5 Best SARMs for Cutting: A Complete Guide

Which SARMS are the best for cutting?

SARMs are gaining immense popularity among the bodybuilders and lifters, but very few people know about the supplement and how they function in your body. If you are thinking about using SARM for cutting, you should have the necessary information for making the best decision. In this article, you can get to know about the 5 best SARMs for cutting, and review them in details.

Using SARMs for cutting:

SARMs are considered as an effective remedy for conditions such as osteoporosis and atrophy. For fitness enthusiasts, athletes, sportsperson, and bodybuilders, SARMs serves more as an enhancer rather than a remedy. They can improve lean muscle mass in a significant way. SARMs are not compared to steroids, and the impact is not derived immediately.

Most steroids have an abundance of adverse effects that even includes hormones. It is a known fact that by using steroids you can experience the effects for a short time to a long time. On the other hand, SARMs don’t have any side effects. The supplements are popular among the individuals who wish to gain lean mass, but it is also famous among the people with fats, and that includes rigid fat, as well.

The problem surrounding rigid fat is not only limited to overweight or obese people. Various people irrespective of their age and gender are struggling with rigid fat, even after maintaining an active lifestyle, a healthy diet, and a fitness routine. It is very hard to lose rigid fat. It clings onto your body and won’t get out of your system easily whether you do workouts or cut down on your diet.

The rigid fat won’t allow your body to undergo a profound transformation. You might have managed to develop some muscles, but they won’t be in great shape. That’s because of the fats which got accumulated under the skin and over the muscles.

5 best SARMs for cutting:

Andarine (S4)

The supplement Andarine is a SARM, which was developed by the pharmaceutical company GTx Inc. for treating osteoporosis and muscle wastage. Similar to the other SARMs, this supplement interacts with the androgen receptors in a selective way. It decreases lipoprotein lipase, which is responsible for accumulating fat and helps in increased oxidation of fats.

Because Andarine provides a remarkable increase in bone strength and muscle mass while decreasing body fat, it seems Andarine is an amazing supplement for increasing your muscles and enhancing fat loss. Another great aspect of using Andarine is its ability to prevent muscle wastage when you are deprived of calories.

It will not be a pleasing experience to feel that all your newly-gained muscles will fade away during the cutting phase. As you know, Andarine has both androgenic and anabolic effects on the muscle tissues. Hence, this supplement will help you in losing fats, and maintaining the bulkiness while cutting.

It would be beneficial for you to keep in mind that Andarine has got a serious side effect, though it won’t last for a long time. The adverse effects might relate to vision such as seeing a yellow tint, or difficulty in adjusting to night vision. Once you stop taking it, these effects would also disappear.

A dosage of 50 milligrams is recommended per day for 6 to 8 weeks. For better results, split the dosages into two halves, and take them in the morning and in the evening. You can stack Andarine with Cardarine, or Ostarine for more enhanced results.


Ostarine (MK2866)

Ostarine is another drug that was developed by the company GTx Inc. for treating muscle wasting diseases and bone density. The drug increases the nitrogen and protein levels in your system, which represents the main building blocks. Ostarine is considered as a selective modulator, and it interacts with the muscle and bone receptors.

Because of this reason, this is a preferred choice for protecting and developing muscle tissues without water retention. During the cutting phase, bodybuilders have a deficiency in calories. That means, they spend more calories rather than they take. Now that you can bring your muscles to risk, and for protecting your metabolism and muscles, you can take Ostarine with high protein diets.

As a result, you will be able to lose fat, and at the same time gather a remarkable lean muscle mass. A dose from 12 to 20 milligrams per day of Ostarine between 4 and 6 weeks is recommended. The drug has a half-life of 24 hours, and hence you can take it once a day. For fast and better results, you can stack Ostarine with Andarine during the cutting phase.

Ligandrol (LGD4033)

Ligandrol is a non-steroidal supplement that can be consumed orally. If you are not in favor of getting injected and don’t like needles, then Ligandrol is the ideal choice that you can use during the cutting phase. Initially, this supplement was developed to prevent muscle wastage among cancer patients, and also help them to retain the muscle tissues.

There are plenty of benefits to having lean muscles. These muscles are very effective in burning calories other than the fat muscles. They ensure faster weight loss and very helpful in building more muscles. The primary benefit of using Ligandrol is that it binds with the selective androgen receptors in your body to produce results.

When it binds, it creates an anabolic effect in both the bone and muscles and makes sure for faster recovery from the workouts. Many studies have indicated that Ligandrol is more potent than any other SARMs. It won’t cause water retention and bloating, as well. When you use the supplement, you will feel light weighted.

Another benefit you would derive by using this supplement is that without worrying about the cycles, you can use it every day. Ligandrol is a safe supplement, and you can take it for a prolonged time. You can take it anytime you want, whether in an empty stomach or with meals to get the desired benefits. The perfect dosing of SARM will depend upon your requirements. Hence, before selecting a dose, you need to consult your physician.


Cardarine (GW501516)

Cardarine is considered to be the most potent SARM among the others for its effectiveness during cutting. GW501516 is very different from other SARMs. That’s because they tend to interact with the PPAR receptors instead of the androgen receptors. Hence, there are many experts who find it weird to consider it as a SARM. The performance and effectiveness of Cardarine are pretty much similar to that of the SARMs.

Cardarine is considered to be the best supplement for cutting, and no other supplement could match up to the effectiveness in the cutting phase. When they bind with the PPAR receptors, it activates a series of reactions that ultimately leads towards a loss in fats. Additionally, this supplement stimulates the oxidation of fatty acids for ensuring faster fat loss.

The supplement was developed in the 90s for the treatment of colon, breast tumors, and prostate. Many studies have indicated that Cardarine is very effective at treating metabolic disorders, which leads to its ability to lose fat. When the drug was tested on obese and pre-diabetic men, the results were astonishing.

Lab tests conducted on rats have proved that the supplement could be very helpful during cutting, and can help in muscle growth as well. You can take about 10 milligrams of Cardarine daily for 8 weeks straight for cutting. Before using this supplement, consult with your physician if you are under other medications.

Stenabolic (SR9009)

Stenabolic could be the ideal choice for anyone who is looking to have a positive result during cutting. The supplement is designed to reduce fat as fast as it could while providing increased endurance. This will help you to perform other physical activities easier and more effectively. There are many people who follow a strict diet for cutting.

Because of that, your muscles are deprived of the required amount of nutrients. When you use Stenabolic, there won’t be such problems. The supplement provides sufficient nutrients to the muscles, and at the same time prevent it from wasting. Hence, you will experience fat loss without harming your muscle mass. There are various reports that indicate by using this supplement, it can hold back your body from accumulating more fat by improving the metabolic rate.

The calories you had consumed would be broken down and used before converting them into fats. Moreover, the drug can also influence the cells that store fats and greatly helps with glucose metabolism. The primary benefit underlying with this supplement is that the results are fast and easy to get.

For a faster and more effective result, a combination of Cardarine and Stenabolic is what you need to consider. Both of these supplements provide similar benefits. Both Stenabolic and Cardarine are popular for promoting endurance. When you use the combination of both supplements, it will provide faster fat loss. There would also be a visible increase in muscle mass. So far as dosage is concerned, it is advised to use from 20 to 30 milligrams per day.



So these are some of the best SARMs that are effective for cutting. When you combine the supplements with the correct workout program and a healthy diet, you would achieve maximum benefits.