easy to use. Additionally, it must contain valuable information.

Not only does a good website enhance customer satisfaction, but it also shows that the vendor pays attention to details.

Unfortunately, Acadia Kratom’s website leaves a lot to be desired. It has a sketchy design that is extremely difficult to navigate. Additionally, it lacks essential information about the company, as well as the products that they are selling.

It is no wonder that the masses do not know the company despite its stellar product quality.


Acadia Kratom makes up for its site’s shortcomings with their competitive prices. In fact, for products of such a high quality, one would consider their prices cheap.

The prices depend on the particular strain that you are interested in, as well as the form in which the strain will be delivered to you. For example, the average 250-gram order retails for as little as $29.99 while you can get a whopping half kilo for only $49.95. These prices are insanely low. How the company can make profits low or even meet its bottom line after selling high-quality kratom at such prices is still beyond us. Additionally, the company is frequently running promotions to help its customers to save even more money.

Moreover, unlike most kratom vendors, Acadia Kratom accepts all major credit cards. This is something that most kratom vendors avoid due to potential legal ramifications. And that’s not all; thus company even allows you to pay via cryptocurrency if you are wary of giving out your credit card details or want to maintain anonymity.

This goes to show how much this company values its customers.

Customer Service

People who get their kratom from Acadia Kratom have nothing but praise for this vendor’s customer service. They say that the customer support staff are always eager to respond and help you out. To contact them, you can use email or phone. However, you can only communicate with them via text if you decide to reach them on their phone.

Shipping Policies

Acadia Kratom not only ensures that your order gets to you in as little as time as possible, but they also pay for the shipping fees. Nonetheless, they have not let out any information regarding their returns policies.

What are the Customers Saying?

All the customer reviews we found about Acadia Kratom have nothing but good things to say about this vendor. The consensus is that Acadia Kratom is an exceptional vendor, with excellent products, fast shipping, and an extremely efficient customer support team.

Is Acadia Kratom Legit?

The first place to look when determining a kratom vendor’s legitimacy is customer reviews online. Obviously, no one can have a 100 percent customer satisfaction rate. However, at least 80 percent of the customers should have had a positive experience with the vendor.

Acadia Kratom is loved by its customers, which is the sole true mark of legitimacy.

Final Thoughts

Before jumping on the kratom bandwagon, it is vital that you first educate yourself on everything you need to know about the product. For example, you should know which strains do what, in addition to figuring which one would suit you best.

Next, get to learn about the different vendors in the industry. Failure to do that will see to you falling prey to unscrupulous vendors who are out here to make a quick buck.

As mentioned, quality is everything when it comes to kratom. Fortunately, if you were considering purchasing from Acadia Kratom, then you can be sure that you will get high-quality products from this company. However, first, ensure that the strains that they offer can give you the effects that you are looking for. Good luck.